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Tuesday, March 6, 2018

The Ginger Bull - Part 3


What would you like to do? 
 ___ - You’re not interested in this bull stud. Leave the room and select another door instead.
 _X_ - Reach out and touch the muscle lad’s massive spuds. 

There is no WAY you’re leaving this room to select another door! This ginger-haired hunk is your greatest fantasy come to life, and you long to have your way with him, starting with feeling up on those impossibly huge bollocks! 

You reach up with both of your trembling hands (immediately knowing that even using both hands will be insufficient for this task) and gently cup the lad’s massive whale nuts from below. The instant your hands touch that tight, swollen flesh, the handsome muscle man closes his eyes and lets out a deep-voiced moan of pleasure. At that same moment, your untouched cock fires a huge slug of precum into your already dripping shorts. Raw male power is literally radiating off of those huge gonads into your hands, and their heat is intense. You realize that your estimate of their weight fell woefully short of the truth, for the lad’s silky smooth gonads feel even heavier and bulkier than you had imagined. You wonder just how much those colossal nuts must weigh, and up your estimate to at least 10 pounds…each! The bulky lad’s massive stones are not only the SIZE of huge cannonballs, they weigh nearly as much too!! And you hungrily wonder if these two mighty lumps of man meat will prove to be as tough as heavy iron cannonballs… 

The encircling metal ring essentially creates four equal segments of nut meat — two above the band, and two below — and you are astounded once again when you realize that your hands aren’t quite big enough to fully engulf even the lower halves of the ginger’s titanic testicles. Nevertheless, your eager fingers clutch as much of that bloated nut meat as you can, reveling in the fact that the world’s biggest bull nuts are resting in the palms of your hands. You gently squeeze your fingers, and are amazed when the surprisingly dense flesh doesn’t even dent in the slightest. You squeeze harder. Nothing. You squeeze harder still! Nothing. You’re soon squeezing with all of your might, and you finally succeed in producing the faintest of dimpling along the surface of those mammoth bollocks. The sheer density of the lad’s behemoth bollocks is simply unbelievable!! 

For his part, the handsome ginger hunk’s head lolls back on that massively muscular neck of his, and his sensuous lips part in a grin of pure pleasure. “Mmmm!!” he moans in erotic delight, and you’re able to feel the deep rumble of his voice even through the tightly-banded bull balls that you’re squeezing so tightly in your hands. You’re throwing all of your considerable strength into crushing this guy’s gonads in your bare hands, and not only are you failing to distort them by more than the barest minimum, you’re not inflicting even the most minor pain on the big lug. Those two incredible lumps of man flesh feel like the hardest of rubber, the kind of hardy tough-as-steel rubber used for durable objects like hockey pucks and the heads of rubber mallets. Any other man’s nuts would be grossly distorted to the brink of bursting from all of the power and strength you’re pouring into this stud’s mighty nuts, but you’re unable to get more than a barest of dents into those massive spheres! Amazing!!  

Your fingers are actually starting to hurt from all of the effort that you’re forcing into the stud’s apparently indestructible nuts, so you slowly ease off the pressure and release those two mighty man orbs. Your heart is racing and your breath is coming fast and deep, like you’ve just been sprinting 5 miles. Your eyes lock with the hunk’s stunning hazel-green orbs, and his sexy, cocky grin makes your cock blow another huge wad of precum into your dripping shorts. 

“Whaddya think, mate?” he says to you, his deep voice rumbling out of his massive chest and his eyes sparkling with mischief. “Those bull bollocks big enough for ya?” 

You nod your head dumbly in the affirmative, aware that your mouth is actually hanging open, but not caring enough to do anything about it. 

“They’re damn tough, too! Been toughenin’ ‘em up mah whole life, evah since ah was a lad back ’n OZ. In fact, ah’ve nevah worn a cup on the pitch. Nevah needed to. Mah balls are so fuckin’ meaty, so fuckin’ tough, ah’ve welcomed every low blow, knee gouge, ‘n shoulder slam. Ah’ve taken countless blows to the bollocks ’n it’s nevah even slowed me down. Ah just shake it off ‘n keep on going.” 

Yup, your suspicion has just been confirmed — this unbelievably massive stack of hot Australian muscles is indeed a rugby player, and clearly a rough and dirty one at that. He gently thrusts his hips toward you as much as the taut metal cable will allow, flexing his great white cock to even more massive dimensions, and your eyes almost bug out at the amazing sight. 

“Ah bet you’ll be surprised at just how much these huge bollocks can take, mate! Why don’t ya test ‘em out? Put ‘em through their paces. Ah’ll show you that ah can take anythin’ you can dish out, ‘n more!” 

With that cocky grin still on his unbearably handsome face, the Aussie gyrates his hips in front of you, making his mammoth horse cock wiggle seductively and pressing his massive balls closer to your face. You can smell the thick, heady musk coming off of those magnificent bollocks, and the scent makes you dizzy. His fragrance is heavy and musky and 100% masculine, and reeks of sex and raw power. 

How would you like to start off with this incredible hunk? 
 ___ - Play with his balls.
 ___ - Play with his cock. 

 ___ - Play with all of those massive muscles. 


  1. I would choose muscle. I am muscle addicted.

    1. This dude is such a big bull stud that I'd have a hell of a time deciding where to start, but I know I would DEFINITELY spend a great deal of time exploring all of those enormous and powerful muscles! :D

    2. Did you see husskoni's illustrations? It's extremely hot. You can search husskoni on YouTube.

    3. VERY hot videos! Thanks for the heads up, David! Too bad he doesn't draw his huge, handsome, and hairy muscle men in the nude, cuz they're smokin' hot.