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Monday, March 28, 2016

A Roman Experience - Original Version

Here is the original version of "A Roman Experience"...


A Roman Experience
An original story by Prisoner/J.D.

I write this now, before the images fade in my memory. I have just returned from a dinner party at the home of Marcus Vintorius.
Marcus is the most famous man in Rome today. Those who read these words at some later time may not know this, so I will take a few moments to explain.
Marcus Vintorius is a free man, but it was not always so. He was brought to Rome many years ago as a slave, and sold to the circus to be trained as a fighter. He fought in the circus for many years, piling victory upon victory. Ten years ago he won his freedom at a special competition dedicated to the god Mars. Since then, he has built his own stable of fighters and charioteers. We knew of the fighters, but he had kept his chariot team a secret, training them outside of Rome.
Today was the Barracticus, the most important chariot competition of the entire season. In fact, today's race was probably the most important race in the history of the sport. This is because the two favorite teams, the Blues and the Yellows had been building up competitive wins over the past several seasons. Today's race was to decide the ultimate victor. Well, you can imagine the consternation when a third team entered the race, the Reds. We Romans like sport and intrigue, and so this secret team was welcomed vociferously by the crowd. Well, they won, by six leagues! Pandemonium broke out, and a new team, and their owner, were jubilantly crowned victorious by all Rome.
Which leads me to the purpose of this writing, which is to describe, as best I can, the most unusual, and exciting dinner party I have ever attended. Marcus invited the leading citizens of the city, minus their wives, to a dinner in honor of his victory.In my own poor way, I will try to share that experience with the reader.
I arrived at twilight, and was greeted by Marcus himself.
"Welcome Belorus, welcome to my home" Marcus spoke openly as he grasped my hand and guided me into his house.
"Congratulations Marcus, or should I say Marcus Victorious" I replied.
"My only duty is to entertain Rome, and I do it as best I can" he responded with a chuckle.
Marcus's home was on a hillside, overlooking the Tiber. Like many of the homes of Rome's elite, it was plain on the outside, hiding its beauty from the eyes of the rabble, but inside it was a paradise. Like most such homes, it was built in a square shape, with the individual rooms opened, not to the outside, but to the enclosed garden in the center. What was unique about Marcus's home, as we walked through the various rooms, was the flooring and wall covering. The floor of each room was a different, costly, marble. Much of which was not from the nearby quarries, but must have been brought in from quarries to the far south. The wall coverings for each of the rooms was a fabric of a color to match the marble floor. A very expensive decor, since the fabrics were quite rare.
But these were nothing compared to the garden we entered. There were flowering plants and trees of every variety. Some of which I had never seen.
"We dine here in the garden tonight, as the heat has made it much to uncomfortable to eat inside." Marcus advised as he guided me past bushes and plants whose perfume wafted across the open spaces.
As we rounded a bush, I'm sure my jaw must have dropped, for Marcus began to quietly chuckle at my surprise.
"Part of this evenings enjoyment" he offered as he guided me to a dining couch. Some of the other guests had already arrived and were lounging and conversing. They obviously were far less surprised than I, or had simply accepted the matter as the offering of a considerate host.
The dining couches had been arranged in a circle, there were small tables, piled with fruits, cheeses, meats and wine. A slave was stationed between each couch to provide for the needs of each guest. Nothing unusual you say, no, of course not. But, what was, a little out of the ordinary, were the columns that had been erected between each couch. So, a simple matter of festive décor you might think. I suppose so, were it not for the fact that bound to each of these columns were the handsomest collection of young men and boy's I had ever seen. Not only were they bound, but they were all of them, totally naked. But that is not all, each of their penises were also completely erect!
"Here, does this please you" Marcus asked as he guided me to acouch next to Practicus Selorius, a merchant I knew slightly.
"Of course," I responded, nodding to Practicus.
"No, I mean is this alright" he added reaching over to fondle the boy bound to the column between my couch and the one occupied by Selorius.
I looked up at the boy, and my heart began to pound. I was certain that it could be heard by everyone. The boy was obviously greek. He had dark curly hair, an olive complexion and the most exquisite body you could imagine. As I looked at him, he smiled slightly, showing the tiniest of dimples. His eyes were blue, which I thought unusual, and set beneath the most luxurious dark eyelashes. I'm certain my mouth was agape as I continued to survey his beauty, from his slender neck, down his smooth and well muscled chest to his rippled abdomen, to the soft luxuriant hair that caressed his private parts - a strange description for me to use in this context since they were exposed for all to see.
His cock, which was hard and jutted out a full 10 inches from his middle was, in itself, an amazing thing. The god priapus himself would covet such a trophy.
"Belorus, are you alright" Marcus asked with some concern at my silence.
"Oh, yes, of course" I replied, recovering from my momentary surprise.
"He is lovely, isn't he ?" Marcus asked as he silently stroked the youth's cock. The boy closed his eyes and moaned softly.
"He is exquisite" I responded.
"He and the others," Marcus spoke indicating the other bound youths with a wave of his hand, "are provided for your enjoyment and nourishment."
"Nourishment?" I asked, puzzled at his use of the word.
"Yes, let me demonstrate, " he replied, "Ordinos" he called as he motioned to the slave standing by the table laden with food, who picked up a piece of bread and handed it to Marcus.
Marcus smiled at my continued puzzlement, and began to slowly stroke the boy's cock.
"Hmmmm" the boy moaned more loudly now that his penis was being masturbated in earnest.
"Hssssh, aaah" the youth gasped, and shuddered as his cock gave up his youthful cum in spurt after spurt of milky white cream. Marcus held the bread to catch the boy's juice. As the last bit of cum dribbled onto the bread, Marcus smiled at me and popped the bread into his mouth.
"Delicious," he commented as he chewed. "Ordinos, prepare some for our guest." he ordered.
Ordinous looked at me quizzicly and I nodded in assent. He then picked up another piece of bread and came over and began to masturbate the boy. This time it took a little longer, but with a gasp and shudder, the boy gave up more of his youthful cum, as his cock spurted the white cream over the bread. Ordinos handed the bread to me and I took it hungrily. He handed me a cup of wine.
"Enjoy yourself" Marcus urged as he left my side.
I lay back and began to sip my wine quietly, taking the time to look at the other diners and their own selection of bound "nourishers." The slaves that served each diner were also responsible for keeping the bound men and boys hard. As soon as one of them would lose his hardness, the slave would message it back to life.
There were 8 dining couches and as many bound youths. It was clear that they came from every part of Rome's Empire. Marcus must have paid an enormous sum to collect such selection of young male beauty.
"Uuhgh" I heard a voice grunt. I looked over to where Practicus lay in time to see his boy, with a low groan, give up a load of his thick male juice. He was obviously a gaul, for his body was pale and his hair the color of straw. He was as beautiful in his own way as my greek boy.
He opened his eyes and his mouth gulped for air as the last dribble of cum was squeezed from his hardened cock onto the waiting bread. There was a hint of rose to his cheeks which told me that while he was perhaps more strongly built than my greek, they were probably the same age, 18 or 19 years. His chest was smooth, and very well muscled; his definition being more pronounced by the strain caused by his bindings. A trail of pale hair led from his navel down to the golden bush at his groin, which surrounded an even larger cock than my greek boy's member. His legs were much more powerfully muscled.
"Pleasant, isn't he" Practicus murmured, gesturing towards his gaul.
"Quite," I responded, "as beautiful as my own" I continued, pointing to my greek.
"Ah, yes," Practicus replied "that one is beautiful. I almost asked Marcus to place me where you are sitting, but Marcus thought I would appreciate this one more."
"I see, " I responded with a small laugh.
"Yes, " he continued speaking as he got up from his couch and stood by his gaul "let me show you what Marcus did that made up my mind for me."
Practicus reached over with both his hands and took the boy's rosy nipples in his fingers and began to twist and pinch them violently.
"Hsssh, aaah" the boy moaned in an obvious mixture of pain and pleasure.
The slave serving Practicus picked up another piece of bread and held it under the lad's cock. Then in only a moment, the boy shuddered and shot another load of cum over the waiting bread. No one had touched his cock. He had cum purely from the torment Practicus was inflicting on his nipples.
Practicus released the now reddened tits and returned to his couch. The boy sagged slightly in his bindings and breathed even more deeply. The slave handed the bread to Practicus who popped it into his mouth and began chewing.
"Marcus knows that I like a little spice in my selection of boys" he continued between chews. "I would venture to say that each of these" he indicated all of the remaining bound figures, "were selected especially for the unique taste of each of the guests."
I nodded in agreement. My own enchantment with young greek boys had obviously come to Marcus's attention. I gazed up at my own boy, and he smiled tentatively. "Hmmm" I wondered to myself how complete Marcus had been in researching my interests. I rose from my couch and stood by the youth.
Slowly I began to rub his chest, stopping to lightly trace designs over his two light brown nipples. I continued rubbing down to his abdomen, poking a finger into his navel, then brushing lightly down to his pubic hair and then along the shafì late them, pulling and squeezing lightly.
More precum appeared and began to descend on crystalline threads. I took more and rubbed it along my finger.
"I see that you have been well provided for also" I replied, ignoring I released his nuts and reached under them to the crack of his ass. He had been tied so that there was some movement possible away from the column. I reached up between his legs and pulled his ass cheeks away from the column. I probed the crack with my finger until I found his hole. Slowly I pushed the finger that had been lubricated with the precum into him.
"Ah, uh" he moaned. He opened his eyes and stared into mine. The slight flinching of the muscles around his eyes told me that he was a virgin where I was probing. I smiled and continued to push my finger up into him.
"Huuuh" he uttered sucking in a deep breath as my finger reached his prostrate. I began to slowly push and message my quarry. He gulped, his chest heaved with the deep breaths he was taking. Clearly he had never experienced what I was doing before. The precum was now flowing almost continuously. After a moment I saw his cock raise up slightly, on its own. Ordinos started to put a piece of bread under it's head.
"No" I ordered, and Ordinos backed away. I put my mouth over the boy's cockhead just at the moment when he arched his back away from the column and groaned loudly. Volley after volley of sweet cum shot into my mouth. I held his cock tight in my lips, feeling each pulse as another load coursed through the shaft and out the end.
"Uuuuuh, uhh, ah" he moaned, thrashing his head from side to side, his whole body shuddering with the violence of the orgasm.
After a moment or two, I felt the pulsing slow and then stop, and I released his cock from my mouth and stood up. His chest was still heaving, and was covered with a thin film of sweat that made it glisten in the fading daylight. His eyes were closed and his head was resting back against the pillar. I returned to my couch and Ordinos brought me some more wine.
"Yes, Practicus" I spoke to my dining partner, raising my cup in a toast to our host " Marcus does know his guests well." I took a long swallow and looked around at the other diners. There were still a few places open, but the majority of the guests were here.
"Belorus" I heard a voice call my name. I looked across the dining area to a couch opposite me.
"Lepulius" I called out and raised my cup again, saluting my old friend.
"Some dinner, eh" he responded indicating my greek boy. Obviously he had witnessed my "taking nourishment."
I smiled and nodded my head. He began laughing uproariously.
his laughter, and indicating the boy tied next to him. The boy was pale, also well muscled, with dark curly hair, and a triangle of dark curly hair whose base went from dark nipple to dark nipple and whose apex pointed towards the dark bush that surrounded his cock and balls.
"Ah yes, " Lepulius replied, "Marcus knows that I like my boy's to start with a little fur."
I must have cocked my head a little quizzically, for I really didn't understand what Lepulius meant by "starting" with a little fur. To my mind, either you liked hairy boys or you liked them smooth. Though as I thought about it, I knew of a few friends that liked to shave their boys.
"Here," Lepulius continued, "let me show you." He got up from his couch and stood by his boy. Reaching down, he picked up a pair of ivory tweezers from the table. Reaching up to the boy's chest, he began to pluck the curly hairs.
"Hssh, aah, oh" the boy moaned in pain as each of his hairs was pulled out. At the same time, Lepulius was rubbing the boy's cock with his other hand. Even though the boy was obviously in pain from having his hair pulled out, he was being kept hard by the stroking he was receiving at the same time.
"Aaah" the boy groaned more loudly as Lepulius took the tweezers and pinched one of the boy's nipples. He then stopped, tossed the tweezers back onto the table and sat down.
"By the end of the night" he mumbled between sips of wine and pieces of cheese, "I'll have this young chick plucked completely smooth."
I did not comment, but merely saluted him with a raised cup and continued to look around at the other guests. There was much conversation going on between the diners. I continued to eat quietly, exchanging occasional conversation with Practicus to my right, and with an older, very fat, merchant on my left, whom I didn't know. Periodically the various bound boy's would be milked, and their cum presented on bread to the guests. Occasionally a guest would get up to do something else with his boy, which ran the gamut from simple fondling to more complex entertainments.
The fat merchant on my left had tied a leather thong around the balls of his boy and would every so often pull on the thong until the boy gasped in pain, at which the man would chuckle and order his slave to milk the youth for more cum. His boy was also a gaul, but with hair that was red. His body was pale and covered with freckles. He was hairless, but it appeared to be a matter of youth rather than genetics. He was younger than my boy by one or two years, being 17 or 18 years old. Also, his pubic hair had been shaved, leaving his cock to jut out from pale skin.
"Honored guests" I heard Marcus's voice thunder and looked up to see him stride into the center of the dining circle.
"I hope that you are enjoying your meal" he offered, at which point all of the guests, myself included, began cheering and raising our winecups in toast to our host.
"I thank you humbly for the honor you do me to be my guests" he replied. "It is time, I think, to begin the evening's entertainments." he smiled and clapped his hands, and then strode towards his own dining couch, which had been empty until this time. He lay down and took up his own winecup and raised it to signal his major domo, who bowed and then clapped his own hands.
Two youths then stepped out from behind a bush and strode into the center. They were both tall, powerfully built, and very handsome. One was dark and the other light in hair and complexion. They wore loin cloths and their wrists and ankles were wrapped in leather.
"We start with a wrestling match" Marcus explained, "feel free to wager on either combatant. They are of equal ability and skill" he continued. He nodded towards the wrestlers and they bowed.
Then they assumed their opening postures, stalking one another warily. The dark one made his move first, grabbing the neck and arm of the lighter one, and trying to trip him with his leg. They struggled for a few moments and broke free of one another. Slowly they maneuvered around one another. The lighter one then struck, grabbing both arms of his opponent and trying with his leg to trip him. This time it worked, and the dark one fell backward, with the lighter one trying to pin him down. They struggled and rolled over and over, each one trying to gain the advantage.
By this time the guests were cheering and wagering wildly. The dark one broke free and stood up, but before the light one could also stand, he kicked his opponent in the abdomen, causing him to double over in pain. Taking this advantage he pounced on the other boy grasping his arms and pinning them behind his back with one arm, while the other arm was wrapped around his neck. The boy gasped for air and struggled to break free. His chest heaving with exertion. It was obvious that both were also excited by the battle for each of their loin cloths poked outward from the hardened cocks underneath.
The light one broke free and rolled over, causing the dark one to fall forward. The light one quickly rolled back on top of the dark one and pulled his arms behind his back. The dark one bucked suddenly, tossing the blond off his back, he quickly stood up as did the blond. They grabbed one another's arms and began struggling again.
By this time the diners were screaming for their favorite, and the wagers were increasing in size. The boys appeared to be oblivious to the commotion, being more concerned with one another in this duel.
Suddenly the dark one kicked upward with his foot, and tossed the blond over his head. The blond landed on his back, and before he could get up, the dark one jumped on top of him and kicked him in his groin.
"Aaah" the blond gasped in pain as both hands went to his groin to grab at his balls. The dark one rolled him over and pulled his arms behind his back, the blond was doubled over in pain and made no move to fight his opponent.
Marcus tossed a leather thong to the dark boy, who immediately bound the blonds wrists together. Another thong was tossed by the major domo, and the dark one went to the blonds ankles, pulled them together and bound them tightly. He then stood up to the cheers of his followers. The blond boy lay quietly at his feet, clearly still pained from the blow that felled him.
"Fuck him, fuck him" a chant began to rise from the diners.
"Fuck him, fuck him hard, show him who is master" the diners continued to chant and clap their hands.
The dark one looked to Marcus, who smiled and nodded his head. The major domo tossed another leather thong to the victor, who then pulled the blond up on his knees, and bound his legs just above the knees. He looked around at the diners who were cheering him on, smiled and reaching down, ripped the loin cloth off of his victim. The diners screamed their approval at the sight of the now naked blond, whose cock was no longer hard, but hung limply between his legs.
The dark victor was not limp, for as he stood up, his cock still pushed against his loin cloth. He reached down and ripped it free, and his cock bounced upward in the air. It was huge, jutting out at least eleven inches and was thick in circumference. I pitied the youth about to be impaled.
He stroked his cock a few times and knelt down behind the other boy. The blond's head rested on the floor, his ass was held upraised by the bindings behinds his knees. The dark one began to pry at the pale asscheeks with his fingers. Finding what he sought, he pushed into the blond with thick finger.
"Ugh" the bound youth groaned.
The victor stood up and began to probe with his cock. As its head entered the other's hole, he thrust forward with all his force, burying the full eleven inches into his vanquished opponent.
"Aaaah" the blond youth screamed in pain as the other's cock invaded his backside.
"Aaah, aaah, aaaaah" he continued to scream as the other continued his methodical fucking, pushing in and out, oblivious to the pain he was causing the other.
The diners were cheering and applauding at each thrust and scream of pain. In only a few moments the dark one closed his eyes and gasped, then pulling his cock free of the other, sat back on his haunches as his cock erupted sending a spray of cum over the blond boy's back. The dark one's cock continued to jab the open air, shooting load after load of male juice, until the blond's back was covered with the viscous liquid, slowly dribbling down his sides.
The dark one stood up and raised his arms in victory. The diners went wild. Marcus beckoned to the boy and he walked over to where his master reclined. Marcus reached down and picked up a laurel wreath, and placed it on the still hard cock. The diners screamed their approval.
Slowly the dark one proceeded around the center, his cock jutting out defiantly, carrying his victory wreath. The diners tossed coins and flowers in his direction, which a slave gathered up. He strode proudly out of the area, ignoring his opponent who still lay bound and exhausted from the battle and the fucking. Two large slaves came into the area as the dark one left, and picked up the blond youth, not bothering to even untie him, and carried him out silently, dragging his feet as they went.
"Now," we heard Marcus exclaim, "another entertainment." he clapped his hands, and ten young men came tumbling into the center of the circle.
They were all completely naked and oiled, their bodies glistening in the flickering light of the torches. Obviously they were na acrobatic troupe, for they proceeded to jump and roll and tumble, forming shapes and movements with one another. They were certainly entertaining, but not nearly as exciting as the wrestlers had been.
I suppose it is a fault, but we Romans do like our entertainments a little on the harsher side. But these youths were pleasant none the less, and some of them were even beautiful. They continued their acrobatics for several minutes and as a finale, formed a tall triangle by standing on one another's shoulders.
We were feeling quite magnanimous by this time and applauded loudly at their efforts. Marcus smiled and clapped his hands and the youths tumbled down from their stance and stood together, bowing deeply. Marcus tossed them a pouch of money, which their leader grabbed up. They all bowed again and ran tumbling from our midst.
"Honored guests, " we heard Marcus again call out, and turned our attention to our host.
"Honored guests, I am pleased that you liked this pleasant interlude." he spoke indicating the acrobats that had just left.
We all applauded and shouted our thanks.
"Thank you, thank you." he continued with mock humility " but, this was only a momentary pleasantry. I know my fellow Romans, and I know that you like your entertainments somewhat more, shall we say, sophisticated." the diners, sensing another entertainment more to their liking, screamed their agreement.
"I also know that many of you lost some hefty sums of money by wagering on that unfortunate excuse for a wrestler." He continued.
At this last comment there was laughter from the winners and much grumbling from the losers. We also noticed that the slaves had begun to move away two of the serving tables at one end of the dining area.
"Yes, yes, there are losers and there are winners, but, let it never be said that guests in Marcus's house had only once chance to win." he continued. Now our interest was really piqued. What did Marcus have up his sleeve, we all wondered.
The slaves, having removed the serving tables, were now erecting an X shaped cross where the tables had been. I don't know about the other guests, but at this sight, my own heart began to pound with excitement.
"So," Marcus began to speak again after the murmuring had died down, " I give you an opportunity to regain your losses or win even more." He clapped his hands and we all turned towards the direction he was facing.
The slaves had finished erecting the cross, and now two more came marching out from behind one of the hedges. They held the blond wrestler between them. He was still naked, but his ankles and legs had been unbound, and his wrists were tied in front of him.
The slaves marched him over to the cross, untied his wrists and then pulling up on his arms, secured each wrist to one of the uprights of the cross. Once his wrists had been secured, they pulled his legs apart, causing his penis and balls to hang free between his legs, and bound his ankles to the lower parts of the cross. They then stepped away, leaving him spread eagled.
I now had a chance to really look at the boy. He was powerfully built. His arms and legs were thickly muscled. Because of his bondage, they were straining beneath his skin. His face was almost feminine in it's beauty, his flaxen hair hung limply over his forehead, matched by thick flaxen eyelashes. His cheeks were touched with a hint of rose, indicating his youth. His eyes were the most startling blue color. They were a deep, sapphire blue, the color of deep pools of water. His neck, unlike what one might expect from a wrestler, was not overly thick, but symmetrical, leading to broad, well muscled shoulders that were also straining with the pressure of the bindings. His chest was completely smooth, and lightly browned, indicating many hours spent in the sun, probably in learning his wrestling skills. His nipples were the size of coins, and dusky rose in hue. His abdomen was rippled with muscle.
As my eyes reached the platinum bush at his groin, I let out na involuntary gasp. Even limp, his cock was huge. Erect, I imagined it to be even larger than the one possessed by the dark one who had beaten him. His balls were also large, and hung pendulously in their sack, swinging slightly.
"Here is my wager, " Marcus began to explain, " I will double the money you lost, or double the money you won. " the guests shouted and cheered, making it difficult to hear what Marcus was saying. He stopped talking and smiled, and motioned for the guests to quiet themselves.
"Please, please " he asked " let me finish my wager." The shouting slowly died down.
"As I said," he continued " I will double the amount of your wagers if " he paused for effect, and the silence was complete, as each diner waited for the conditions of the wager. " if, you can cause this boy to cum " he indicated the bound blond, "through torture." he finished. There was a momentary silence as he finished, to be replaced in a split second with roars of approval.
"Wait, wait" he continued, motioning us to be quiet once again, "there are conditions." he stopped again, and we remained silent.
"Each of you must make the boy cum, using whatever means of torture you choose" he indicated towards the youth again and we looked to see his major domo setting up a table of implements.
"But, you must leave no lasting marks, and you may not stroke or in any way massage his penis. He must cum from the torture itself." he finished.
The guests looked at one another, and soon the cheering and applause started again.
Marcus smiled, and opened his mouth to speak again, motioning for quiet.
"I will give you one advantage, " he indicated, "I will tell you now that I have trained him myself, and warn you that he can withstand more pain before orgasm than you might think." he stopped speaking and smiled as the diners screamed their own challenges.
"Very well, very well, who will be first?" he asked simply.
I took a sip of wine, wondering whether or not Marcus was playing us the fool. There were eight of us. Surely this boy could not be made to come 8 times, no matter the stimulation. But, we were all pretty well in our cups by this time, and I was prepared to meet the challenge, and from the sounds of the others, they too were going to rise to the occasion.
"I'll torture the juice out of him " I heard Lepulius's voice exclaim. I looked over to see him get up, unsteadily, from his couch and proceed more unsteadily over to the bound youth.
Half way across the circle he stopped, and weaving slightly, turned back to his couch. We started to jeer at his apparent change of mind, but he simply ignored us and upon reaching his couch, picked up his ivory tweezers, and smirked. He then turned and made his way across the circle to the waiting boy.
Upon reaching the youth, he reached up and rubbed the back of his hand across a rosy cheek. He let one hand drop to the chest and a finger began to trace designs across the smooth skin. He smiled at the boy, and reached towards his pubic hair with the tweezers, and taking one of the strands, pulled hard.
"Ah, ahh" the boy gasped in pain as Lepulius began to pluck each of the pubic hairs out of the boy's skin.
"Aaah, oooh" the boy continued to groan as the hairs fell away from his crotch. Occasionally Lepulius would reach up with the tweezers and pinch one of the rosy nipples.
As he continued the torment, the boy's cock began to harden. By the time Lepulius was half-way through the pubic hair, the lad's cock was completely hard and oozing precum. Lepulius reached over and plucked at the frenum that hung loose underneath the head of the youth's cock.
"Ah,aaah" the boy complained and pulled uselessly at his restraints. Lepulius ignored him and resumed the plucking of his pubic hair and the pinching of his nipples.
After ten minutes or so, the boy's crotch had been completely denuded of its hair, and though the precum flowed continuously, he had not been forced to come. The crowed began to jeer Lepulius's efforts. He looked over to us with a scowl, and reaching down began to pull out the hairs on the boy's scrotum, occasionally pinching the skin as well.
"Aah, oooh, hssssh" the boy moaned and began to pull more furiously at the restraints that held his wrists and ankles.
Then we saw Lepulius smile, and redouble his efforts, pulling out hairs that rested at the base of the boy's cockshaft. The cock, began to slowly pulse upward, and we knew that Lepulius had won his wager.
"Uuuuuuhhh", the boy groaned deep and long as his chest heaved, hips thrust outward and his cock jabbed the open air, spewing forth thick creamy cum.
Lepulius turned to us and smiled broadly at our accolades. Marcus was cheering along with us and nodded to a slave who came up to Lepulius with a bag of coins. Lepulius bowed deeply at his host and strode triumphantly back to his couch.
"Now then, "Marcus shouted over the din, "who will be next?"
"I'll squeeze all the cum out of those nuts." I heard the fat merchant next to me shout.
I turned to see him push himself up from his couch and on even less steady feet than Lepulius, make his way over to the blond youth.
I glanced up at the red headed boy to see him expel a sigh of relief and lay his head back against the column. I surmised that he was relieved to have a few moments respite from the fat paws that had been mauling his own testicles. Throughout the evening, even during the acrobatics, the fat one had not left the boy's balls alone, pulling continuously on the thong and occasionally slapping them.
I looked back over to where the other boy was spreadeagled and saw that the merchant was selecting some leather thongs from the table.
"Well boy, those are very pretty nuts" he spoke loudly, more to us than to the youth. "Lets see how full of cum they are." he finished as he grabbed them in one of his huge paws and squeezed.
"Uggh" the boy grunted at the sudden pain. "Aaah" he moaned even louder as the fat man pulled the testicles down into the scrotal sac as far as they would go and began to wrap the leather thong around the loose skin of the boy's scrotum.
As the fat one continued to wrap the thong around the boy's scrotum, the youth began to move his head from side to side, in na effort to block out the growing ache in his balls. His cock, which had started to soften after his orgasm, now began to stiffen once again.
The fat merchant continued to wind the thong around the scrotal sac. The boy lay his head back against the cross and closed his eyes, mentally trying to will away the dull ache that must have enveloped his groin.
In a few moments, the fat one had wrapped sufficient cord around the sac so that the balls were forced at least four inches away from the base of the youth's cock shaft. The youth clenched his teeth trying to keep himself from moaning. The merchant reached over to the table and selected another thong. He made a loop with the thong and placed it around the boy's right testicle. He drew the free end tight and began to loop the rest around the testicle.
"Aaaaaah" the boy finally gave up the effort to block his pain and moaned loudly as his testicle was gripped even more severely.
"Aah, aaah, aah" he continued to moan and once again he began to pull at his restraints as the fat merchant took a second thong and wrapped his left testicle as tightly as he had the other.
In a moment he stopped and stood back to survey his handiwork. He looked around at the other diners and then reached over and lifted up the bound balls for all to examine. They had already began to redden because of the pressure.
"Ughghgh" the boy groaned, clearly the least pressure now applied to his testicles would cause pain.
"Now, I will win your wager Marcus, and force these beauties to give up their cream." the fat merchant spoke with confidence.
Then holding the bound scrotum with his right hand, he reached down with his left hand and brought it up sharply, hitting the testicles with the palm of his hand.
"Aaaaaaah" the boy screamed and thrashed about trying and failing to break the restraints.
"Aaaaah, aaah, aaaaaaah" he continued to scream as the fat merchant again and again pummled his trapped nuts.
The merchant added a twisting motion with his right hand, now twisting and pummeling the boy's balls. But, even though the boy continued to scream from the torment, his cock was growing harder.
"Aaaaaaaaaaaah" the boy screamed his loudest scream and his cock spurted out load after load of his cum, this time not as thick as the last, but still white and creamy looking. His chest was heaving, and he sagged limply in his bindings.
The fat man turned after releasing the boy's scrotum, he smiled, and wiping the boy's cum off of his hand with his napkin, he spoke directly to Marcus.
"Pay up honored host, pay me my wager" and he began to laugh uproariously as a slave brought him his money. He sauntered back to his couch as the major domo removed the thongs from the youth's nuts.
I looked over and saw the red head open his eyes and sigh another sigh, this one more of resignation than relief. He closed his eyes as the fat man sat down.
"Did you miss me my pretty, " the fat merchant asked the youth and then with a laugh, he reached over and gave the thong another sharp tug.
"Ugh" the boy groaned at the pain in his balls. The fat man continued to laugh and began eating and drinking to his victory.
"Who will be next?" I heard Marcus ask.
"Me, Marcus, Me" several voices cried out at once.
"I think you were the first to claim the wager, Tarques" he spoke to a Roman military officer seated half way round the circle. I did not know him, and looked with renewed interest in the possible tortures he might conjure up for our blond victim.
He stood up and walked directly toward the youth. He was not unsteady. Either he had not been drinking as much as the rest of us, or he was able to hold his wine much better.
Reaching the youth, he raised both his arms and took the boy's nipples in his fingers and began to twist and pinch them.
"Hssssh" the boy hissed between clenched teeth.
"Are you going to twist his nipples off?" I heard one of the diners question.
"Yes, yes, twist off his nipples" a chant began from the diners.
He released the boys tits and turned towards us with a smile.
"Now, what do you take me for, an amateur" he asked with mock disdain.
The diners laughed at this retort and became silent, waiting with mounting excitement at what was to come.
"I have served in Rome's legions all over the empire" he started to lecture, " I have seen all manner of tortures, some that we inflicted on the barbarians to make them docile, and some they inflicted on themselves and on our troops as punishment." He continued speaking.
The excitement in the room was palpable. All murmuring had stopped as we listened intently to this soldier.
"But, the race that has developed torture to a high art are the Persians, and, "he paused, like Marcus, for effect. " it is a Persian torment that I will visit on this lad to win my wager." He spoke with a booming voice and turned to look up at his victim. The boy merely sighed deeply and lay his head back once again on the cross, as though preparing himself once again.
First Tarques picked up a small whip, and we thought that he intended to whip the youth. Certainly a painful torment, but not really that unusual. But, instead, he took the handle of the whip and inserted it up the boy's rectum, and slowly he began to fuck the boy with the handle.
"Uhhhh" the youth moaned as he moved his head from side to side. His cock, however, soon responded to the pressure on his prostate, and began for a third time to harden. As soon as the cock had grown to its full length, Tarques withdrew the whip handle and tossed it aside.
Then, holding onto the base of the boy's cock, with cock and balls held tightly by his right hand, he reached into his tunic and pulled out a long ivory rod. He turned to face us, holding the rod up with his left hand.
"Watch closely my friends, at this Persian delight" he spoke huskily, his own excitement obviously growing.
He turned and then, slowly, ever so slowly, he began to insert the rod into the end of the boy's penis.
"No, aaaaah, uggggh,hsssssh" the boy began immediately to scream as the probe pushed its way into his cock.
When Tarques had inserted the rod several inches, he stopped and began to withdraw it.
"Aaaaaaaah" the youth screamed even louder.
Slowly Tarques pushed it back in, then pulled it out, and pushed it in again, methodically fucking the boys cock with the rod.
"Aaaaaaaaah" the boy continued to scream, as he pulled fruitlessly at his restraints. He could not move his cock away, for Tarques held it tight with his right hand.
"Ah, aaah, aaaaah, aaaaaaaaaaah" the screams grew louder. Then the youth shuddered.
Tarques stepped aside and held up the cock and rod for all to see as cum oozed out around the base of the rod and down the youth's cockshaft. Tarques pulled out the rod, and a thick wad of cum shot up and spattered his tunic.
"There Marcus," the soldier continued, wiping the rod off with a napkin and reinserting it into his tunic, "a Persian delight for your guests, and a wager won for me."
Marcus laughed and motioned to a slave who brought the soldier his winnings.
I looked over to the blond youth. His head hung limply and his chest was heaving greatly. He appeared to have fainted from this last torment. Obviously, Marcus had observed the same thing, for as I watched, a slave came up to the boy and tossed water over him. With a start he awoke, and laid his head back against the cross. His cock had become limp once again.
"The boy has come thrice, who will be the fourth to meet my wager?" I heard Marcus exclaim to the diners.
A general commotion followed as the diner's voices rose as one, each trying to out shout the other to be the next one chosen to torture the youth.
"Hmmm" Marcus mused quietly, " I think you were the first to call out Modicus, " he nodded towards another one of the diners I did not know.
The man who rose up and walked towards the waiting youth was by far the oldest in that company. His hair was white and his hands gnarled with age. I took another sip of wine, wondering what an old man might conjure up for our victim.
As he reached the youth, he turned and smiled a toothless smile to the rest of us and commenced to speak.
"This one's nipples have been neglected in all that has happened so far, " he spoke in a nasal tone, "I will make up for that oversight, and win the wager."
He turned and reached up to the boy's nipples with both his hands and took hold of them, pinching them between his fingers. He began to twist and pull on the rosy nibs.
"Hsssh" the youth gasped at the mild pain that now spread out from his nipples.
The old man continued to twist and pinch, occasionally digging a fingernail into the soft flesh.
While it was certainly entertaining to see the boy grimace, and gasp from the torment, and his nipples certainly were beautiful as they became more and more red from the torture; it was clear to me that this was far too mild to cause him to give up his semen.
"That will never make the boy cum" someone shouted from the audience.
The old man stopped, and turned once again to the audience to answer the retort.
"Patience, my friends, is a virtue, " he continued in a lecturing tone "one that is learned through age. I am only preparing this boys tits for what is to come."
My curiosity was piqued. What was the old man planning? He smiled smugly, and turned back to the boy. He reached into his tunic and withdrew two, very thin, filaments of some kind. Reaching up to the boy's right nipple that was now jutting out like a small mountain against the flat of his pectoral, the old man looped the filament around the nub and tightened it, causing it to bulge slightly. He repeated the act with the left nipple. Both nipples were now bound tightly in the filaments.
Then, holding the right nipple in his fingers, so that all could see, he reached into his tunic once again with his free hand and withdrew a thin ivory needle. He touched the end of the needle to the engorged nub and slowly, ever so slowly, began to twist the needle and push it into the flesh.
"Aaah, aaaah" the boy screamed out as the needle first pricked and then punctured his tender skin.
The old man stopped, and turned his head to look back over his shoulder and smiled, as he continued to push the needle clean through the boy's nipple.
"Aaaah, hssssh" the boy continued to moan, as the old man repeated his actions with the left nipple. He then withdrew both his hands and stood silently in front of the youth.
The boy's eyes were closed as if to ward off the pain that now engulfed his chest, his breathing was heavy and labored. Two tiny rivulets of blood began to slowly descend from his nipples.
The old man turned to us and spoke.
"Now watch, impatient ones, at how quickly I extract his seed."
He then reached up and took both needles in his fingers and twisted and turned them slowly, as though to carefully prolong the agony.
"Aaah, aaaaaah" the youth screamed at the pain.
The old man ignored his cries and continued to twist the needles.
The boy pulled at his restraints and moved his head from side to side, his teeth clenched tightly to ward away the pain. When he could no longer fight the agony, he opened his mouth and uttered a low, animal like moan.
"Ooooohhh,aaaaah,hsssssh" he cried out, his head continuing to thrash from side to side.
The old man continued to twist the boy's, now reddened nipples and the small rivulets of blood continued their coursing down his chest. The old man looked over his shoulder to us and smiled as the boy's cock once again began to harden. In a moment it was completely hard, jutting out and dribbling more precum.
"Aaaah" the youth began a louder scream as his back arched and he thrust his hips outward from the cross, his cock jabbing the open air.
The old man quickly stopped twisting the boys nipples, and deftly removed the needles, then just as quickly he reached up and began to bite first one and then the other nipple.
"Aaarrrgggh" the youth screamed out as his cock erupted for a fourth time, sending a spray of watery cum to spatter the old man's toga.
"Aargh, aaah, hssssh" the boy continued to moan as the old man continued to bite his nipples. Finally the last bit of cum dripped from the head of his cock, and the old man stood back.
All of us were cheering and clapping as the old man smiled victoriously and, after accepting his bag of coins from a slave, walked proudly back to his seat.
"Well, honored guests" Marcus spoke once again " you have made this youth come four times, there are still four of you left to test your skill. Who will be next?"
Only I, Practicus, and two of the other guests remained, one of whom rose.
"Ah, Porteus" Marcus aknowledged his guest.
The man, whom I didn't know, was middle age and only slightly paunchy, unlike the fat merchant next to me. I picked up my winecup and took a sip, excited by the prospect of yet another display of torment bringing the boy to orgasm.
Porteus reached the boy and smiled up at him. He raised one of his hands and began to lightly stroke the boy's chest, pausing to trace invisible designs around the recently tormented nipples, and then drawing his hand down the boy's chest lightly brushing his abdomen, and down further to cup the boy's balls in his hand.
The youth closed his eyes, waiting for whatever new torture this guest would inflict. He clenched his teeth, clearly expecting Porteus to squeeze or otherwise batter his nuts.
Porteus only smiled and took his hand away, letting the balls drop to swing freely between the boy's bound legs. He then walked away from the table of implements towards one of the nearer diners.
"Giving up already" the crowed began to tease, knowing that this was not the case. Porteus only smiled.
Upon reaching the reclining diner, Porteus spoke softly and the diner smiled and nodded his head in agreement. Porteus then picked up the candle that provided light to the diner and walked back to the boy.
Reaching the youth he held the candle upright in front of him. Then he reached upwards towards the boy's chest and began to slowly tip the candle.
"Aaah, hsssh" the boy began to moan as first one and then many more fiery droplets began to spatter against his chest.
"Aaah, aaah, aaah" he continued, his moans punctuating each impact of the fiery wax.
Porteus continued to drip the hot wax onto the boy's chest, covering completely first one and then the other nipple, then continuing down the chest, he dribbled more wax onto the bronze skin.
"Aaah, aaah, oooh" the boy continued his cries. His cock once again began to grow hard.
Porteus continued the fiery assault, covering the boy's abdomen with a thin coat of wax and then proceeding down to the boys groin to cover the area previously covered by pubic hair.
The youth clenched his teeth once again to prevent himself from crying out further.
Porteus then took the boys cock and balls in one hand, holding it by its base, and began to dribble the hot wax over the shaft and tender globes.
"Aaaaaah" the youth cried out as his cock and balls were covered in hot wax.
He shuddered, but before his cock could shoot the first volley of cum, Porteus held the shaft upwards and dribbled hot wax into the pee hole.
"Aaaarrrrrrggh" the youth screamed his loudest protest as his body shuddered in violent orgasm, his cock stabbing the air, but his cum trapped by the wax plug that now encased its opening.
"Arrgh, aaaaah" he continued to cry out, as the pressure built up in his tormented penis.
Finally Porteus squeezed the cock head and the wax plug was ejected to be followed by a steady stream of watery cum.
"Uuuuuuugh" the boy groaned, as the pressure was released and the cum flowed freely from his body. He hung limply in his bindings, his body covered in sweat.
"Who will be next" Marcus asked, as Porteus returned to his couch.
"I will, Marcus" I heard Practicus speak out. He rose from his couch and walked quickly over to the youth.
"Hmmm" he mused loudly, again this was meant more for us than for the youth.
"Let's see, I am to torture you but leave no marks. I must draw the semen from you but not by caressing this" he continued, picking up the softening cock with his finger.
"I would have tormented these" he spoke, indicating the youth's nipples by lightly pinching and twisting them, "had not someone already entertained us thus."
The boy simply closed his eyes at his newest tormentor's commentary, and rested his head against the cross, trying to prepare himself for what was to come next.
"So what is left for me" he asked innocently. He glanced down at the table and shook his head in the negative. "Nothing so mundane as these."
He looked around the dining area and then out into the garden beyond.
"Hmmm" he sighed softly. Then, his eyes brightened, and a smile began to develop. "Ah, yes." he finished and walked out of the dining area and towards one side of the garden.
All of us were now very curious at what Practicus had in mind, and why he was going out into the garden. We soon had our answer, as he strode purposefully back into the center and towards the bound youth. In his hand he carried several sprigs of some kind of plant. Now we were curious.
As he reached the boy, he silently raised the sprigs and lightly drew them across the boy's chest.
"Huuuugh" the boy drew in a sharp breath, as we began to see tiny red welts appear where the sprigs had been.
"Nettles" Practicus informed us simply as he continued to draw the plant across the boy's chest, crisscrossing it with a trail of tiny red marks that formed welts.
"Aaah, oooh,hsssghsh" the boy uttered gutturally, as his chest became inflamed. True to his training, or perhaps his nature, his cock once again began to harden.
I shook my head in astonishment at how this boy was still able to become excited at pain, even after having been subjected to test after painful test. His nipples jutted out like tiny mountains, his muscles, straining at the bindings, showed the growing excitement in his loins. His hands clenched and unclenched as his moaning grew louder.
"Uuuugh, oooohhh" he cried as the sprigs were drawn down his abdomen leaving their fiery trails. His cock was now completely hard again.
"No use in prolonging this" Practicus observed, as he raised the sprigs up from the boys body, and brought them down across the erect cock.
"Aaaah" the youth again cried out as Practicus continued to whip his cock with the fiery nettles.
Again a shudder, and the boy came a fifth time, his cock spurting and spurting as Practicus continued his whipping.
"Uggggh,aaaaaah,hsssssh" the boy moaned and finally sighed as Practicus stopped.
Practicus tossed the nettles to the floor and strode back to his couch, where he was met by another slave and his winnings.
"Well, only two of you left" Marcus observed, " you, Belorus, or you Antoninus. Who will it be".
I looked over to Antoninus, one of Rome's better writers, he raised his cup in salute. I smiled and waved him on. I could wait to be last. I had not yet decided upon what I would do to the boy.
Antoninus got up and walked over to the boy. He rummaged around for a few minutes among the table of implements and selected several small thongs. Silently, he went over and stood in front of the youth. He reached down and raised up the boy's cock, and began to tie the thongs around the shaft. He tied one at the base of the cock, and the rest at one inch intervals, finishing with the last thong tied just under the head of the cock. He then tightened up on each of the thongs, which caused the boys cock to bulge unnaturally in the places between the thongs.
He then pulled the boy's buttocks away from the cross, and began to probe with one of his fingers. Finding what he was searching for, he shoved his finger into the boy's hole.
"Uuuh" the boy groaned. Antoninus continued to silently finger fuck the youth, probing deeply and massaging the boy's prostrate.
"Uuuh, uh, uh" the boy continued to moan at the growing pleasure. His cock began to harden. As it did so, the boy opened his eyes in a look of growing confusion.
His cock, trying to harden, was restrained by the thongs tied up and down its shaft. As each wave of pleasure engulfed his groin, a growing ache began to grow from his bound penis.
"Ah,oh,humph" he moaned continuously. His breathing quickened as his excitement mounted. He looked down at his cock, as if to will the thongs away, so that freed his cock could grow to its full hardness and ultimate release.
This was indeed a subtle, but not insignificant, torment. To torture the boy with pleasure unfulfilled was artful, my admiration for Antoninus grew.
This slow, deliberate, work continued for at least twenty minutes, the boys moans growing louder and louder, until finally the careful manipulation of his prostrate outweighed the painful bondage of his cock, and his body gave another, but very deep shudder.
"Aaarrrrrgh" he cried out through clenched teeth, and slowly drop upon drop of cum oozed from his penis.
Antoninus slowly removed the thongs, leaving the one at the head of the cock till last. On removing this, a huge spurt of cum dropped to the ground below, having been freed from the last restraint.
We applauded Antoninus as he bowed and accepted his winnings.
"Well, Belorus" Marcus addressed me "you are last. What have you prepared to entertain yourself and us."
I smiled enigmatically and rose to move slowly towards the boy. In truth, I had not yet considered what I would do to him. His hair had been plucked, his nipples pierced, his balls pummled and abused, his cock whipped and fucked. Frankly I wasn't sure what new delight I could inflict that would not be a mere repetition of a previous effort.
I reached his side and silently looked over him. Once again he had closed his eyes. His chest rose and fell with the symmetry of his even breathing. He was resting in preparation for what he knew would be the last torture.
My eyes scanned his face. It was still beautiful in repose, even after all of this. His dampened, golden, hair was pasted against his forehead. His entire body was coated with sweat which ran freely off and onto the dirt below. My eyes swept down his chest and noted the still feint welts from the nettles that stood out a light red against the golden brown of his skin, his nipples were an angry red, though they were no longer bleeding.
My eyes continued to survey his body , his denuded crotch made his sex organs seem even larger than they were. I reached down and cradled them in one hand. The muscles around his eyes flinched at the touch, as though he were preparing himself against whatever torment I had devised to visit on his vulnerable cock and balls which were themselves reddened from the previous abuse. I released them and stood back from him, pondering what I would do that would entertain my fellow guests.
A thought crossed my mind, and I smiled inwardly. All manner of implements had been used on the boy, and all who had gone before had been successful in bringing him to orgasm. It was obvious that the boy was predisposed to this kind of treatment, either by disposition or by training. Perhaps, I reasoned, I could get the boy to make himself cum. I turned to Marcus and the other diners.
"Marcus, " I spoke formally, "and my fellow guests. We have all been entertained this evening by watching the boy here " I pointed towards the bound youth, "repeatedly tortured to orgasm." I paused for effect, and then continued.
"It is obvious to me that the boy is predisposed to this kind of sexual release, either by nature or by our friend Marcus's training." I stopped and paused while the diners murmured agreement. I could see that they were all wondering what I intended to do to win my wager.
"I propose to risk my wager on this reasoning, by making the youth cum once again, but," I paused as the murmuring stopped and the other diners and Marcus waited on my words, "I will do so without touching him."
"That's not possible," I heard someone shout, to be followed by general agreement from the other diners. Marcus only looked smug.
"Perhaps Belorus would care to increase the wager" Marcus asked the other diners.
"Gladly, " I replied, "I will wager against the winnings of anyone who wishes to test my theory."
Immediately, several of the diners offered their winnings, including my friend Practicus. The major domo collected the challenge money and placed it in front of Marcus.
"I too would like to see this, and will match these with my own wager" Marcus spoke indicating the pile of bags in front of him.
"Done" I said simply, and turned towards the boy.
The boy's eyes were open and he stared silently at me. He had heard what was said, and was himself puzzled by my actions.
"What is your name, boy" I asked him.
"Volax" he responded.
"Well, Volax, " I replied, "I want you to listen very carefully to what I am going to say. I want your mind to paint pictures of the words I am going to use in describing how I will treat you when you are my slave."
His eyes opened wider as I continued speaking.
"Yes, Volax, I intend to buy you from Marcus when we are through here, so you can be quite certain that what I am about to describe will, in truth, happen." I spoke with firmness and surety.
"Close your eyes Volax, and let your mind see." The room was quiet as each of the diners and Marcus listened to my words.
"Tonight, when these festivities are concluded, you will be released from this cross. But, you will not be free. I will have your wrists bound together, and joined by a leather strap to your testicles which will also be bound." I paused to see if my words were creating any pictures for the youth. I could tell by his breathing that he was, in fact, seeing what I was describing.
"You will remain naked, and thus bound, I will lead you through the streets of Rome to my home. You can be sure that any of the good citizens of Rome that chance to see you will heap ridicule on you and perhaps even wish to molest you. I will not stop them." I could see his breathing quicken slightly. I knew then that I was correct in my reasoning. I would win the wager.
"If necessary we will stop so that any citizen who would so choose may torment you. Yes, Volax, imagine, you are powerless to stop inquiring hands as they explore and torment your body, as they twist and pinch your aching nipples, as they probe and finger your anus, as they pull on and pummel your tender nuts. Unlike this evenings earlier entertainments, if the good citizens desire to torment your cock, I will not stop them."
The boy's breathing became heavier. He took a swallow. His flaccid cock began to engorge slightly.
"When they are finished with you, we will continue on our way. When we reach my villa, this is what you will see. It is like most other villas, except for a special room that I have prepared to entertain slaves such as you." The boy's cock continued to grow more firm.
"There is a table fixed with restraints so that I can stretch my guests. There are whipping posts, and there is a special framework from which I can suspend an unruly slave." Clearly the boy saw every part of the image I was creating, and even more that he was adding from his own imagination, for his cock was nearly fully hard and beginning to ooze precum.
The other diners were silent, watching the boy's reactions, and seeing the image created in their own minds.
"When we arrive, I will have my slaves take you and wash you. You will be oiled and perfumed and then brought into that special room. You will be taken to the framework, your wrists bound together, and raised over your head, and you will be raised until your feet hang free, suspended, naked, waiting for whatever torture I wish to visit upon you."The youth's precum was now oozing continuously, his breaths coming in quick intakes as his excitement grew. His eyes remained closed. "I will order my slaves to spread your legs and bind them wide apart so that I may use your cock and balls freely. What will I do to you Volax? Hmmm." I paused. "First I will mark you as my slave by having rings inserted through your nipples and through the frenum on your cock. Feel it Volax as my slaves first thrust a silver needle through your flesh to be followed by golden rings. Feel the needle enter the tender skin underneath the head of your penis. Feel the first prick and then the slow, excruciating puncture." I stopped as the boy took a sharp breath. Though his cock bobbed with excitement, it was not quite ready to give up his juice.
"Once ringed, Volax, I will join those rings with a leather cord from nipple to nipple and down to your cock. I will tighten up on that cord until your cock is pulled upwards towards your chest as far as it will go without tearing out the ring. The rings in your nipples will be pulled downward. A triangle of pain will be created. Feel it Volax." I stopped again, watching the boy's reaction. I could almost hear his heart beating faster and faster with his mounting excitement. His balls were even quivering with excitement.
"My marking will not be complete though, Volax. You are ringed, but unmarked. But, with your cock pulled upward and out of the way, your tender nuts will be open to me. I clap my hands and a slave withdraws a tiny brand from the fire. I take your nuts in my hand and apply the brand to first one and then the other testicle. Feel it Volax, smell the burning flesh as each of your balls is marked with my signet."
"Ugggghhhg" the boy gave up a guttural moan, his cock waved upward and spurt after spurt of thick cum spattered my toga. This last image had served to drive him past control, he had given himself up to the image I created.
There was no cheering, only silence as I turned to Marcus and the other guests. Marcus shook his head and smiled.
"Well Belorus, you have won. The wagers are yours."
I smiled, "No Marcus, keep them, and give me the boy. I mean to make real the image I just created."
"He is yours" Marcus answered.
I turned and looked up at the blond youth. His eyes were opened, his mouth was quivering slightly. I smiled up at him, for a moment his eyes stared into mine. Then, as though to acknowledge my control, he cast his look downward, in submission.

"Yes Volax" I spoke softly, "now you will know real torture."


  1. Nice version, but yours is way better! Thanks so much!

    1. Thanks so much for you comment and compliment, Bernie! I loved the original version, so your compliment is much appreciated. :)