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Friday, April 6, 2018

The Ginger Bull - Part 16


 ___ - The handsome hunk has had enough; leave the room and leave him intact. 
 _X_ - Press your luck and the “tighter” button yet again. 

The gigantic muscle man, this colossal and almost unbearably handsome stack of muscles, is now openly weeping, sobbing in agony and the realization that you may actually be about to destroy his beautiful balls. 

NO!! PLEASE!! the Australian muscle beast begs, his beautiful hazel eyes locking with yours and his deep, deep voice growing hoarse from all of his bellowing and yelling. “Mah balls can’t TAKE anymore!! They’re about to fuckin’ BURST!! Please don’t take mah big stud balls from me, mate!!” 

But you’re beyond listening - way beyond listening in fact. You eagerly press the “tighter” button yet again, confident that you’re about to watch the annihilation of the biggest nuts in the whole fucking world. 

This time, you definitely hear gross crunching and crackling sounds as the metal band once again begins to squeeze down on the stud’s bulging bollocks. You can actually HEAR the tough outer shells of those most massive of bull nuts starting to crack and give way, pushed past all human endurance as the heart of his mighty nuts are crushed to ridiculously small dimensions. 

At the same time, a thick sludge of pure white spunk begins to pour out of the tip of his raging, 16-inch mega boner. This is no orgasm — the stud’s baby batter is now being literally CRUSHED out of his balls, flowing down the towering length of his massive cock like some huge, white lava flow! And if you thought that the spunk in his previous orgasm had been thick, you now realize that was nothing compared to the consistency of the spume now being wrenched out of his balls. The stuff pouring out of his dick was so clotted and thick that it is virtually solid, like some sort of paste or putty. Hell, it almost looks like white caulking, it’s so thick! You realize with amazement that his previous load had indeed been significantly diluted with other seminal fluids — THIS is what his cum looked like when it isn’t diluted, and it’s incredible! And FUCK, enough of the impossibly thick jizz is now being squeezed out of his bull nuts to impregnate every woman in a good-sized country!! And this is AFTER his previous impossibly huge load!! This stud is just INSANELY virile!!! 

With every passing second, the cruel ring grows tighter and tighter around the ever-compressing mass that is the source of the stud’s heroic masculinity…and with every second, you listen over the wet crackling and scrunching sounds for the inevitable POP!!! that will spell the destruction of at least one of these legendary gonads. But that sound never seems to come. Instead, somehow, impossibly, the stud’s bullish balls are squeezed down to a mere 11 inches - and survive!!

The handsome lad’s wild thrashings continue, though his screams and bellows have turned into unintelligible roars of pure animal agony. You have no doubt wreaked some terrible damage on the buck’s mighty balls already, perhaps even permanent, mortal damage, but they’re somehow still alive and whole, if only barely. You know that if you stop now, and that means RIGHT now, you would probably still leave him with a functioning set of testicles, allowing him to retain his title as the greatest stud on the planet. 

Or you could press the button again and turn him into the most muscular and handsome eunuch in the world. 

You are now positive that his huge spuds won’t be able to withstand any more squeezing, so the choice is yours…

What will it be? 

 ___ - The poor lad has suffered enough! Stop now and let him survive intact. 
 ___ - Redline those colossal gonads and press the “tighter” button one last time! 


  1. It's time! Finish the poor guy! I'd hate to leave him with damaged goods. No goods are much better.

    1. It definitely IS time, Beartrap! The point of no return. If this stud's spuds get squeezed one more time, they're gonna explode. And I mean SPECTACULARLY explode. Are you SURE you wanna ruin his achingly handsome muscle stud? Are you SURE you want to turn him into something less than a man???

      Yeah, me too... ;D

  2. Keep going until his balls are done for, then put the ring around his cock, pinch that off for good measure. Not like it'll be of any use without those bull balls.

    1. Sort of a coupe de grace, if you will? That's not a bad idea at all... :)