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Friday, April 20, 2018

The Ginger Bull - Part 22 (Conclusion)


What would you like to do next? 

 ___ - Walk away now while the huge muscle dude still has some portion of a nut left. 
 _X_ - Put a permanent end to the hunk’s alpha stud status by pushing the “lower” button one last time. 

The stud’s massive cheat is heaving as he struggles to regain his breath, his enormous lungs inflating and contracting and causing his gigantic rib cage to expand to even more impressive dimensions. His handsome head is slumped forward, and you think at first that he may have passed out, but the continuing deep moans and groans of agony escaping his beautifully-shaped lips confirm that the tough-as-nails rugby stud is still conscious. You almost feel sorry for the handsome muscle giant. Any other man would have long since blacked out from all of the unending pain, but this ginger hulk is simply too strong, too phenomenally tough to fall unconscious. Instead, he gets to experience every agonizing moment of his epic unmanning. 

“Hey there handsome! I’ve got a surprise for you!” You grin wickedly as you saunter over to the side wall and once again remove the remote control from its holster. The red head’s beautiful hazel eyes fill with fear and panic as he realizes what you’re about to do, and his writhing and muscular flexing becomes more desperate than ever. But you both know that his struggling is useless, and that the steel restraints at wrist and ankle ensure that his sole remaining bollock can never escape from harm’s way. 

You toy with the big handsome lad for many long moments, running your thumb lovingly over the “lower” button. The big stud is beyond begging at this point, and just quietly whimpers as his terrified eyes remain locked on the remote control in your hands. 

“Tell me stud. You got any kids? You pass on those fucking INSANE genetics of yours to a future generation?” 

The ginger bull’s voice is dry and hoarse from hours of bellowing, and it takes him several tries before his impossibly deep voice says, “No, sir. But please, please spare mah last ball! Ah’ve always wanted to have kids, lots of ‘em, but was jus’ waiting until ah was a little bit older. Please don’t take that away from me, too!” 

“That’s too bad, stud,” you reply, shaking your head in mock sadness. “You shoulda thought about that before you volunteered to put your balls on the line here at the Fun House!” 

And with that, you give the “lower” button a rapid-fire series of pushes, pressing that big red button at least a dozen times. You know without a doubt that you’re about to witness the catastrophic end to the lad’s spectacular manhood. 

Your eyes are riveted to the hunk’s already profoundly overstretched bollock, and your heart hammers in your chest as the hidden winch once again fires up and that steel cable continues its inexorable descent into the floor, taking the stud’s huge man orb with it. The bulging nut seems to swell impossibly larger as the cable continues its cruel work, and the gorgeous red head bellows in even greater agony as his huge goolie is stretched past all endurance. 

13 inches! 

14 inches! 

The Aussie muscle giant is hysterical as his lonely bollock is pulled farther and farther from his straining crotch. 

15 inches!!

16 inches!!

The lad’s gigantic bollock is turning a deep reddish-purple, and the already bulging veins coursing over that mammoth orb now look like they’re going to burst through the overstretched skin at any moment. The handsome hunk is delirious with agony, his monstrously muscular form thrashing about in his restraints, his hazel eyes fixed on the surviving half of his manhood, which seems about to tear off at any moment. 

17 INCHES!!! 

The stud’s mammoth, straining ball is now past the guy’s fucking KNEES, and it STILL refuses to tear free!! This huge rugby muscle god simply can’t be HUMAN!! 

You notice in amazement that the cable’s descent is slowing, and you are shocked to realize that the stud’s ferociously tough ball cords are starting to resist further tugging. You can actually HEAR the hidden winch start to strain as it tries to drag that massive whopper of a nut toward the floor, but the insanely tough nut cords are fighting back, refusing any further pulling. 

18 INCHES!!!!!


The magnificent muscle man throws back his handsome head and utters his loudest bellow yet, every massive muscle flexing in spectacular, mind blowing hugeness. At that same moment, his colossal cannon of a cock fires off the most enormous gloopy rope of cum you’ve seen yet from the hyper virile super stud. The titanic slug of cum is an unbroken rope over 8 feet long that blasts out with such force that it arcs OVER your head to collide with the floor and wall behind you, striking with the loudest SPLAT!!! yet. 

The sight is utterly awe inspiring and humbling at the same time. Here is a muscle stud who has already blown the two most massive loads you’ve ever seen in your life, lost the right half of his manhood entirely, and had the left half pummeled so brutally and extensively that it simply HAD to be ruined and rendered useless! And yet, somehow, his colossal left bollock is miraculously still functioning! Hell, not just functioning, but putting his previous two orgasms to shame, and with only one huge nut to power it! 

A second, equally gigantic spurt of cum erupts from his pulsating, thundering cock, and then a third, and then a fourth! He is lashing your body with so much cum that the incredibly thick baby batter is once again shellacking your body. It is a fitting swan song to the handsome lad’s dying masculinity, and the sight finally puts you over the edge. Your second long-delayed orgasm finally wracks your tortured loins, pounding spurt after spurt after spurt of your own thick cream into your already drenched pants. It’s a truly huge load, the biggest in your life, but it pales in comparison to the monster load being pumped out of the ginger’s giant bull cock. 

Meanwhile, the cable continues doing its diabolical work, tugging harder and harder at that quivering orb even as it coughs up its final load. Ten seconds pass, and then 20, and then 30, the stud’s mighty ball cords fighting the metal cable to a stalemate. A deluge of sperm continues to erupt from his mammoth cock with no end in sight, the huge tower of manflesh slamming against his belly and ribcage over and over again with fearsome force. 

It’s nearly a minute into the stud’s soul-wracking orgasm that you begin to see tiny tears appear in the lad’s overstretched scrotum. The stretched out sac drops a little lower, and a little lower still, as those tears begin to grow and multiply. More and more torc is being placed on those thick and powerful ball cords, but they simply cannot take such awesome strain forever. 

The gorgeous ginger stud arches backward, his back bending so far backward that you fear his spine might snap, and the most terrible bellow of all is torn from his huge lungs. At that same moment, those mighty ball cords that had been struggling so desperately to keep his last remaining ball attached to his body finally give up, losing their epic battle against the thick steel cable. The sound of those balls cord popping and snapping can be heard even over the whirr of the struggling motor, followed by the gross, wet, squishy tearing sound of his scrotum finally being ripped from his body. 

It’s over so quickly that it’s almost a blur. With his last testicle violently torn from its mooring, the metal cable is able to retract into the floor with blinding speed, carrying the lad’s detached testicle with it. The mammoth bull nut strikes the concrete ground so hard that you can’t help but involuntarily wince, even though you know that the handsome rugby lad can no longer feel any pain from his severed ball. The impact makes a big splash in the vast pool of sperm and raw nut guts already cooling on the hard floor, coating your already drenched legs in even more reproductive goo. 

With the other half of his manhood violently and viciously torn from his body, the ginger’s head slumps forward and his massive body goes completely limp in his restraints. You realize that the poor stud has finally, mercifully, passed out. Even so, the herculean hunk’s massive cock gives a few more mighty pulses, the last dregs of his gigantic load burping out of his bloated and distended horse cock. The heroic cock then starts to lose its fantastic tumescence, and begins to wilt right before your eyes. His final boner deflates rapidly until it’s just a limp tube of meat, still incredibly and impressively long and thick, but now rendered permanently useless. 

You can’t help but stare once more at the young man’s magnificently muscular body, this extraordinarily masculine beast of a man who you’ve just turned into a nut-less steer. Blood is running freely from the wound at his groin, where his colossal man eggs were once attached to his mighty body. You know you should probably leave now so that the Organization can come in to stop the bleeding and revive the handsome new eunuch. 

You’re about to leave when your eyes drop to the gigantic bollock lying on the sperm-flooded floor. When the lad’s sac and nut cords finally failed, the metal band that had been constricting so tightly around that titanic testicle finally snapped open and released the tortured bollock. The gigantic ball immediately bloated back to its original shape, though it is now even larger than ever before after all of the beatings it has received. The humongous orb looks even larger than ever, if that is possible, now that it has been detached forever from its owner. The enormous lump of man meat is still encased in a largely intact portion of his scrotum, though the gray walls of that huge gonad can be seen through several tears in the sac. You wonder what the Organization will do with that dying nut. 

Without even thinking about it first, you suddenly rush forward and grab the severed neck of that huge sac, hoisting the lad’s mammoth left bollock into the air. Thick slugs of cum and chunks of shattered nut meat drip off of the bloated sac, splashing back into the pool of sperm below. It’s hard to believe, but that massive sphere of nut meat is even HEAVIER than it looks, and you marvel once again that TWO such colossal nuts could have been attached to a man’s crotch. 

You thrust that severed ball under your sperm-soaked shirt, trying to hide the huge nard beneath your clothes. The detached nut is still warm and feels very much alive, though you know that even now those oxygen- and nutrient-starved tissues are slowly dying. You fear that the Organization may try to stop you from claiming a keepsake from the day’s events, so you clutch that monstrous bull nut to your belly, drink in one last long gaze at the almost unbearably handsome red headed muscle man, and then flee the room. 

You dash back through the vestibule and onto the elevator, and then all but run out the lobby into the street. No one tries to stop you. In fact, you see no one at all. You discover that it’s now the dead of night outside the building, many hours later than you’d thought, and the streets are dark and deserted. You are completely drenched in another man’s sperm and have a warm bulge beneath the belly of your shirt so large that it looks like you’re in your second trimester, but the street is dark and no one is around. You keep to the shadows and decide to run the entire way home. 

You can’t wait to get back to your apartment and place your prize in a huge glass jar. You know you will never ever forget your visit to the Fun House, and are happy that you will always have the ginger bull’s titanic left ball to remember him by. 



  1. Bon voyage! Viva la testicle!

    What an explosive ending, poor guy.

    1. Yeah, that huge muscle bull sure fought a good fight, but even his tremendous power and sexual might could not stand up to such brutal abuses forever. :)

  2. Thanks so much for that story...I loved it...and was exactly the ending I wanted.. nothing hotter than castrating a huge muscle god...I’ve never found anything like the stories you write...hope they continue

    1. So very glad that you enjoyed this latest story series, Ian! Again, it's an adaptation of another author's work, but I definitely did extend the stud's abuse a LOT longer than in the original. ;)

      And I DO hope to start writing again in the near future -- I started a new job last week that frees up more of my time (and that doesn't leave me feeling quite as exhausted by the end of the week), so with luck, I'll get bitten by the writing bug again soon...