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Sunday, February 12, 2017

The Fun House - The Red Door - Part 27

What would you like to do next? 
_X_ - See if you can pound the lumps out of his sac! 
___ - The ruined hunk has had enough - leave the room! 


Although Markus’ bull nuts are destroyed, you can’t help but feel his battered sack could be just a little flatter. After all, the two bisected halves of his broken left nut are making his scrotum bulge even more than than the nutsac on the biggest Brahma bull! 

You also realize that, though both of his mighty bollocks are now mortally wounded and dying, much of his broken nut flesh is still very much alive! Alive with nerve endings and pain receptors, and still capable of causing the great lumbering muscle stud even greater agony. 

Markus is breathing deeply, totally blacked out and totally unable to stop you from what you’re planning on doing next. Though you’re pretty sure he wouldn’t try to stop you even if he could! 

You pick up the heavy metal sledge hammer, discarded on the floor more than an hour ago, and grasp the handle with both hands for maximum power. The hammer feels even heavier in your hands now than ever before, and you know that this time Markus’ testicular remains cannot hope to hold out against your intended onslaught. You position the mallet over the chunky ball bag, take aim over one of the split halves of the stud’s dying left nut, lift the hammer high into the air…and then send it crashing full force into the fleshy mass. 


One half of Markus’ split left nut instantly disintegrates inside of his sac. The stud’s spectacularly muscular body gives a small lurch, and his head rolls weakly, but he otherwise evinces virtually no reaction to the pulverization of the huge nut chunk. 


The other half explodes just as dramatically under your next hammer strike, obliterating the biggest chunk of viable nut meat still remaining inside the stud’s swollen nut pouch. You look down at his half-flattened sack and decide it out look better if both sides were equally squashed. 




The mallet comes down three more times, rapidly striking three different random places on his destroyed nuts and obliterating any surviving chunks in its path. There’s no evidence of either of the huge halves of his humongous left nut, as each has been ground almost to paste, and now the smaller chunks of his shattered right nut are being pulverized as well. 


You continue pounding the heavy mallet indiscriminately into Markus’ battered sac, being sure to aim for anything that even resembles a chunk, until his fuzzy German sack is entirely flat. The once goliath bull nuts now form a shapeless blob covering an area the size of an extra-large pizza, only much, much thicker! The fantastic MASS of his broken balls looks even bigger now that they have been utterly liquified. 

The mallet falls from your fingers to clatter on the sperm-covered floor, and you reach forward with both hands to grasp that gigantic, quivering, gelatinous mass of ruined nut meat. Your fingers clench into the bloated ball bag with absolutely no resistance, and you gleefully knead your fingers through all of the mush, happily finding absolutely no evidence of any remaining chunks of intact ball flesh. In fact, the huge, shapeless mass feels like a big sac of warm oatmeal, thick but liquid. Yes, you have indeed truly and utterly destroyed this heroic young stud’s mighty manhood! 

As if to formally signal your victory, Markus’ mighty bull cock, which had been rocked hard and throbbing throughout virtually all of the hours and hours of brutal abuse, finally begins to wilt and grow limp. The gigantic German sausage looks like some sort of mighty dirigible with the wind flowing out of it, slowly shrinking and drooping from its mighty skyward glory. With a last and final throb, the gigantic wilted member flops heavily over the wrecked remains of Markus’ balls, collapsing atop the utter ruin of his manhood. 

The overkill of Markus’ castration is complete, but you wonder if you could perhaps inflict even more harm on the lad’s once magnificent manhood. 

What would you like to do now? 
___ - Grab the bomb off of the side table!
___ - Leave the room. Poor Markus has already had enough! 


  1. Things to do...
    - Wake him up.
    - Light the fuse.
    - Watch em splattered.
    - Hear him scream.
    - Scoop up the remain.
    - Rub it all over his hot body.

    1. Ooh, I very much like your comment! Rubbing the splattered remains of his once-magnificent manhood all over his gloriously muscular body is a nice touch!