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Friday, July 8, 2016

Football Camp Incident

This story is BEGGING to become a series, but I won't have any time to devote to it for a good long while. If anyone else wants to take a stab (or a jab, or a stomp, or a punch) at subsequent chapters, then I'd be thrilled to read them! :)


Football Camp Incident
Based on an original story by Sack Stomper


Dust flew as the blue and white college bus traveled down the heavily wooded lane. It was a bright and beautiful spring morning, but since it hadn’t rained in a few weeks, the country road was dry and dusty. 

On board the bus were eleven members of the local college football team, as well as Pierre, the team’s coach, physical trainer, and today, their bus driver. The team was on its way to an intensive two-week-long training and team-building getaway at Camp Carn. Situated miles and miles outside the city, Camp Carn was a vast, university-owned tract of walking trails and untouched forests surrounding a small lake and a central complex of a few minimalist brick buildings. 

“Coach, how much further is this place?” asked one of the players sitting toward the front, a thick and husky linebacker with fair skin, a mess of wavy red hair, and an almost comical amount of freckles across the massive shoulders and muscular arms revealed by the young man’s tank top. 

“Not too much further, Cody,” the coach replied with a smile as he navigated the bus down the unpaved dirt road. 

“Yeah, that sign said ‘Welcome to Camp Carn’ like ten minutes ago. I don’t even have a cell signal out here!” shouted another player from the back of the bus, a powerfully built offensive lineman named Blake. The handsome brown-haired and blue eyed lad held up his smart phone for dramatic effect, the phone flashing a ‘no network coverage’ animation. The beefy lad grunted in annoyance as he looked at the phone’s screen again, as if he was trying to produce a cell signal through sheer force of will alone. 

The other players laughed. 

“Ooh, you’re right Blake! How are ya’ gonna get that hundred or so daily texts from your girlfriend back home?” mocked Matt, a dark-haired running back sporting a bright yellow bandanna in his thick and spiky hair. The bus erupted into good-natured jeers and laughter. 

“So why DO they call it ‘Camp Carnage’?” asked one of the freshmen, a lanky but muscular young lad named Dean. The young man had auburn hair and stunning green eyes, and the rest of his team knew the kid would someday be a real lady killer…once he finally woke up and realized just how hot and handsome he really was. 

“What, haven’t you heard the stories?” taunted the senior, Matt. “They say that some crazy guy used to live out somewhere in these woods, and that he hated it when the university purchased this huge section of forest and built the camp facilities out here. Some kind of huge mountain man, if the stories hold true, like a cross between a burly lumberjack and Sasquatch. He apparently sent a number of threats to the university, telling them to get off of his land, but they ignored him. ” 

“So why the name ‘Carnage’?” the young Dean asked. 

“Well,” continued Matt in a conspiratory voice and a rakish smile, “the story goes that 20 years ago, during the first spring training season ever held out here, the mountain man snuck into the camp one night and nutted every single guy on the football team, and their coach to boot! Pounded their once-proud bollocks into paste, they say! By the time the medical authorities arrived the next day to cart off all of the former studs, they said that all four walls of the dormitory were plastered with the shattered remains of a dozen sets of nuts. The police conducted a huge man hunt into these woods for dozens of miles in every direction, but no trace of the mountain man was ever found, and he’s never been heard from again. ” 

Dean’s fair skin turned a couple of shade paler as he absorbed the story, and his Adam’s apple bobbed in his throat as he swallowed around his fear. The other young men on the bus erupted into laughter once again at the look of fear and unease on the freshman’s face, and they were still laughing when the bus finally rolled to a stop. 

Coach Pierre had parked the bus in the middle of a large grassy field that doubled both as a parking lot and a football practice field. Surrounding the field were the camp’s only buildings — six single-room dormitory buildings each able to house about twenty people; a small administrative office building with additional accommodations for half a dozen staff, coaches, and counselors; a communal cafeteria and kitchen; and a relatively large gymnasium that could also double as a conference center. Camp Carn filled quickly in the late spring and through summer with various sport camps and conferences, so Coach Pierre had booked an early spring weekend to beat the rush. 

The buildings and accommodations were infamous for being spartan, meant to build toughness and character among the university’s crop of top athletes. But even the most macho football player jock would have to admit that the complex was nestled amongst a spectacularly gorgeous early spring landscape of forests and wildflower fields. 

“Here we are gentleman,” said the coach as he flung open the door, “Let’s unpack in Dorm Building A and meet at the fire pit in, say, twenty minutes. You’re all going to go on your first camp run!” The large and thickly-built man motioned through the bus windows with an oversized and darkly furred forearm to a large stone fire pit about 50 yards away from the buildings. 

The players were a rowdy bunch as they made their way off the bus. The hefty young men were each carrying multiple bags of football gear and equipment weighing upwards of several hundred pounds, but these lads were prime specimens of young muscular jocks, and they each shouldered their heavy burdens with ease. 

Freshman Jake Pennington was the last player off the bus, and the only one not carrying any equipment. His right ankle was wrapped tightly in bandages, and he had a pronounced limp as he used the seat backs as guides and made his way down the bus aisle. 

“How are you doin’ Jake?” asked Pierre as he made his way back onto the bus and stood on the landing. 

Jake flashed one of his legendary smiles and said, “Hey Coach! I’m fine. Just this damn foot. . . oww!” The young man winced as he accidentally put too much pressure on his hurt right foot. 

Jake Pennington had naturally platinum blonde hair and pale gray eyes, which really popped against his gorgeous suntanned skin. At five foot ten, he was the shortest guy on the trip, but he more than made up for his lack of height with impressively thick muscle mass and amazing speed and agility. Though the freshman quarterback wasn’t nearly as massively built as some of the gigantic linebackers on the team, or the huge bull of a coach for that matter, Jake was still considered a big man in his own right, his 235 pounds of gridiron-hardened muscles making him one of the beefiest quarterbacks in all of college football. 

The lad’s tight muscle tee stretched over the wide expanse of his beefy pecs and thickly rounded shoulders, and his washboard abs were clearly discernible through the thin cotton material. The sleeves of the shirt strained around the kid’s huge 20-inch guns, the powerful arms that could propel a football like a rocket from one end of the field clear to the other. The young man was also wearing a loose-fitting pair of thick cotton shorts that came to only mid thigh, showing off the stud’s even more impressive legs. Jake had a damn impressive set of wheels, massive thighs and muscle-girded calves that propelled him down the football field at a pace few athletes could match. 

Jake had sustained his ankle injury during last weekend’s post-season game, when a group of six defensive linemen broke through his defense and brutally sacked him. Close to a TON of beefy male flesh collided with the young quarterback with bone crunching force, and his ankle was caught between two of the muscular behemoths. The paramedics who witnessed the tackle were amazed that the young man’s ankle bones weren’t pulverized by the force of the blow, and they could only figure that it was Jake’s sheer muscular strength and peak physical conditioning that allowed him to limp off of the field with nothing worse than a bad sprain. The young man’s ankle was already well on the mend, and he hoped to be on the camp’s practice field by the end of the week. 

As the handsome young lad hobbled his way down the narrow use aisle, even his baggy shorts couldn’t hide the massive bulge that bobbled and swayed between his colossal thighs. Judging by the number and shape of the lumps that jiggled inside those loose shorts, the kid was packing some seriously huge meat and potatoes. 

Jake looked up and caught Coach Pierre gazing at the obviously free-swinging package under his shorts and said, “Geezus, Coach, you’re starting at my crotch again!” 

The six foot five stack of muscles that was Coach Pierre looked suitably abashed as the much smaller man chastised him for his wandering eye. Pierre grinned and actually blushed a little as he said, “Sorry kid! I’ve just rarely seen a young man so blessed in the cock and balls department before. Hell, you’re bigger than most of the guys on the team, most of whom have at least half a foot in height and 100 pounds of muscle on you! You’re one lucky young dude, Jake!”

This time it was Jake who blushed and looked away, grinning as he said, “Thanks Coach! Apparently I take after my old man and my three big brothers. ” 

As the embarrassed Jake averted his eyes from Pierre’s smiling blue orbs, his gaze fell upon the Coach’s own mounded crotch, and he could see the clear outline of the older man’s massive erection snaking down one trouser leg. The 32-year-old coach was apparently a huge man in every regard, including the love muscle between his massive legs, and Jake quickly looked away as his handsome face turned an even deeper red of embarrassment. 

“Well I’d certainly like to meet this family of yours someday, Jake! You must come from some damn impressive stock!” Coach Pierre said with a wry chuckle, his face flush with both  embarrassment and thinly-disguised lust as he adjusted himself in his pants. 

“There you two are! Come on!” Blake shouted, reaching into the bus far enough to give Coach Pierre a playful smack on his heroically muscular ass. “This whole place is deserted! We have run of the whole place!!” Blake let out a sophomoric laugh and ran back toward the dorm. 

As Jake, assisted by Pierre, made his way to Dormitory A, he did notice an eerie sense of isolation on the camp grounds. Since the football team was the first group to use the facility that season, the entire complex was, quite literally, still in mothballs. All of the buildings’ windows were still blacked out with insulating foam, and their rainstorm-washed facades looked almost new. Some of the buildings’ bright red doors still had bold ‘wet paint’ signs on them. Jake couldn't help but feel a certain sense of foreboding amongst such surreal quiet. 

Dormitory A consisted of two long rooms stacked end-to-end with bunk beds joined in the middle by a narrow shared bathroom. All of the beds still had protective plastic sheets on them, the toilet water was purple from antifreeze, and the whole place smelled and looked as if it had just been scrubbed down thoroughly in preparation for the busy season to come. The rowdy football players hooted and howled, running up and down the rows of bunk beds like excited children, claiming beds and haphazardly dumping suitcases and bags full of clothes onto their chosen bunks. 

“Alright guys, settle down!” Coach Pierre shouted, running a hand through his short, thick hair. “Fire pit in ten minutes, be there!” The coach walked out of the door and a few of the players filed out immediately afterward. 

Cody climbed to the top of one of the bunks and shouted out, “Alright guys, we have to get serious!” in a tone playfully mocking the coach. 

The players laughed. 

“So Jake, you going to be joining our reindeer games anytime soon?” Matt asked, motioning toward Jake, who was leaning against the wall and obviously taking care to protect his ankle. 

“Ha, I hope so! This damn sprain! I might need to sit out the first camp run. ”

“What a tragedy, and miss out on all the fun,” Matt laughed. 

The ‘first camp run’ was a camp tradition where the players all met at the fire pit and went on a punishing run for about 10 miles, skirting around the campgrounds, rounding the lake, and finally returning to camp for more drills. 

The group joked around for a bit longer before Cody brought everyone to order with a clap of his bear-like hands, calling out, “Alright, guys, let’s not keep Coach waiting!”

All the players made a point to high five Jake as they made their way out of the door. And just like that, the mothballed dorm that had just sprung to life so dramatically was once again quiet. 

Pierre stood in the doorway and watched as the players’ jogging figures rounded a bend on the start of their 10-mile run. Jake and his coach were alone. 

“Are they gone?” Jake asked, hobbling over to the other side of the doorframe. 

“Yeah, they just left. ”

“Good, I really could use a nap,” Jake smiled, stretching out his big arms and yawning dramatically. 

“You should you don’t want me to re-wrap that ankle for you?” the dark-haired trainer asked, kneeling to softly massage Jake’s injured foot. 

“Mmm, that feels good,” Jake sighed, his handsome head tilted back slightly as he leaned against the doorway. 

Pierre gently massaged Jake’s foot, slowly inching up to his shin, then his bulging calf, and finally his muscular thigh. The coach’s hands stopped just inches from Jake’s bulging package, and Pierre looked up at Jake and winked. 

The two looked at each other coyly for several moments before Pierre suddenly sprung to his feet, grabbed Jake around the waist and pulled the shorter quarterback toward him. The two locked lips and pressed so close together Jake could clearly feel Pierre’s rock hard, jeans-encased cock rubbing against his thigh. Jake’s muscular hands roamed Pierre’s huge and powerful body, caressing him with a tenderness that wouldn't be expected from such a ruggedly built, ostensibly straight jock. 

The handsome pair of muscular men made out for only a few minutes, but just long enough for Jake’s basketball shorts to be soaked in precum — both his and Coach Pierre’s. 

The Coach was the first to disengage from the prolonged kiss, shaking his head and saying, “Shit! I forgot my medical bag in the bus. I can’t wrap your foot without it. I gotta got get it. ” 

Jake sighed, “Come on, Pierre! Just a quick. . . ”

“Nope Jake, we gotta wrap that ankle. Seriously. It has to hurt, doesn’t it?”

Jake rolled his eyes while grudgingly nodding yes. 

“See, I don’t wanna see you hurt, Jake,” Pierre said kissing, Jake tenderly on the cheek. “I never wanna see you hurt,” he continued, his voice growing deeper and more gruff and he cradled the quarterback’s achingly handsome face in his big hands, and then gave him a long and very lingering kiss. “Okay, I’ll just be a minute. And when I’m done with your foot, I am gonna suck your huge stud cock until those massive balls of yours fucking implode!” Pierre growled with undisguised lust. 

“Feisty! I love it!” Jake replied, reaching out and giving Pierre’s bulging and swollen crotch a rough but playful squeeze before the trainer ducked out the door for the bus. 

Jake knew that the Coach’s gear was stuck somewhere in the baggage area under the bus, so he would no doubt have at least 15 or 20 minutes before Pierre came back. More than enough time to take a quick shower and wash off the dust of the road. After all, he wanted to be squeaky clean for Pierre. The pair had begun dating just a few months ago, and the sex was unreal. Jake knew that he and big Pierre would have at least an hour or so together before the rest of the team returned from their run, and the very thought of getting naked with his coach started giving Jake another soft-on. 

The stunning young quarterback limped his way to his bunk along the furthest end of the dorm, grabbed a towel, and headed to the bathroom. The bathroom was long and narrow with only two doors, one leading to the first bank of bunks -- where the team was staying -- and the other leading to the other half of the building, which was still moth balled. The shower area didn’t have dividers, which would play well for the towel-snapping and horseplay that was sure to happen in the weeks to come. Jake also looked forward to seeing his incredibly hunky teammates naked on a daily basis. They were all grade AAA prime specimens of manhood at the peak of physical fitness, and even though the young man was only banging his coach, he still liked to secretly ogle other men, especially big muscle studs of the caliber of his football teammates. 

Jake stripped in front of a full length mirror, leaving a pile of clothes as a hint for Pierre to come join him in the shower. As he took off his clothes, Jake couldn’t help but to admire the exquisitely built and defined young man in the reflection. The young man wasn’t arrogant or egotistical, but he knew that he was one hell of a gorgeous stud, even compared to the other members of his team. He curled his huge 20-inch bicep and kissed it playfully, laughing at himself and flashing his famous, brilliant smile. 

The young man let his gaze wander downward to the thick and heavy meat swinging between his powerful legs, and he had to admit that Coach Pierre was right — he really WAS hugely hung. His cock was a thick tube of flesh that was every bit of 8 inches long, even in its completely flaccid state, a massive slab of beef that turned into a true monster cock when hard. But it was his huge stud nuts that were truly impressive, a pair of mighty gonads each the size of a man’s fist. Jake reached down and cupped his massive spuds with one hand, filling his palm to overflowing, and cradled his huge baby makers. He remembered Matt’s story about the emasculation of an entire football team by some crazed mountain man 20 years ago, and he shuddered. Jake was tremendously proud of his huge bull balls, and the thought of losing them frightened him to his very core. 

The handsome stud gave his sperm-packed balls one last playful bounce before stepping into the shower. Jake turned on the water and was startled at how bone chillingly cold it was. “Jesus!” he shrieked as he jumped out of the way of the frigid spray and waited for the water to warm up. The handsome stud shook his head with a wry grin, realizing that the water hadn’t been turned on since last autumn, so of COURSE it was going to be cold at first. 

When the water finally did warm up, Jake stepped beneath the shower head and relaxed, letting the warm water cascade over his gloriously muscular body. The water crashed against his wide shoulders and thick pecs, rippled down his washboard stomach, dripped off of his huge grapefruit-sized nuts, and ran down his powerfully muscular legs before pooling at his feet and circling down the drain. The warmth was incredibly relaxing, and for a few moments his mind was clear and he was released from the constant nagging ache from his sprained ankle. 

‘I can’t wait until Pierre gets back!’ young Jake thought to himself, letting the strong stream of warm water pound against his big chest. ‘God DAMN, but that’s a sexy man! When I get him naked, I’m gonna pound the HELL out of…’ Jake’s erotic thoughts were suddenly interrupted by a noise outside the showers. 

“Pierre?” Jake called out. The young jock could hear the outside door to the dormitory close, and he smiled to himself, thinking ‘Pierre’s back!’  

The water continued to cascade over Jake’s naked form, and he didn’t open his eyes as he heard heavy footsteps approaching from behind. He smiled and said, “I was wondering what took you so long, Pierre! Did you bring…”

Jake never finished his sentence. He wiped the water from this handsome face and turned around to face the newcomer. The jock expected to find his lover and coach, big Pierre, standing there before him, what the figure he saw instead made him scream in sheer terror. 

What Jake saw standing a few strides away from him was a true giant of a man, dressed all in black — black pants, black jacket, and black boots. The hulking brute stood just a few inches shy of 7 feet tall, and though his clothes were no doubt intended to be baggy, there was no hiding the sheer colossal musculature of the man. Jake had no frame of reference to size up a man so unbelievably huge, but he hazarded a guess that the guy had to be well over 400 pounds, maybe even closer to 500 pounds! The guy was thick all over — neck, shoulders, arms, chest, waist, thighs, crotch, simply everywhere — and Jake quickly found himself feeling very, very small. 

The man had a thick and shaggy mop of blond hair, and a dark blond beard that could not hide the man’s powerful jaw and prominent chin. Jake quickly estimated the giant to be in his early 40’s, and he would have found the man’s rugged and masculine features extremely handsome were it not for the cold and malevolent stare in the man’s piercing blue eyes. 

A terrified Jake backed up against the tiled wall, and the two men stared at each other in awkward silence for a few moments. Jake’s wide eyes never left the big man’s cold gaze, and he stammered, “P-please, sir. Don’t hurt me. Please just let me leave, and I promise I’ll never come back.” 

In response, the Stranger took one massive stride forward, easily closing the distance between the two, and launched his left fist into Jake’s naked and unprotected gut. 


All of the breath was instantly purged from Jake’s lungs by the power of that single blow, and his beautiful gray eyes all but bugged out of his head at the unexpected shock and pain. The young jock doubled partway over with the force of the blow, and could do nothing to defend himself as the Stranger sent his right fist sailing into the stud’s corrugated belly. 


The second blow was even more fantastically powerful than the first, and it slammed Jake back against the wall so hard that several of the tiles behind him cracked. Jake’s handsome face was a mask of shock and agony, his face turning beet red as he gasped futilely for air. His naked and muscular body was slumped over the Stranger’s invading fist and massive forearm, which easily supported the jock’s weight. But when the giant removed his fist, Jake’s thick legs turned to jelly and he slowly slid down the tile wall, landing on his butt with a loud THUD! 

Jake struggled to scoot away from his massive assailant, but the giant stomped his booted foot down on the young man’s sprained right ankle several times. The young man finally found his voice, howling in agony as his tender ankle was traumatized anew. Jake had never been in such extreme pain before in his life, and he thought for sure that he was about to be sick. 

The handsome jock was trembling with fear and agony, his back slumped against the cold tile wall and his powerful legs spread wide open, utterly defenseless. “Please! Please don’t hurt me, sir!” Jake pleaded, and felt a warm wetness as he emptied his bladder in terror. The warm piss was quickly washed down the drain by the water still pouring from the shower. 

The colossal muscle man finally spoke, his incredibly deep and rumbling voice only adding to Jake’s terror. “You’re trespassing on MY land! And you’re going to have to PAY for that,” came the sinister voice. The Stranger then lifted his enormous, booted left foot and placed it over Jake’s humongous nuts, which were laying in a heap between his legs, the warm water making them hang low and loose in their smooth scrotum. 

Jake looked down and knew instantly what was about to happen... 

“Oh God, NO, please don’t!!”


The massive black boot slammed down with tremendous force three times in rapid succession, mercilessly crushing Jake’s huge balls into the tile floor. Jake’s gray eyes rolled back in his head and his mouth was gaping open, yet no actual sound was coming out. Jake had thought that the agony in his ankle had been horrible, but nothing prepared him for the gut-wrenching agony of having his proud bull balls pulverized by a freakishly muscular giant. The young jock’s brain quite literally shut down for a few moments, unable to process the severity of the lad’s pain. 

The Stranger lifted his boot once more and steadied it over Jake’s now bright red balls, and stomped down again. Jake was able to reach out with his powerful arms and grab the Stranger’s leg at the shin, using all of his considerable strength to hold the assailant’s foot a few mere inches above his battered sac. 

For what seemed an eternity to Jake, the Stranger grunted in effort as he attempted to finish stomping down. Jake’s huge arms were tremendously strong, but the Stranger’s legs were stronger, and the young jock knew that he wouldn’t be able to stop the giant for long. Jake let out a primal grunt of effort as he lifted his arms into the air, attempting to lift the Stranger’s leg and unbalance him. But it didn’t work. Instead, Jake lost his grip on the man’s leg and the giant stomped down once more on Jake’s swelling nuts. 


This time, Jake howled in agony, and he flopped on his stomach in a desperate attempt to save his nuts. He tried crawling across the cold, wet tiles into the dormitory, but the Stranger gave out a grunt-like laugh, reached down with his right hand, and effortlessly lifted the handsome 
quarterback into the air by his pale blond hair. Jake was lifted several feet off the ground, his big muscular legs kicking wildly and his strong hands scrabbling against the giant’s grip, but to no avail. The Stranger then reached around with his left arm and crushed the young stud jock to him in a ferocious bear hug, Jake’s naked back pressed tight against the Stranger’s gargantuan chest. 

The Stranger took a couple of steps, stopping before the same bank of mirrors where Jake was so recently admiring his own gorgeous body. Both of Jake’s muscular arms were pulling at the giant’s corded forearm with all of their might, but he may as well have been wrestling with a huge steel beam — he couldn’t get that gigantic forearm to budge a single millimeter. 

“Pretty little quarterback,” the Stranger hissed in Jake’s ear, his cold gaze locking on Jake’s terrified gray eyes in his mirrored reflection. The goliath bear of a man used his free right hand to paw and grope at Jake’s exposed chest, shoulders, and washboard abs, roughly caressing all of that wet and smooth muscle. The young jock was terrified by the sheer mammoth size of the man’s enormous hand, which was even bigger than either of Jake’s own huge, mounded pecs. 

Jake became even more horrified as he watched his traitorous bull cock begin to rear upward, bloating and swelling and growing into a massive hard on. All of the rough groping and man-handling of his body had somehow triggered an involuntary erection, and soon both men were staring at Jake’s throbbing 12-inch bull penis. 

“Oh yeah, get hard for me, pretty boy! That’s a damn fine-looking piece of meat you got there!” the Stranger breathed in Jake’s ear, making the young man shiver in fear even as his huge cock gave a mighty throb, bouncing off of his washboard abs with a wet SLAP!

The Stranger continued to hold Jake firmly from behind, forcing the quarterback to ‘admire’ himself once more in the mirror. His gridiron-trained muscles were glistening with water and sweat, his gigantic cock was throbbing and quivering before him like some rampant beast, and his huge red nuts were swinging wildly between his legs. Jake couldn’t believe the giant’s awesome strength, for he held the big young jock effortlessly with just the one arm clenched across his chest. 

Jake’s struggles intensified when he felt the Stranger’s mammoth paw reach down between his legs and cup both of his massive nuts. As gigantic and oversized as Jake’s balls were, they were dwarfed by the Stranger’s giant hand. The handsome football player’s heart all but froze as he saw his tender and defenseless bollocks resting in the Stranger’s deadly embrace. 

The Stranger’s long, thick fingers began to slowly close about Jake’s helpless bull balls, even as the young man begged and pleaded for mercy. And then the squeezing began. 

Jake looked at his reflection in horror as his prized ball bag was kneaded and squashed in the Stranger’s enormous hand. It felt like they were in a vise, and he could see and feel each testicle being mashed into the other, tighter and tighter. 

“Oh God!!” Jake screamed, his eyes locked on the image of his genitals being slowly ground to destruction. 

“You’ve got a huge set of balls too, kid,” the giant rumbled into Jake’s ear. “Yeah, some real prize spuds! Even denser and heavier than they look, too, and damn tough. But I wonder how much more they can take…” 

Jake had thought that the giant was already throwing all of his awesome strength into that punishing grip, but he quickly realized he was sadly mistaken as the Stranger squeezed down even harder, ramping up the pressure on the young stud’s huge nuts by several orders of magnitude. The handsome jock could do nothing but throw back his head and scream in abject agony. 

“Yeah, that’s it! I can feel those tough walls starting to give way now,” the Stranger gruffly cooed in Jake’s ear. “You got a fuckin’ strong set of nuts here, kid, some of the strongest I’ve ever felt, but I’m a hell of a lot stronger. No man’s nuts can stand up to my grip! Yup, these huge beauties of yours are gonna pop!” 


Jake’s mind was in a panic, but he was too overwhelmed by pain and terror to do much more than thrash and squirm in a feeble attempt to break free. Amazingly, however, Jake’s humongous bull cock was still hard as a crowbar, and had now begun leaking a copious supply of precum in long drooling strings. The young man was experiencing the greatest gut-wrenching agony of his life, but his jock virility was in overdrive, and it seemed nothing short of death or orgasm was going to make his huge tool go soft. 

The Stranger’s viselike grip continued to increase. Jake’s sack was turning a dark beet red and was bulging obscenely, thick bubbles of nut meat bulging between the giant’s invading fingers. Jake could no longer able to discern the right nut from the left, the huge orbs now bent and distorted into grotesque shapes. They were being mashed into each other with brutal, merciless force, and Jake knew any moment they were, just like the Stranger had said, going to pop... 

Jake was starting to pass out when he felt the pressure suddenly lift from his balls. The giant released Jake’s swelling and angry red balls, and then released the arm that was holding Jake so tightly to his barrel chest. The Stranger stepped back and let Jake fall to the wet tiles with a solid THUD! 

‘I gotta get out of here!’ was all Jake could think about as he painfully crawled toward the bathroom door. The devastating aching from his crotch was tremendous, and combined with his injured and throbbing foot reduced Jake’s movements to a weak crawl. The Stranger stood over Jake’s struggling form, the man’s utterly massive physique so clearly dominating that of the much smaller muscular lad struggling across the slippery floor. The giant laughed at the stud’s pathetic attempts to escape, then kicked Jake hard in his muscle-girded side, flipping the young man onto his back and once again exposing his big and beautiful football player balls. 

Jake quickly moved to cup his privates with his hands. The Stranger dropped heavily to his knees between Jake’s widespread legs, hitting the floor so hard that Jake could actually feel the whole building shake. Without warning, the giant slammed his right fist square into Jake’s tight, muscular solar plexus. Jake’s eyes flew open wide and he gasped in desperate pain as the wind was once again knocked violently from his lungs. His hands released his balls and instinctively went to his chest and neck, leaving his genitals once again exposed. 

The Stranger took that opening to roughly grab Jake’s huge nuts with one hand while doing something to them with the other. Jake was too distracted by pain and the urgent need to breathe to notice at first what was happening. The Stranger had wrapped Jake’s red and swollen sack with rough twine, pulling the fist-sized nuts out further and further until they were a good 4 inches from his body, trapped at the very limits of their sack. The huge double helping of prime jock nuts was now stretched to the very bottom of their narrow scrotum, resting heavy and full on the cold tile floor. 

Jake’s testicles were now totally exposed to whatever force was applied to them. If the Stranger hit them in that position, they wouldn’t be able to deform or flatten; all of the force would go directly into the tender membranes and tissues holding the balls’ shapes together. 

“No...!” Jake gasped in a weak, raspy voice. 

The Stranger sprang to his feet with unexpected swiftness and grace. Before Jake could cover his genitals with his hands, the Stranger stomped twice on the trapped balls. 


Jake croaked out an anguished cry of pain, and attempted to roll over to escape further trauma to his precious nuts. But the Stranger’s huge, booted foot was still pressed down on top of his balls, pinning him in place. 

Jake pleaded with the Stranger, tears streaming from his stunning gray eyes and coursing down his achingly handsome face. The gigantic Stranger just looked down at the jock with a malevolent smile on his lips, and he started chuckling as he slowly lifted his other boot off the ground. Even in his pain-wracked mind, Jake knew what was about to happen. All of the Stranger’s colossal weight was going to end up on the foot that was standing on the trapped balls, crushing them flat! 

Jake screamed and howled like a wounded animal, grabbing at the Stranger’s shin with all of his awesome strength in a mighty effort to lift the boot foot off of his doomed balls. The Stranger just laughed at the lad’s fruitless efforts, as he painstakingly lifted his other foot until it was knee 
high. The Stranger was now standing entirely on Jake’s trussed up balls! 

The handsome young quarterback was a big, muscular athlete, weighing an impressive 235 pounds of hard and chiseled muscle. But the gigantic Stranger now standing on his screaming balls was easily TWICE Jake’s weight! In fact, now that the colossal mountain man was standing on the young man’s bollocks, Jake had to reestimate the man’s weight — the gigantic hulk had to weigh MORE than 500 pounds!! And every ounce of that unbelievably muscular weight was now pressing down with destructive force on Jake’s quivering, squishing nuts! 

Jake could feel the horrific pressure mounting as his eggs quickly flattened under the tremendous weight. By now the handsome jock was beyond even screaming. His gorgeous, muscular body convulsed in shock and pain, his fingers scrabbling uselessly against the huge boot that was even now crushing his big, beautiful balls into paste. And the Stranger refused to let up. 

The Stranger stood on one foot for at least a minute, but the sturdy jock spuds held firm. They had been crushed down to a mere fraction of an inch, looking like a pair of huge, blood-red pancakes, but they refused to burst. The Stranger looked down at the trapped jock, and he raised one hairy eyebrow in surprise and not a small amount of admiration. 

“Damn, kid!! You’ve got some freakishly tough bull nuts there, I gotta give you that!” said the huge Stranger. “No other man has lasted more than two seconds with their balls under my heel, and you’ve already lasted two MINUTES! Yeah, those are certainly a pair of tough bastards, toughest damn balls I’ve ever seen, the kind of nuts any man would be proud to have. Too bad that you didn’t care about your nuts enough to stay off my land!!” 

The Stranger then began to slowly bounce on his foot, mashing the orbs even further into the tile floor. He bounced harder and harder, as if he was on a trampoline, but his foot never completely left the young man’s screaming balls. Jake moaned in agony and his eyes lost focus. He could feel his huge nuts getting flatter and flatter and flatter. He didn’t know how much more they could take… 

Suddenly, Jake’s 12-inch stud cock, that mammoth rod of manhood which he was so proud of, began to violently jettison a massive load of spunk. Both of the Stranger’s eyebrows rose in surprise as the jock’s cock cannon began spewing out truly gigantic ropes of semen, painting his washboard abs, thick and meaty pecs, big shoulders, and bullish neck with line after thick, chunky, sticky line of his male essence. Some of his shots were so huge and powerful that they nearly cleared his body altogether, landing half a dozen feet beyond his head on the cold and uncaring tile floor. 

Jake could only moan and buck in helpless agony as one of the most massive and powerful loads of his life was torn from his loins, literally forced out of his mighty balls by the sheer colossal weight of the Stranger standing upon them. The stud’s enormous cock kept thumping and throbbing like some unleashed beast, pumping out streamer after massive streamer of the thickest, whitest cum the Stranger had ever seen. Eight ropes, 10, 12, 15…it seemed as if the young football jock’s super human stud load would never end! 

“Here they go, stud! Gonna burst!” the Stranger was taking sick pleasure in feeling the two amazingly firm and dense eggs lose their shape under his boot, even as they coughed up wad after massive wad of prime stud sperm. 

“I got your whole world beneath my boot, kid! All of your unborn children. All of those horse-hung stud boys you might have fathered. Your future as a top college jock. Your future as a MAN! All of that is beneath my heel right now, being slowly crushed into oblivion. Your last load as a man is being wasted all over the floor. Yeah, I’m gonna take that oversized manhood from you, kid! Here they go, son! They’re gonna blow!!” 

Indeed, Jake could feel his tough ball membranes giving way. They weren’t plumping back up after each bounce and the pain was unbelievable, indescribable. He was having the most monumental orgasm of his young life, yet he was experiencing the worst agony that a man can face. 


“GAAAAHHHH!!!!” Jake wailed in unimaginable pain as he felt his right nut explode within its sack like a huge, crushed grape. 

Now all the Stranger’s weight was on Jake’s battered left ball. Amazingly, Jake’s sole remaining bollock was still pumping out its goo, painting another stripe across the stud’s gorgeous torso, then another, and then another. Lefty was slightly bigger than righty, and clearly tougher, too, but even if couldn’t hope to hold up... 


Jake’s last ball finally caved in with a loud, wet squashing sound, the crunching explosion reverberating off of the bathroom’s tiled walls. Both of Jake’s huge jock nuts had totally blown apart in the sack, the Stranger’s heavy boot now standing on a completely flattened bag of burst nut guts. 

Jake’s gorgeous gray eyes shot open and his body convulsed spasmodically for several long moments, and then he mercifully passed out on the cold tile floor. 

The Stranger stepped off the squashed scrotum to inspect his handiwork. The once virile bag of young stud balls was now a totally pulverized, lumpy, purplish-blue bag of ruined meat. Jake’s colossal cock finally began to wilt, the dregs of his massive load — his final load as a man — oozing out across his sperm-soaked abdomen. His final boner shrank into a still-impressive limp log of man flesh, lying softly across his washboard belly in a veritable sea of hot stud splooge. 

The muscular giant prodded a huge booted toe into the shapeless mass that had once been Jake’s magnificent balls, and an evil grin spread across his masculine features as the huge lump quivered like it was fully of jelly. The Stranger wasn’t yet satisfied, however; there could still be remnants of viable, sperm-producing tissue inside the lad’s shattered nutsack, and he wanted to make absolutely sure that nothing remained of the handsome hunk’s manhood. 

The huge booted foot raised up over the mangled nutsack, paused for a moment, and then slammed down with destructive force into the broken nuts, once again crushing the scrotum flat. Jake’s body gave a short jerk in response, but the handsome jock was out cold — even this final brutality couldn’t arouse him from unconsciousness. The Stranger raised his boot and violently stomped down again. And again. And again and again and again and again and again and again, nailing the jock’s ruined nuts every time and crushing them into the unyielding floor. 

The first five blows totally liquefied the contents of Jake’s sack, annihilating any remaining pieces of unbroken nut meat. Stomps six and seven began to split the sack almost exactly at the seam, and stomp eight burst the sack wide open, causing the liquified soup of Jake’s once-massive nuts to gush across the tiled floor. 

The Stranger didn’t stop, however, and he rained down another dozen or so stone-shattering stomps of his foot, splattering the stud’s perfect abs, thickly muscled quads, and the surrounding floor with an enormous mess of with mutilated ball goop. The colossal brute lifted up his boot one final time, chunks of ruined nut flesh stuck in the treads of his boot and juicy streamers of goo and gore stretching from his shoe to the lad’s mangled crotch. Only then did the Stranger finally cease the rain of rain of destruction. 

“One down, eleven more to go,” said the Stranger, looking down at the passed out stud. “I hope your friends are as hugely hung and tough as you were, my pretty quarterback. Now I think I’m going to find that big lover of yours, your beefy coach. He’s definitely one huge bull of a man, and I’m sure he’ll put up quite a fight before I nut him, too.” 

With a final lingering gaze at his first unconscious victim, the Stranger turned and walked back through the dormitory, leaving the beautiful young jock motionless on the floor. Jake truly was a paradigm of male perfection — strong arms, big pecs, perfectly toned abs, powerful legs, massive cock…and a huge splattered mess between his legs. 


  1. What an amazing story! You know, I've been looking for something to get my creative juices flowing again, maybe if I have time I could look at writing a sequel if you'd be willing to let me take a crack at it?

    Always loved your work

    1. Oh yes, PLEASE! I would LOVE to have you take a stab at a sequel to this story! And thank you for your comments -- I'm always thrilled when other people enjoy my stories and rewrites. :)