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Friday, May 13, 2016

Battle Royal Massacre

Battle Royal Massacre Based on an original story by The Mangler


Mike’s magnificently muscled body was splayed out for all to see, all his massive muscles straining and on full display. Of course, this was not exactly what the huge stud wanted, but at the moment Mike had no choice. 

The gorgeous young wrestler was being felt down on the floor in the very center of the wrestling ring. Both of his mighty arms were stretched above his head, held at full extension by the young stud Samson, who had his feet planted on Mike's huge shoulders and was pulling upward on Mike's wrists. Each of Mike’s legs were held by another young street punk and spread wide. His purple trunk clad crotch was widely exposed, presenting an enormous and inviting package that was about to be the target for the final young tough guy. 

Mike had ended up in this position as a result of the final wrestling match of the evening, a 20 man, $100,000 battle royal. Unbeknownst to him, however, his final four opponents had worked as a coordinated group during the event to eliminate the other wrestlers, while "protecting" the young muscle stud from being eliminated. The other four wrestlers had been wanting to have their way with the handsome young muscleman for a long time, and were now going to have their chance.

Mike was a ring veteran, having dropped out of college at age 20 to show those "pussy ass guys" how to really wrestle, and had been extremely successful in his 3 years in the league, quickly climbing to the top of the ranks. The brown-haired, blue-eyed hunk was one of the most popular wrestlers in the league, not only for his undefeated record, but also for his stunning good looks and incredible physique. Mike looked like a super hero, from his masculine, all-American boy-next-door face to his perfectly developed body. He stood 6’2” tall and weighed a massive 320 pounds of pure muscle, making him one of the heaviest and most muscular guys in the league...or anywhere else for that matter. He had a classic V-shaped figure with massive chest and incredibly broad, boulder-sized shoulders sitting on top of a tight 32" waist. All his muscles were exquisitely defined and had been worked on individually to achieve their astounding size and mass.

His four opponents were actually two tag teams who had joined the league only recently and were out to get noticed and noticed big. They were all light heavyweights but wanted to show they could play with the big boys. 

  1. Samson, the leader of the group, was darkly handsome and dangerous, having lived on the streets for years. Though only 19 years old, he stood 5'11" tall and weighed an impressive 235 pounds of dense, powerful muscle. His shoulder length dark hair framed a ruggedly handsome face, and that same dark hair dusted his big chest and corrugated abs. 

  1. Samson’s partner was Dan, a big, brown-haired farm boy from the Midwest who stood 6’1” tall and weighed in at a massive 280 pounds. The handsome young farm boy’s was the only remaining competitor who even approached Mike’s eye-popping size, though Dan was thicker and lacked the other man’s amazing definition. 

  1. Scott, a beautiful blond stud of a man, stood 6' tall, weighed 220 pounds, and was 22 years old. He had a swimmer's build with long limbs, a huge square chest, and long, muscular arms and legs. He was a master of wrestling holds, both legal and illegal, and loved to torture his opponents. 

  1. Craig was the shortest man at only 5’8” tall, but weighed 250 pounds and had a build like a brick shithouse. The handsome young blond 19-year-old had worked on his arms to develop massive biceps and tremendous upper body strength, and worked well with Scott, who helped set up devastating holds from him. 

All four of these wrestlers were friends and had the same philosophy--winning was everything. Any hold, any maneuver, any weapon was fair game as long as you won. And they all lusted after the huge super heavyweight stud, Mike.

With a loud yell of savage triumph, the huge fireplug Craig dropped straight down and drove his big, bare fist into the trapped and exposed nuts of the muscled hunk. A bellow of agony burst from Mike's full, beautiful lips as his big, fat nuts were driven straight into the mat, and a roar of approval erupted from he crowd. Every massive muscle in Mike's body tensed as the bomb exploded in his crotch. The big man thrashed so wildly that for a moment there was a doubt if the three other punks could maintain their holds, but they managed to hold onto the bigger stud. 

With much fanfare, a smiling Craig traded places with Dan at one of the hunk’s huge, outstretched legs. Dan stood and looked down at the inviting target, admiring the heroic bulge of cock and balls clearly outlined in the stud’s purple trunks. After the big man leered down at the huge stud for a few moments, he then jumped into the air and delivered an annihilating thigh smash into the exposed crotch, driving all 280 awesome pounds of farmboy muscle into the bigger man’s screaming balls. Again, a roar of approval erupted from the crowd as another deep bellow of anguish escaped from Mike's lips. The big man once again tried to curl up into a ball, but without success, held fast by the other three young punks.

Dan then traded places with Scott, who was holding the stud’s other leg. With a slow, methodical deliberateness, he walked between Mike's outstretched legs, rubbing his hands together with an almost childlike gleefulness. Mike's deep and husky voice pleaded with the handsome blond stud, but his pleadings were ignored. Scott lifted up his long and powerful right leg, and then delivered a devastating series of four full-force boot stomps into the trapped cock and balls, jamming his heel directly into the bulging shorts. The initial cry of agony was cut short as the last stomp drove the remaining air from Mike's powerful lungs. The huge muscle man almost lost consciousness from the intense pain, but he was not to be so lucky. 

Finally, Scott replaced Samson holding the man’s mighty arms. The dark-haired stud walked between Mike's massive legs, placed his hands on the wide spread thighs, and did a handstand over the prone hunk. Samson’s gorgeous muscles bulged and flexed most invitingly as he held that handstand for several long seconds before dropping down, driving both knees into the supremely now tender nuts of the stunningly handsome young wrestler, crushing them once again with devastating force. This final insult was the most intense yet, and Mike felt as if his big proud nuts had been pulverized into useless mush. 

In fact, almost any man’s testicles would indeed have been obliterated by this brutal series of attacks, but Mike’s enormous gonads were made of much tougher stuff than that.  The huge orbs were bruised and just starting to swell, but they were otherwise very much still intact. 

The violent jerking of his mighty muscles finally overcame the three young punks pinning him down, however, and Mike was finally able to tear himself free. The cataclysmic pain in his huge nuts was overwhelming, and all Mike could do was roll onto his side and cradle his tenderized and nearly demolished bull balls in his huge hands.

The four young punks smiled and gave each other high five's, and then turned to the audience to stir them into an even greater frenzy. They then huddled in a small circle in the center of the stage to decide what to do next. 

After conferring for several moments, the punks broke out of their circle with wide, shit eating grins and a malevolent sparkle in their eyes. Samson stripped off his tight yellow and blue striped lycra shorts with great fanfare, revealing his well-packed jock strap underneath. The crowd was obviously pleased the by the sight, for Samson had a huge cock and big balls the size of large lemons, clearly outlined against the thin material of the jock. 

While this was happening, Scott, Dan, and Craig were busy relieving a weakly struggling Mike of his purple trunks, revealing an even more incredibly packed jockstrap. The crowd gasped at the sheer size of Mike’s genitals, barely contained by the thin mesh material. Fully soft, Mike’s enormous horse cock was over 8” long and nearly as thick as a beer can. Even more amazing were Mike’s incredible balls. If his cock was heroic, then his balls were absolutely legendary. Each massive nut was the size of a clenched fist, and together they stretched the poor jockstrap to the breaking point. Mike was unable to mount much of a struggle as the punks took off his purple trunks, and could only groan in dismay. 

Next, the crowd watched in confusion as the four toughs proceeded to force Samson's tight yellow and blue lycra shorts onto the much larger - and much heavier hung - Mike. The trunks were several sizes too small, due both to the prodigious size of the big man’s gloriously beefy, muscular ass and the awesome mass of his colossal endowment. But with much struggling and rough man handling, including several hands forcefully stuffing Mike’s cotton-encased cock and balls into the too-small lycra pouch, the four men were eventually successful. Mike's crotch was now obscenely outlined in the new trunks, each curve and bulge of his massive cock and balls as clearly defined as if the lycra trunks were a second set a skin. 

But from the punk’s view, there was another benefit -- Mike's huge balls were now held in a vise-like grip. As his tortured and brutalized nuts tried to swell, they would be squeezed tighter and tighter, increasing the pressure and pain on the studly man’s already aching nuts. His balls had been effectively placed in an increasing pressure vise.

Mike's big purple trunks were tossed into the crowd, where a fierce battle raged over them. The eventual winner was a handsome and muscular jock frat member from the local college. From the ring, Samson noted who the winner was and made a mental note to find out more -- after all, he loved crushing handsome and cocky college jocks. 

Clad now only in his jockstrap, Samson and his compatriots turned toward their victim and their continuing match.

Mike was picked up and double body slammed by Scott and Dan. They repeated the maneuver a second time. Following the third body slam, Craig dropped down, sitting on both of Mike's muscular thighs. Scott and Dan each took an enormous arm and spread it out to the side. They each placed one hand on the shoulder and one at the elbow of their respective arm, and then began a series of knee drops into the massive, 24½” biceps of their mighty opponent, delivering no less than 20 knee drops into the dense, powerful muscle. On each drop, Craig would drive his hard fist into Mike’s defenseless nuts, reinforcing the pain radiating from his huge bull-like nuts and further weakening the mighty orbs.

Meanwhile, Samson was playing to the crowd, showing mock concern for Mike, his horror and delight at the various moves, as well as posing and showboating his own beautiful body to the crowd. He paid particular attention to the side of the ring where College Jock (as he referred to him mentally) had won the fight for Mike's trunks. Definite plans were forming in Samson mind for College Jock -- plans the handsome young frat boy probably would not like.

After the 20th knee drop, Mike's huge biceps were reddened and beginning to soften up. He was pulled to his feet, where Scott and Dan placed each of his arms behind his back in an arm bar and began pushing the arms as high up the back as possible, forcing Mike onto his tip toes. Samson and Craig each picked an arm and began delivering machine gun like punches into the trapped biceps and shoulders. Big Mike was too overwhelmed with pain to do much more than grunt and cry out in pain, and the bloodthirsty crowd was loving every minute of it.

Following this, Samson and Craig prepared Mike for a double shoulder breaker. Samson raised Mike with a crotch grab, squeezing Mike’s trapped nuts mercilessly as he did so, and placed him upside down. Craig dropped to one knee and extended his other knee. After parading Mike's body around the ring, Samson trapped both of Mike's hands at his back, and then dropped Mike's shoulders onto his and Craig’s outstretched knees, driving the shoulder's into Mike's body. Mike's body was then dropped to the mat like a huge, 320-pound sack of potatoes. The big muscle stud lay there unmoving, just groaning softly, already utterly defeated. 

Scott hauled Mike upright, drove his left arm into a hammerlock, and then charged Mike across the ring into the ring post with his left shoulder. Dan then proceeded to perform the same maneuver to the right shoulder. Samson then did the left shoulder, Craig the right shoulder. Each of his opponent's then performed the same maneuver again, and then once again. At this point Mike was in so much pain he didn't know what hurt most, his humongous arms, his powerful shoulders, or his behemoth nuts. More importantly, the biceps and shoulder work has rendered his arms temporarily useless, making him unable to defend himself.

Samson then directed Dan and Craig to stand Mike up, hold each of his arms in an arm bar, and then use their inner legs to force Mike's legs wide apart. Mike was now standing with his mighty chest and pecs pushed out and his crotch completely exposed and available. Samson the stepped forward and began delivering powerful punches into Mike's enormous left pec, while Scott began punching into the right. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! The beefy sound of flesh on solid flesh could be heard all the way in the back of the stands as the two muscular punks continued sending a barrage of punches into Mike’s massive man tits. 

The onslaught was beginning to weaken the magnificent pectorals, much to the crowd’s delight and approval. Occasionally, either Samson or Craig would deliver a shot into the exposed crotch with either a knee or fist. This forced Mike to attempt to lean forward to protect his screaming nuts, but the arm bars by Scott and Dan prevented this from happening. 

After about 5 minutes of solid chest punching, Samson took his right hand and placed a vicious pec claw on Mike's left tit, then reinforced it with his left hand. Scott then placed a pec claw on Mike's right pec, digging even deeper into the 6-inch-thick pectorals with his powerful fingers. Dan and Craig then released the arm bars and stood back. Mike was now held up and in place by nothing more than the vicious pec claws. Mike bellowed in pain, his huge arms hanging uselessly at his side, unable to beat off his attackers. 

Stocky and muscular Craig then delivered a brutal uppercut through Mike's outstretched legs, driving his swelling nuts into his pubic bone. The wind was once again knocked from Mike's lungs as the pain exploded in his crotch. Dan repeated the maneuver with similar devastating results. But though they felt busted and thoroughly broken, Mike’s supremely tough nuts somehow continued to endure, swelling even larger in the straining lycra shorts but otherwise still intact. For now at least.

Samson and Scott then released the pec claws and Mikes fell face first to the canvas, falling with a loud thud as his great muscles smacked against the mat. He was quickly flipped on his back, and Dan and Craig, the heaviest of the two punks, began a series of kicks, stomps, and knee drops onto the downed wrestler's awesome bulging pecs. 

Samson meanwhile began playing to the crowd again and scanned them. He took particular notice of College Stud and the growing lump in his jeans. He really seemed to be getting off on the action. Samson wondered if he would enjoy it so much if he were on the other end. Smirking, he turned his attention back to the action.

After briefly conferring with the other wrestlers, Samson climbed onto the ring apron. The other wrestlers lifted Mike to his feet and draped him over the top rope with his big, succulent nipples protruding out across the rope like a pair of big pencil erasers. On the outside of the ring, Samson grabbed Mike around his upper trunk, Scott and Dan lifted Mike by his feet, and the three wrestlers then pulled Mike across the ring ropes from one corner post to another. Mike threw back his handsome head and uttered another deafening cry of pain as his tender nipples were burned across the length of the rope. This was repeated several times and then Mike was thrown to the canvas, where he rocked back and forth in pain, the rope burns clearly visible on his bruised chest and swollen nipples.

The quartet next turned their attention to Mike's powerful washboard abs, beginning with a series of punches, uppercuts, and karate thrusts by each wrestler. When one young punk felt his punches were losing their affect, the next wrestler took over. To keep Mike upright, his arms were tied between the 1st and 2nd ring ropes, splaying out his magnificent body in a spread-eagled position. 

After at least 10 minutes of delivering punches to the muscle stud’s cobblestone abdominals, each of the wrestlers took position across the ring and lined up like a football player. Samson would scream "hut one, hut two, hike" and each of the opponents in turn would charge across the ring to deliver a head butt into Mike’s exposed, corrugated gut. The handsome man’s tight, powerful muscle belly was starting to weaken under the abuse, and the head butts were soon able to drive deeper and deeper into the man’s tortured gut. 

Each man did this several times, with each head butt hitting lower and lower until POW! - they were slamming into Mike’s massive, meaty, and extraordinarily tender nuts. The small lycra trunks were doing their job very well, and the vise closing on Mike's nuts was getting tighter and tighter. Mike felt like his huge nuts were being crushed flat between two steel plates. 

The last head butt managed to jar Mike lose from the ropes, and he fell onto the mat. Several knee drops to the abdomen followed, and then a double stomach claw by Scott and Craig, while Samson egged on the crowd. The hands of the claw literally seemed to disappear into the tenderized belly as the battered abdominal muscles lost their ability to protect the gut.

Sensing the time was near to end the torment, Samson, standing in front, and Scott, standing in back, grabbed the trunks Mike was wearing and ripped them from his body, leaving the muscleman totally naked for the first time that night. The sudden freedom of his swollen balls dropping to the bottom of their big, baggy sac ripped a ragged scream from Mike, and the huge stud immediately dropped to his knees. He felt as though his huge nuts had been ripped off. The enormous balls immediately began swelling to even greater proportions, finally freed from the pressure vise. 

Once again, the crowd let out an audible gasp as the hunk’s giant balls were finally revealed. The mighty orbs had now swollen well beyond the size of the largest of grapefruit, and were glowing an angry dark red color from all of the abuse. The tortured testicles hung extraordinarily low in their hairy sac due to all the abuse, stretching the heavy scrotum to nearly five full inches from his crotch. 

The feeling of his aching, throbbing nuts swinging ponderously from between his massive legs was more than the young hunk’s awesome virility could bear, and his huge cock began to swell of it’s own accord. The wrestlers, and indeed the whole audience, watched in rapt amazement as the huge cock swelled in less than 10 seconds into its full, awesome, eye-popping size. When fully tumescent, the mighty cock was over a full 13” in length and thick as a wrist, the bulbous head alone the size of a large apple. 

Samson recovered from his amazement first, and ordered Scott and Dan to hold Mike up. Samson then grabbed the base of the heavy ball sac in his left hand and roughly squeezed and rolled the balls around for several minutes, eliciting moans and groans of pain from the big man. Then, using the palm of his left hand as a "backstop," he made a fist with his right hand and delivered a smashing blow into the trapped nuts. Mike grunted in pain, and his pulsing cock began to ooze a thick bead of precum. Samson landed a second punch, and then a third, and then more and more, continuing the horrifically brutal ball beating. These were blows intended to destroy a man’s nuts, not just cause him pain, and the powerful blows were starting to do their work, continuing to wear down the awesome resistance of those two twin bull balls. 

After Samson had landed several dozen mighty blows into the big man’s huge swollen nuts, he was replaced by the powerhouse Craig, who smashed Mike’s balls with a devastating series of 20 knee lifts, actually lifting the 320-pound Mike off the mat with the force of the blows. Then Scott took over, using Mike’s nuts as a bulging punching bag, each blow causing the huge nuts to bounce and swing wildly in their pouch. Big Dan was last, and he followed Samson’s lead, pulverizing Mike’s screaming nuts with mighty punches, and all but reducing the big guys massive nuts to a broken, pulpy mass of busted nut guts. 

But somehow, miraculously, Mike’s nuts were still alive. His monster balls were swelling to the size of cantaloupes, their dark red bruising was edging toward purple, and they had grown positively squishy under the inhumanly brutal onslaught, but they were still whole and intact .

Samson again took over and delivered a karate kick into the wide-open nuts, splitting them to either side and crushing them against the stud’s body. Mike threw back his beautiful head and bellowed in animal agony, and was then allowed to drop to the mat, where he lay without moving, nearly unconscious.

The four wrestlers met for a final meeting, and decided on a “grand finale” for the helpless and handsome muscle stud. 

First, Dan tossed Craig over the top rope, eliminating him. Samson and Dan then tossed Scott over the rope. Scott and Craig quickly climbed up on the ring apron, and Samson and Dan began each grabbed one of Mike’s ankle and began dragging the huge muscle man across the mat, his sweat-soaked skin allowing him to slide easily over the mat’s surface. The hauled the huge handsome stud crotch first toward a corner turnbuckle, where Craig and Scott had recently removed all of the protective padding, leaving the thick metal post exposed. Samson and Dan then handed Mike’s ankles to the other two punks, who pulled the man’s massively muscled legs spread wide apart and prepared to deliver their coup de grace. 

By this time, Mike’s huge horse cock was drooling precum freely, and a big pool of the thick, clear, viscous liquid had formed beneath the powerfully throbbing organ all over his washboard abdomen. Mike looked up and realized with horror what his next torment would be, but barely had a chance to utter a terrified gasp before the short fireplug Craig shouted, “Say goodbye to your unborn children, you muscle bound freak!!” 

Craig and Scott then yanked Mike’s huge legs with all of their might, slamming the man’s  vulnerable balls against the metal post with a sickening crunch. A horrendous scream escaped from Mike’s lips as his huge nuts connected with destructive force into the turnbuckle. The man wished desperately at that moment to pass out, but he was simply too strong and tough for that, and had to endure every moment of the impending annihilation of his goliath bull balls. 

Again and again, they repeated the maneuver, further bludgeoning the already screaming and rapidly crumbling bull nuts and ripping even more bellows of agony from the beaten man’s lungs. Not even Mike’s mighty balls could survive such brutal abuse much longer. 

Samson saw that the muscle man’s huge cock was drooling ever more precum from all this abuse, and he and Dan leapt over the ropes and took over from the other two punks. Slam! Slam! Slam! Again and again and again, Mike’s squishy nuts were crushed against the turnbuckle, crushing them flatter and flatter with each terrific blow. Mike’s huge cock was throbbing harder and harder, and Samson knew the time was near. With one last heave, the two wrestlers slammed Mike’s nuts with the greatest force yet, and then the incredible happened. 

With a bellow of primal anguish, Mike’s entire muscular body arched in agony and his monster cock swelled even larger still, growing to most than 14 unbelievable inches in length, and then began spewing out the most massive ropes of the thickest, whitest cum any of them had ever seen. Gush after gush erupted from the muscleman’s throbbing cock, blasting high into the air to land with wet splats across the mat and on top of the stud’s own sweat-soaked, heaving bulk. Literally dozens of titanic wads shot from the pistoning cock, each as large as the one before it, before the super human orgasm finally began to ebb. 

Just as the monumental orgasm was about to end, Samson dropped his whole body elbow first into Mike’s cracked and busted nuts, utterly crushing the big beauties and forcing one final huge blast of cum from the rock-hard cock. 

The crowd leapt to their feet and cheered ferociously at this display of hyper masculine virility and the utter domination and destruction of the huge muscle man. The mat was drenched in thick ropes of Mike’s seed, nearly a gallon of the thick funk coating the slick floor. 

At this point, Dan was thrown from the ring, making Samson the ultimate winner of the battle royal. Samson exited the ring quickly, and he and Craig pulled Mike out of the ring and to his feet, draping his huge, useless arms over their shoulder's and "helping" the naked, destroyed muscle man back to the dressing room. As they walked up the aisle, they would stop to allow the fans to punch, fondle, and abuse the broken bodybuilder. 

As they came upon the college stud, the handsome jock reached out, grabbed Mike by the horrifically swollen nuts with both hands, and began squeezing as hard as he could. Having just pumped out an earth shattering load, Mike’s huge nuts were even more mushy and tender than before, and the young man’s fingers were easily able to dig into the very heart of the two beefy man lumps. The young jock’s brutal ball squeezing caused the big man to bellow in renewed agony and, after just a few minutes to this abuse, Mike surprised everyone by shooting another load. This second deluge of cum was nearly as massive as his first one, blasting his thick sperm all over the college jock until the young man’s clothes were drenched with the stuff. Samson encouraged the young man to then deliver a series of punches into the swollen nutsac, making the gargantuan gonads quiver like they were made out of jelly. 

After pumping out his second mind-blowing orgasm, the brutal beating was more than Mike could take, and he finally and mercifully passed out. 

Samson invited College Stud to the dressing room with them, and the handsome and naive young stud accepted. Samson and Craig continued their march back to the dressing room with Mike in tow, the college guy close behind with Scott and big Dan pulling up the rear. Mike didn't know it yet, but he would soon be owing the College Stud a huge favor. While Mike still had many humiliating and painful moments to come, most of the post match action was going to be against the College Stud, because Samson and his boys enjoyed destroying fresh meat over playing with already busted meat.

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