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Friday, July 22, 2016

Frat Initiation - Part 2

Frat Initiation - Part 2
Based on an original story by Zoroaster


After overhearing the conversation in the gym, Tim walked home with many thoughts flying through his head. Would a frat really take a guy who is queer? Even if he was the biggest, most muscular, and possibly the handsomest man on campus? He wasn't going to try and pull it off closeted; he respected himself too much for that, and if they found about his sexual habits there was no way they'd let him stay. Still, fourteen hundred bucks a semester just for doing what he did anyway...that was certainly tempting. He'd have to look into it. 

Tim headed back home to his tiny shoebox apartment and stripped his sweaty workout clothes off. He would have showered at the gym but both the guys ended up using it, and Tim still avoided allowing others to see his massive sexual endowment. He got naked and stood in the tiny bathroom admiring himself for a few minutes, flexing his massive pecs alternately, playing with his rock hard nipples, feeling up his own huge muscles, and generally getting his courage up for what he was about to do. His balls were hanging particularly low in their sac, swinging heavily and ponderously between his hugely beefy thighs. Tim fantasized for a moment about trapping those twin globes between his columnar thighs and squeezing for all he was worth until his balls exploded. The thought made his goliath cock grow rock hard in a span of heartbeats, and he knew he was ready for some serious abuse. 

Tim got out a long length of tough cord and tied it tight around the base of his thick scrotum. He then began to braid the cord down the incredibly long length of his scrotum, gradually stretching out the huge sac even more as he went and creating a ridiculously thin tube of flesh within a tight cylinder of braided cord. As he got to about 8”, his balls began to bulge larger in their stretched sac, and he could begin to feel the strain on the extraordinarily tough cords that connected those massive balls to his groin. But Tim was just getting started, and he reveled in the dull ache that steadily grew in his nuts as he continued to braid the cord further and further down his scrotum. 9”, then 9 ½”, and then 10”. Here, the pain really began to grow intense, as his nuts fought hard to not be stretched any farther. But Tim got off on the pain, and his rampant cock was visibly throbbing with its aching need for release. The young muscle stud pressed onward, continuing to braid the remaining cord down his scrotum. 10 ¼”, and then 10 ½”, the greatest stretch he has achieved to date. 

Tim’s balls were nearly purple and very swollen, and looked like they would burst forth from their overstretched sac at any moment. Tim’s 16” cock was harder than ever, and was beginning to leak copious amounts of clear precum down its length. But Tim didn’t stop there, and continued to braid the last length of the cord even further down his scrotum, determined to stretch his balls farther still or destroy them in the attempt. 

Slowly and with great pain, Tim braids the cord again, and then again, and then again. Soon, he reaches a stretch of 10 ¾”, but he’s not done yet, there’s still a small length of cord left, and he seems determined to use the whole thing. Another braid, and another, and his screaming balls are in agony, threatening to burst forth at any moment. 

One final braid, and Tim is done. He has stretched his behemoth balls to an unbelievable 11” from his crotch, a full half inch farther than he has ever stretched them before! The huge muscle dude must truly have ball cords of steel to endure such an incredible stretch! His balls cords are stretched to their absolute limit, and his scrotal skin is pulled so tight across his bloated, bulging balls as to appear nearly translucent, making the orbs themselves clearly visible through the ultra thin skin. Looking in the mirror, Tim can hardly believe that his balls are still attached to his body, so great is the stretch he has achieved. The braided tube of the cord looks ridiculously long and thin, less than a half inch in thickness, and most of THAT is the thickness of the cord itself. The actual skin, cords, and veins connecting to his gargantuan balls and giving them life must be stretched incredibly thin indeed! 

Tim pauses for several moments to admire his handiwork, and to luxuriate in the pulsing, throbbing agony in his massive bull nuts. He runs one hand down the length of the braided cord until he reaches both of his nuts, and he cups the great orbs in his hand. Despite the enormous size of Tim’s hand, the whopping mass of ball flesh at the end of the braided cord is simply too massive to be contained in one hand, and overflows even Tim’s huge paw. Heck, even one massive bull orb completely filled Tim’s hand! With his other hand, he flicks himself in the left nut, hard, and revels in the pain. 

Grasping his scrotum a few inches above his balls, he begins to swing and slap his balls against his other open palm, feeling intense pleasure as the great orbs smack hard against his big hand. He then grabs his stretched scrotum near the base and begins to swing his balls around in a big circle, swinging them harder and faster, around and around. He then positions himself in front of a sturdy wooden table, and begins the rapidly swinging balls down HARD onto the unforgiving surface. The great orbs strike the solid wood with a loud SMACK!, and a jolt of energy courses through Tim’s huge, muscular body. He repeats the blow to his balls again and again and again, enjoying the sight, the sound, and the awesome feeling of having his huge bound bull nuts bashed against the table’s surface. 

Tim soon began to tire of this foreplay, and was eager to move on to the main event. He gave his beefy balls a few more solid THWACKS! against the table, and then swung his huge orbs onto the table, where they rested heavily and awaited Tim’s next torment. Tim adjusted his gigantic nuts to make sure that they rested evenly on the solid wooden surface, and then he reached onto the nearby shelf for his newest battering device – a huge stainless steel meat tenderizer. 

Tim almost shook with anticipation as he lifted the massive and brutal-looking weapon off the shelf. He had had the huge hammer especially made to give it a head that was large enough to strike both of his obscenely oversized nuts at the same time. The face of the mallet was a 6-inch square and covered with dozens of pyramid-shaped, knobby spikes. The head of the mallet was nearly a foot long and weighed about 35 pounds, and was attached to a thick metal handle. Tim had learned that his strength was so great that he would often shatter wooden handles, and so had this newest mallet made completely out of steel. Even Tim felt some fear regarding this latest weapon in his ball-bashing arsenal, but at the same time was incredibly eager to see how much damage it could do to his balls. Part of him hoped that this would finally prove to be the instrument that would destroy his disgustingly massive and bloated bull balls for good. 

Steeling his nerve and determination, Tim lifted the gigantic meat tenderizer high in his awesomely powerful right arm, his enormous muscles flexing with tremendous might and power. He held the mallet aloft for several moments, gathering all of his strength, and then brought the mallet down with bone crushing force directly into his waiting testicles. 

The recoil was awesome. There was an audible CRUNCH!! as the steel mallet mercilessly crushed Tim’s huge, defenseless balls. Every muscle in Tim’s body bulged and strained in incredible relief as the awesome pain of his bludgeoned nuts traveled throughout his body. A grunt of pain escaped Tim’s lips and his handsome jaw clenched in agony, but he gave little other sign of the unimaginable pain that must be ripping through his balls. In fact, he hardly paused for a moment before lifting the mallet up high and bringing it down again with equally devastating force into his gigantic nuts. A second CRUNCH!! was heard as Tim’s enormous balls absorbed another destructive impact, and a second deep grunt of pleasure/pain issued from Tim’s mouth. His mighty cock throbbed harder still, and began gushing truly enormous amounts of clear and sticky precum. So much of the clear fluid began to pour from his titanic flesh cannon that it almost looked like he was peeing. 

Tim continued the merciless pummeling of his gigantic nuts, trying with all his might to mash them into ten pounds of ground beef. 


Again and again and again the steel mallet landed with crushing force into Tim’s straining, bound nuts, and each new blow threatened to be the one that would burst his huge balls asunder. Each awesome blow was easily powerful enough to reduce a pair of bowling balls to shards and dust, but somehow Tim’s mighty nuts endured. Even Tim himself was amazed at the unbelievable toughness and super human endurance of his big beefy nuts, and their awesome powers of resilience made him want to destroy them all the more. 

After more than a dozen blows, Tim could feel his massive orbs beginning to soften, the head of the huge mallet sank a little deeper into his slowly weakening ball flesh with each subsequent blow. The pain was extraordinary, but seeing his balls beginning to weaken only spurred Tim on to greater abuse, and he redoubled his efforts to destroy his awesome bull nuts. 


How could any man’s balls endure such devastatingly brutal abuse?! 

After over two dozen blows, Tim’s cock suddenly became darker, and swelled to even greater proportions, if that was even possible. He knew that he was on the brink of orgasm, and so began striking his nuts in double time. 


He growled to himself in the mirror, “Yeah, you big fucking stud! You can take this…you can fucking take this! Oh yeah, flex, you big bull! Show me how much your big balls can take! Yeah, you can take this!” He flexed his free arm to its gargantuan proportions and admired himself in the mirror, experiencing awesome pain. “Oh yeah! Fuck yeah!” 

As he continued to obliterate his mighty bull balls, Tim imagined someone taking a knife to his bound and stretched balls, or crushing them between two huge concrete blocks. The incredible pain, and the fantasies about his own castration, finally put Tim over the edge. 

Tim threw back his handsome head and let out a bellow of supreme ecstasy/agony, and moments later his cock began to blast out a truly unearthly and monumental load of cum. Most men came in teaspoon amounts, but Tim came in pints, quarts, and gallons, particularly when he was severely abusing his balls as he was right now. 

“Yeah, you bull stud, shoot that load!” he bellowed as the first blast arced from his humongous cock. His first wad of sperm was over five feet long and thick as a pencil, and shot with such incredible force that it completely cleared the length of the 8-foot-long table to strike the far mirror with a loud, wet SPLAT! His first load was followed by a second and a third and a fourth, all in quick succession, and all as unimaginably massive as the one that came before. 

Throughout his orgasm, Tim continued to bludgeon his beefy bull balls with the vicious meat tenderizer, the additional blows only heightening his orgasmic bliss. And his orgasm thundered on and on with no end in sight – six blasts, then eight, then ten, then 12! Then 15!! Then 20!!!! Tim groaned and grunted all the while, as he continued his heroic efforts to bust and break his swollen balls even while they were in the act of pumping out one of the greatest loads of the young man’s life. 

Finally, after over 20 awesome blasts of cum, Tim’s titanic load began to ebb. Unlike most men, who’s wads get smaller with each subsequent blast, Tim’s salvos of super spunk remain massive until the very end, but get spaced farther and farther apart. So instead of every other second, the blasts started to come three seconds apart, and then five seconds. Finally, after a pause of nearly ten full seconds, Tim lets loose one last, mighty blast of cum, the 29th blast of this gargantuan load, and it was timed perfectly with one last blow from the meat hammer. This last blast splatters all over the mirror over a dozen feet away, joining its brothers in a huge, sticky mess that covers nearly the entire surface of the large mirror, and creates a huge puddle of fresh, hot sperm on the worn linoleum floor. 

All told, Tim’s balls had just pumped out over a half-gallon of his incredibly virile stud cream, one of the largest loads in his young and spectacularly gifted life! 

By the time his orgasm ceased, more than a minute and a half after it started, Tim was panting with exertion and exhilaration. He placed the mallet on the table and examined his aching, agonized balls, scooping up his mighty low hangers in both his massive hands. The gigantic orbs were glowing an angry red and were beginning to show signs of what would no doubt be some awesome bruising, and they looked more than a bit swollen after all the abuse. Tim gently squeezed his big nuts, and could feel that their outer walls had weakened considerably, and they felt somewhat yielding and mushy in his big hands. Tim smiled to himself at the awesome damage he had caused to his beefy nuts, and prepared himself for round two. He knew that ball abuse hurt even more after he had shot a load, and so prepared for an even more brutal session. 

Tim placed his straining, throbbing nuts back on the table, grabbed the mallet, and once again began to wail on his screaming bull balls. This time, the pain increased tenfold, and Tim’s rock hard cock began spewing vast quantities of precum in no time at all. The mallet sank deeper into Tim’s ball meat than it had on the previous round of blows, and the young muscle hunk knew he was steadily breaking down his balls’ mighty resistance to the hammer blows. 

The sight was intensely masculine and arousing as Tim bludgeoned his huge balls again and again and again and again. The only sounds to be heard were the fleshy impact of the mallet with Tim’s bound balls, the loud CRUNCH!! as the meat hammer crushed into his beefy balls, and the soft grunts and groans of a man in complete ecstasy. It simply wasn’t possible that a man’s balls could endure such an horrific beating, but somehow Tim’s mammoth nuts continued to persevere! 

This time, the increased pain brought Tim to orgasm quicker than before, and after just 20 devastating blows, he let loose with his second massive orgasm of the night. This load proved to be even larger than his first load! His blasted out 32 massive, mighty slugs of stud cream in two minutes, all the while continuing the brutal beating of his balls. When his orgasm finally ceased, he had recoated the mirror with a fresh layer of thick spunk, and the puddle on the tiled floor was starting to run into the kitchen. 

Tim paused again to reinspect his aching bull nuts, and discovered to his amazement that, while they were even more bruised and squishy than before, they were still incredibly intact, and ready for yet more abuse. Tim slammed his balls back down on the table with a loud and very painful smack, and enjoyed the quivering that the action produced in his huge and swollen bull nuts. His mighty orbs were quivering like a bowl of jello, indicating just how much damage they had already sustained. Tim judged that his balls were halfway to being reduced to a jellied mass of broken nut guts, and he seemed determined to finish them off for good. 

And so Tim lifted the mallet for a third time, steeled his nerve, and brought the hammer down once again into his screaming balls. 


The hammer was now sinking more than halfway into his weakened ball flesh, causing his huge balls to bulge mightily around the edges of the mallet head. Tim was in very real danger of splitting open his supremely overstretched scrotal sac, let alone breaking his mighty man orbs, but the young man didn’t seem to care. He wanted this, needed this. The hammer fell with demolishing force again and again into his unprotected nuts, as his steadily leaking cock drew nearer and nearer to yet another orgasm. 

It looked very likely that this would be Tim’s final pummeling of his balls, for their resistance was clearly near an end. Tim beat his balls with reckless abandon, wanting to destroy the huge lumps of man flesh that had caused him such shame and embarrassment all his life. It wouldn’t be much longer now, perhaps just a few more blows…

Tim’s third orgasm hit with the force of a freight train, after fewer than 20 blows from the meat mallet. And once again, Tim’s newest orgasm proved to be even larger than the two that had gone before! Throughout his third and most titanic orgasm, Tim continued to beat and bludgeon his balls, and it seemed a race against time to see if he could finish cumming before he reduced his bull balls to rubble. Ten blasts, then 20, then 30!! 10 blows, 20 blows, 30!!! Even Tim’s mammoth balls could never hope to survive!!

Finally, after two and a half minutes and 36 gigantic, enormous loads of stud cream, Tim’s orgasm finally ceased. And with one last, awesome, crushing blow from the meat tenderizer, Tim’s balls felt like they were mush. Tim slumped forward onto the table in pain and exhaustion, letting the well-used meat hammer fall noisily to the floor, where it produced a deep dent in the old linoleum. He panted in fatigue, his great muscles coated with sweat and flexing massively. 

After giving himself a few moments to recover, he pushed himself back up and reached down to inspect his testicles, expecting to find them reduced to a jellied pulp. Instead and to his complete surprise, his mighty bull balls had defied him yet again, and had actually survived the greatest bludgeoning they had ever known, still intact. They were very soft and squishy, and clearly no more than a half dozen blows away from being destroyed for good, but they had endured, and would no doubt heal even stronger than before. 

Furious, Tim choked his huge balls down at the end of their brutally elongated scrotum with one hand, and began to pummel the behemoth orbs with his other fist, trying to finish what he had started. His 28 ½” guns had swollen to over 30” with the repeated hammering, and now they bulged even larger still as he focused all the enormous energy in those massive limbs into demolishing his bull nuts. His trapped balls had no choice but to absorb the awesome blows, which sank deep into his ball flesh, forcing the mushy ball meat to bend around his pummeling fist. 

After a dozen or so blows that failed to rupture his nuts, Tim grabbed one massive nut in each huge hand, and began to squeeze with all his might, trying to crush the life out of his straining orbs. Harder and harder he squeezed, causing his nuts to deform more and more in his hand, bringing them closer and closer to their ultimate destruction. 

Suddenly, Tim’s huge, rampant cock, which had been ignored during the entire torture session, spontaneously erupted in its fourth orgasm in less than an hour. Tim grunted and groaned and cried out in pain as another titanic load issued forth from his straining and throbbing horse cock, and he focused all his energy on bursting his big balls. But the harder he clenched his fists, the more intense his orgasm, and the more sperm was forced from his straining man eggs. Tim began to pulse his squeezes in time with the cannon bursts of his cock, producing super human wads of cum up to eight feet in length. One or two of the blasts shot with such force that they hit the ceiling and splashed wetly on the table below. Tim was in heaven, and could feel his herculean nuts begin to give way in his hands, entering their final moments. He crushed harder still, awaiting that ultimate moment when his beefy nuts would finally explode in his huge hands. 

But that moment was not to come. Though Tim was crushing his nuts so hard that his fingers nearly met, the great orbs simply refused to burst. In the end, his fourth orgasm lasted nearly two minutes, and he shot just over two dozen blasts of spunk. Though that was the smallest number of shots from any of his orgasms, the total yield of his fourth load was the largest to date, for each salvo of cum was nearly twice the size of the ones before due to the rhythmic crushing pressure from Tim’s powerful hands, and the big man would not have been surprised if this fourth load was a full gallon or more in size. 

This super human cum stud had just shot the four largest loads in his life, blasting out nearly three full gallons of incredibly thick, potent, and virile juice, and yet Tim could still feel more sperm sloshing around in those massive nuts of his. The mighty orbs had survived the most brutal abuse of their existence, and Tim could not help but grudgingly respect the awesome power and strength of his beefy, burly nuts. He idly thought to himself that he would need to get a longer piece of cord to tie his balls with, and perhaps a larger mallet… 

Tim backed away from the table, letting his ridiculously stretched balls swing ponderously between his beefy legs, where they throbbed and ached with an intensity Tm had not experienced before. On a whim, he decided that he would leave his huge balls trussed up for the entire night, something he had never done before. He then walked to his bathroom, where he beat his cock off into the sink three more times before retiring for the night. Though his balls were incredibly battered and bruised, he knew that they would have recovered by the morning, and he looked forward to tomorrow night’s session with his new meat hammer. 



  1. Wow, if he's willing to torture his own balls this much, I wonder what the frat brothers have in store!

    1. Yeah, Tim's in for a level of abuse that even HE hasn't experienced before! Those frat boys are gonna redline the stud's mammoth bollocks to their limit...and possibly beyond!

    2. I'd love to see a freaky huge bodybuilder whipped in public like in medieval times and after that his balls are branded