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Sunday, March 11, 2018

The Ginger Bull - Part 5


What now? 
 _X_ - Try punching him in the nuts. 
 ___ - Grab ahold of that mammoth dong with both hands. 

This cocky (and ridiculously over-cocked) ginger stud claims that his huge bull balls are tough as nails, so you decide to put that claim to the test. 

With his huge nards hugging the base of his cock root so tightly, you don’t even need to grab hold of those nuts to steady them — the lad’s own rock solid crotch will work perfectly as a back board for your planned attack. 

You cock back your right fist and take aim. Though it’s still hard to believe, each of the lad’s utterly gigantic nuts is as big as three or four of your fists combined, so you know that you can only punch one titanic teste at a time. So you aim at his massive left orb, and send your fist flying. You’re careful to avoid hitting the metal band encircling his nuts, and instead aim for the bulging underside of the huge, impossibly bulky nut. 

Your aim is true, and your strike that bloated whale nut with all of your might. 


The beefy smack of fist-on-flesh almost seems to echo in the small room. Your fist feels like it’s just struck a big bag full of wet flour, and you wince at the pain in your knuckles. Astoundingly, your big fist barely manages to sink even a millimeter or two into the handsome ginger’s unyielding ball flesh, and for his part, the huge lug just smiles down at you as you rub your aching hand. 

TOLD ya they was tough!” the rugby bull chuckles, flexing his cock a couple of times and wriggling his hips at you. “C’mon, mate! Give it another try.” 

You cock back your left fist and send it careening into his defenseless right bollock. 


This time you actually have to shake out your hand from the pain of the blow, for it almost felt like you were hitting a brick wall! But for his part, the handsome and hairy muscle man just chuckles again, a low rumble that you can almost feel in your belly. 

“Stop yankin’ mah sack, mate! Those are fuckin’ LOVE TAPS! Don’t hold back! Fuckin’ WHACK that sack, mate!” 

You decide you don’t need any further encouragement than that, and you start really laying into the stud’s trapped bull balls. You send one fist after another sailing into those defenseless bollocks, hammering them as hard and as fast as you can. You focus mostly on the lower halves of his two nuts, striking them with jabs, hooks, and powerful uppercuts. But you don’t ignore the upper halves, and send punches and overhand strikes into those massive nut segments as well. You try to ignore the pain and ache in your knuckles, even though you know your hands are going to be bruised for a WEEK after all of this abuse. 

But for his part, the impossibly handsome ginger bull seems to be enjoying every moment of the ball battering abuse, goading you onward with words of encouragement punctuated by moans and grunts of erotic pleasure. 

“Aw yeah, man, really HIT those huge balls! Give it to ‘em GOOD! Uh! Unh! YEAH! That’s more like it! Unh! Unh! UNNH!! FUCK!! That’s right! Give me all ya got, mate! I can fuckin’ TAKE it!! UNH! Got the fuckin’ BIGGEST and fuckin’ TOUGHEST bollocks in the world right here, and they can take ANYTHING you can dish out! Fuckin’ HIT ‘em, man! POUND ‘em!! Uh! Uh! Uh! UNH!! That’s more like it! UNNH!! Oh yeah! UNNNHH!!! FUCK!! Keep poundin’ ‘em man! You’re really churnin’ my huge load now! Yeah!! UNH! UNH!!

You use the stud’s massive nutsac like a speed bag for a good 20 minutes, hammering them mercilessly and without pause over and over and over again. You hurl enough punishment to utterly obliterate any other man’s testicles a dozen times over. Yet the gigantic muscle stud seems hardly fazed by all of the abuse; if anything, all of the relentless nut beating has just made his cock drip lust honey at an even faster rate. 

Panting and breathless from all of your exertions, you finally pause to take stock of your handsome subject, expecting his battered balls to be black and blue and swollen to even more monstrous dimensions. Instead, however, you find that his gargantuan bollocks have hardly changed in the slightest. They are still as rock solid and dense as ever, with no evidence of bruising or swelling anywhere over their vast surface area. In fact, the only evidence that you’ve been pummeling them at all is their warm rosy glow. The kind of glow that might be produced by a couple of hard slaps to another man’s balls. 

This titan of auburn-haired muscle is as good as his word — his behemoth bollocks are indeed as tough as iron! 

What would you like to do now? 
 ___ - Keep on abusing his huge bollocks.

 ___ - Turn your attention to the lad’s precum-leaking horse cock. 

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