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Friday, September 15, 2017

How to Break a Super Hero - Chapter 11a

How to break a Super Hero
Chapter 11a — The Final Torture Sessions

Behemoth casually sauntered his colossal bulk over to stand before the bound and helpless Brick, staring down at the achingly handsome young super hero with a look of pure arrogance and contempt. He then put one hand on his hip and raised the opposite arm, and started flexing his gargantuan bicep. The impossibly huge arm swelled larger and larger still, exceeding the dimension of most men’s CHESTS, and kept right on growing. Massive veins popped out all over that heroic globe of diamond hard muscle as Behemoth flexed the most enormous arm in human history. 

“What do you think of my new and improved body, Brick?” Behemoth taunted, squeezing at the top of his flex to make his upper arm bloat larger still. “I’ve always been bigger than you, but now I fucking DWARF your ass, little man! And thanks to you and your fucking ‘perfect genetics’, I’m finally stronger than you, too.” 

The muscle giant lowered his flexed arm down to his hip and began to flex his majestic and gargantuan chest. The extraordinarily deep and broad pecs had to be at least 5 feet across and more than a foot thick, and as Behemoth slowly flexed those twin titanic plates of muscle, they grew even more spectacularly massive. Deep striations spread across those impossibly fat muscle bellies, and then THOSE striations developed striations. The dance of muscle and sinew was positively hypnotic as the giant’s great chest muscles threatened to burst right out of his skin. The mighty cleft between those two pecs was more of a crevasse, so huge and deep that it could have swallowed an entire fire hydrant with room to spare! 

After reaching a full flex, Behemoth briefly relaxed his great pecs and then instantly struck a most muscular pose. The mutant’s mammoth pecs slammed together so fast and so hard that a sound somewhere between a beefy slap and a thunderclap echoed throughout the auditorium as those two mountains of muscle collided with one another with terrific force. Brick reflexively swallowed in fear, for he knew that anything caught between those two mammoth chest muscles would have been instantly pulverized. 

Behemoth struck a few more poses, each more stunning and jaw dropping than the last, all the while taunting the bound super stud. “See these goliath muscles, Brick? These huge arms of mine are gonna destroy you. Thanks to your ‘super sperm’, I’m taking your place as the mightiest mutant in the entire world. And my first act as the world’s strongest man will be to destroy your oversized manhood. I’m gonna wreck those huge balls of yours, and I’m gonna do it with my bare hands!” 

The giant reached down with both hands and gently scooped up both of Brick’s balls, cradling the fantastically massive gonads in his palms. Despite the bloated and distended enormity of Brick’s medicine ball-sized bollocks, each was fully engulfed by Behemoth’s mammoth, muscular hands. The huge paws were oversized even when compared to the utter colossal massiveness of the giant’s titanic body, and it looked like the huge mutant could have fit BOTH of Brick’s freakishly oversized balls into just ONE of his gargantuan hands! 

Behemoth squeezed down his fingers partway, locking Brick’s huge nuts in place and slightly distorting their egg-like shapes, and then he began to firmly caress them with his massive thumbs. Brick’s mighty balls were so fantastically tough, their fibrous outer walls so astoundingly solid and impenetrable, that they had deflected most blows over the past 9 months without so much as denting. But such was the ferocious strength now residing in Behemoth’s big, meaty thumbs that the huge digits drilled into both beefy spheres of nut meat with virtually no resistance, profoundly distorting the massive balls as the giant provided a very deep and thorough testicular massage. 

As tortures went, Brick had suffered far, far worse, and the stoic young man merely clenched his powerful jaw against the pain, refusing to cry out. What truly worried the handsome young man, though, was how effortlessly Behemoth was squeezing and mauling his mammoth bull nuts. If Brick had been harboring any doubts, he now knew with utter certainty that the gigantic mutant had more than enough strength in those mammoth hands of his to end Brick’s manhood at any moment. The heroically brave hero was consumed by the greatest fear he had yet known, for he saw the end of his procreative life and his status as an alpha bull muscle stud in Behemoth’s cruel and merciless eyes. 

For his part, Behemoth seemed to revel in holding the essence of Brick’s mighty manhood in his enormous hands, gripping those two testes tight and roughly fondling them like a pair of solid yet yielding globes of malleable putty. The titanic mutant knew that his stupendous increase in strength and power was thanks to these two massive and gorgeous male organs, and he wanted to memorize the heft and feel of the twin sperm tanks before he crushed them out of existence. 

“You know, Brick, I am intimately familiar with the inner structures and workings of these two huge nuts. Extremely intimate indeed. They’ve given me great pleasure over the past months, enduring abuses that I wouldn’t have thought were possible, even for a mutant as mighty as you. I have taken them to the very brink of destruction countless hundreds of times, and held them there for hours, redlining them beyond all possible endurance…and yet they kept coming back for more! I want to thank you for the pleasure of mauling and mangling your amazing bollocks for all these months, as well as for the ultimate rush I’m going to feel when I pop these bad boys like a pair of oversized grapes.” 

Brick could feel Behemoth’s massive fingers tense as he prepared to crush the life out of the hero’s huge eggs with one mighty, ball-busting squeeze, and the young lad braced himself for the most unimaginable pain a man can experience. But just before he would have squeezed down and burst Brick’s defenseless balls, Behemoth instead opened his huge hands once more and gently laid the lad’s meaty man orbs back down on the steel slab. 

“What, you didn’t think you’d get away that easy, did you?” Behemoth taunted. “Oh no, Brick, I’ve waited all year to destroy these huge balls, and I’m going to make their end as slow and painful as possible. Get ready for the trip of your life, little dude!” 

Behemoth then encircled the neck of Brick’s huge nutsac with one massive hand, squeezing the enormous bollocks down to the very bottom of his silky smooth scrotum. The giant’s meaty paw had grown more colossal than ever, and as he squeezed his fingers down tighter and tighter, Brick’s straining nuts were pushed farther and farther from his aching crotch. The young man’s titanic bull cock flexed and flared with great, mighty pulses as the agony in his balls built, the thick cords and cables connecting those humongous balls to his body fighting valiantly to not simply snap apart under the terrific strain. Brick’s mighty bull balls had endured fearsome stretching and pulling in the nine months of his captivity, but Behemoth’s simple act of squeezing down on that slender scrotal neck with one hand threatened to be the final act that tore those twin testes loose from Brick’s monumentally muscular body. 

The agony was so great that Brick began to buck and thrash against his restraints, his gorgeous muscles flexing in beautiful relief as he fought in vain to break free. A bellow of animal pain was finally torn from his perfect lips as his mighty balls threatened to tear loose from their moorings. And STILL the stretching continued! 

By the time Behemoth finished clenching his gargantuan fist, another world record had been utterly shattered. Brick’s massive balls had now been stretched a mind blowing 20 inches from his body, forced past the young man’s own quivering KNEES, breaking his previous record by more than 4 full inches! The unbelievably long and narrow neck of Brick’s overstretched sac was lost from view, completely enclosed within Behemoth’s clenched fist, but Brick’s balls were very much visible, glowing an angry dark red and bulging so enormously that it looked like they could burst out of his paper thin nutsac at any moment. The big veins coursing all over the surfaces of those two mighty testes were bloated and bulging beyond belief with the almost inconceivable strain being placed on those huge balls, and even Doc Evil’s thick brows arched in surprise and more than a bit of awe at the young hero’s staying power. 

“Now I’d better start with just a light love tap. I don’t know my own strength yet, and I don’t want to wreck these huge nuts of yours too soon!” With that, Behemoth formed a fist with his free hand, raised it up high, and slammed it down knuckles first into Brick’s bulging and straining nuts. 


The thunderous impact echoed throughout the room, and the floor actually shook with the force of the blow. Brick’s beautiful eyes all but bugged out of his head, and his entire body convulsively flexed with the insane amount of power behind that single blow. Behemoth’s titanic fist nearly disappeared, swallowed up by the nut meat that bent and distorted in hideous ways around the invading fist. Behemoth would have sworn that his knuckles actually struck the steel slab itself for a moment, and even HE was surprised at his own unbridled super strength. 

Brick mighty balls were so horrifically crushed and distorted by the giant’s half-hearted punch that even Behemoth feared at first he had just broken the young hero’s legendary nuts into a thousand beefy chunks. The huge giant slowly withdrew his fist, and actually breathed a sigh of relief as Brick’s massive balls gradually plumped back to their normal spherical forms. The twin bollocks were intact, but just barely — Behemoth’s single, half-strength punch had taken them from their normally rock solid, battle ready state to the very brink of rupturing with just one blow! 

“Sorry, little dude!” Behemoth stated, chuckling in his deep and rumbling voice. “Guess I don’t yet know my own strength! Almost broke your big balls with my very first punch, and that was with only a FRACTION of my new strength! I better give your battered balls a few minutes to recover, or my fun is going to be over way too soon.” 

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