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Thursday, November 23, 2017

Pumpkin Pounded - Chapter 4

Pumpkin Pounded - Chapter 4
Based on an original story by Sack Stomper


Nathan addressed his hunky captive once again, saying, “Now, I’ve been pounding these big puppies of yours from the front, but to be really effective, I ought to be slamming them from all sides, don’t you think? So I therefore believe that a little repositioning is in order!” Without warning, Nathan jabbed both of his tasers into Brad’s deep, hairy, muscular armpits and shocked the huge hunk full blast, this time tasering him even longer than he did the first time. Brad’s eyes crossed as he convulsed in his restraints, unable to escape the searing agony of the electricity coursing through his massively muscular body. 

When Nathan finally removed the tasers, Brad fell limp against his chains, rendering him temporarily helpless once again. Nathan used that opportunity to flip his massively muscular form around so that he was now facing the tree, his enormously muscular arms embracing the mighty trunk and his equally mammoth legs wrapped around the tree’s base. His still rock hard cock was trapped between his chiseled abdomen and the rough bark of the oak tree, while his gargantuan gonads hung down, massive and vulnerable, between his widely-spread thighs. 

“Hmm, your gigantic thighs and big, beefy ass kinda block those huge balls of yours from view. Let’s see what I can do to make them a better target… Ah, here we go!” Nathan first pulled a short segment of log from the wood pile and placed it between Brad’s legs, face up, so that it created a simple stand. He then pulled a particularly large pumpkin from the pile, using both hands due to the pumpkin’s great weight, and carried it with some effort over to Brad. He placed the pumpkin on the short wooden stump between Brad’s feet. The pumpkin had an unusually long and thick stem, one that curved back on itself to make the perfect handle. 

Nathan next grabbed a short length of metal cable from his duffel bag and made a very large loop at one end and slipped it over Brad’s bloated stud nuts, pulling the loop tight so that both massive nuts were trapped at the bottom of their oversized sac. Then he made a second loop at the other end of the cable, one that was barely long enough to slip over the pumpkin’s thick stem. Brad’s huge nuts were now in essence connected to the huge pumpkin. 

Without warning, Nathan kicked the log stand out from under the pumpkin, letting the huge gourd fall toward the ground…and taking Brad’s bound balls with it! The huge orange pumpkin easily weighed 80 or 85 pounds, maybe even more, enough weight to yank most men’s nuts right off of their body, but Brad’s mighty whoppers managed to pull the gourd up short just a few inches from the cum-spattered earth. The huge muscle hunk cried out in surprise and pain as his humongous nuts were roughly and brutally stretched to a full FIVE inches from his body, but the mighty cords and conduits connecting his huge nuts to his magnificent body held strong. The huge pumpkin was left hanging in midair, gently swaying back and forth, as Brad’s mammoth nuts supported the gourd’s entire weight! 

“THAT’S more like it!” Nathan gleefully exclaimed. “Now those huge balls of yours will be MUCH easier to hit!” 

And indeed they were. Nathan returned to using the smaller pie pumpkins, wanting to stretch out Brad’s torture and emasculation for as long as possible, and shot gourd after gourd unerringly into Brad’s bound and defenseless nuts. Instead of being trapped between the pumpkin and Brad’s own crotch, his battered bollocks were now being crushed against the rough and unyielding trunk of the oak tree itself, an even more solid surface than the young man’s own muscular crotch. Nathan launched the pumpkins as quickly as he could, often with only 2 or 3 seconds between the ejection of one pumpkin and the next, allowing Brad’s nuts the barest minimum of time to recover from one devastating blow to the next. 

Sometimes, the pumpkins would burst upon impact with the young man’s impossibly dense and super tough gonads, coating them and the tree behind them with stringy vegetable guts and slick pumpkin seeds. Each time one of the pumpkins exploded in this manner, Nathan imagined that it was Brad’s own massive nuts splitting wide open, spilling their own meaty guts and raw man seed all over the uncaring ground, and this imagery spurred him to continue hammering and abusing Brad’s screaming bollocks without mercy or respite. 

Other times, the pumpkins would remain solid and intact even after colliding with Brad’s great bull nuts. It was these harder, denser pumpkins that did the most damage to the young man’s low-hanging bollocks, crushing Brad’s balls with unbelievable force and threatening to squash them flatter than pancakes. These pumpkins would often strike so hard that pieces of the bark beneath Brad’s nuts would crack and chip away, shattering in all directions like wooden shrapnel. This rough bark also began to abrade the silky soft flesh of Brad’s huge nutsac where it was pressed up against the tree trunk, the sharp edges creating dozens of scrapes and shallow lacerations all over the face of the gigantic ballbag. 

Nathan also had the bright idea of setting the huge dangling pumpkin to gently spinning, which would twist Brad’s ridiculously stretched out scrotum first one way and then another. He would then time the pumpkin cannon to shoot its next volley to strike at Brad’s nuts from whatever direction he desired — the front, the rear, the sides, and everything in between. When Nathan managed to hit Brad’s nuts directly side on, it forced the outside nut to absorb the initial impact, and then send it crashing into its twin. The brutally powerful blows threatened to force the outside ball to pass THROUGH the one closest to the tree, and more than once, it looked like one  or the other of Brad’s huge bollocks would break apart in the process, but somehow, doggedly, they continued to endure. 

Over time and after many, many impacts from the offending gourd cannon balls, the rough bark had abraded the young man’s soft and delicate scrotal sac on all sides, and soon its entire surface was covered in scratches and abrasions. But these superficial injuries were nothing compared to the damage being inflicted upon the thick, beefy core of each of Brad’s mighty bollocks, and a sobbing David feared that even if Nathan were to stop right now, the injuries already inflicted on those two massive, swollen bull nuts might be fatal to the huge sex glands. The gargantuan bollocks had swollen bigger than ever under all of the relentless abuse, and had now turned an ugly and mottled shade of reddish-purple, clear signs that the delicate testicular tissues were already heavily traumatized. Just how much more could the handsome stud’s mighty nuts take before they simply burst apart in their bruised and battered sac?!?

Meanwhile, Brad’s goliath bull cock remained just as rock hard and erect as ever, even though it too was suffering scratches and abrasions from being pressed so hard against the rough tree trunk. With every flex of his huge muscles or involuntary buck of his hips, Brad was rubbing the underside of his magnificent penis against the rough side of the tree, almost like he was fucking the mighty oak. The hard and crackled surface of the tree trunk was rougher than sandpaper, though, and before long the impossibly thick underside of Brad’s mega schlong was bright red and raw from all of the rubbing. 

None of that reduced the young stud’s boner in the slightest, however. In fact, Brad’s cock seemed to swell even larger and harder as the slow demolition and obliteration of his nuts continued. It shouldn’t have been a shock, then, when the handsome hunk’s massive dong hit orgasm for a second time through nothing more than the brutal pummeling of his nuts and the rubbing of his angry cock against the rough tree bark, but both Nathan and David were nevertheless caught completely by surprise when this second orgasm slammed into Brad’s muscular, straining crotch with the force of a freight train. 

After more than three dozen pumpkins had thudded against the young man’s aching and screaming balls, hammering them from every direction and threatening to reduce them to nothing more than a huge fleshy sack of ground chuck, Brad’s hyperactive libido just couldn’t take it anymore. As had been obvious with his first orgasm, the searing, inhuman pain exploding inside of his battered testicles had crossed wires with his sense of pleasure, so the continued abuse was hammering at his pleasure centers as much as it was his sense of pain. And no pain that a man could experience was greater than having his most delicate man parts systematically bludgeoned and beaten to death. 

The first awesome seminal blast was completely trapped by Brad’s own extraordinarily muscular body, and gushed wetly into the tiny spaces between his deeply etched abdominal and chest muscles and the wide tree trunk itself. But so voluminous was even this first blast that it immediately overflowed the limited space between the tree and the young man’s body, and big slugs of the super human cum wad spurted out messily to either side of the young stud’s heroically flexing body. 

Another pumpkin slammed into Brad’s battered nuts just after the first slug of stud sperm left his body, and as Brad arched backwards and uttered a deafening bellow of agony, the tip of his cock head was revealed as his mammoth chest and upper abs were peeled away from the trunk’s surface. The second mighty jet of spume was therefore unimpeded as it rocketed skyward. From Nathan’s vantage point 40 feet away, it looked like a fountain of white cream had been placed between the young man’s magnificently muscular body and the massive oak tree, for the volume and force behind this second sperm salvo didn’t seen even remotely humanly possible. The gigantic rope of cum blasted at least half a dozen feet above Brad’s own head, nearly catching in the lower branches of the oak tree, before reaching the apex of its climb and then falling downward in a shower of big, gloopy slugs of stud jizz. 

What followed was an inhumanly monstrous orgasm that easily matched Brad’s titanic load from just some 20 minutes earlier. Astoundingly massive and unbelievably thick streamers of cum erupted from the young man’s pulsating cock as if the handsome stud hadn’t cum in a year. And by the time his mighty balls had finished purging themselves of their second goliath cum load more than a full minute later, the entire front of Brad’s exquisitely muscular body was completely coated in his own pearlescent spew, and the front of the massive oak tree was similarly shellacked in a liberal coating of stud jock man jizz. 

But cruel Nathan didn’t let up for a moment. Not only did he continue hammering Brad’s balls with cannonball-sized pumpkins throughout his colossal ejaculation, he kept right on pulverizing the stud’s screaming bollocks long after his second orgasm was complete. Nathan gleefully noted that Brad’s mighty bull balls had begun to weaken and soften over time. Initially, the pumpkin missiles could barely put a dent in the muscle stud’s massive balls, but over time, each impact started to compress the incredibly dense nuts flatter and flatter. Brad’s huge balls continued to immediately rebound to their egg-like shapes as soon as they had repulsed the latest gourd missile, but there was no doubt that their phenomenally thick and tough outer walls were finally starting to break down under the relentless abuse. Now, more than half an hour after the first pumpkin had been launched into Brad’s magnificent man nuts, each new collision of gourd-on-bollocks was causing the young man’s titanic testes to flatten to only half of their original thickness. Nathan knew he was well on his way to breaking those huge nuts wide open! 

Brad’s mind was such a whirl of pain that he didn’t notice at first then the continuous pummeling of pumpkin missiles had suddenly ceased. His massive, cum-slick chest heaved as he tried to regain his breath, the underside of his cock felt like he had been fucking a bed of broken glass, and his throat felt raw from all of the hollering and bellowing. But none of that pain could even BEGIN to compare to the atomic surges of pure agony pulsing from his horrifically bruised and battered nuts. Since he was bound face-first against the huge oak tree, Brad couldn’t see his own balls from his current vantage point, but they felt like they had been reduced to a mangled mess of ruined nut meat. 

Nathan could see, though, that while Brad’s nuts had indeed swollen to nearly twice their already monumentally enormous size and were almost uniformly covered in purple bruises, the two massive orbs were clearly still whole and intact. The young man was astounded by his captive’s strength and staying power, and he walked forward to investigate. 

Brad’s entire body tensed as he felt the unexpected touch of Nathan’s hands once again grasping his beyond-massive balls. This time, though, the man’s touch felt gentle, almost reverent, as his hands softly cradled the enormous mass of battered nut meat hanging between the young man’s gargantuan thighs. Nathan gently rolled the enormous orbs in his hands, awestruck by how utterly massive they’d swollen. Each mammoth whale nut had originally been too big to fit in one of Nathan’s big hands, and now they had bloated so huge that even with both hands, one titanic nut would fill them to overflowing. 

Nathan released his hold on Brad’s right nut and wrapped both of his hands over the goliath left orb, lacing his fingers together around the rear of the huge bollock and placing his thumbs side-by-side on the front. Then, without warning or preamble, Nathan began to press with all of his might, drilling his thumbs downward into Brad’s softening nut meat. 

“GAAAAAAARRRRRGH!!!!!” Brad bellowed in renewed agony as he felt Nathan’s thick thumbs plunge deep into his left ball. Nathan’s eyes grew wide and his grin took on an insane cast as he watched the titanic orb distort in his hands, bending into shapes that no man’s testicle was meant to endure. Brad’s gorgeous green eyes felt like they would bulge out of his head as Nathan’s thumbs dug deeper and deeper into the bloated and distended nut. Brad was sure Nathan wasn’t going to stop until his fingers and thumbs were touching, and he began bracing himself for the wet, loud ‘POP!’ of his great nut bursting at any moment… 

Nathan was in absolute heaven. The object of his greatest sexual desire, the most magnificent human male to ever walk this earth, was bound to an oak tree and absolutely helpless before him. And he was now clutching half of this epic stud’s heroic manhood in his hands, feeling it slowly crumble and collapse in his annihilating grip. The young muscle man’s bellowing and frantic efforts to break free of his heavy steel chains only served to further heighten Nathan’s already extreme arousal, and he felt like his own big cock would spurt its long overdue load into his pants at any moment. He was determined to totally ruin this gorgeous stud, to turn him into something less than a man, and he knew that the handsome hunk’s bulging left nut only had seconds more to live. 

But try as he might, Nathan simply could not get that massive bollock to burst! His face was flushing a deep red with the effort he was pouring into his big hands, and his own arms started quaking. Nathan could feel Brad’s huge, round nut getting flatter and flatter, and flatter still, big bubbles of softening nut meat oozing between his clutching fingers. But he soon reached a point where the colossal nut refused to compress any further, remaining a rock hard, firm meaty patty in his hands. Nathan uttered his own warlike bellow as he pressed down as hard as he could, willing his thumbs to dig through that final inch or so of hard flesh separating his thumbs from his fingers, expecting at any moment to feel his thumbs plunge through that dense, beefy barrier and feel the juicy stud nut implode in his hands. 

But that moment never came. 

With a final cry of frustration and fury, Nathan released Brad’s nearly cracked bollock, and watched the tortured orb quickly resume its usual oblong shape. He could see that his fingers had left marks of fresh trauma in the young man’s tortured nut flesh, but the huge ball had defied him yet again, maintaining its structural integrity against the greatest force he could exert on the mammoth orb. 

After panting for a few moments to catch his own breath, a wry smile crept over Nathan’s handsome features. “I gotta hand it to you, Brad,” he said, with a note of admiration in his voice. “You’ve got a pair of supremely tough coconuts there! Any other man’s nuts would have long since been reduced to nothing more than a bloody smear against that tree trunk, but your ridiculously oversized balls are somehow still in one piece! I would have said it was impossible for a man’s nuts to endure so much abuse, if I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes. Yup, you are a stud among studs, Brad, no doubt about that!” 

Nathan absently gave the huge pumpkin hanging from Brad’s overstretched balls a short, sharp kick, sending the huge gourd to swaying once again and ripping another grunt of pain from Brad’s barrel chest. 

“But you know what, I think I’ll give your balls a rest for a little while. Give ‘em a chance to firm up a bit for the fun still ahead. Besides, there are other parts of your body I’d like to torture as well.” 

With that, Nathan took his tasers in his hands once again. He jabbed one into the small of Brad’s phenomenally muscular back, just above the twin meaty globes of his humongous bubble butt, and thrust the other into the base of Brad’s skull at the very top of his impressively thick, bull-like neck. The young muscle god managed to choke out another bellow of pain as his entire body was sent into convulsions. Nathan hit the discharge button on both tasers for more than 20 seconds this time, far longer than he had in the past, reducing Brad to a limp stack of muscles, completely unable to defend himself. The cruel captor used this opportunity to once again reposition his studly victim, shackling him so that he once again faced forward. The huge gourd was still hanging from the young man’s tortured balls, and it swung around wildly during the stud’s repositioning, causing even further agony to the handsome hunk. 

“What a gorgeous sight!” Nathan exclaimed as he stepped back to admire his handiwork. And it was true — the bound college stud was indeed the most stunningly beautiful sight that either of the other two men had ever seen. The achingly handsome and magnificently muscled young bull was looking much the worse for wear after all of the brutal treatment he’d endured, but that only served to make him look even more powerful and masculine and brutally sexy. The whole front of his body, from his chest down to his ankles, was completely coated in a thick layer of his own chunky effluvium, filling the air with the heady reek of raw male sex. The underside of his gargantuan horse cock was covered in abrasions and lightly bleeding from several shallow cuts, but was just as rock hard and magnificent as ever, pointing heavenward and drooling even more of his seemingly endless supply of clear lust honey. 

But it was the young man’s behemoth balls that took center stage. Further loosened up by the relentless pounding and by having a nearly 100-pound pumpkin hanging from them for more than half an hour, Brad’s bloated bag of bollocks was now hanging down an astounding SIX INCHES from his crotch, creating a ridiculously elongated rope of nutsac containing the all-important cords, cables, and vessels that kept the young man’s balls attached to his body and gave them continued life. 

The balls themselves had swollen so large that they looked too big to belong on any creature, man OR beast! Each massive, egg-shaped orb had now bloated so huge that they were bigger than most of the pie pumpkins that had been hurled against them. But though they felt softer and squishier than any pumpkin, Brad’s bollocks still had a hard and solid core, which they had proven time and time again against an onslaught of more than 100 pumpkins. The healthy pink color of less than an hour ago had been replaced by a mottled dark red and deep purple, visible evidence of the terrific trauma that had been meted out to the young man’s mighty bull balls over the course of the afternoon. 

The herculean hunk nuts had stoically endured savage abuse that would have destroyed any other man’s balls dozens and dozens of times over. And not only had the massive bollocks survived and remained whole, they’d blown the two most freakishly massive loads that either of the other men had ever seen, back to back, simultaneously proving both their super human toughness and their supreme virility. But the question remained — exactly how much damage had those two massive balls already received? Even if Nathan stopped now, would those twin lava factories survive the damage they’d already endured? Were they so heavily mauled and mangled that the young man was already sterile, effectively a eunuch? Or was is possible that they could still recover from even THIS level of abuse…as long as the torture stopped right now? 

These questions seemed moot, however, for as Nathan once again manned his pumpkin cannon, it seemed clear that the jealous and lust-crazed college student was determined to redline the young jock’s balls to the breaking point and beyond. 


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    1. I'm glad that you're enjoying this story series. I really enjoyed expanding the original version and putting my spin on it, and am very happy with the results.