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Friday, November 17, 2017

Pumpkin Pounded - Chapter 3

Pumpkin Pounded - Chapter 3
Based on an original story by Sack Stomper


Nathan had been hiding in the lower branches of the oak tree the entire time, gleefully awaiting the arrival of his friend, David, and the object of his greatest desire and envy, Brad. True to his word, David had led Brad to the big tree like a bull to the slaughter, and Nathan was at first wickedly overjoyed with how the shorter man was so clearly and so effectively seducing the unsuspecting muscle stud. But Nathan soon realized that David’s seduction was no mere act; his friend was clearly as infatuated with Brad as the big man was in him! It was almost like David was rubbing Nathan’s face in the fact that he could have what his friend could not. The sight made Nathan furious, and he toyed with the idea of punishing David as well… 

Nathan stealthily crept down on the far side of the tree, took out a few tools from his duffel bag, and waited for the right moment to strike. Seeing David shellack Brad’s mammoth bull nuts with his own stud gruel was the signal Nathan had been waiting for, and with both men so distracted, Nathan attacked. 

With lightning speed, Nathan jammed two tasers into Brad’s body — one into his solid muscular right flank, and the other into his hairy groin, right next to the thick base of his impossibly huge cock. Both tasers were at their maximum setting, shooting enough combined electricity into the young man’s gloriously muscular body to fell a bull elephant. David had stumbled backward onto his ass in surprise at the attack, and thus was spared any secondary voltage from the tasers. Brad, on the other hand, was completely paralyzed by the double-barreled shock, his eyes flashing wide in terror and pain as all of his powerful muscles were suddenly locked in a mighty contraction for five full seconds, and then fell limp. 

Nathan quickly grabbed Brad’s enormous shoulders and pressed him back against the tree, keeping the huge man from bonelessly toppling forward, and shouted to David, “Quick, help me get this stud tied up!” 

David was so stunned by the suddenness of the attack that he quickly jumped to obey, not yet thinking about the consequences of his actions. As the last dribbles of his unforgettably powerful load oozed out of his still rock hard cock, David helped Nathan secure thick leather cuffs around Brad’s wrists and ankles, and then attach each of these cuffs to stainless steel chains. Brad’s powerfully muscular arms were pulled down and back by the chains, which Nathan locked together on the far side of the massive tree trunk. Brad’s massive legs were similarly secured, spreading his goliath thighs wide to fully expose the young man’s gigantic cock and balls. 

With his prey fully immobilized, Nathan smiled wickedly and said, “Well isn’t THAT a glorious sight! The biggest, best looking stud on campus tied up to a tree, all helpless and vulnerable, with his ridiculously oversized dick and nuts just hanging out there for the world to see! And all completely at my mercy!” 

“Hey Nathan,” David said, a note of uncertainty and fear in his voice. “What do you plan on doing to Brad now that you’ve got him all tied up? I mean, I think you’ve already made your point. The big guy is clearly really scared, so I think he’s learned his lesson. Besides, he’s a really sweet guy, and you know that he didn’t MEAN to hurt your feelings.” 

“Didn’t mean to hurt my FEELINGS?!?!” Nathan shouted, raw anger in his voice. “Parading around our dorm room every day in all of his studly glory?! All of those muscles just a few feet away from me, but always out of my reach?! Always PRETENDING to be nice to me, flashing me those brilliant smiles of his, and acting like my friend, when all he really wanted was YOU?!? Pumping out a gargantuan load into his sheets every single fucking NIGHT as he dreamed about YOU?!? No, big Brad hasn’t even BEGUN to pay for how much he’s hurt me!!” 

“And speaking of hurt and betrayal…” Nathan said ominously, before suddenly spinning around and slamming a taser into the underside of David’s big balls, jamming the fat nuts into the young man’s pelvis while simultaneously unleashing a massive surge of electricity into the short stud’s privates. Agony exploded in David’s groin, and his eyes flew open wide in response. Nathan tased David for only a couple of seconds and at a far lower setting than he’d used on Brad, but it was more than effective, for the young man crumpled to the ground in a limp heap, temporarily paralyzed. 

“Leave him ALONE, you BASTARD!!” Brad bellowed in a dangerously deep voice. The big stud was already recovering from the double taser blast he’d received, far faster than Nathan would have thought possible, and was pulling against his steel chains and restraints with all of his considerable might. 

“Or what?” Nathan replied in a teasing tone. “You gonna help your little lover here? No, I think you should be more worried about yourself, big guy!” 

Nathan quickly went to work on David, binding his wrists together over his head and dragging the naked little muscle pup over to a nearby tree stump. He wrapped a chain around a big exposed root, one that was more than 8 inches around, and locked David’s bound arms in place. The young man was only weakly moaning and groaning, and only just beginning to shake off the effects of the taser blast to his balls. 

With David immobilized, Nathan was able to turn his full attention on big Brad. 

“Well, Brad, you’re certainly the man who has it all,” Nathan said, sneering at the big muscle man as he ran his eyes hungrily up and down the stud’s magnificently muscular body. “You’re more handsome than ANY man has a right to be, you’ve got a rockin’ hard body that would be the envy of any pro bodybuilder, and you’re hung like a freaking BEAST! I just don’t think that’s fair, do you? It’s not like you got dealt a royal flush — it’s like every fucking card in your entire fucking DECK is a fucking ACE! You’re an utterly perfect man, Brad, and you should have been mine. None of this would be happening if only you’d wanted me instead of David. And I’m going to make you pay for that poor judgment…” 

Locking eyes with the terrified but defiant Brad, Nathan reached forward and grabbed one of Brad’s behemoth balls in each hand. The colossal orbs filled Nathan’s hands beyond overflowing, but that didn’t deter the vengeful man, and he began to squeeze down with his strong fingers. Nathan could see pain flicker in Brad’s stunning green eyes, and the big man’s muscular jaw flexed and tensed as he grit his teeth against the growing agony in his nuts, but the huge stud refused to give his assailant and roommate the satisfaction of making him cry out. Nathan wasn’t deterred, though, and in fact was hoping it would take a while to break Brad to his will…and break his ridiculously oversized balls in the process. 

But the latter was proving to be far, far tougher than Nathan would have ever expected. The huge orbs in his hands were incredibly hard, harder than should have been possible for a man’s testicles, so dense with thick nut meat that they resisted more than the most minor deformation no matter how hard Nathan squeezed. He changed his grip so that his thumbs could dig into the middle of each mammoth nut, and started trying to drill his thick thumbs into the very heart of the young stud’s manhood. Again, however, Nathan was foiled, for his strongest efforts yielded only the barest of dents into the sides of the stud’s mighty bull balls. 

Nathan refused to be daunted and kept up his ball mauling action for a very long time, squeezing so hard that he was certain any other man’s bollocks would have long since exploded in his hands, but Brad’s herculean bull nuts just absorbed every ounce of power that Nathan could pour into them, and seemed to just beg for more. The slow, methodical squeezing and crushing went on and on and on for minute after minute, abuse that would have reduced any other man to blubbering tears, but Brad simply returned Nathan’s cold stare and refused to cry out. And even though Nathan could tell that Brad was experiencing a world of hurt from the ball bending abuse, the stud’s behemoth horse cock remained just as rock hard as ever, and even began to ooze the first few drops of slick, clear precum. For all the world, it looked like Brad was ENJOYING having his grapefruit-sized gonads cruelly crushed in another man’s hands! The sight was unbelievable! 

After nearly 10 minutes of relentless ball squeezing, Nathan finally released the bigger man’s enormous testicles in disgust, furious that he hadn’t even begun to soften them up yet. Brad’s colossal cajones were glowing a bright red with the imprint of Nathan’s big hands, but were otherwise completely unharmed by a level of brutal abuse that would have liquified any other man’s balls. 

Nathan wasn’t worried, however, for he knew that he had a surefire way of permanently breaking Brad’s big nuts, and he set about putting his next plan into action. 

“Don’t move,” Nathan quipped, “I’ll be right back!” Nathan set off at a slow jog around the corner of the nearby corn maze, and less than half a minute later started working his way back, dragging a large device behind him. Neither David nor Brad could at first make out what the contraption that Nathan was dragging behind him. David figured it out first, however, and as he let out an involuntary gasp of fear, Brad’s green eyes widened in understanding as well. And both men instantly knew that Brad’s huge balls would soon be in terrible, mortal danger. 

“Is that…? Oh FUCK, man, you CAN’T be SERIOUS!!” David cried. 

“Oh, I’m deadly serious,” Nathan replied, a cruel smile on his lips. 

As Nathan moved the contraption into place about 40 feet away from the massive oak tree, the other two men could get a long, hard look at the device. 

The large assembly of steel and hardwood was something of a combined catapult and slingshot. It had been used during the recent Harvest Festival as part of one of the more popular carnival games. The catapult had been set up at one end of an open field, and a series of heavy wooden targets had been set up on the other side of the field, up to 100 or more yards away. Festival goers would pay for their ammunition, which consisted of small pumpkins up to the size of ripe cantaloupes, and would load and aim the slingshot at the far away targets. With a pull of a lever, the pumpkin would launch forth as if shot from a high-powered cannon, sailing through the air at great speed. All three of the young man had watched others play the game, and delighted when a well-aimed pumpkin would collide with a target with an explosive and messy SPLAT. 

It quickly dawned on Brad what his cruel captor intended to do with the pumpkin cannon, and his powerful and valiant efforts to free himself of his iron chains became even more violent and frantic, but remained ineffective. 

Nathan tinkered with the cannon, adjusting its height and position, and clearly taking aim at the gorgeous stud of a man chained to the oak only a mere40 feet away. When he was satisfied with the set up, he then stepped over to the nearby pile of discarded pumpkins and started searching for his first gourd missile. 

“Hmm, I think I’ll start with this one,” Nathan said in a nonchalant voice, picking up a small pie pumpkin and weighing the gourd in his hand. “Don’t want to start TOO big, after all, as I don’t want to break your big bull nuts too soon,” he cruelly teased, loading the orange pumpkin into the slingshot cannon. 

Nathan began rubbing the bulge in his denim-clad crotch, turned on at the prospect of the big jock’s imminent de-nutting. He did some final tinkering with the cannon’s aim, placed his hand on the big wooden lever, and fired. 

Time seemed to stand still for all three men as the pumpkin shot forth like a rocket, a streak of orange aimed directly at the bound muscle stud. The aim was a little high, as the pumpkin collided with terrific force against the uppermost row of Brad’s granite-hard abs…and caught the young man’s huge, swollen cock head directly between the speeding missile and the impenetrable wall of muscle. The pumpkin struck the underside of that massive spongy plum and crushed it against the young man’s corrugated belly with punishing force, colliding so hard that the solid pumpkin actually shattered on impact. But not before pulverizing the tip of the stud’s rock-hard dick and nearly knocking the breath out of his lungs! The sharp, stinging pain in Brad’s cock was ferocious, but with his diaphragm momentarily paralyzed by the force of the strike, he could only utter a soft, deep grunt of pain. 

“Seems my aim is a little high,” Nathan joked, though it was now obvious that he’d intended for the first gourd to strike high. He adjusted the settings, loaded a second pie pumpkin, and shouted, “Ready! Aim! FIRE!” 

The second pumpkin launched with equally devastating force, and this time collided with the midpoint of Brad’s heroically thick, columnar cock shaft. Unlike his spongy cock head, which had been squashed nearly halfway flat by the first pumpkin, his steel-hard shaft barely even dented as it was caught between the speeding pumpkin bullet and the solid wall of his rock hard abdominal muscles. The gourd struck with such force that its thick wall, instead of shattering like the previous pumpkin, actually split in half right down the middle along the axis of Brad’s mammoth horse cock, the two pumpkin halves bouncing off of Brad’s concrete abs to the ground below. 

This time, Brad let out a loud grunt of pain through his clenched teeth, but still refused to cry out. It felt like his cock had been snapped in half by the force of the blow, but other than a large circular patch of bright red at the point of impact, his mighty truncheon of a cock was unharmed. 

David now realized that his friend was taking his revenge far past the point of a mere prank. Nathan was now clearly setting his aim for Brad’s massive, unprotected jewels, the source of his fantastic musculature and heroic manhood, with the intent of not just causing the young man pain and humiliation, but of actually castrating the young muscle bull!! 

“NO, Nathan! This is INSANE!! Please stop it now! Don’t hurt Brad any more!” David cried, begging for mercy for the achingly hot and handsome hunk. 

“Almost there!” Nathan gleefully shouted, ignoring his friend’s protests. “Just a few more adjustments…” He loaded in a third pumpkin, this one identical to the previous two except for its yellow color, and fired the cannon. 

Although the pumpkin only took a few milliseconds to cross the intervening distance between the cannon and his undefended crotch, to Brad it seemed to take forever. His stunning green eyes were fixated on the solid pie pumpkin as it came closer, and closer...


Brad’s bellow of agony almost completely drowned out the sound of the pumpkin crashing full-force into his huge balls. The aim was spot on and the force was tremendous. The pumpkin split on impact into three or four big chunks before falling the ground, revealing two bright red, slightly battered-looking balls. Brad writhed and hollered like a wounded bull, tearing at his iron chains with greater force and urgency than ever, and his gigantic muscles bulging and flexing most dramatically in a display of awesome masculine might. He had never before felt such extreme, explosive pain and was sure his testicles had just ruptured, even though they were still quite whole. 

“Perfect!” Nathan cried. “Right on target! Let’s try a bigger one this time.” Nathan picked a slightly larger white pumpkin from the pile and loaded it onto the cannon. Brad’s reddened nuts were bouncing wildly in their huge sac as he frantically — but uselessly — tried to escape his heavy steel bonds. Nathan watched the gorgeous interplay of Brad’s flexing muscles for several long moments, enraptured by the beautiful and intensely masculine sight, before pulling back on the lever and letting the next heavy gourd sail through the air. 


Brad thought he might pass out from the pain exploding in his nuts as the larger, heavier pumpkin smashed into his dangling ballsac. Brad’s defenseless bull nuts had no choice but to absorb the full force of the devastating impact, partway flattening against his rock solid pelvis before the heavy pumpkin broke into a dozen messy chunks and rebounding harmlessly away. His mind was swimming in agony, and he was sure that Nathan was already inflicting some serious damage to his...


Brad hadn’t even had time to process the last impact before another white pumpkin, this one even larger and easily the size of a bowling ball, collided with his defenseless genitals. This pumpkin’s tough shell was harder than any that had gone before, so didn’t immediately split on impact. That meant that the big white pumpkin possessed even more crushing force as it flattened Brad’s screaming nuts against his pelvis. Brad’s howls of agony went up an octave (though were still a deep, rumbling baritone). His gorgeous face was flushed red with his continuous bellows of pain, and his tremendously thick and broad chest was heaving most appealingly as he struggled to catch his breath. 

After three devastating impacts — any of which could have easily pulverized another man’s balls into uselessness — Brad’s already huge balls were starting to swell even larger, making the skin of his massive sac stretch even tighter across its enormous contents. His balls were becoming beet red from the ball bursting impacts, but were still just as rock solid and intact as ever. But how long could even his mighty bollocks stand up against such punishing abuse?! 

Nathan selected another, slightly smaller pumpkin — this one a vibrant yellow — and gave Brad an evil smirk as he weighed the big pumpkin in his palm. This pumpkin, though slightly smaller than the two white pumpkins that had come before, was significantly denser and heavier, and Nathan knew it had the potential to do some really serious damage to Brad’s sexual equipment. His rock hard cock was pressing insistently against his jeans at this point, for Nathan was powerfully turned on at the prospect of unmanning this massive muscle stud, and he eagerly loaded the next pumpkin into the launcher. 

“Careful there dude! Looks like you’re in danger of popping your load!” Nathan might be teasing his big, handsome captive, but his words were true. Brad’s monumental horse cock was just as bone hard as ever, and the thick veins coursing up and down its tremendous length looked like they might burst right of its skin. A steady stream of clear, glistening goo was pouring down the extraordinary length of that monster cock, the young man’s slick love juices dripping to the leaf- and mulch-strewn ground below. It did indeed look like Brad could blast his load at any moment. But how was that even possible, considering that his gigantic balls were being slowly hammered into sterility?!?

“Ready... aim... FIRE!! 

Brad was going hysterical, writhing wildly but unable to break free of his restraints. He was totally defenseless as the pumpkin, nothing but a yellowish blur, zeroed in on his manhood.

“AAAAARRRRGH!!!” Brad screamed as the pumpkin unerringly found its target. The yellow orb landed squarely at the seam of Brad’s bulging nutsack. As Nathan expected, this denser pumpkin dug even further into the fleshy, softening orbs than the previous ones. Brad felt his testicles pressing against his pelvic bone, being crushed as the pumpkin sank deeper, and deeper, …and deeper still. For a horrifying moment, Brad was sure this pumpkin wasn’t going to stop until it was touching his pelvis, obliterating the huge jock nuts caught in between. 

But after collapsing down to half their normal girth, Brad’s impossibly fat bull nuts refused to be crushed any further, and the heavy yellow pumpkin bounced off of his crotch to land in the growing heap of shattered pumpkin guts littering the ground before him. 

“PLEEEEASE!!” David begged, tears streaming down his handsome face as he helplessly watched the slow destruction and emasculation of the hottest, handsomest, most hugely-hung stud he’d ever seen. “You’re gonna BREAK his big balls, Nathan! Please don’t hurt him any more!! I’m sure he’s learned his lesson! Just don’t hurt him any more!!” 

“Let’s go inspect the damage, shall we?” Nathan said, again ignoring the pleas of his sobbing friend. He walked up to the captive hunk and once again grasped his dangling goolies, fully expecting them to be positively mushy after four full-force blows from the pumpkin cannon. But to his amazement, though both orbs were now glowing an angry red and were starting to stretch their scrotum tight, they were barely any squishier than before the abuse had begun. These were some tremendously tough stud nuts indeed! Nathan couldn’t help but be powerfully impressed by the sheer raw STRENGTH he could feel coursing through those two massive lumps of man meat captured in his clutching hands. 

Nathan noticed that Brad’s monstrous horse cock was visibly quivering, pulsing even harder than ever with the young man’s thundering heart beat. He wondered if it could actually be possible that this young muscle titan could be on the verge of blowing his load! A leering smile of both lust and awe crept across Nathan’s face as he squeezed down with all of his might, digging his fingers as far as they could go into the slightly softened ball meat. 

And that was all it took. 

“GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!” Brad roared as his thick bull cock gave a series of mighty pulses, and then began ejaculating the most insanely colossal load that either of the other two men had ever seen. The first wad was a gigantic rope of cum that painted a thick white stripe more than halfway to the pumpkin cannon. A second mammoth slug of cum followed, spraying the jock’s blindingly white seed even further. The third impossibly huge gush of sperm spurted out a little to the left, lashing across David’s bound and naked body and painting a messy white stripe against his tanned, olive skin. The incredibly erotic feeling of the muscle stud’s hot, chunky seed splattering across his own body sent David into his second, mind-wracking spontaneous orgasm, and he pumped his own big load into the dirt even as Brad pounded out literally DOZENS more humongous gouts of prime alpha jock stud cream. Even Brad’s titanic testicles didn’t look capable of producing so much thick, thick jizz at one go, but the proof was already strewn across the earth before them, and even more of the stuff was still pouring out in great ropes and streamers of cum. 

Brad’s monumental orgasm lasted more than a full minute, and both Nathan and David quickly lost track of the number of individual huge spurts of cum that burst out of his wildly pulsating bull cock. Nathan, standing to one side with his death grip on Brad’s spasming stud nuts, was untouched by the deluge of sperm, but David had been hit by half a dozen or so massive slugs of the sticky, gloopy stuff, and the short stud looked like he’d been on the receiving end of an epic bukkake session involving the ENTIRE rugby team, not just its biggest, beefiest member. 

Nathan stood there with a dumbfounded look on his face, his mouth gaping open in utter awe and amazement even as his fingers still clenched deep into the groaning stud’s tortured nut meat. After several long moments, Nathan finally found his voice, exclaiming, “HOLY FUCK!!! What the hell was THAT!?! You came like a fucking FIREHOSE, dude!! Man, I thought your nocturnal emissions were huge, but those now look like little squirts compared to THIS fucking flood of jizz!! Those are certainly some mighty baby batter factories you got there, Brad!” 

Nathan finally released Brad’s tortured eggs and gave them a firm but friendly pat. “Yeah, mighty tough fuckers, too! I woulda thought they’d be nice and soft and mushy after a couple of pumpkin blasts in the nuts, but your big bollocks have hardly softened up at all! I guess it’s just gonna take a bit more time and effort to wear them down…and fortunately, we’ve got all day!” 

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