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Monday, May 2, 2016

Saddle Castration - Original Version

As always, I'm sharing the original version of the story that inspired my version. In this particular case, my story ended up being vastly different than the original, but you can see the seeds of my story here. :)

Saddle Castration
Submission Date: 2001-11-09
By: Anonymous 


Woman throws a party where man is castrated while riding a specially designed mechanical bull.
Living in Vegas gives me access to so many things, but the thing that gets me off the most is castration. I don’t know why, but watching a man being castrated turns me on tremendously. The rush and euphoria causes me to have uncontrollable, almost violent orgasms. Problem is, I’ve only seen two, and I planned the second one myself. I threw a party at an obscure location and invited twenty-five women, telling them that it would be an unforgettable sexual show. I lured a good-looking man to the party promising him the best night of his life. He was big and tall and senseless. Men will do anything for sex. I picked him up and blinded folded him, which he consented too without question. Leading him into a back room, I asked him to strip, still blind folded. He obliged and I examined his goods. His balls were heavy and hung low, perfect I thought. Then I led him on to a small stage to the delight of the crazed audience. The man was getting nervous and asked what was happening. I took off his blind fold and he was shocked, but after being applauded for his large manhood, to our amazement he started to dance. I didn’t even know he could dance. But I had something else for him to do. Ride the bull. I had a mechanical bull placed center stage. But it was a special bull. Once in the saddle, a hole opened where the testicles could be pulled through, unbeknown however, to the rider. I got our male guest to stop dancing and the ladies encouraged him to get on the bull. I put a cowboy hat on him and dark sunglasses. He was quite a site! Then a pushed my special button and the hole in the saddle opened. He was waving at the audience not paying much attention when I pulled his balls through and pushed the button a second time, which clamped firmly around his scrotum and balls. So tight that there was no getting off, not without being castrated first.
I had had a friend help me with the alterations to this mechanical bull and we added a special sliding board like extension to the front. When the balls were freed from the body, they’d slide down the board and into the hands of whoever was lucky enough to catch them. There would be no blood, the hole in the saddle had crimping clips that neatly and securely pinched off the blood flow from both sides. A special electric cauterizing knife cut ever so slowly until the balls fell off. At least that’s the way it was designed. But all the while the rider is trying to hold on for dear life or dear balls.
Our rider knew now that his balls were firmly secured below the saddle. He didn’t like the idea and was quite vocal about it. That’s when I started the music and started the bull. He had one little knob at the top of the saddle to hold onto and that was it. It was impossible for him to get off. The bull started to rotate and he started to ride. I wanted this to last a long time. I made sure it was slow at first, then I turned off the music and got on the PA and told the ladies what was going to happen. They went wild and started pushing to the front hoping to get a pair of freshly severed testicles for themselves. They could see the testicles if they were directly in front of the bull, and everyone wanted to see.
Finally, one woman said, “Turn it up! Turn it up!
Then everyone started to shout. I turned the bull up a few notches, the man was turning green, but he wouldn’t let go. I knew it was time to help him. I turned on the electric cauterizing knife and it slowly began to cut. You could smell the flesh burn and one woman began to shout, “Here them come!” But they were along way from coming off. I needed to watch, I needed to see, so I pushed close to the front, I watched the agonized man, I watched the balls, they were dark and hard to see, but I felt a stirring in my stomach, my breasts ached, and my clit was hard. I had to rub it and feel it. I had to have those balls inside of me. I ran up and turn the cauterizing knife on high and turned the bull on maximum. I ran back down, the man was being thrown around furiously. He seemed to be leaving his saddle, you could see that the cauterizing knife had cut through the scrotum and now the cords were the only thing holding the man in place, but they were stretching and he was flopping around in the saddle. Then, as if in slow motion, the man flew off the bull and his scrotum and balls slid slowly down the sliding board. It was ever so quiet. The women were mostly moaning and I convulsed with one orgasm after another.

Seeing his balls lay there, crimped with a shiny clip, was more then I could have hoped for. Why did they have such an attraction for me? I had to touch them, I had to have them pushed deep within me. But a hand grabbed them from out of nowhere and they were gone. Someone had my balls, someone had robbed me, and I wanted vengeance. I caught the woman by her hair and tried to get them away from her. But she tossed them into the crowd. So many hands went up, so many hands reaching, someone caught them, but only one woman knew for sure, and she had apparently stuffed them quickly in a warm wet place. Now I’ve got to throw another party.

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