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Friday, March 16, 2018

The Ginger Bull - Part 7


What would you like to do next? 

 _X_ - Take him up on his offer and start playing with that ridiculously huge stud cock. 
 ___ - Keep hammering on those huge bollocks, even though you know you can’t break them. 
 ___ - Admit that this stud is more man than you can handle, and leave the room. 

You’re not going to give up on this chance to play with the most astoundingly masculine, handsome, and muscular man you’re ever going to meet. You realize that you’ve hardly even touched the man’s magnificent, 16-inch mega cock yet, and you decide to focus your attention on nearly half a YARD of the thickest, hardest, meatiest stud penis that you’ve ever seen. 

The huge muscle giant is suspended high enough that only the lower half of his gargantuan dork is within easy reach of your hungry mouth. You start slathering the lower 9 or 10 inches of his bull cock with your tongue. At the same time, you certainly don’t want to ignore the remaining pulsing inches of that monster dick, so you wrap both of your hands around the impossibly thick shaft, just below the bulbous cock head, and start pumping your fists up and down the precum slickened shaft. 

The stunningly handsome young man starts moaning in even greater pleasure, gently thrusting his hips and pressing more and more of his huge meat into your eager mouth and hands. “Yeah, that’s righ’!” he groans. “Really work that huge cock of mine! Gawd damn, that feels so fuckin’ GOOD! Yeah, ah got the biggest damn cock you’re evah gonna see! And it’s leakin’ for ya, mate!” 

Once again, the big bull of a man is right — his cock is now leaking clear, gelatinous precum at an even more accelerated rate. The slick love juice is flowing over your hands as they wrestle with the top half of that mighty dong. Your hands shuck the thick foreskin up and down over his swollen cock head, adding to the erotic sensations throbbing through the stud’s magnificent loins. The huge purple cock head emerges from its thick hood of flesh, glistening with precum, only to get swallowed up by that huge foreskin, over and over and over again. 

The voluminous purging of precum quickly runs down to your lapping tongue, and you greedily slurp down the stud’s warm juices. The clear fluid is salty and slick, and even thicker than you’d imagined. It quickly coats the inside of your mouth with a slippery sheen, while even more of the stuff is covering your face, hands, and forearms. The guy is precumming like other men pee, and you wonder just how much of the fluid he has stored in his powerful, muscular loins! 

You decide that you want to drink this heady elixir from its source. You firmly grip the upper inches of the lad’s gigantic shaft and try pulling it down towards your face. The huge cock resists your efforts to lever it downward, and it is only with great effort that you manage to crank that cock downward from 80 degrees to perhaps 45 degrees. The massive mushroom head of his humongous cock is now just inches from your hungry mouth, and you extend your tongue as far as it will go, aiming for the dilated piss slit at the tip of that cock. Gooey strands of gelatinous precum steadily drip into your mouth as you get closer and closer to licking it’s swollen tip. 

But the handsome muscle bull flashes you another one of his cocky grins. With a mighty flex of his thick groin muscles, the titanic column of man flesh bloats even larger in your hands, and is literally ripped out of your grip. With almost blinding speed, that huge tower of man meat heaves upward and slaps against the stud’s washboard belly with a resounding WHAP!!! The force and power behind that mighty flex is astounding, and you humbly realize that you had no hope of being able to hold on to such a powerfully flexing tube of muscle. 

You’re still hungry to taste more of this stud’s male essence, however. What do you want to do next? 

 ___ - Keep playing with that magnificent set of cock and balls. 
 ___ - Take a quick breather and inspect your handiwork. 

 ___ - You’ve had enough; leave the room and take your unforgettable memories of this magnificent stud with you.

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