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Friday, March 11, 2016

A Roman Experience - Part 5

A Roman Experience - Part 5
Based on an original story by Prisoner/J.D.


Round Four

"The boy has come thrice, who will be the fourth to meet my wager?" I heard Marcus exclaim to the diners.

A general commotion followed as the diner's voices rose as one, each wondering aloud how any man could cum again after the three utterly humongous loads we had just witnessed. Nonetheless, each guest was trying to out shout the other to be the next one chosen to torture the youth.

"Hmmm…" Marcus mused quietly, "I think you were the first to call out, Modicus." He nodded towards another one of the diners I did not know.

The man who rose up and walked towards the waiting youth was by far the oldest in that company. His hair was white and his hands gnarled with age. I took another sip of wine, wondering what an old man might conjure up for our victim.

As he reached the youth, he turned and smiled a toothless smile to the rest of us and commenced to speak.

"This one's nipples have been neglected in all that has happened so far," he spoke in a nasal tone, "I will make up for that oversight, and win the wager."

He turned and reached up to the boy's nipples with both his hands and took hold of them, pinching them between his fingers. He began to twist and pull on the rosy nibs.

"Hsssh!" the youth gasped at the mild pain that now spread out from his nipples.

The old man continued to twist and pinch, occasionally digging a fingernail into the soft flesh.

While it was certainly entertaining to see the boy grimace and gasp from the torment, and his nipples certainly were beautiful as they became more and more red from the torture, it was clear to me that this was far too mild to cause him to give up his semen.

"That will never make the boy cum!" someone shouted from the audience.

The old man stopped, and turned once again to the audience to answer the retort.

"Patience, my friends, is a virtue," he continued in a lecturing tone, "one that is learned through age. I am only preparing this boys tits for what is to come."

My curiosity was piqued. What was the old man planning? He smiled smugly, and turned back to the boy. He reached into his tunic and withdrew two very thin filaments of some kind. Reaching up to the boy's right nipple, that was now jutting out proudly like a small mountain against the massive bulge of his pectoral, the old man looped the filament around the nub and tightened it, causing it to bulge slightly. He repeated the act with the left nipple. Both nipples were now bound tightly in the filaments.

Then, holding the right nipple in his fingers, so that all could see, he reached into his tunic once again with his free hand and withdrew an extremely thin ivory needle. He touched the end of the needle to the engorged nub and slowly, ever so slowly, began to twist the needle and push it into the flesh.

"AAAH!! AAAH!! AAAH!!" the boy screamed out as the needle first pricked and then punctured his swollen and tender skin.

The old man stopped, and turned his head to look back over his shoulder and smiled, as he continued to push the needle clean through the boy's nipple.

"AAAAAHH!! HSSSSSH!!" the boy continued to scream and moan as the old man repeated his actions with the left nipple. He then withdrew both his hands and stood silently in front of the youth.

The boy's eyes were closed as if to ward off the pain that now engulfed his chest, and his breathing was heavy and labored. Two tiny rivulets of blood began to slowly descend from his nipples.

The old man turned to us and spoke.

"Now watch, impatient ones, at how quickly I extract his seed."

He then reached up and took both needles in his fingers and twisted and turned them slowly, as though to carefully prolong the agony.

"AAAH!! AAAAAAAH!!" the youth screamed at the even greater pain. 

The old man ignored his cries and continued to twist the needles. 

The boy pulled at his restraints and twisted his handsome head violently from side to side, his teeth clenched tightly to ward away the pain. When he could no longer fight the agony, he opened his mouth and uttered a low, animal like moan, which quickly rose to a bellow.

"OOOOOOHHH!! AAAAAH!! HSSSSSH!!" he cried out, his head continuing to thrash from side to side.

The old man continued to twist the boy's now reddened nipples, and the small rivulets of blood continued their coursing down his broad and impossibly beefy chest, imposing rib cage, and starting making their way down his cobblestone abdominal muscles. The old man looked over his shoulder to us and smiled as the boy's cock once again began to harden. In a remarkably few moments it was completely hard, jutting out and, amazingly, dribbling more precum. This stud’s reservoir of cum was simply astounding! 

"AAAAAAHH!!!" the youth began a louder scream as his back arched and he thrust his hips outward from the cross, his cock jabbing the open air. 

The old man quickly stopped twisting the boy’s nipples, deftly removed the needles, then just as quickly he reached up and began to bite first one and then the other nipple.

"AAAARRRGGH!!!" the youth screamed out as his cock erupted for a fourth time, sending slug after slug of thick, white cum to spatter the old man's toga. 

"AARGH!! AAAHH!! HSSSSH!!" the boy bellowed and moaned as the old man continued to mercilessly chomp on his swollen and punctured nipples. Finally, after over 20 mighty salvos of his rich cream, the last bit of cum dripped from the head of the lad’s throbbing cock, and the old man stood back.

All of us were cheering and clapping as the old man smiled victoriously and, after accepting his bag of coins from a slave, walked proudly back to his seat.


  1. Interesting story, looking forward to the next chapters!