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Thursday, February 2, 2017

The Fun House - The Red Door - Part 17

What now? 
___ - Pound his right nut!
_X_ - Pound his left nut!
___ - The poor lad has had enough! Leave the room. 



Markus’ hulking, muscular frame barely registers the devastating impact as you send the mallet crashing once again into his cracking left nut. 


A soft whimper escapes Markus’ beautiful lips as his magnificent left nard starts to finally crumble. 


The ridiculously swollen nut gets softer and softer…


You can tell Markus’ nut is about to finally — and spectacularly — collapse. You savor the feeling of the mallet as it crushes his nut like a gigantic bug, the softening orb flattening and ballooning from under the mallet head, but always somehow rebounding and returning to its flattened round shape.


The sound of each impact is getting softer and wetter, yet Markus’ cock begins to grow harder and longer once again, twitching violently with each blow and looking for all the world like he might be approaching orgasm once again! 




It’s really taking a while for his nut to return to its flattened but still ovoid shape, and the mallet seems to be meeting less and less resistance. You swear that you can now feel the hard unyielding surface of table through Markus’ nut with each and every annihilating blow…


After a particularly powerful blow, if feels like Markus’ left nut is about to burst like an overripe tomato. The impact is so fantastically brutal that the stud’s flagging nut is crushed to less than half an inch thick, a tiny fraction of its usual awesome girth, and you’d swear that the giant teste is simply going to explode and coat the inside of his huge and battered sac with its gooey remains. 


The mallet head is now only separated from the table by a quarter inch of what simply MUST be utterly ruined testicular matter. Half of the stud’s manhood — and his ability to pass on his phenomenal genetic gifts to any future offspring — now lies destroyed beneath your oversized hammer head!! 

Congratulations! You’ve totally busted Markus’ big left nut!!!

Yet when you once again lift the sledge hammer into the air, you watch in stunned amazement as — with agonizing slowness — Markus’ straining and struggling bull nut slowly begins to plump back up into something vaguely resembling its normal egg shape. The monstrous nard finally regains an approximation of an orb-like shape, and though it is still flattened to perhaps a third of its healthy girth, the mighty teste is still, impossibly, whole!! 

With the mallet handle still in your hands, you explosively cream inside your jeans. Jet after jet of gooey cum creates a huge wet patch in the front of your pants. You look down at Markus’ more than half ruined sac, and the incredibly erotic sight is simply too much for your virility to bear. You think you might actually pass out with the intensity of your shuddering orgasm, but you cling to consciousness, riding your massive orgasm to its knee-buckling conclusion. 

Panting heavily, you gaze longingly and lustfully at your bound muscle stud. The big German jock is still passed out, and his juicy right nugget is just begging to be pounded as flat as its twin. 

What would you like to do next? 
___ - See if you can crack Markus; huge right nut, too!
___ - Hasn’t this poor stud had enough?! Leave the room.

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