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Friday, March 18, 2016

A Roman Experience - Part 7

A Roman Experience - Part 7
Based on an original story by Prisoner/J.D.


Round Six

"Who will be next?" Marcus asked, as Porteus returned to his couch.

"I will, Marcus," I heard Practicus speak out. He rose from his couch and walked quickly over to the youth.

"Hmmm…" he mused loudly, again this was meant more for us than for the youth.

"Let's see, I am to torture you but leave no marks. I must draw the semen from you but not by caressing this," he continued, picking up the huge softening cock with two fingers.

"I would have tormented these," he spoke, indicating the youth's large nipples by lightly pinching and twisting them, "had not someone already entertained us thus."

The boy simply closed his eyes at his newest tormentor's commentary, and rested his head against the cross, trying to prepare himself for what was to come next.

"So what is left for me?" he asked innocently. He glanced down at the table and shook his head in the negative. "Nothing so mundane as these."

He looked around the dining area and then out into the garden beyond. 

"Hmmm…" he sighed softly. Then, his eyes brightened, and a smile began to develop. "Ah, yes!" he finished and walked out of the dining area and towards one side of the garden.

All of us were now very curious at what Practicus had in mind, and why he was going out into the garden. We soon had our answer as he strode purposefully back into the center and towards the bound youth. In his hand he carried several sprigs of some kind of plant. Now we were definitely curious.

As he reached the boy, he silently raised the sprigs and lightly drew them across the boy's chest.

"Huuuugh!" the boy drew in a sharp breath, and we began to see tiny red welts appear where the sprigs had been.

"Nettles," Practicus informed us simply as he continued to draw the plant across the boy's chest, crisscrossing it with a trail of tiny red marks that quickly formed welts.

"Aaah, oooh, hsssghsh!" the boy uttered gutturally as his massive, muscular chest quickly became inflamed. True to his training, or perhaps his nature, his cock once again began to harden. 

I shook my head in astonishment at how this boy was still able to become excited at pain, even after having been subjected to test after painful test and cumming five times in mind blowing, knock-you-to-the-floor orgasms. His nipples jutted out like tiny mountains, and his enormous muscles, straining at the bindings, showed the growing excitement in his loins. His hands clenched and unclenched as his moaning grew louder.

"Uuuugh, oooohhh!" he cried as the sprigs were drawn down his abdomen, leaving their fiery trails. His cock was now completely hard again. 

“Aaaah, aaaaaaaaah!” the boy cried as the sprigs were batted against his bulging balls, turning the bright red orbs redder still. His massive cock was now leaking out trails of precum in long ropes from his angry red cock head. 

"No use in prolonging this," Practicus observed, as he raised the sprigs up from the boy’s balls, and brought them down sharply across the erect cock.

"AAAAH!!" the youth again cried out as Practicus continued to whip his cock with the fiery nettles, striking again and again until the boy thought his cock must have been on fire.

Again a shudder, and the boy came a sixth time, his cock spurting and spurting as Practicus continued his relentless whipping. 

"Uggggh, aaaaaah, hsssssh!" the boy moaned as slug after slug rocketed from his throbbing cock. Though this sixth load was noticeably somewhat smaller than the ones previous, it was still gargantuan, and Practicus was soon covered in the youth’s rich male essence. 

Practicus tossed the nettles to the floor and strode back to his couch, where he was met by another slave and his winnings. 

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