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Tuesday, March 27, 2018

The Ginger Bull - Part 12


What’s next? 
 ___ - Push the “Lower” button.
 _X_ - Push the “Tighter” button again.

“Tighter,” the handsome ginger says in a breathy rumble, his deep voice half commanding, half pleading with you to squeeze his meaty bollocks even harder. 

And who are you to deny him? 

The hot ginger has just gotten accustomed to the moderate squeezing on his junk when you press the “Tighter” button again. 

You lean in for a closer look this time, watching as the loop around the young man’s gargantuan balls compresses even further, crushing the fantastic girth of his balls down to 25 inches. This time the big bull lets out a half grunt, half yell in response. Nut meat that isn’t directly trapped in the ring starts to bulge grossly around the edges, looking like it will burst out of his stretched-out sack with even the slightest bit more pressure. But you’re confident that this mighty muscle bull can take even more abuse. 

“TIGHTER!!!” he bellows, a steely-hard look of lust and defiance making his handsome face even more gloriously beautiful. 

You immediately press the “Tighter” button yet again.

The young man arches his powerful back and yells in pain, his bulky nuts now crushed to 24 inches in circumference. His deep-voiced bellow of pain causes your cock to fire yet another wad of precum into your ruined pants, and the look of erotic agony on his contorted and utterly handsome face nearly puts you over the edge. His rippled abs flex and contract over and over again as he struggles to regain his breath, and a thin sheen of sweat is now breaking out all over his magnificent body. 

“Oh YEAH, mate! FUCK yeah!! UUUuuuuh!! Ah TOLD ya that ah’ve got some freakishly tough bollocks, didn’t I? Mmm!! But ah can take even more. Yeah, ya heard me right! Ah want you to really CRUSH these big fat nuts of mine. Squeeze ‘em HARD!! Try ta BREAK ‘em if ya can. Ah can fucking TAKE it!” 

You are amazed at this young bull’s toughness and how much he’s enjoying having his behemoth balls mangled and mauled. He clearly wants it. Hell, he NEEDS it! You don’t need any more prompting than that as you press the “Tighter” button yet again, ripping another bellow of agony from the ginger bull’s big lungs as his mighty bollocks are crushed to only 23 inches around. 

“AW FUCK!!! YEAH!!!” the huge ginger stud bellows as his cock coughs up even larger slugs of gelatinous precum. “UNH!! UNH!! UNNH!!! You’re really crushin’ mah bollocks now, mate! Fuck, you’re doin’ ‘em IN!! TIGHTER!! Ah want you to crush ‘em TIGHTER!!! 

You press the “Tighter” button for a sixth time, taking the big bull off guard as the band slowly chokes down his gigantic testes to just 22 inches around. 

“AAARGH!!!” the rugby stud bellows. “FUCK!!! FUCK!!! FUCK!!!!! UNNH!! UNNNNH!! Aw, you’re REALLY crushin’ mah huge nuts now, dude!! Got ‘em choked down REAL fucking tight!! Gawd DAMN!! SHIT!! Hurts so goddamn fucking GOOD!!” 

Not standing on ceremony, you depress the “Tighter” button once again, and watch in amazement the response you elicit from the ginger-haired muscle bull. 

“AAAAAIIEEEE!!!” the handsome muscle titan screams as the thick metal band closes its relentless grip even tighter, further crushing his already grossly distorted elephant balls. Perhaps it’s your imagination, but you think you can actually hear a faint crunching sound as the ring squeezes those freakishly huge nuts like some sort of demonic corset, and you wonder just how much damage the ring must be causing at this point. A man’s nuts simply are not meant to be handled and abused like this! 

The seconds tick by as the thick metal band squeezes tighter and tighter. The ginger giant arches his back and continues bellowing in agony, his muscles bulging and flexing in phenomenal glory as his nuts are crushed harder than should be possible. You notice that the flow of precum from his still steely hard cock has started to grow a bit milky in color, and you realize with amazement that this mighty brute of a bull is actually nearing orgasm through nothing more than testicular torture! What a fucking STUD!!!

After an agonizingly long 10 seconds, the metal band stops its choking movement, and just like that the center of the young man’s humongous balls have been crushed down to just 21 inches. Both of his balls are so tightly cinched at this point that it’s starting to look like there are four separate balls trapped by the ring and not just two. But even now, the lad’s balls look powerful and mighty, particularly since any ONE of his four ball segments is still bigger than any PAIR of nuts you’ve seen on any other man! There’s no doubt about it — this ginger-haired beauty is the most amazing specimen of manhood you’ve ever seen, and you begin to ponder whether you want to spare him any more torment and ensure that you leave him intact. 

As if he was reading your mind, the handsome rugby stud flashes you a lopsided grin and says, “Are ya impressed yet, mate? TOLD ya ah could endure one fucking hell of a lot of abuse! So whaddya say? Maybe it’s time for mah happy ending? Ah’ve got a MASSIVE load sloshing around in these big bound beauties, bloating ‘em up so much it fuckin’ HURTS, and ah’d love to pump it out all over ya!” 

Sweat is now dripping off of the stud’s fantastically muscular body in thick rivers, the steady crushing ache in his mammoth balls no doubt causing the herculean hulk incredibly intense agony. His magnificent chest continues heaving as he pants to regain his breath, but his cocky, sexy smile lets you know that he’s still loving every second of the brutal attention you’re paying to his mighty bollocks. 

You reach out and touch his profoundly crushed ball bag with your free hand, gently cupping the lower segment of his tightly cinched left nut, and you are shocked to discover that his bloated and grossly distended sphere of ball meat feels even MORE dense than ever! His titanic testes are obviously being squeezed so tightly that it’s forcing the thick beef of each nard to become even more dense and compact. The compression pressure inside those nuts must be absolutely unreal!! You try squeezing down on as much of that thick nut meat as you can grasp, and the handsome bull grits his teeth against the raw agony your clutching grip produces. But even as you focus every ounce of your strength into that bloated balloon of nut meat, you can’t get the tortured sphere to dent in the slightest. The stud’s nut meat is simply too dense, too tough, too fantastically compact, and it thwarts your every effort to distort it further. 

It’s obvious that the stud’s big, beautiful nuts might not survive another round of crushing, or much more stretching for that matter…but you long to see if you can push him even further. At the same time, part of you would like nothing more than to reward this epic stud with his long delayed orgasm. Decisions, decisions…

What will it be? 
 ___ - Give the handsome hunk his “Happy Ending”. 
 ___ - Press the “Tighter” button again. 
 ___ - Press the “Lower” button again. 
 ___ - Pull out all the stops! 

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