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Friday, July 1, 2016

Sperm Cow - Part 2

Sperm Cow - Part 2
Based on an original story by Jotto


An unknown time later, Rod awakens, coughing and wheezing as he clears his throat and regains his breath. And he soon realizes that things are worse. Much worse…

Rod discovers that he’s trapped in the heavy wooden chair down in the slaughterhouse basement. His massive, muscle rippling arms are helpless, tied tightly behind the back of the chair. Rod struggles against the many ropes binding his wrists and thick forearms, but the ropes are made of nylon cords and are much stronger than even his bodybuilder muscles can break. 

The single light bulb above Rod’s handsome head accentuates his phenomenal musculature as he struggles unsuccessfully to free himself. After many long minutes of ever-increasingly urgent struggles, Rod suddenly freezes as he hears a familiar set of heavy footsteps stomp down the stairs. The hairy giant of a man steps within reach of the light, holding a tall crate and a web-cam. In front of the subdued boy, the man places the crate squarely and carefully balances the camera on top.

Rod pleads, “Look man, if I did something to piss you off, I’m sorry. Or if this is about what happened under the water tower, hey, I liked it. I really did. And you know something; I’d like you to do it to me again. It can be our secret. You don’t need to get crazy about this. Just untie me and can have a really good…”

The man cuts him off, “Oh, shut up! This ain’t about you or me, you dumb fuck.”

“Then what are you doing this for?”

“Well kid, I’m doing this for money. It seems people are into all sorts of weird shit these days, and all sorts of strange customs and rituals. A great man once said, ‘When people stop believing in God, they’ll believe in anything’. And you, my dear beefy bull-balled boy, are about to become a victim of one of those foolish beliefs.”

Rod dares himself to ask, “What the fuck are you talking about?”

“It seems some people believe that they can maintain their own youth and virility by consuming the sperm of a younger and more virile man. Like yours, for instance. And those people are willing to pay lots and LOTS of money for the type of grade AAA man-juice you got, so you’re about to make me a wealthy man.”

“Hey, if it’s my cum you want, I’ll be glad to crank out a few loads for you. These big balls of mine always have a good five or six loads sloshing around in them, ready to blow.”

“I don’t doubt that your virility would put that of any other man to shame,” the huge man says as he places the old pool pump between Rod’s legs, “but I’m afraid even you won’t be able to crank out the quantities I need.”

Rod trembles with fear, “Wha--what are you going to do with that?”

“You’ll see.”

The man attaches a winch to a leg of the chair and unwinds some rope. He reaches above the restrained hunk and positions a block-and-tackle just above his head. All the while, the helpless lad resumes his struggles against his ropes, but to no avail. And the more the young he-man struggles, the more hopeless he becomes.

The man pats him on the side of his achingly face, “No use trying to break out of those knots, boy. I used to be a longshoreman. Ain’t nobody can break those knots if I don’t want them to.”

The man chuckles under his breath as he walks over to an oil drum that also serves as a makeshift desk for a laptop computer. As Rod continues to struggle, the man sits and patiently whiles away the minutes. The minutes become hours, and eventually the young bodybuilder tires from his attempts for freedom, falling into a fitful slumber…


A loud beeping sound coming from the computer awakens Rod from his fitful slumber. The huge, hairy man rises and places a hood over his own head, then walks over to the muscle-bound Rod and gently caresses the mighty bulge in the lad’s shorts.

“Showtime, my little sperm cow. Oh, by the way, this is going to hurt…a lot.”

“Please, don’t do this man. We got to be able to work this out somehow.”

“I already have. But, to be honest with you, I kind of hate to do this to someone as young and beautiful as you. You have a great energy that I’m sure I could have enjoyed for years to come, but as you can tell by your surroundings, my original retirement plans didn’t work out. Sorry kid.”

The man walks over to the camera and turns it on. He takes his place beside Rod to address the camera and the perverse audience beyond.

“Good evening gentlemen, or whatever time of day it is where you are. This is Rod, and as you can see, he is exactly the type of donor you asked for.” The man strokes Rod’s body as he continues. “He’s somewhere between eighteen to twenty-two years of age, with an overdeveloped musculature and an amazing level of virility. I gave him a test drive yesterday, and trust me when I tell you that he can produce copious amounts of the liquid white bullion you crave, as you will soon see for yourself. And as stipulated by your various organizations, his seed will be extracted while his body is under a considerable amount of stress. Now, behold what makes him qualified to be your sperm cow for the next few weeks.”

With that introduction, the man reaches down and unzips Rod’s shorts. As if eager to make their first televised appearance, the young bodybuilder’s voluminous package rolls out unassisted and flops over the edge of the seat.

Defiantly, Rod yells out, “Fuck you! Fuck all of you!” And the incensed lad continues to obscenely voice his feelings as the huge man continues speaking to the camera. 

“As you can hear, Rod has that youthful spirit you all like. And as you can also see, he has definitely got the goods to fill your needs. Let the bidding begin. And remember, highest bidder at the end of three weeks or at the time of his demise, whichever comes first, will receive the bounty of his loins. Let’s get started.”

The computer comes alive with the sound chimes that acknowledge the rapid fire of bidding. The man rejoices at the bidding as he heads back to the boy.

Rod kicks at the man with his legs, “Get away from me, fucker!”

The man reacts swiftly, “Well, I’ll just put an end to that. Fortunately, I came prepared for this type of behavior.”

The man grabs a bit of rope and quickly fashions a noose around Rod’s thick, muscular neck, feeding the other end through the block and tackle above. Slowly, the man pulls on the rope, tightening the noose around Rod’s throat, forcing the lad to plant his feet to take some of his own weight off the noose around his neck. Rod can no longer talk as he coughs and sputters while trying to achieve some sort of balance. The man ties off the rope to a cleat mounted on the wall. 

The man then reaches down to the thin cable rope from the winch and skillfully nooses it tightly around Rod’s mammoth nuts. He cranks in the slack on the winch until the vulnerable boy’s bull nuts are stretched taut, pulling them down over the edge of the seat and stretching those enormous balls over 5 full inches from his muscular crotch.

“As you can see gentlemen, the boy has been somewhat tamed and is now under considerable stress. And now for the next phase, the extraction. I’m sure this is going to hurt him a lot more than it will me.”

The man walks out of view, leaving the handsome young Rod to thrash about, trying to find balance between the two ropes tugging at his neck and his scrotum. The man walks back in with an empty five-gallon water jug and thick clear tubing. The jug is put beside Rod as the man kneels down in front of him. The man grabs the boy’s hefty unit and muses at its girth.

“Wow, look at that gentlemen, my huge hand can barely fit around this massive horse cock! And he’s still limp! Now to coax an erection out of him, which will make it easier to insert the siphoning tube.”

As he starts whistling ‘I’ve Been Working on the Railroad’, the man fondles Rod’s cock by rolling it around and slapping the meaty member against the boy’s rippling thighs. Rod tries to kick at him, but has to keep his feet planted or risk a choking death. With his thumb, the man presses in on the base of the young bodybuilder’s cock, finally working up a partial erection.

“That’ll have to do. In you go.”

With the lad’s manhood clutched in one hand and the tube in the other, the man lubricates the end of the tube by licking it. Rod flails about madly as he sees the nearly half-inch-thick tubing headed for the opening at the head of his meaty shaft. The man has considerable trouble cramming the head of the tube into Rod’s dick, causing the young stud to cry out in pain with a loud gurgle. After an eternal couple of minutes, the man creases the end of the tube and is finally able to shove it into the ill-fated boy’s partially erect dick. Rod shakes violently and lets out wild muffled screams as saliva percolates over his lower lip and trickles down his chin. The man practices a total lack of finesse as he inserts the tube inches at a time. To his dread and panic, Rod can feel inch after inch of the sizable tubing working its way through his reproductive system. For the first time in his young life, he curses himself for having such a big dick.

The man finally stops inserting the tube after snaking over 15 inches of its length into the bound boy’s massive penis, believing he’s in deep enough. As Rod settles down a little, he can sense the tube has made its way to the base of his semi hard monster cock, and is nestled at the opening of his seminal ducts. With every flinch, the boy can feel the tube adjusting itself inside of him. 

While the huge man affixes the other end of the tube to the pump, Rod ponders the tragedy at hand. All that weightlifting, the countless hours of training and proper nutrition, neatly shaving his privates and perfecting his sexual prowess, all of that just to end up like this, a sperm cow. He weeps for his woes and the denied pleasures of the tomorrow he will never know.

The man takes another length of tubing and runs it from the pump to the five-gallon jug. He places his hand on the pump’s switch and faces the camera. 

The man announces gleefully, “Hold on to your panties, ‘cause here we go!”

A flick of the switch creates a vacuum of such intensity within Rod’s balls, it sends the massive young bodybuilder flying out of his seat as far as the ropes will allow. The force of his spasm nearly doubles the already awesome stretch of his sac, and almost causes him to rip off his own gigantic balls. The only thing preventing his nuts from being turned inside out by the tremendous suction was the cable lashed around his scrotum. Rod’s screams are so loud that they distort the speakers of all who view with splendor this inhumane act, shown live on computers all around the world. What little intellect Rod had managed to acquire at his young age quickly succumbs to raw animal instincts. Instincts of fight or flight, of pain and survival. 

At the same time, the frighteningly powerful vacuum created by the pump causes Rod’s semi hard cock to swell and inflate to its enormous, 16 ½ inch glory. Despite the agony in his huge testicles, Rod’s massive cock points majestically skyward, throbbing proudly and defiantly against the brutality being visited on the young man’s body. The cum tube running the length of the underside of Rod’s massive dork is grossly distended from the thick length of tubing crammed within its entire, awesome length, making the huge cock look even more monstrous and inhuman. 

The man plants his foot against the boy’s corrugated stomach and pushes him back into his chair. He then whips out another length of thin rope and lashes it along the length of Rod’s heroically hard cock. The huge man then starts using his tremendous strength to bend the rock hard cock downward, overcoming Rod’s extraordinarily powerful groin muscles to pull the young man’s straining cock past horizontal. Farther and farther, the huge man twists the enormous cock, causing a profound downward bend to appear in the young man’s humongous cock. Rod could feel the muscles and fibers in his huge dick begin to stain and groan under the tremendous stress, and he became worried that his mighty cock would be snapped in half by the hairy giant of a man. But finally, the huge brute bends Rod’s cock down as far as he wanted it, and ties the other end of the thick cord around the leg of the chair, securing the young man’s erect cock in a painfully bent position. 

With his beautiful young captive bound and in place, the huge man steps back to admire his handiwork and enjoy the first fruits of his labors. As he watches the tormented lad writhe in place, his gorgeous muscles bulging and flexing in all of their glory, clear tube sticking out of Rod’s massive cock starts to turn white. 

At first, just a trickle of sperm-rich precum burps into the thick plastic tubing, then a veritable damn burst of cum saturates the inner walls of the tube connecting Rod’s painfully bent dick to the pump in a tumbling kaleidoscope of pearlescent white. The hum of the pump motor changes tone as its void is filled with Rod’s thick and powerful man-juice. The tube exiting from the pump fills up with hot man cream just as quickly, guiding the magma of young hot seed to the waiting five-gallon jug. The end of tube inside the huge plastic bottle oscillates as the bodybuilder’s seed spurts out, quickly coating the bottom of the empty jug.

The mechanized plundering of his loins consumes Rod’s mind to such a degree that he doesn’t notice the huge man preparing an intravenous drip. The boy continues his screams and flails about wildly as the man hangs the saline bag on the wall and thrusts its needle into the prominent vein in the boy’s massively muscular right bicep. Rod’s hysteria continues unabated as the man turns toward his internet audience. 

“The bag I just attached to our young and horse hung stud here contains nutrients to keep him hydrated and alive, but more importantly, it contains a special mix of hyper-proteins. These hyper-proteins are specifically engineered to not only replenish his testicles, but to put his huge nuts into overdrive. His big and burly nuts will now produce sperm at 50 times their normal rate, which means that, considering Rod already had the virility of 100 men, we’ll be almost literally swimming in his seminal discharges long before the three weeks is up.” 

“Unfortunately for Rod, the extreme and extended milking of his loins will most likely burn out those monstrous testicles of his, leaving him essentially…neutered.”

The huge hairy bear gently patted the huge orbs at the end of their choked off scrotum and said, “In the meantime, enjoy the show! This young stud is big and powerful enough that he might actually endure the three weeks of milking I have planned for him. And you all get to watch every moment of the show…” 

The huge man then walks out of the room, leaving Rod alone under the single feeble light bulb, nothing but the sound of his weakening groans and struggles and the steady, insistent hum of the pump there to keep him company. 


Hour after hour, the wicked pump sucks the male essence from Rod’s laboring bull balls. Every three to five minutes, another agonizing orgasm racks the young man’s loins, and a truly tremendous load – even bigger than the massive wad he blew on the water tower – would blast out of his cock, to be immediately sucked through the plastic tubing into the waiting jug. 

Rod had never known such agony, for his balls felt like they would implode from all of the horrific suction. But in defiance of the brutality being visited upon them, Rod’s twin mighty gonads worked overtime to produce mind blowing quantities of his extraordinary spunk. And as soon as another load was ready for discharge, the vacuum pump would forcibly suck it out of his aching, steel hard cock. 

The tremendous force of Rod’s orgasms threatened to complete the job that the huge bear of a man had begun, and snap Rod’s monumental cock in half. His cock would pulse and throb with such strength that Rod was sure it would break, but still he endured. The plastic tubing filled his urethra beyond capacity, but such was the massive quantity and power of his loads that some small amount of jism leaked out from around his cock with each salvo, dripping in long, thick ropes from his cock to pool on the floor beside the pump. 

About six hours into his ordeal, Rod’s body surrenders to the pain and he collapses unconscious from exhaustion. His screams had long since simmered down to grunts and groans, while his convulsions had powered down to mere occasional twitches. His strength and his will are broken, and he no longer tries to escape. All hope seems to have been pumped out of him along with his sperm. With all of his life choices eliminated, he slowly accepts his fate, which guides his mind to a nirvana of pain that allows him to actually enjoy the ravishing and brutal raping of his family jewels. 

The huge hairy muscle man returns from time to time to check on his beautiful young sperm cow, making sure that the young man hasn’t expired from the strain, and that the video camera is transmitting every moment of the young man’s torture and milking. He also changes out the IV bladder whenever the previous one is nearly empty, and brings out a fresh 5-gallon jug every time the Rod is nearly finished filling the previous one. 

Much to the huge man’s amazement, Rod fills the first 5-gallon jug in less than 5 hours. The big bear thought that perhaps that would just be a fluke, and that even this young man’s gigantic balls would be too taxed to continue to produce so much sperm in so little time, but Rod’s behemoth balls proved to have an even more Herculean virility and endurance than the hairy giant could have hoped. Rod filled the next jug in another 5 hours, and then the next, and then the next, and then the next, until before he knew it, the young bull stud had filled five 5-gallon jugs with his supremely valuable and potent jism in just one day! The kid was extraordinary!! 

Day after day, the milking continued. Rod was barely conscious most of the time, and lived in something of a suspended state, lost in a haze of agony and bliss. He filled jug after jug with the fluids raped from his incredible loins. The huge brute of a man kept bringing in fresh jugs to be filled, carrying the heavy, sperm filled jugs upstairs to a waiting cooler, where the young man’s thick and rich nut juice was kept chilled for eventual transport to the winning bidder, whoever that might end up being… 

For three weeks, Rod endured this horrific abuse to his body and to his loins. For three weeks, the abject muscle boy filled jug after jug with his hyper-protein generated sperm, filling 100 five-gallon jugs in all! For three weeks, the gloriously handsome young bodybuilder flinched, twitched, and went into spasms as the plundering of his seed carried on. His grunts and groans were merely a reflex as he spent most of the time partially unconscious. There were now two disconnected parts of Rod – one part, his mind, which drifted between the heaven of some imaginary landscape and the hell of his captor’s basement; and the second part, his astoundingly muscular body, which performed independently from his brain as it supplied the perverse desires from far-off lands. 

Incredibly, Rod has survived three weeks of tortures that would have killed a lesser man 100 times over. His gigantic cock is puffy, swollen, and distended from being kept continuously erect for so many days, and has grown to even greater dimensions than its usual titanic length. In some distant corner of his mind, Rod wonders if his cock will ever be the same again. His gargantuan balls have likewise swollen to even greater dimensions, each great testicle now bigger than the juiciest of grapefruits – and again, Rod wondered if they could ever return to their “normal” size again. 

Even more incredibly, Rod’s awesomely over labored balls continue to produce sperm at a frightening rate, struggling mightily to supply the ravenous demands of the water pump. Such terrible abuse should have long since rendered Rod’s bull balls burned out and useless, but somehow they have endured, continuing to pump out gallon after gallon after gallon of his precious white hot bullion. 

Suddenly, Rod’s scattered thoughts are pulled back into this world as the huge man slaps him back to consciousness with his huge paw. He then feels the man’s huge fingers clutching in his thick, golden hair, forcing his head back and making the huge muscles of his neck stand out in great relief.

The man smiles at the achingly handsome young bodybuilder and says, “Good job, boy. I didn’t think that even you had it in ya to last this long.”

Rod chokes out a plea, “No…more…please…no more.”

“My thoughts exactly,” the man says as he brushes the hair from Rod’s forehead and kisses him on his brow. “But first, one last thing before I put you down. Something just of the fun of it.”

The man reaches down and unties the cable from around the boy’s huge, swollen genitals, releasing his mighty gonads for the first time in three weeks. The giant man then reaches over and switches the pump in to high gear. 

Rod throws back his head and shrieks as the hum of the motor changes to a much higher pitch than ever before. The vacuum now sucking at the young man’s bull nuts is vastly more powerful than ever before, and the first searing pain all but snaps the young man’s already battered sanity. Without the cable to hold his huge nuts taut at the end of their thick and baggy scrotum, Rod’s mammoth balls are immediately sucked up to the base of his mighty horse cock, where they lock in place, hugging the young man’s groin with all their might. 

Rod cries out, “NO, NO, NO!! This can’t be HAPPENING!! My balls!! My beautiful BALLS!!! Oh GOD, this can’t be!!”

Even the man couldn’t resist cringing a little, “Oh boy, that looks like it hurts. But what did you expect? You know it ain’t tequila without the worm.”

A thick gush of splooge erupts into the waiting jug, number 101, with a force unlike any previous ejaculation. The giant bear of a man notices that this latest emission is gloopy, almost chunky, and realizes with a start that it contains pure sperm, undiluted by other seminal fluids. What’s more, the quantity of the stuff being sucked out of the young man’s screaming balls puts all of his other ejaculations to shame. His ejaculation is now a constant, pulsating gusher of sperm. Surely no man can endure such abuse! 

The giant bear fully expected Rod’s mighty balls to immediately implode, but he is shocked once again at the young man’s incredible strength and stamina. This young muscle man is truly a GOD of virility! 

As the minutes tick by, Rod fills one container, and then another, and then another! The sight is unbelievable! Then another jug is filled, making 4 jugs in just 15 minutes! 

The water pump is starting to emit some faint, hazy smoke. The machine is clearly in overdrive, trying to pull even more spunk out of Rod’s heroically straining balls. 

As the young muscle stud is filling his fifth jug, the quantity of his thunderous emissions starts to decrease. Finally, the huge bear is tapping the last reserves of Rod’s virility, burning out his mighty vessels of manhood. The deluge decreases, and decreases further, until it is finally merely a trickle. And less than a minute after that, even that tiny trickle ceases. 

The huge bear lets the pump continue to plunder Rod’s loins, while the young man screams in unbelievable agony. With nothing left for his balls to give, the pump starts trying to suck out the young man’s very ball meat. Rod knows that his balls are doomed. 

With a grin, the huge bear flicks the pump to its final setting, and all hell breaks loose. Rod’s screams threaten to crack the cement walls, as his agony surpasses imagining. His muscular form thrashes about wildly, oblivious to the choking rope around his neck or the other rope bending his cock to the breaking point. The young man feels like his testicles are being ripped from his innards and vacuumed through his cock into the waiting motor of the pump. Rod half expects to see his huge, fleshy orbs squeeze their way through the tube, his cock, and then down into the pump, where they will be pulped by the rotary blades in the pump and deposited like so much pureed ball meat to float in a jug of his own semen. 

And this fate is indeed about to occur. 

But somehow Rod’s mighty nuts continue to endure, even as the smoke coming from the screeching pump grows thicker and darker. Just when Rod’s balls would surely have to implode and be destroyed forever, a series of blue sparks arcs across the surface of the pump, and the motor breaks. Rod’s mighty balls have endured the worst the water pump had to offer, and have survived! 

At that same moment, a truly gigantic gush of sperm blasted forth from the young man’s frighteningly turgid cock, filling the plastic tube beyond capacity. With no motor to pump his thick emissions into the waiting jug, Rod’s monumental blast of cum shatters the plastic tubing, sending thick wads of his searing hot load all over the floor. 

“God DAMN, boy!!” the huge bear exclaims. “You really DO have balls of steel!!”

Rod finds some of his spirit, and hoarsely exclaims, “You fucker! I’m going to kill you!”

“Oh really? Well, you got a long walk through a mighty big desert before that can happen.”

Rod challenges, “What?!”

“Oops, I guess I forgot to tell you. The winning bid included a generous offer to acquire your body as well. It came from some spoiled brat of a prince in Kuwait, and you are about to become part of his harem. I hear he’s one kinky motherfucker, in to all sorts of torture and humiliation scenes. He especially loves to practice his hobby on young, handsome, and well built American white boys, just… like… you.” The huge brute emphasizes these last three words be poking one of his big fingers into Rod’s thickly muscled right pec. 

“The prince had also asked that you be castrated before you and your seed were shipped off to him. I guess he thought you’d be easier to handle without your nuts. But now that your huge balls have proved even stronger than my pump here, well, I’ve decided to let the prince decide when and how you’ll lose your giant gonads. I think he may even be planning on impregnating his very large harem with your seed, and producing even more handsome and hugely hung boys like you to torture and castrate. We’ll see. He’s watching right now, wave hello to him.”

The man waves to the camera as Rod looks away. The huge man then pulls on the noose, lifting Rod’s hugely muscular body off of the chair and forcing the handsome boy to gasp even harder for air.

Rod spits out, “Fuck…off!”

“You really should be nice to your new owner; he’s made me a very wealthy man. But I guess he’ll take his time teaching you a whole new set manners and proper behaviors, at least proper for his tastes. You should be honored; he’s sending his private jet just for your gorgeous body and all of your sperm.”

The giant man pulls even harder on the rope around the boy’s thick, muscular neck. Rod’s face turns a bright red, and then purple, as his tongue swells up and rolls out of his gorgeous mouth. Rod feels the pulse of his heart in his face and his brain fill with a pressure that could burst through his skull. The blood vessels in his eyes inflame as his vision becomes tunneled and then fades to black. Before he passes out, he hears the man's parting words.

“Hush, that’s a good boy, you go to sleep now. You’ve got a long flight ahead of you to your new life. Bye-bye.”

Being an orphan and something of a loner, the handsome young bodybuilder’s absence won’t be noticed, except of course by those at the gym who loved to watch him work out, and who had their own private fantasies about the young mega stud. His landlord also wondered where the huge boy had gone when he was late for his rent, but in the end threw out all of Rod’s possessions in disgust, and quickly rented out the apartment to a new tenant. Life went on as if Rod had never existed. 

And so began a new, and likely final, chapter in the life of Rod Steel, far off in a distant sea of sand surrounding a palace of dark and perverse pleasures, a place where someone as fair skinned and brightly haired as Rod doesn’t usually last for long...


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    1. So glad that you enjoyed the second chapter even more than the first, Gerald! All I can say is that Jotto is a brilliant author (AND artist!), and so his original text gave me rich inspiration for expansion and embellishment. :)

  2. I hope you can a create a different ending or create a new chapter like a continuation of what happened after, it would be very hot :)

    1. Ooh, it WOULD be fun to learn what happens next to young Rod, wouldn't it? Any suggestions for our horse hung hero? ;)

  3. Very enjoyable....wish I could see what happens to him when he is shipped out to Kuwait....although I can use my imagination for that....keep up,the good work, I always look forward to your updates.

    1. Yeah, sometimes one's imagination is best for situations like this one. I don't know if I could create a sequel that would do the story justice...