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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

The Fun House - The Red Door - Part 30


The formerly empty foyer now contains a stack of plush red towels, a wash basin, and a change of clothes. Still lost in a fugue of overwhelming lust, you wander over to these materials and wash the worst of the gore and chunks of maleness off of you. As you change out of your ruined clothes, you find that your cock is amazingly still rock hard, despite having cum more times than you can count. In fact, as you tentatively grip your quivering cock, you are slammed with yet another orgasm! This one almost buckles your knees with its intensity, and even though only a few drops of thin fluid leak out of the distended tip, it’s one of the most powerful orgasms in your life! 

You also realize that those few drops of fertile jizz are more than young Markus will ever produce again. You silently hope that he has already fathered some children, or at least frozen some of his sperm for future use, as there’s no way he’s ever going to fuck or impregnate anything ever again. 

In a new set of clothes and relatively clean (though still reeking of sex, man musk, and shredded beef), you enter the elevator and ride it down to the lobby, exiting the building and returning to the street. Your heart is still racing from your incredible experience in the Fun House, and you wonder if it was just a dream. The slugs of drying stud sperm still matted in your hair prove that your experiences were real, but it already seems like a dream. 

As you make your way back to the subway and home, you hope that one day you will be invited back to play more ‘ball games’ at the Fun House. 

The end…for now.

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