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Tuesday, April 10, 2018

The Ginger Bull - Part 18


What is your pleasure? 

 ___ - Let the poor bastard keep his sole remaining whale nut, and leave the room now.  
 ___ - Take up the slack and press the “lower” button. 
 _X_ - Take a few moments to explore the stud’s shattered right ball. 

Your lust-crazed curiosity gets the better of you, and you decide that you have to take a closer look at the shattered remains of the handsome hunk’s right ball. You find the largest tear in the stud’s scrotum and look at the busted ball remains, simultaneously disgusted and awed by what you see. 

With the tough and fibrous outer shell of the mighty bollock shattered and the dense interior meat broken, the pale gray inner workings of the massive jizzball are exposed to the open air. You can see thousands and thousands of slender, spaghetti-like tendrils all tangled together, the vital sperm-making tubules and testosterone-producing inner workings that power the phenomenal masculinity of this heroic hunk. Many of these tendrils are broken, and you can actually see off-white fluids leaking out of them and dripping to the floor below. This fluid contains the stud’s heroically potent sperm cells, all in various stages of maturity, and you almost cum a second time was you realize that this fluid represents the very last vestiges of virility for the man’s titanic right nut. 

You look up and see that the young man’s towering column of a cock is still hard as a rock, the 16+ inch cock cannon apparently still randy and ready for more! Good GOD but this stud is tough!! You’ve just utterly pulverized half of his manhood, rendering one of his mighty bollocks into a useless, ruined, shattered mess, and the ginger giant is STILL bone hard and dripping!! What a fucking BEAST!!! 

Still curious, you extend one finger and gently poke it into the warm gray pudding that was once the biggest right bollock you’ve ever seen. As your fingertip probes into the slick and gooey flesh, the handsome hunk rears back his head and bellows in animal agony, his entire muscle-bound body once again thrashing mightily in his restraints. Unbelievably, the lad’s broken nut meat is still ALIVE!! Even though his broken right bollock is mortally wounded and utterly ruined, the untold thousands of nerve endings within that shattered orb are still intact and sending messages of extreme pain to the young man’s already agony-wracked brain! You can only IMAGINE the inhuman agony he must be feeling as your finger probes INSIDE of his heavy bollock! 

Without warning, you shove your entire finger into the lad’s broken nut, burying your thick digit to the hilt. The young man’s deafening roar of agony is music to your ears, and the sight of every last one of his huge muscles bulging and flexing into spectacular relief is awe inspiring. You dig your finger around in the heart of the lad’s nut, exploring its depths and ripping thunderous howls and bellows of agony from the handsome rugby stud. But his baritone screams cannot completely drown out the sickening wet slurping and squishing sounds made by your exploring digit, nor the staccato SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! of his mighty horse cock as it flexes and throbs and smacks repeatedly against the rock solid wall of his cobblestone abs. 

You are overcome by pure, maddening lust. You can barely believe that you’ve got one of your fingers buried knuckle-deep into a biggest, toughest, most heroically MASSIVE bull ball you’ve ever seen, a shattered whale nut that’s attached to the most spectacularly handsome and hunky man you could have imagined. You keep digging and digging and digging with your finger, further wrecking the dying nut and wresting shrieks and bellows of agony from the bound muscle titan. 

You continue your explorations for at least 5 or 10 minutes, an eternity for the screaming and sobbing hunk. Your brutal inspection of the inner workings of that mammoth nut complete, you hook your finger around a large clump of tendrils and filaments and, with a sharp and mighty yank, you violently pull your finger out of the broken ball. You can feel flesh tearing and ripping as your finger breaks free, pulling out thousands of slender gray filaments with it and tearing one of the greatest bellows of agony yet from the unbearably handsome stud. 

There can be no doubt about it — the stud’s titanic right ball is utterly wrecked and finished. A large portion of that thick nut flesh might still be temporarily alive and suffering, but that spectacularly massive orb is as good as dead. No surgeon on the planet could ever hope to put that shattered orb back together to save even a portion of its integrity, so it will only be a matter of a short while before even the surviving tissues whither and die. 

Congratulations! You’ve destroyed the ginger bull’s herculean right ball! 

What would you like to do next? 

 ___ - The gorgeous muscle stud has suffered enough! Leave him with his remaining ball intact.   
 ___ - Keep moving forward and press the “lower” button on his left bull ball. 


  1. Yes! scoop those yummy fleshes out.
    I came twice from this OMG!
    Reminded me of when unmanning Angus in 2nd and 3rd chapter of the Deadwood except I'm not a fan of clean cut surgery process in the end.
    I want some gory mess! I hope this stud would give me that.
    And yes, press the "lower" button right away.

    1. Hey, so glad you enjoyed this very graphic description of mucking around with the INSIDES of a man's mammoth bull nut! I was particularly brutal, even for ME! :)

      And you will get your wish -- the next chapter indeed involves pressing the lower button yet again... >:)

  2. Fuck man...this is so ridiculously hot... the thought of actually getting my fingers inside a muscle God’s ruined testical and pulling out chunks of his once mighty press every button for me...amazing

    1. So glad you like it! The graphic description is a bit of a departure for me, and I have to admit, I really got off on writing it / adapting the original version.

  3. That was amazing and especially brutal for you. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Damn... But let's not leave this poor stud hanging around with delusions of ever being a man after today.

    Press that button

    1. You got it! Pressing that button now... >:)

  4. Yep, very hot...I try to get my fingers into my big testicles as much as I can, and play with my sperm tubes, feel the fresh nut packed in them...good job, keep it going!

    1. Wow, that's damn impressive! Sounds painful!!

  5. OHH I loved this part!!! :D
    Should of made LEAST 5 chapters worth of working inside that broken bollock!! hahahaha

    1. I love that idea, Danny! Any chance you'd like to take a first stab at writing some additional chapters...? :)