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Monday, March 14, 2016

A Roman Experience - Part 6

A Roman Experience - Part 6
Based on an original story by Prisoner/J.D.


Round Five

"Well, honored guests," Marcus spoke once again, "you have made this youth come four times, yet there are still four of you left to test your skill. Who will be next?"

Only I, Practicus, and two of the other guests remained, one of whom rose.

"Ah, Porteus!" Marcus acknowledged his guest.

The man, whom I also didn't know, was middle aged and only slightly paunchy, unlike the fat merchant next to me. I picked up my wine cup and took a sip, excited by the prospect of yet another display of torment bringing the boy to orgasm.

Porteus reached the boy and smiled up at him. He raised one of his hands and began to lightly stroke the boy's chest, pausing to trace invisible designs around the recently tormented nipples, and then drawing his hand down the boy's chest and lightly brushing his abdomen, and down further to cup the boy's tightly bound bull balls in his hand.

The youth closed his eyes, waiting for whatever new torture this guest would inflict. He clenched his teeth, clearly expecting Porteus to squeeze or otherwise batter his already wounded bull nuts. 

Porteus only smiled and took his hand away, letting the balls drop to swing ponderously between the boy's thick, muscular legs. He then walked away from the table of implements towards one of the nearer diners.

"Giving up already?" someone in the crowd began to tease, knowing that this was not the case. Porteus only smiled. 

Upon reaching the reclining diner, Porteus spoke softly and the diner smiled and nodded his head in agreement. Porteus then picked up the candle that provided light to the diner and walked back to the boy.

Reaching the youth, he held the candle upright in front of him. Then he reached upwards towards the boy's chest and began to slowly tip the candle.

"Aaah, hsssh!" the boy began to moan as first one and then many more fiery droplets began to spatter against his massive, spectacular chest.

"Aaah, aaah, aaah!" he continued, his moans punctuating each impact of the fiery wax.

Porteus continued to drip the hot wax onto the boy's chest, covering completely first one and then the other tortured nipple, then continuing down the chest, dribbling more wax onto the youth’s pale and flawless skin.

"Aaah, aaah, oooh!" the boy continued his cries. His cock once again began to grow hard.

Porteus continued the fiery assault, covering the boy's abdomen with a thin coat of wax and then proceeding down to the boys groin to cover the area previously covered by pubic hair.

The youth clenched his teeth once again to prevent himself from crying out further.

Porteus then took the boy’s bound balls in one hand and began to dribble the hot wax over the huge, tender globes. The muscular lad cried out again with renewed vigor as his aching, bound balls were gradually coated in a complete shell of white hot wax. Porteus then moved on to the stud’s massive cock, dribbling wax at the base and working his way up the thick shaft. 

"Aaaaaah!" the youth cried out as his mammoth cock was gradually covered in the hot wax. He shuddered and his cock began to expand, but before his cock could shoot the first volley of cum, Porteus held the shaft upwards and, shucking back the thick foreskin, dribbled hot wax into the gaping pee hole, filling it with a hot wax plug and coating the super sensitive cock head with the burning liquid.

"AAAARRRRRRGGH!!!!!" the youth screamed his loudest protest yet as his body shuddered in violent orgasm, his cock stabbing the air. But his cum was now trapped by the wax plug that now encased his entire cock huge head.

"ARRGH!! AAAAH!!!!" he continued to cry out, as the pressure once again built up in his tormented penis and aching bull balls.

Finally, Porteus squeezed the cock head between two fingers, and the wax plug was ejected with tremendous force, followed by the boy’s most violent orgasm yet. The wax plug and the first few shots of cum blasted almost 20 feet in front of the handsome hunk, splattering on the marble floor a mere few inches from the nearest diner’s table. More and more slugs followed as the fifth massive load was milked from the young stud’s utterly aching balls.

"Uuuuuuugh!" the boy groaned as his orgasm finally ebbed, and he hung limply in his bindings, his body covered in sweat. The power of the orgasm had shattered the wax covering on the boy’s huge cock, and even the thick wax coating on his huge balls had cracked in several places due to the mighty pulsing and convulsing of those two huge orbs. Porteus finished the business by removing the remainder of the wax from the hunk’s crotch and beautiful body, and then collected his wager to the appreciative applause of the audience. 

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