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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

The Fun House - The Red Door - Part 29

What do you do?
___ - Pinch the fuse with your fingers to put it out. He’s had enough. 
_X_ - Let it burn!



“Oooh, unh, unnnh…”

The lumbering muscle stud is barely conscious, looking down with groggy eyes at his about-to-be-wrecked package. His dazed expression makes it clear he isn’t entirely aware of what is about to happen. 


The fuse continues to burn toward the explosive nestled under his enormous package, the sizable bomb completely hidden by the far greater mass of the hairy hunk’s gloop-filled ball bag. 


A small waft of grey smoke appears as the fuse finally disappears under Markus’ sack.

“OH MEIN GOTT!!!” Markus bellows as the fuse finally disappears under his broken nuts and wilted horse cock. The gravity of the situation must have finally registered in his brain, as Markus' eyes grow huge and he screams in a deep, guttural drone. You look up into his adorable blue eyes and lock eye contact with him as the firework nears detonation.


The characteristic sizzling of the fuse continues for several more moments and you wait breathlessly for the resulting explosion. There’s no turning back now…


“OH MEIN GOTT!!!” Markus roars again, his gorgeous blue eyes locked on his mammoth genitals throughout the final moments of their existence. “JA!!!” he cries out in exultation. “JA!! JA!! JA!!!!!!!”



There is a blindingly white flash of light that causes you to momentarily look away from your vigil on Markus’ bulging manhood as the bomb explodes. And it’s a good thing you did, as a split second after the blast, a gory, gooey shock wave hits you. Chunks and shreds of the gorgeous muscle stud’s once magnificent manhood splatter against your face and body with impressive force, almost knocking you backwards! 

You wipe the gory gunk out of your face and open your eyes, and are stunned by the level of devastation that you see. Every last bit of the German hunk’s hulking manhood — his titanic testicles and behemoth bull cock — have utterly disintegrated! Not even a stub of a cock remains on the muscle man’s denuded groin!! The handsome man’s mighty manhood, the biggest and most insanely erotic and powerful set of genitals you’ve ever seen or will ever see again, are now totally gone! 

You look down at yourself and see your shirt and jeans are completely covered in the gory remains of Markus’ heroic manhood.  Indeed, you have to wipe several more beefy chunks from your face before you can continue your assessment, and you are amazed by the sheer level of carnage. 

There is absolutely nothing left of Markus’ junk other than hamburger-like chunks that are now splattered all over his corrugated abs and thickly muscled thighs, as well as the entire surface of the steel table top. In fact, a small crater, perhaps several inches deep, marks the spot on the table top where the bomb exploded, speaking to the great power of that black sphere. Markus’ stunned and heart breakingly handsome face has actually been spared from the splattering, for the impossibly thick and heavy overhang of his mammoth, hairy chest has shielded the rest of his upper body from the gory explosion. A few thick, gooey strings of ruined testicular (or possibly penile) matter ooze down the awesomely thick overhang of those monstrous pecs. You expected to be able to at least make out what was testicle and what was cock, but the destruction is so complete that such distinctions are proving impossible. 

The walls of the room are also covered in the splattered remains of Markus’ junk! There is absolutely nothing left but unrecognizable gloop, which is now slowly dripping and oozing down the walls. In fact, out of context, the room would look more like an exhibit in modern abstract art than the splattered remains of big, beefy testicles and a gigantic German schwanz. Even given the overwhelmingly massive SIZE of Markus’ mammoth genitals, you can hardly believe what an enormous mess they’ve now made of the room and its two occupants. 

Congratulations! You turned those impossibly hefty German nuts and gigantic mule dick into wall decoration!

Markus is too stunned to even scream for what seems like several moments, but then throws back his gorgeous head and bellows like some sort of mortally wounded beast. He thrashes against his restraints for several long moments, and then finally falls limp in his chains, his thunderous bellow of agony ending at the same time. He slowly lifts his handsome head, obviously using a great deal of effort to do even that, and he locks eyes with you one last time. 

“Thank you sir!” he whispers before finally and mercifully passing out for good, a small smile of complete fulfillment on his impossibly handsome and masculine features. 

Blood is seeping from the ruin of his groin at an alarming rate, and you realize that you’d better leave and let the Organization clean up the mess. You stand up slowly and take one last, long look at this utterly de-sexed German muscle stud, burning the sight into your memory forever, then you turn to go. You nearly slip on a pile of mushy nut guts are you make your way out of the room, and you don’t even look behind you as you close the door. 

_X_ - Leave the Room


  1. Thank you that was awesome.....nothing turns me on more than a huge muscle stud getting his massive balls and giant cock completely obliterated....all that cock and ball meat splattered everywhere...fuck that's hot....if it was me I'd have sliced off his giant cock head and kept it as a souvenir before destroying the rest....but then I'm a sick fuck lol.

    1. Ah yes, I can see how a souvenir would have been nice, but I guess our visitor to The Fun House will just need to be satisfied with the knowledge that the muscle stud's gigantic endowment has been completely and utterly obliterated.

      And I'm so glad that you enjoyed this little romp! :D