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Friday, May 27, 2016

Cum Fantasy - Part 1

Cum Fantasy - Part 1
Based on an original story by an anonymous author


Cum Fantasy Part 1: The Discovery

Jake Thompson had many reasons to be happy with his life. By his 30th birthday, he'd made it through many hard years of biomedical schooling, landed a great job out of school with Pfizer Pharmaceuticals, and had worked his way up the ranks there. Jake had been part of the team that developed the revolutionary anti-impotence drug, Viagra, and thus had earned his fair share of financial and professional rewards. Not bad for a dashingly handsome, extremely well-built, single gay male in the prime of his life. 

In his free time, Jake donated his time as an assistant coach to the local Division I college water polo team, having been an avid swimmer himself back in college. It was Jake’s way to give back to the mentors who had coached him through high school and college, and it made him feel part of something greater than himself. 

However, there was one part of Jake's life that felt empty and unfulfilled. Despite the remarkable success of Viagra, the results of the Viagra project had actually been less than what he'd hoped for, and he felt like there was unfinished business and unexplored research avenues with the project. Sure, the marketed drug gave you an erection that wouldn’t quit for hours at a time, and helped make some users more than a bit randy, but any increased libido effects didn’t seem to last for any great length of time. Jake himself didn’t have any problems in that regard -- he was a healthy young male in the sexual prime of his life -- but he was dedicated to helping other men find a way to overcome such problems. 

Jake had proposed further work in this area to the administrators at Pfizer, but he was met with harsh criticism; already Pfizer was taking enough heat from some for creating "a sex drug.” If they went any farther, explained the administration, they could cross the border into psychotropics, and stand to lose everything, including their greatest cash cow, Viagra. 

This negative corporate response didn’t put a damper on Jake's passion to take the work further, and if anything pushed him to try even harder. In recent months, Jake had begun returning to the lab late at night after the college swim practices. Under the guise of performing a little extra research (something Pfizer never frowned upon), Jake began to develop a new drug, one that he hoped would combine the erection assistance effects of Viagra with an additional compound to increase libido as well. 

But what he discovered was vastly more powerful than anything even Jake could ever have imagined.

Jake was an extraordinarily talented and gifted biochemist, and as he delved into his research he began unlocking secrets he didn’t even know existed. He began with the same chemistry used in Viagra, but from there began synthesizing drugs that stimulated the areas of the brain that not only control sexual desire, but also some that were thought to contribute to sexual performance, preference, and arousal, including those that are triggered during orgasm. In the course of this work, Jake discovered many links to the body's reproductive system, and through some initial testing on the laboratory rats Pfizer kept by the thousands, was able to produce truly spectacular results.

The handsome young scientist had soon developed a fine powder, easily made into a pill form, that made male rats attempt to mate with other male rats, and in the process, ejaculate 6 to 8 times the normal amount of semen. This greatly extended orgasm often left the rats dehydrated, and in response they began to develop a behavior where they would gather around the cage water bottles, consuming vast amounts of liquid during the intercourse. 

Jake then concocted a special liquid formula of proteins, electrolytes, and amino acids and added it to the water bottles. When the rats were given access to this special replenishing formula, the rats seemed to be able to ejaculate almost endlessly. In one experiment, a single rat produced over a cup of semen during a 30-minute period, drinking almost constantly over that period. To avoid detection of his work, Jake would often need to wash the cages AND the rats at the end of the night, flushing away all of the rat semen. The drug’s effect would slowly wear off after the course of an hour or so, and the rats would then resume their normal mating behavior and ejaculation size. 

With every week that went by, Jake became more and more impatient to try the drug himself. He actually found himself getting turned on during the experiments, imagining all the things that could happen if this drug were not given to a cage full of rats, but a room full of men. Jake’s fantasies ran wild. When he felt that there had been enough testing, Jake vowed that he would indeed take the drug himself, making himself the guinea pig for his own experiments. 

The day finally came when Jake was satisfied that all of the animal tests were complete, and he felt confident that he could start the human trials...on himself. On the way home from the lab, he bought 12 one gallon jugs of spring water, getting very strange looks from the staff of the store. He had synthesized several pills, each a scaled-up version of what he'd been giving the rats, but a bit weaker so he could control the dosage of the drug. He also brought home several gallons of his concentrated electrolyte formula to mix with the bottled water. He had all of the ingredients he needed for his first human trial. 

When Jake got home, he was too excited to do anything else, and immediately mixed together a diluted batch of his special protein formula and popped the first pill into his mouth, chasing it with down a large glass of water. He sat down on his living room couch, and waited. Within minutes, his pulse began to race a bit and his vision seemed to come in and out of focus. He started to panic, knowing that this whole project was an EXTREME risk, and he had perhaps pushed the time envelope way too quickly. He should have done more testing, he should have tested on other animals, he should have made his experiments public and followed all legal protocols...

Suddenly, he broke out into a feverish sweat, and was immediately filled with...LUST! But a directed lust, for cock, for ass, for MEN. Visions of naked men, men having sex with men, and men cumming filled his head. In 10 seconds, his cock had grown to its full and very thick 11 inches, and did not show any indication of quitting. This had happened with the Viagra before, but never this quickly or with this intense sexualized emotional reeling. 

Almost immediately after his cock reached full length and girth, he felt an approaching orgasm. ‘Holy shit,’ he thought, ‘it's w-w-working!’ His muscular legs started to buckle, and he dropped to the floor, trying desperately to open his pants and pull out his cock before it was...

...too late. 

His cock began spurting powerful jets of semen inside of his boxer briefs, filling the soft cotton with spunk as his mind reeled with the most powerful orgasm he'd ever felt. Struggling to the kitchen on his hands and knees in an effort to avoid making a mess of his carpeted living room, Jake collapsed on the floor as he yanked off his pants and underwear. Spunk just spilled out onto the floor, what Jake estimated was probably 1/2 cup already, and his cock was still going! 

Jake was understandably proud of his magnificent 11-inch tool, and he grabbed it now around the thick, meaty shaft and began to pump it like he'd done when he was 13 and used to masturbate 4-5 times a day. It felt great, just like in those days, only this time it wasn't stopping. The semen was pumping out faster now and with even greater power, soaking his shirt (he thought later that it would have been a good idea to have gotten naked and in the bathtub first...oh well) and hitting him in his face. The pulses of sperm were truly enormous, dwarfing his normally prodigious loads, and struck with such amazing force that they actually stung. Some shots flew well past his head, striking the tile floor and kitchen cabinet doors behind him. 

Jake hauled out his huge balls, massive lemon-sized beauties that had always been his favorite pride and joy. His mighty, meaty orbs felt like they were pulsing and throbbing in his hand, working at an incredibly accelerated rate to produce vast quantities of his potent spunk. Jake grabbed around the base of those huge balls with one hand and tugged them roughly to the bottom of his big sac, which made the intensity of his orgasm increase even further. 

After about 2 or 3 exquisitely long minutes of this endless orgasm, the monstrous load finally finally began to subside, leaving Jake a sticky heap of cum-drenched stud muscle on his drenched kitchen floor. His mouth felt unbelievably parched, but overall, he felt fine. More than fine, in fact; he felt phenomenal! He reached up to the counter and pulled down one of the gallon jugs of protein formula, and in seconds had drained half of it. 

Suddenly, the feelings began again, this time a bit stronger, with the orgasm hitting Jake with the force of a freight train. Jake finished the jug just in time for the next wave of orgasm to hit, this one stronger than the first. His balls positively ached as he reached down, cupped the massive orbs, and actually felt them churning. His huge balls gave a mighty contraction, and titanic ropes of semen shot directly into his face and over his wide shoulders in mighty spurts. Unable to resist, Jake began lapping at the thick and pungent nut juice, aiming his raging cock directly at his face and directing the stream of jizz straight into his mouth. Jake had always had a thick and heavy load thanks to his unusually massive balls, but this was even thicker and sweeter than anything he had shot before, almost like he was pumping out pure sperm. Jake also found that swallowing his own semen was satisfying the great thirst that had returned once the orgasm has begun anew. 

This time the orgasm lasted over 5 minutes, and didn't really subside until Jake had finally decided he'd had enough and stopped drinking the load that seemed to never stop coming. Once he did this, his orgasm and ejaculation continued for several more minutes, continuing to drench him from head to toe before finally ramping down. 

As the last bits of thick spunk finally dribbled out of his huge, rock hard bull cock, Jake assessed the scene. Nearly his entire kitchen floor was covered in his jizz, as were the lower cabinets he had finally leaned up against for support. Jake could only guess that this was about a gallon or more of semen, as that was how much fluid he'd consumed before his second orgasm hit. While he'd been drinking his own cum, the ejaculation must literally have been "recycled." ‘Amazing!’ he thought. Of course, the rats would never have shown this, as they were not really adept at fellatio, or even aiming their ejaculations in any direction. There were many random ribbons of cum here and there on top of the counters, and even on some of the the upper cabinets, which was truly astounding and spoke to the mighty force with which Jake’s spunk had been expelled from his huge cock. 

The thirst had returned once more, but this time much reduced from before. Jake drank a quarter of the next jug of fluid, and within minutes was ejaculating again, this time only for about 30 seconds and with a bit weaker emotional stimulus, but still enough to produce a mind-blowing orgasm and a healthy few cups of cum. This cycle continued until the second gallon jug had been emptied, and Jake could drink without it triggering an orgasm. He was left a bit exhausted, but absolutely ecstatic. He'd realized his dream! He’d created a wonder drug that massively increased male libido and virility! Sure, there was no doubt some more refinement to be done, but this drug would be recognized as an incredible breakthrough.

Jake peeled himself up off of his incredibly sticky floor, long ropes of fresh spunk dripping off of his beautiful body, and walked down the hall to his bathroom. He then showered, removing the thick layers of cum from his hair and clothes, and as he later mopped up the incredible mess in his kitchen, he thought of the other pills. Like any good scientist, Jake wanted to do more testing, but this time on other men. Thinking where the safest place was to do this, Jake immediately came up with the local city bathhouse. Shit, men went there to get off; certainly none of them would complain if they found themselves getting off like they'd never gotten off before! As much as he wanted to run this latest test tonight, Jake realized he was too tired after his performance on his own kitchen floor this evening. It could wait until tomorrow. 

After cleaning up, Jake passed out in his bed, more satisfied than he'd ever been in his life.


  1. Goodness; how I both dread, and love to see "Part 1" This story seems to open a plethora of possibility. I can't wait to see what you...whip up :-D

    1. It makes me happy to hear how excited you are for the next installments! :D I can guarantee a LOT more cum to come... ;)