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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

The Fun House - The Red Door - Part 23

___ - Use the knife!
___ - Use the mallet!
_X_ - Use your strong hands! 
___ - You’ve had your fun, now leave the room.


You decide to see how much damage you can inflict on those oversized gonads with your bare hands! 

You step forward and reach out your hands, grasping as much of each swollen, purple bollock as you can in each hand. Even before you had started abusing Markus’ massive melons, the breadfruit-sized nuts were too large for you to fully grip in one hand. Now that they’ve swollen and bloated to several times their original, colossal size, your hands can only grip a fraction of that thick meat. But you clutch as much of the stud’s battered nut flesh as you can, and are thrilled when your gripping fingers sink deep into his balls. Markus’ entire, spectacularly muscular body flexes and tenses as your fingers dig into the very heart of his manhood, but the deep moans emanating from his lungs are clearly those of intense pleasure. 

At the start of the tortures, Markus’ mammoth man eggs felt like spheres of warm marble, so heavy and dense that your hands could barely make them deform no matter how hard you squeezed them. Markus’ hairy bull nuts now feel like firm yet yielding gelatin, still whole and with a surprising amount of strength left to them, but mushy and more than half ruined at the same time. 

You are leaning forward, so close to Markus that you are just a few inches from his intensely, ridiculously handsome face. You soak in the sight, smell, and feel of his impossibly handsome and muscular muscle bear right in front of you, knowing that you’ll never see his equal again. His deliciously deep blue eyes pierce yours longingly, hungrily, and then he suddenly leans forward and plants his lips over yours. He kisses you roughly, passionately, as if he wants to crawl inside of your mouth, while you continue to fondle and mangle his bloated and misshapen testicles. 

The German muscle bull is the most fantastic kisser you’ve ever met, and the two of you enjoy several long minutes of prolonged and athletic tongue dueling. You are the first one to pull back, and Markus vainly tries to close the short distance between your mouths, desperate and hungry for more. You release his massive nuts as well, and step back a pace or two. 

Markus licks his luscious lips, which were so recently crushed against yours, and his eyes are begging you. Begging you to fuck up his monster nuts, and to leave him with nothing. 

And that’s exactly what you’re going to do! 

Which nut will you ruin first? 
___ - Pulverize Markus’ right bollock!

___ - Annihilate his left lug nut! 

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