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Friday, June 3, 2016

Cum Fantasy - Part 2

Cum Fantasy - Part 2
Based on an original story by an anonymous author


Cum Fantasy Part 2: The Bath House

Our story continues:  

Jake Thompson, a brilliant bioengineer from Pfizer Pharmaceuticals, had taken it upon himself to take the revolutionary drug Viagra, which he'd helped develop, to the next "level." Unsupported by his peers in this endeavor, Jake secretly developed a new drug based on the old Viagra in Pfizer's labs. After extensive testing on rats, Jake emerged having developed a drug that not only triggered overwhelming gay male sexual desire, but also produced mind-bending orgasms. What was truly remarkable about his creation is that, depending on the dosage, these orgasms could be drawn out for many minutes, perhaps even hours, so long as the taker of the drug continued to replenish his fluids, in the form of a specially-formulated protein-and-electrolyte fluid or even the man’s own semen. After having performed a fantastically successful, sticky test on himself, Jake vowed to take his drug out into the world to test in as many different places as he could find.


Jake could hardly sit still at work the day after he tested the new drug on himself, knowing that tonight he'd test the same drug in the local city bathhouse. Having been there a few times in the past, Jake knew his way around the place well enough to know it would be the perfect place to run his test. All he had to do was walk into the place, find a few men by the hot tub, offer them the new drug, and he was pretty sure they'd give it a try.

After work, perhaps the worst torture for Jake was coaching the local college water polo team for two hours, fantasizing about what would happen if he introduced his drug into the lives of these 18- to 22-year-old young men, all of whom were handsome, hunky, and hot. None of these beautiful young men were gay to Jake’s knowledge, but if he experiments with the new drug were correct, that wouldn’t matter; if these horny young bucks took the pills, then they would soon be fucking and sucking each other as if they were born to it. Jake had to hide several boners throughout the water polo practice, which was very hard to do with an 11-inch monster cock stuffed into skimpy Speedos, but he finally got through the practice and headed for the bathhouse. 

Jake arrived at the bathhouse during it's busiest time, 9:00 PM. This was not a dumpy facility by any means like some bathhouses. There was a large 15-person jacuzzi, clean showers, a weight room (which never seemed to get used for weight lifting!), and about 20 lockers complete with lounge chairs and televisions. Of course, the place often reeked of sweat and cum, but that was part of the attraction. And Jake hid a secret smile as he realized that that heady odor was nothing compared to what it would smell like later on tonight. 

The handsome young scientist had made sure to come with 50 pills, each containing a dose that was a bit stronger than what he'd taken the night before. He paid the desk attendant, stripped out of his day clothes, took the pill bottle, and wrapped the large white towel around himself. He had also grabbed two jugs of fluid from his house that he had stashed in his gym bag when he entered the place. Now, he was getting mildly strange looks from the men cruising the halls as he walked along with a shit-eating grin on his face, toting two gallon jugs of water through the place. He went straight upstairs to the jacuzzi, where he figured he could start.

There he found six perfect subjects to start with. 

There were two handsome, married lawyers in their 30’s, Gordon and John, both whom worked at the same firm and came to the bathhouse just to, as that put it, "sit back and watch." Neither of them had ever dared have sex with each other or with the men there, claiming that they were both straight and just got "sort of turned on watching men have sex." Both men were of about medium height and had nice builds, muscular and lean. They sat on the edge of the tub, lazily pulling on their ample, semi-erect cocks watching the other four men in the jacuzzi work each other over. 

Jose, a cute, short, muscular, and wiry 24-year-old Latino grad student seemed to be the center of attention. He was standing in the middle of the tub, two men slathering his big cock with their mouths, another one gently chewing on his nipples while jerking off his own stiff 10-inch cock. The man on the nipples was Steve, a 35-year-old and extremely well endowed ex-football jock that still had the build he had in college. Forever closeted, his only sexual release came in the anonymous sex he had in the bathhouse. Steve’s cock was nearly as huge as Jake’s own massive dork, and his big tight balls were the size of hen’s eggs. Though his were undoubtedly big balls to be proud of, they couldn’t match young Jake’s mighty gonads in sheer size and heft. 

The two men taking turns giving Jose's big and slender 9-inch prong the tongue bath were actually twins, Casey and Brennan. They were the perfect Irish stereotype: strawberry blond hair, fair skinned, handsome faces, husky and hunky frames, and perfectly matching thick 8-inch cocks with good-sized, very low-hanging balls to match. They worked a local hardware store in town, pretty much running the family business that had been passed down in their family for generations. At a young age, the two had discovered the joys of jerking off together, then blowing each other, and finally, all out sex with one another. Throughout junior high and high school, they kept their love for one another a secret, but pretty much most people in town had them pegged. As they languished on Jose's turgid cock, they both stroked each other’s dicks with their thick, work-calloused hands under the bubbling water.

Jake had never seen a more erotic and sexy grouping of hunky men on any of his previous visits to the baths, and he knew that he had hit pay dirt. The handsome young scientist stopped at the edge of the tub and removed his towel, letting his massive and mostly erect cock spring forward as he sat down at the edge next to Gordon and John. Both handsome lawyers eyed him – and his huge cock – hungrily and smiled, not interrupting their self-pleasuring actions.

"Sit down and enjoy the show. We certainly are," crooned Gordon. 

John smiled and laughed. "Yeah, we figured we'd let these hot young guys fuck it out. We'll just play the very appreciative audience."

"How would you like the show to get a whole lot better, and maybe require some audience participation?" asked Jake, still smiling that shit-eating grin.

"What do you mean?" questioned John. "Looks like they've got it going on pretty well without two more guys in the way!"

Jake was impatient and figured he'd go for broke. "What if I told you that I had a little pill for each of you that made you not only hard as a rock for as long as you can stand, but would make you cum endlessly, so long as you keep drinking water or cum?"

Gordon looked at him and said, "I'd say you were about to put Viagra out of business! Then I'd say you were crazy. You think we'd take a drug without knowing what it would do to us?"

Jake laughed. "What if I took it first?"

Gordon and John looked at one another, still slowly jerking their semi-hard and ample 7- and 8-inch cocks. "Heck, sure! Knock yourself out." John muttered. "You don't actually expect us to believe you, do you?"

"I suppose it does sound pretty fucked up. So sit back and watch my show then." Jake opened the pill bottle and swallowed the first pill, chasing it with a healthy dose of fluid. At this point, the action in the hot tub had sort of subsided, as all the men had overheard the conversation, but not given it much notice until Jake actually took real pills out and consumed one. Now they all were staring at him with curious looks on their faces. Jose looked a little impatient, as he was certainly missing the attention of his boys, but he figured it could wait once everyone figured out that this guy was nuts.

All of a sudden, Jake's cock visibly sprung from three-quarters hard to full, rock hard, 11-inch attention. He immediately grabbed it and started wanking it for all it was worth, his massive balls bouncing and careening off the walls of his quivering sac. 

"That's nothing special,” said Brennan. "I've heard Viagra will give you a woody that won't quit. I'll be impressed if that huge cock of yours shoots at all." 

No sooner had the words left his mouth than Jake's cock erupted with extraordinarily powerful force, shooting a stream of cum straight up into the air. The first great geyser of cum must have shot a good five or six feet straight up, and continued in an unabated, pulsating stream for more than 20 seconds, raining white hot splooge down on all seven men. 

The six onlookers all stood there dumbfounded, their mouths wide open. Some of Jake’s cum dripped into the gaping mouths of each of the six men, and all were in such a state of shock that none of whom even moved to wipe it off. 

Jake’s first monumental blast of sperm was followed by regular pulses of sperm, each a mighty slug of baby batter that arced high into the air to land wetly on every surface within a 10-foot radius. As Jake's cum stream slowly subsided to a languid, spurting flow several minutes later, Casey was the first to speak. "Are you sure this stuff is safe?" he asked. 

Through the spasms of his continued orgasm, Jake exclaimed, "As long as you k-k-keep drinking w-w-water or cummmm..." and then proceeded to shoot another giant load, this time preserving the precious fluid by shooting it straight into his own mouth.

"Unbelievable..." all six men said in unison.

"The pills are in the bottle, please make sure you only take one." The six scrambled for the bottle, and despite their eagerness, each carefully snagged a pill for themselves, downing it as quickly as possible. In moments, each of them joined Jake in his orgasmic bliss.

The twins had gotten out of the tub and, after several seconds of non-stop ejaculation, immediately got the same idea and chowed down on each other’s spurting rods. It didn't take long before their faces were coated in the other's cum that poured out of their mouths, unable to completely swallow the incredibly copious amounts of spunk spurting from their respective, rock-hard 8-inch cocks. At several points, each would "come up for air", pointing the others prick at their chests, soaking themselves in white creamy ejaculate before returning to the sucking. 

Gordon and John watched this scene intently as their hard cocks began erupting with the same extraordinary fervor, raining sperm down on their beefy pectorals and flat, smooth bellies. Both had increased their masturbatory pace to a blurry pounding of fists, and their minds were now filled with true gay desires, the lust for cock unbearable. Neither could go on with what they now knew was a lie all along, that they just "liked to watch." As if on cue, both of them looked at one another, and then immediately fell into the same position as Casey and Brennan, greedily chomping down on the other's endlessly spurting penis as if it were their last meal. 

Meanwhile, Jose and Steve were still standing in the jacuzzi, locked in a fierce kiss with their bodies pressed as tightly together as possible with their huge cocks spewing cups and cups of jism between then, dripping down their flat, muscular stomachs and into the hot bubbling water. Jose would periodically reach between them and scoop up a handful of the load and rub it all over Steve's hugely-built frame, into his thick brown hair, and occasionally sticking his coated fingers in his mouth, given them both a taste of their mixed semen. Steve in turn began to do the same, only taking his sticky coated fingers and working them into Jose's twitching asshole. 

All the while, Jake sat back fisting his exploding rod, drinking in the scene as well as periodically taking a swig from the 6-foot arc of semen that just kept streaming from his straining 11-inch cock. ‘THIS was more like it!’ he thought.

After about 10 minutes of this continuous orgasm, enough semen was lost dripping from mouths, spurting onto orgasm-wracked bodies, flowing into the turbulent water of the hot tub (which had begun to turn a milky shade of white), and just lost on the tile floors and walls surrounding the men that the drug's effectiveness slowly wore off. Gordon had figured this out, and remembering Jake's words, immediately began passing around the remaining jugs of water. All the men, feeling incredibly parched, drank feverishly from the containers, spilling much of the precious water onto their semen-soaked bodies. So much water was lost in this process that by the time the jugs reached John again, they were bone dry. 

"I'll get more, hang on!!!!" John cried, and pulled his lean and muscular body up off the sticky floor and, toting both jugs in hand, ran as fast as he could to the showers to refill them, his raging hard on leading the way. Upon entering the showers, he immediately turned three of them on and stood in one, refilling the jugs in either hand while keeping his mouth upturned into the shower he was standing in, gulping down as much water as he could. 

Just as the jugs filled and John felt in control of his thirst, the second wave of orgasm hit him. His legs gave out as his thick dick once again shot clear across the shower room, striking a group of five men who had previously been engaged in a mutual jerk off session of their own when this guy with the rock hard boner entered the shower and began filling up jugs and drinking the water from the shower head like a madman. 

As John squealed with pleasure, once again fisting his spurting cock at a furious pace, the five men rushed over to him to assist, assuming there was some kind of medical condition. One asked, "Dear god, is there anything we can do?" 

John merely looked up, still firing wad after wad of sticky jism at the men, and managed to grunt, "Take this water to the hot tub and ask-k-k-k about the p-p-pills." The men looked at one another and then back at John, who now had begun aiming his big dick at his face, lapping up anything he could get into his mouth, and with the other hand, massaging the rest of his copious load all over his muscular body and then jamming 3 of his big fingers as far as they could go up his asshole. Finding his prostate, he began massaging it, only to induce another round of deep growls and grunts as increased semen began to erupt flow from his prick.

The men grabbed the jugs and rushed out to the jacuzzi, where they were met with the most amazing sight. The entire area was soaked in semen, so much so that several of the men slipped on the gooey tile and fell down into the mess as they ran to the scene. Everyone there, including Jake, was covered in a pearly white sheen of sticky cock juice. Brennan and Casey were now engaged in a rather acrobatic feat, rolling along the slippery tile until one was sitting astride the other with that brother's pulsing rod spewing cream deep into his asshole, only to be flowing out again and around the aching shaft as there was just too much cream for anyone's rectum to hold.

The brother on top was roaring with pleasure has he fed his brother his own spurting rod as he bounced hard up and down on the other's cock. After about 30 seconds of this relentless fucking, they would roll the other direction and switch places. 

Meanwhile, Jose and Steve had gotten out of the hot tub and were engaged in a tight 69, Jose deep throating all of Steve's 10-inch wonder, the jet of cum streaming directly into his stomach. Steve, in turn, was doing much the same, creating a complete cycle of cum. 

With John gone, Jake had taken over servicing Gordon, having pushed him into the hot tub and bending him over forwards as he plowed his massive 11 inches over and over into Gordon's tight, muscular ass. Periodically he would reach around the man’s tight body and grab a handful of the cum spewing out of Gordon's rock hard prick and devour it, while Gordon took to simply diving his head into the now completely cum-stained jacuzzi water and drinking it like a pig at the trough.

The five men who arrived at the scene just stood there stunned, all grabbing their newly renewed erections as they took in the scene. Finally, one had the gumption to ask, "Your friend said something about a pill?"

Thus began the most intense night of sex any of the men at the bathhouse had ever witnessed or experienced in their lives. Gone were the preferences of body type, race, and age. By the time the evening was over, every man in the place had fucked and sucked or been fucked by or sucked by almost every other guy. Despite all the frenzy, Jake was able to monitor the pill bottle, and made sure that every man got just one. 

The increased dosage carried the men to two hours of near constant ejaculation, interrupted only by periods of mass rushing to the showers to drink. And even this interruption didn’t begin until the entire contents of the jacuzzi, a thick and soupy mix of water and fresh sperm, had been consumed, as well as great quantities of the pools of sperm that had formed all over the floor and walls in the jacuzzi room. 

John became pretty much immobilized on the shower right where he'd collapsed the first time as man after man would come in to drink water, and he'd be the first one they'd see when their orgasms began again. By the end of the evening, John sat dazed in a pool of cum inches deep in the shower room, having had his mouth fucked and ass plowed by every man there at least two or three times. Still, his thick cock spurted out big jets of cum here and there as he lay swimming in the warm creamy sea of spunk. 

The Irish twins, Casey and Brennan, had at one point in the night teamed with another pair of twins, and pretty much tried every possible combination and position with the other couple that was possible. 

Steve and Jose became lost in the sea of men, each taking turns informing newcomers of what was going on (though it didn't take anyone long to figure it out).

Jake took orders for pills at the end of that night that he figured he could sell for several thousands of dollars, which was more than enough to pay to have the bathhouse cleaned, which took the entire next day. He figured that now that he had the formula, he could pretty much set up his own lab in his house and use his Pfizer connections to buy the raw materials wholesale without anyone knowing. While the excitement of a new business opportunity was on his mind as he stumbled from the bathhouse just before sunrise, his true interest was continuing to test and perfect his new drug. All his thoughts were soon turned towards that water polo team he helped coach. He just needed to figure out a way to get them all to take his new drug.

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