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Monday, March 21, 2016

A Roman Experience - Part 8

A Roman Experience - Part 8
Based on an original story by Prisoner/J.D.


Round Seven

"Well, only two of you left," Marcus observed, "you, Belorus, or you, Antoninus. Who will it be?" 

I looked over to Antoninus, one of Rome's better writers, and he raised his cup in salute. I smiled and waved him on. I could wait to be last. I had not yet decided upon what I would do to the boy. 

Antoninus got up and walked over to the boy. He rummaged around for a few minutes among the table of implements and selected several small thongs. Silently, he went over and stood in front of the youth. He reached down and raised up the boy's huge, soft cock, and began to tie the thongs around the shaft. He tied one at the base of the cock, and the rest at about 3/4 -inch intervals, finishing with the 14th thong tied just under the massive head of the enormous cock. He then tightened up on each of the thongs, which caused the boy’s flaccid cock to bulge out unnaturally in the places between the thongs, looking so much like a long string of thick sausage links. 

Antonius then unbound the thongs around the stud’s aching bull balls, first undoing the thong tied around each individual ball, and then untying the thong elongating the scrotum. He carefully held the balls up as he untied them, and when the last thong was removed, he let the balls fall. 

“Aaaaaaaaaaaahh!!” the youth cried in incredible pain as the great heavy orbs fell to the bottom of their sac, the great weight of the battered balls making it feel like they were ripping from his very body. After over two hours of continuous, merciless stretching, the mighty, grapefruit-sized balls now hung a good 5 inches from his crotch all on their own, the thick scrotum distended from all the abuse. 

He then pulled the boy's buttocks away from the cross, and began to probe with one of his fingers. Finding what he was searching for, he shoved his finger into the boy's hole.

"Uuuh!" the boy groaned. Antoninus continued to silently finger fuck the youth, probing deeply and messaging the boy's prostrate.

"Uunh, uunh, uuuuuunh!" the boy continued to moan at the growing pleasure, his cock beginning once again to harden. As it did so, the boy opened his eyes in a look of growing confusion.

His cock, trying to harden, was restrained by the thongs tied up and down its enormous shaft. As each wave of pleasure engulfed his groin, a growing ache began to grow from his bound penis. 

"Ah, oh, humph!" he moaned continuously. His breathing quickened as his excitement mounted. He looked down at his cock, as if to will the thongs away, so that his freed cock could finally grow to its full hardness and ultimate release.

This was indeed a subtle, but not insignificant, torment. To torture the boy with pleasure unfulfilled was artful, and my admiration for Antoninus grew. 

The young man’s cock had swollen to its full and astounding 14-inch length, but was grotesquely distorted by the various thongs, looking even more like a huge string of linked sausages. Each segment of his bloated cock bulged horribly around each thong, cinched to a fraction of its normal awesome diameter at each binding, and then distending to its normal, colossal girth in between. The great column of man meat was also turning a dangerous shade of purple, its normal blood supply all but choked off by the series of thigh leather thongs. 

This slow, deliberate work continued for at least twenty minutes, the boy’s moan’s growing louder and louder, until finally the careful manipulation of his swollen prostrate outweighed the painful bondage of his cock, and his body gave another, but very deep, shudder.

"Aaarrrrrgh!!!" he cried out through clenched teeth, his hips bucking furiously, heedless to the pain in his aching swollen nuts as they slapped solidly, again and again, against the cross with a loud and very meaty THWACK. His penis was so hard that the leather thongs bit deeply, causing his huge cock to form a profound downward arch, so that while the base of his shaft stuck straight up, his cock head was nearly horizontal. 

Finally, after much bellowing and bucking of hips, single drops of thick cum began to ooze from the lad’s bound penis. Antoninus slowly began removing the thongs, starting with the one at the base of the boy’s cock, letting the huge load of cum travel inch by agonizing inch up his constricted cock shaft. He left the thong behind the enormous purple cock head until last and, upon removing this last restraint, a huge spurt of cum sprayed to the ground below, followed by another and another in a massive deluge of cum. While this load was again a little smaller and perhaps a bit more watery than the one before, it was still gigantic, and it left all of us in awe. 

We applauded Antoninus as he bowed and accepted his winnings.

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