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Friday, July 29, 2016

Frat Initiation - Part 3

Frat Initiation - Part 3
Based on an original story by Zoroaster


Tim had forgotten about the conversation he overheard at the gym until a few weeks later, when he saw a flier for this weekend’s rush at the Theta Chi house. With a burst of bravery, he decided to go, even if he didn't think it would work out. ‘I should at least find out for sure,’ he thought to himself. 

Friday he finished up his workout and got ready for the party. He shaved and showered and got dressed - tight white sleeveless t-shirt, another tight semi-transparent button-down shirt over that, khaki shorts and sneakers. His gargantuan muscles bulged and flexed to awesome effect, and he knew he looked incredible, like some comic book super hero come to life. 

Heads certainly turned when he showed up at the party. It’s not every day that a 6’4” and nearly 350-pound mountain of man muscle walks into a room, and both the pledges and the brothers were awed and impressed by him. Tim had to admit that the brothers and pledges were pretty impressive, too – all of them were beefy and masculine young men in their prime, all of them athletic, well-built, handsome, and judging from the bulges he saw in their pants, well hung. None of them could hold a candle to Tim’s awesome masculinity, of course, but they were all stunning men in their own right. 

Tim quickly found out the deal on GPA – if you kept it above a 3.5, the fraternity gave you cash every semester and waived the membership dues. He'd done the math; that money would help immensely, and with his 4.0 he could even live in the house for free...not that he was sure he wanted to. 

Still, the money was attractive, so he signed up as a pledge. The guy that took his form seemed speechless by the sight of the young muscle god, and Tim knew enough to realize that this guy must be gay, too. He was really good looking, about 6’1” with a big, beefy build, maybe 235 pounds, with shaggy blond hair and gorgeous blue eyes. When he could finally tear his eyes away from Tim’s monumental chest and mammoth arms to look over his pledge form, the handsome dude seemed a little surprised at first that a sophomore would want to rush. But when he saw Tim's GPA, his eyes lit up. "Wow, man. We really need to get our average up - a guy with a 4.0 would be a great boost for us!" he excitedly told Tim. "You still gotta do all the initiation stuff, though." 

"That's okay," Tim told him in his surprisingly deep, resonant voice. "Everybody else does it, right?" he smirked at the handsome dude, who seemed even more smitten with the huge hunk. 

"Yup. Everybody does it. It's tough, but if you come through it, you'll be a man's man." The guy ran his eyes down Tim's gorgeous body again. "You must work out all the time, uh..." he glanced down at Tim's form, "Tim. I'm Josh, by the way." 

Tim felt a little flush. "Uh, yeah, I really like lifting. Always trying to get bigger, you know?" he smiled at the guy. 

"Bigger?! You’re going to actually get bigger than that?! WOW! Yeah, dude, keep it up! It's obviously working. I mean, compared to you," Josh started, pulling up his sleeve and flexing his 19” bicep, "I'm tiny." 

‘Like hell you are!’ Tim thought to himself. This Josh guy is totally hot! "Just keep working it, man." 

"How big are yours, anyway?" Josh asked him. "You mind showing me?" 

‘Oh yeah!’ Tim thought. "Uh, no, I don't mind." Tim pulled off the button down shirt and flexed his massive arm, causing the muscles to almost tear through his skin. Veins began to pop out all over his bicep and forearm, and he thought that Josh might faint dead away. 

"Holy shit, man! It's like you got a bowling ball in there or something!" Josh exclaimed. He reached out and grabbed Tim's arm with both hands, not really even thinking about what he was doing. Josh’s big hands could only encompass part of the massive upper arm, and it would probably take more than two men to fully encircle it. Josh squeezed the enormous muscles and Tim flexed harder. 

As if suddenly self-aware, Josh pulled his hands off. "Strong like bull," he joked. 

Tim laughed. "Yeah. Strong like bull." 

"Man, it'll be nice having a guy like you around here," he commented. "We get all these circuit boys wanting to join up..." he motioned toward the room. 

‘Circuit boys?’ Tim wondered to himself, and looked about. looked like a lot of these guys were, well, kinda gay. "What's a circuit boy?" he wondered aloud. 

"Eh? These kids that hit up parties all night long. You know, handsome and built, but without much substance, like, say, that guy," he pointed to one of the hopeful pledges, a short but beefy guy with a backwards baseball cap on his head. "We try to keep the frat a little more serious than that. You know, try to give a more positive image of gay people and shit." 

"This is a gay fraternity?" Tim remarked aloud, surprised. 

"Uhh...well, yeah, but we actually have a few straight and bi guys. That a problem?" Josh was clearly hoping and praying that Tim was indeed gay like most of the other pledges. 

"No, no...I'm gay, man, I just didn't even realize." That was a relief, as well as a huge surprise. Theta Chi was known as one of the most masculine, jock-oriented frats on campus, and so Tim was surprised that so many members were gay. There went one of his problems with the frat. This was starting to sound a lot better. 

Josh just laughed, clearly relieved. "Man, there's a surprise! Most guys try to join us just because they're queer. You're probably the first not to." 

Another guy came up to turn his form in. "Hey, I gotta do all this, but hang around, man. Maybe we can meet up later." Josh winked at Tim. 

"Definitely." Tim turned around and saw the party in a whole new light. He hung out the next few hours, meeting the brothers and the hopeful pledges. They all seemed like good guys, and they were all sure excited that he wanted to join, both because of his grades and, although they didn't say it at first, his rockin’ body, his awesome good looks, and the huge bulge in his shorts. Tim's opinion of the whole thing was rapidly turning around - for a guy who secretly wanted to be admired, having an entire fraternity of guys wanting to feel him flex or whatever was making him heady, and very randy. 

As the night wore on, Tim was getting ready to leave but was stopped by Josh, who came jogging up. "Hey, dude," he got Tim's attention. 

"Hey. What's up? I was just leaving..." Tim answered with a smile. 

Josh grabbed his arm and plead, "No...not yet. Once most of these guys take off, we're pulling out the beer. You're invited to stay if you want." 

"I dunno, man, I gotta study..." Tim protested. 

"No, no, dude, it's a Friday night. You can study tomorrow or whatever, but man, stay out tonight! It'll be fun, ya big bull!" Josh teased, lightly punching Tim in his enormous shoulder. 

‘Well, that pushed all the right buttons,’ Tim thought. "I guess so," he relented. "Just for a couple of beers, though." 

"I was kind of hoping for all night," Josh smiled, "but a couple of beers is better than nothing, I guess." With that, he took off back over to his post for the night. 

Tim wandered around, waiting for the people to leave, and then finally one of the brothers came out and announced, "Okay guys, we gotta get everybody out." Tim looked over and Josh, who was slowly shaking his head no. The big muscle stud just leaned back up against the wall and waited while the brothers ushered the party guests out, smiling and shaking hands. 

"Man, finally," Josh muttered as he approached Tim. "I swear, I'm never working the damn stand again. Stuck for the whole party behind that damn table...anyway, dude, how you doin'?" Josh greeted him. 

"I'm all right," Tim smiled. Josh beckoned him inside, where one guy had already started pulling beer cans out of a cooler and passing them out. They each got one and found a seat on one of the plush couches around the room, drinking the beer and making small talk while everybody filtered in from around the house. 

The guy who had ended the party, a truly stunning stud of a man with dark hair and piercing blue eyes, stood up. "Okay, so we got lots of pledges tonight, and I think three of them are potential contenders for initiation.” The big man indicated Tim, a handsome and thickly-muscled blond dude, and a handsome, leaner guy with dark hair and chiseled features. “I'm Dave, the president this year. Why don't you all introduce yourselves?"  

The black-haired guy went first. "Uh, hey, I'm Eddie," he sort of waved to the room. Everybody looked at Tim next. 

"Hi, I'm Tim," he spoke loudly, trying to project confidence. 

Last was the blond, red-neck looking dude. "Hey, y'all, I'm Jake," he spoke slowly and with a deep, relaxed voice, and just a bit of an accent. 

"Party on," Dave raised his beer, and sat back down. 

Guys started getting up and moving about the room. Tim, Josh, and this other guy, Eric, ended up over in a corner talking. Eric was a dark-haired stud from south Boston - Irish, pale skin, extremely handsome features, awesome build, and a really big bulge in the front of his pants. Tim estimated that the young guy was about 6’2”, and weighed a good 265 pounds of pure, beefy muscle, the most muscular guy in the room after Tim himself. Eric was the frat's general all-around athlete - the guy played soccer, football, wrestling, baseball, you name it, and could kick your ass in all of them besides. As is so natural when a group of young and athletic men get together, the three guys immediately got into a conversation about working out. 

"I dunno, man, I've never gotten much out of power sets," Eric said. "They just don't seem to do much for me." 

"You can't do them all the time," Tim countered. "You just do them for a bit, then go back to your old method, and a month or two later do another few days of them." Tim flexed his pecs, as if to make his point. "I've made some great gains that way," he finished. 

"Maybe I just need a new workout partner," Eric winked. "Man," he shook his head, looking Tim up and down, "you're just fucking huge!!" 

Tim, starting to feel the alcohol, blushed a little bit. "He's a beast," Josh joked. "A big bull. All he needs now is a ring in his nose," Josh said as he lightly tweaked Tim’s nose. Tim really blushed now. 

"Man, dude, your ears are red," Eric chortled. He drew in close to Tim, who was a bit buzzed. He didn't drink much, so was unused to alcohol. "You must really get off on being admired for your body, eh?" he smiled a conspiratorial smile, and Tim just smiled and looked down, at little embarrassed at being found out so easily. 

Jesus saved him. Well, the hay-soos variety, a black-haired Brazilian guy, damn hot. "Hey, who's up for strip poker?" he butted in. "We need three more." 

"I'm in," Eric instantly agreed. 

"Me too," Josh barked out. 

All three of them looked at Tim, who had recovered from his blushing spell. "Well, uh, I gotta get going soon, and..." 

"No way," Josh interrupted him. "C'mon, we're just getting started." 

"Yeah, man, you should stick around," Jesus interjected. 

Eric just stared at Tim's crotch. 

A few minutes later the guys had all assembled in the kitchen with fresh beers. Jesus was dealing first, and to his right were Eric, Tim, Josh, Jake, and Joey. Joey was a senior this year, an Italian with typically stunning good looks; he was some kind of musical genius and on scholarship, but to hear him talk he sounded more like a mechanic in Brooklyn. 

"Okay, boys, these are the rules," Jesus explained as he dealt the cards. "Nothing wild, five card draw. No all in, only one raise. We don't want to end the fun too quickly, yah?" Everybody agreed, and took a few swigs of beer. Tim was pretty buzzed by this point, and both Josh and Eric kept 'accidentally' brushing up against his legs, which kept turning the big muscle man on more and more. 

Tim didn't really know poker all that well, but knew the lower hands. He got a pair of sixes and a king off the deal, traded in the chaff, and got crap back again. Eric passed, and so did Tim and Josh. Jake bid, and everybody stayed in. "Okay boys, let's see 'em." Everybody put their cards on the table. 

Joey had lost the hand, and off went his shoes. "Hey, you gotta take socks off too if you're taking shoes off," Jesus told him. 

"What?" Joey protested, half-jokingly. "One article! Hell, we used to play shoes each counted separately!" 

"No way, man. Then people wearing sandals n' shit get shafted," Jesus argued. 

"Rrrrghgh!" Joey groaned in mock frustration, and peeled off his socks. 

Eric chimed in. "I thought it was the guys not wearing underwear that got shafted." Everybody laughed and Eric dealt the next hand... 

Well, pretty soon it got down to the wire. Jesus was in his underwear, Eric still had his pants on. Josh was down to a pair of ratty boxers. Tim had only lost his footwear and his outer shirt; he was tied with Joey for the most clothes still on. Jake had on his tighty-whities and his boots ("My boots are the last thing to go, boys."), and finally, Joey had still only lost his shoes. 

"C'mon, boys, down to the wire," Josh chattered. "Two guys, nearly down for the count!" 

About three people made "I'm up for it," jokes, two of them not even playing. More people were hanging out in the kitchen, surreptitiously watching the card players as they got progressively closer to naked. Josh lost the hand. After they showed his cards, he just stood up, sighed, and dropped his shorts while the other guys laughed. "We know who's the bitch tonight!" came the jokes. 

Tim fully appreciated the look at Josh's body. The kid was muscular and lean, really well defined, with just a sprinkling of hair on his chest and belly, leading to sparse brown patch. His dick was pretty big, about five inches soft, but his balls... ‘Man!!’ Tim thought to himself. ‘Those are fucking huge! I guess I’m not the only one with big balls!’ 

And he was right. Together Josh's huge balls were bigger than Tim's fist. "Yeah, yeah," Josh blushed. 

"Hey, you know the rules," Jesus chided him. "Get me a beer." 

Josh sighed and went to get Jesus a beer. "See, anybody that loses is beer bitch for the rest of the game," Eric instructed Tim and Jake. "You have to do more or less what anybody still playing tells you to." 

"Ah, sheeit," Jake cursed, laughing. "'course, I could use a beer. Yo, fetch me one," he told Josh just as Josh brought Jesus his beer. Josh rolled his eyes and turned back around. 

Eric lost the next round and revealed that under his shorts he only had a jock on. And Tim could see that that jock was packed near to bursting with a huge cock and big balls. Eric shook his big, muscular ass a little to the table and Joey dealt the next hand. Tim lost his t-shirt, pulling it off slowly and flexing a little as he did it. All the men present gaped openly when Tim’s phenomenal upper body was finally revealed. 

Blond Jake was staring at him so hard he didn't even realize one of the cards he thought was a heart was actually a spade, which meant the flush he had was pretty much worthless, and there went his tighty-whities. He had a nice, thick, uncut cock, and balls that looked pretty big…until Tim looked back over as Josh's huge low hangers, which swung heavily back and forth as he walked. 

"Good thing you can't lose these, eh?" Dave smiled as he grabbed Josh's exposed nuts while he was on his way to the bathroom. All the brothers giggled a bit. Tim turned back to the game. Jesus lost next, dropping his undies to reveal a largish dark cock, and amazingly huge balls nearly the same size Josh's! Tim was amazed. ‘What are they feeding these guys?!?’ he wondered. Next came Jake, who grudgingly pulled his boots off. 

Tim got really nervous the next round when his pants came off. He had also only come in a jock, and he could almost feel the stares as all of the guys tried to take in the sheer mass of the enormous bulge tenting the front of his oversized underwear. "His ass is as muscular and huge as the rest of him," somebody finally hooted, and Tim flexed it for a moment. Josh reached over and slapped it. 

Tim was taken aback, then gave Josh his best superior look. "Get me a beer, boy," he ordered him. Everybody hooted, and Tim sat back down. 

The next hand proved to be the last one for Tim, and all eyes were on him as he stood up to remove his super-sized jock. This was the moment that all of the men had been waiting for – they were dying to see just how big Tim’s cock and balls truly were. As Tim shucked off his jock, first his ten-inch flaccid cock flopped out, to the more than appreciative oohs and aahs of the amazed and impressed crowd. But even with his massive schlong freed from the jock, the thin cotton was still filled to bursting with 10 pounds of ball meat. 

Tim kept pulling his jock down lower and lower, and the guys’ eyes bugged larger and larger as they saw inch after inch of thick scrotum. Four inches, five inches, six inches, and still Tim’s balls had not been revealed. Finally, after a full 6 ½” of his thick scrotal neck had been revealed (Tim had been doggedly stretching his nuts for the past few weeks, and had added another half inch to the natural dangle of his balls), Tim’s behemoth bull balls began to come into view. 

If the boys had been impressed before by Tim’s masculine beauty, phenomenal physique, and gargantuan horse cock, they were astounded by the size of the balls that were coming into view. Tim’s nuts were monstrous, enormous, obscene, like nothing any of them had ever seen before. Even Jake, the redneck farm boy, exclaimed that none of his daddy’s bulls had balls as big as that! When Tim finally removed his jock completely, he allowed his mammoth balls to swing freely between his massive thighs, and allowed all the men to openly admire and worship him. 

“Good GOD!” Eric exclaimed. “I’ve never seen anything like it! Who was your dad, anyway, some sort of stallion?! Up against the wall, man,” Eric ordered him, and Tim walked naked over to the other three boys, who were leaning up against the kitchen wall in a row. 

Eric dealt the next hand and Tim basked in all the eyes that were openly stared at him. 

"Hey, we should go streaking after this," Josh suggested, trying to lighten the mood. 

"I dunno, man, runnin' nekkid always makes my nuts hurt," Jake said. 

"I never thought so," Jesus disagreed. 

"They hurt mine, too," Tim added in, hoping for a reason not to have to go running around the neighborhood naked. 

"I don't think so," Eric shouted from across the room. "All four of ya, do a lap 'round the block!" 

"What!?" Jake protested. 

"You gotta do what they tell you, man," Dave laughed. "Better get runnin'!"

With a hail of "Ah shits!" and other protestations, Josh and Jesus herded them out the door. 

"C'mon, man, big man like you?" Jesus said to Tim. "I'd be showing off even more if I looked like that. Shit, with that awesome body and mammoth cock and balls, I’d be showing it off ALL the time! But a big guy like you, bet you're slow," he jibed, and took off running. 

"Slow?" Tim shouted after him. "I'll show you slow!" He was just drunk enough to chase Jesus down the street, outpacing him even before the first turn. He pulled way ahead of the others, with only Josh really keeping up to him, balls banging and dick flying about. Tim's balls bounced hard against his beefy thighs as he ran. ‘Fuck, I wish they were just gone!’ Tim thought to himself, keeping up the pace and getting back to the house nearly half a block before Josh. 

They staggered back into the kitchen panting, followed soon by Jesus and a while later by a very out-of-breath Jake. "Oh God, my balls hurt!" he exclaimed, and leaned up against the wall clutching them. 

Josh leaned into Tim's ear and whispered, "Bet a big bull like you could run for miles, eh? Wouldn't matter to you if your balls hurt, would it, ya big bull! You’d just keep on runnin’." Tim's dick started to get a little turgid. 

Just as they got back, Eric and Joey showed their cards, and Eric threw his three-of-a-kind down to the table as soon as he saw Joey's full house. "Fuck!" he shouted, tore off his jock, and tossed it at Joey. Eric revealed his huge, smooth beer can of a cock, the largest so far except for Tim’s own howitzer. And you guessed it, his balls were enormous as well, bigger even than Josh’s massive pair, each great nut the size of a really large lemon. It would still take three of Eric’s balls to equal the mass of just one of Tim’s gargantuan nuts, but they were massive nonetheless. 

Joey dodged Eric's soiled jock and smiled. "You only had me by one hand, you know," he smiled conspiratorially, and pulled down the top of his pants to show he wasn't wearing any underwear. "And I'm drunk enough to wanna be naked, anyway." With the game over, the Italian stallion Joey shucked off his shorts as well, revealing a long and thick cock, and ANOTHER pair of huge balls, at least as large as Josh’ set! HUGE nuts! 

What the hell were they putting in the water here, Tim thought? Did they only take pledges with huge balls or something? Tim didn't really want to ask, but was damn curious. He didn't have much time to think about it, as Josh whispered in his ear, "Meet me by the bathroom in five minutes; Eric and I wanna get some time alone with ya." Tim nodded, his already plump cock getting a bit harder at the thought. All worry of getting home in time for sleep and studying tomorrow was gone - for the first time in his whole life, Tim was thinking unhesitatingly of sex, with no worries about being judged for his gayness or for being a virgin. 

He took the opportunity to piss before he got too hard to do it, then waited outside the bathroom for Eric to meet his eye and gesture toward the stairs. Tim followed him up, clothing forgotten, and down to the room at the end of the hall. 

Josh was already inside, cock hard. Just seeing Josh's erection made Tim's pop up in less than a half dozen heartbeats, and his frighteningly formidable manhood sprang to full attention. He felt Eric's poke him from behind, and spun to see Eric's smiling face looking down at his body. "God, you're so fucking hot," Eric muttered, inspecting Tim up and down. His own shaven erection brushed up against Tim's, sending little waves of electricity up through his massive body. 

Tim felt Josh's hands run down his sides, slick with oil, and continue onto his ass. Eric dropped to his knees and took what of Tim's cock he could into his mouth, working it slowly, deliberately. Tim’s huge, fist-sized cock head remained slightly spongy even when completely erect, so Eric was able to stuff the entire huge glans into his mouth, but Tim’s steely hard and monstrously thick shaft defied all of Eric’s attempts to stuff it into his mouth. 

Josh continued to oil Tim up from behind, spreading it over his back, ass, legs, and arms. Tim obliged him by flexing each body part as Josh ran his hands over it, trying not to collapse from the pleasure of his first ever blowjob. After Josh had oiled up his arms, he whispered in Tim's ear, "C'mon, you big bull. Flex 'em and keep 'em flexed!" 

Tim obliged, striking a double bicep pose and spreading his legs a little while Josh jerked him off a little, oiling up his cock and balls in the process. Eric and Josh both continued running their hands over Tim's hard, defined body, while Tim just struck poses, trying to keep his muscles flexed as hard as possible. His dick was having no trouble; Tim's huge cock head was nearly a full three inches in diameter at this point, his massive dong sticking almost straight up and visibly throbbing with his powerful heartbeat. 

He felt the snap of a rubber band go around his scrotum, but ignored it, instead choosing to focus on Josh's voice as he kept telling Tim that he was a big bull, a massive muscle man, strong, hard, a beast... He was vaguely aware of Eric snapping another band around his cock, making it grow so hard it hurt. Tim didn't even look down, but just tried not to cringe at the pleasure when Eric's hand would have a jerk and brush his cock. His enormous dick was almost painful to the touch now, he was so turned on. He imagined the bands cutting off circulation, turning his cock and balls black and cold, so that they would have to be cut off. The thought brought him to even greater heights of arousal. 

Maybe all the brothers worship enormous balls, Tim thought. And maybe they were searching for the biggest balls in the world to sacrifice in some pagan frat ritual. That was a hot idea, and he nearly came at the thought. Maybe they were going to cut his massive balls off, fulfilling his dream! 

Josh produced a tape measure and started measuring Tim's pumped and awesomely muscular body, wrapping the measure around each bicep, his chest, his thighs and calves...Tim was about to explode. His balls were aching and purple; his cock growing almost numb with arousal. Josh couldn’t believe the measurements he was getting, and finally moved on to Tim’s groin. He rolled the tape measure from the base of Tim’s huge cock all the way up its ultra thick, massive length until he got to the head, and he exclaimed, “16 ½ inches!! 16 ½ fucking inches!!!” With trembling hands, Josh then measured than dangle of Tim’s huge and awesomely low-slung balls to be just over 6 ½ inches. Finally, Josh encircled the tape around the girth of both of Tim’s gigantic nuts and measured their circumference. “Holy shit! His balls are 22 ¾” around!! That’s a quarter inch bigger than your own massive guns, Eric!” 

"Yeah, Tim, you’re a big bull! A big fucking bull!" Eric muttered. "Maybe we should steer him." 

Tim’s cock lurched at those words, and his pulse quickened even further. Were they really planning on nutting him? Were these two super hot studs going to fulfill his fantasy? 

"Maybe later," Josh replied. "For now we want him all excited like this. You are excited, aren't you, you big bull?" Josh asked Tim. 

"Oh, yeah...oh, god!" he cried out as Eric brushed against his cock head. Eric took a pair of mean-looking scissors and held them up to the neck of Tim's scrotum. Tim just flexed harder, his cock ready to burst, waiting for the pain, but it never came - just the snap as the Eric cut the rubber bands, first around his balls, then around his cock. The aching in his balls began to subside, but Eric kept it going by thwapping them with his finger. 

"They do this to horses, you know, to make them run faster, or to bulls to make them angry," Eric whispered to Tim, rubbing up against his body, humping Tim's hip with his thick cock. Josh was down at the floor now, running his hands over Tim's buttocks, legs, thighs...all over his body, whispering admiring nothings as he did so. 

"You really like the thought of having these cut off, don't you?" Eric said in Tim's ear as he fondled the muscle man’s huge low-hangers. Tim didn't answer, but just struck another pose. Eric squeezed Tim's nuts, hard. ‘You can take it,’ Tim said to himself, and didn't even wince at the pain. "This too, I bet, yah?" Eric pumped Tim’s cock a few times, then his own. "Of course, then you'd just have to take it from behind, wouldn't you?" Eric moved around behind him, his hard cock brushing up against Tim's mammoth toned glutes. Josh dropped to his knees and sucked Tim off while jacking himself. 

Eric began pushing up against Tim in a slow rhythm. "You'd have to take it like this, once those bull nuts are gone," he muttered to Tim, then pulled off. "But not until then," he smiled, and grabbed Tim's enormous biceps. 

"Unh, unh, oh God, oh, shit!" Tim muttered, his entire body shuddering as he approached orgasm. Josh took his talented mouth off Tim’s spit-soaked cock so that both he and Eric could watch what they knew would be a huge orgasm. But they were not prepared for the volume of cum that Tim was about to unload. Sensing that Tim was right on the verge of cumming, Eric grasped Tim’s huge nuts by the neck and pulled down, HARD. 

That was the last bit of stimulation Tim needed, and he came with a violence and ferocity he had rarely experienced. He bucked involuntarily, waves of pleasure racking his enormously muscled body. The first blast was colossal, and struck Josh in the chest so hard that it actually stung, and was so large that it completely coated the young man’s pecs with Tim’s male juices. Josh shouted in shock and surprise as the second mighty wad erupted from Tim’s flailing cock, this time painting a stripe that went from Josh’s abdomen all the way over his shoulder, and striking the bed beyond. 

What followed was a typically massive load from Tim, blasting rope after huge, sticky rope of cum all over Josh, his bed, the floor, and even the far wall. Josh just sat back and let Tim drench him with his spunk, all the while jacking his own big cock, which had swollen to its full 9 inches early on in the night’s events. Josh’s big balls bounced against the floor as he frigged his big meat, making an erotic smacking sound. 

Eric was standing beside Tim, firmly clutching his own huge 11-incher and pounding it for all he was worth, watching the awesome wads of sperm unload all over Josh. “Oh fuck yeah!” Eric exclaimed as he hit orgasm, followed just moments behind by Josh. Both young men shot huge, powerful loads, but even their extremely impressive loads were paltry in comparison to Tim, who continued to thunder out his load long after the other two were exhausted. 

Tim leaned back against the cum-drenched bed and tried to catch his breath, watching as Eric and Josh tried to do the same. Tim had really soaked the room with his cum, and the heady, musky smell of his sperm permeated the room. 

Afterward, they all just lay for a bit, toweling off. Josh and Eric both lay across Tim's magnificent chest, basking in the moment and clinging to this awesome muscle man, not wanting to ever let go. 

After a few hours, Josh got up to shower. Tim and Eric soon followed, and all three ended up soaping up in the communal shower and washing the cum, oil, and sweat off their glistening bodies. 

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