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Friday, November 3, 2017

Pumpkin Pounded - Chapter 1

Happy November everyone!

I've always loved this time of year -- the autumn leaves turning colors and falling from the trees, the air turning crisp with the promise of winter, the end of the harvest season when the last of the summer's bounty is brought in from the fields. It's also a great time of year for erotic torture stories!! ;) So please sit back, relax, and enjoy this autumn-themed tale...


Pumpkin Pounded
Based on an original story by Sack Stomper

Twenty-one year old Nathan Sebring sat quietly in his college dorm room, his seemingly relaxed exterior doing little to conceal the seething rage bubbling just beneath the surface. The only sounds in the small bedroom he shared with his roommate, Brad Monroe, were the rhythmic ticking of a wall clock and a light autumn rain pattering against the window. But Nathan hardly noticed these sounds as he stared intently at the photograph in his hands. It was a picture of him, Brad, and Nathan’s best friend, David De Luca, at the Jackson County Harvest Festival Jamboree taken the day before. It was one of those sepia-toned photos where everyone puts on old-style Western clothing from more than 150 years ago, and then gives a cheesy pose for the camera. The smiling Nathan in the photo was in sharp contrast to the angry-faced young man looking down at it.

Even in his roiling fury, Nathan couldn’t help but stare longingly the extraordinary masculine beauty possessed by his younger roommate Brad. Despite the low quality photo paper, Brad’s laughing eyes seemed to sparkle from beneath his white cowboy hat. The plaid flannel shirt he’d put on for the photo could barely contain his huge shoulders, and his arms strained the capacity of the long sleeves, which he’d rolled up to his elbows, revealing his thick, muscular, and hairy forearms. The top few buttons of the shirt were undone — not really because Brad wanted to show off his gorgeous chest, but because the XXXXL shirt (the largest shirt in the entire costume box) simply couldn’t close across the broad expanse of the young man’s extremely wide and impossibly thick pecs. Tufts of short but thick chest hair puffed from the open V of his shirt, really selling the cowboy / lumberjack look Brad had chosen for the photo. The stone-washed dungarees hugged the insanely huge muscled thighs and tremendously thick calves that the young man had built from years of playing rugby, and the more than ample crotch bulge was hard to miss and harder to ignore. Nathan also fondly remembered how amazing Brad’s big, muscular ass looked in those borrowed pants, a true ‘bubble butt’ in every sense of the word. Yes, despite his current anger, Nathan found it impossible to not to admire the stunningly handsome and utterly masculine figure that his roommate cut in the old-time photo.

Brad stood six-foot-two, nearly the same height as the six-foot-three Nathan, but that was where their similarities largely ended. Where Nathan was a lean 180 pounds with a natural swimmer’s physique, Brad was more than 100 pounds heavier, weighing an astonishingly dense and chiseled 285 pounds of absolutely rock hard muscle. Where Nathan was a scholar, Brad was an athlete, competing as the Freshman star of the university’s undefeated rugby team, as well as on the top-ranked crew team, where his enormously muscular size and unparalleled strength made him a natural for the role of the team’s anchor. Nathan had straight blond hair and blue eyes, while Brad had thick, dark, and wavy brown hair and sparkling green eyes. And where Nathan was a closeted homosexual, Brad was your typical straight, red-blooded college jock. 

Or so Nathan had thought. 

Nathan had been randomly paired with 18-year-old Freshman as a roommate at the beginning of the term, just a couple of short months ago. Nathan had always secretly fantasized about having a hot jock stud as a roommate, but even in his wildest dreams he couldn’t have imagined a young man as impossibly sexy as Brad. When Nathan opened his dorm room door and saw Brad for the first time, he literally almost swooned. The young man awaiting him in that room was ridiculously handsome, with the sort of chiseled jawline and prominent chin that were usually only reserved for the mightiest of comic book super heroes, a ready and charming smile, and vibrant green eyes that danced when the young man laughed, which was often. An open and friendly Brad introduced himself and offered a handshake, and for a moment Nathan could only stare at the lad’s big, big hand. Brad’s thick, meaty paw was just HUGE, and it was attached to an equally massive forearm, which was in turn attached to an even MORE massive upper arm, which was attached to the most massively muscular and perfectly proportioned body Nathan had ever seen. Even in a baggy sweatshirt and loose jeans, there was no hiding the seriously huge amount of BEEF bulging invitingly beneath Brad’s clothing. Shaking off his momentary paralysis, Nathan extended his own arm for a handshake, and almost went weak in the knees when he felt his hand literally engulfed by Brad’s huge paw and given a very firm shake that was just this side of painful. 

Nathan’s mad and hopeless crush on his handsome jock roommate began instantaneously. As had his jealousy, for Brad was all of the things that Nathan wanted to be — stunningly handsome, powerfully built and athletic, confident and self-assured, and (as Nathan was quick to learn) immensely popular with classmates, teammates, and faculty alike. And the worst part about Nathan’s jealousy was that Brad wasn’t the least bit arrogant or stuck up. The jock was humble and self deprecating, had a wonderful sense of humor, and was unfailingly kind and polite to everyone he met. Nathan had never heard Brad utter one negative word about anyone. God, the guy was a damn saint! 

Despite his own hidden feelings, Nathan did try to make friends with the dashingly handsome young stud, and with some success. Brad seemed more than willing and happy to become friends with Nathan, and almost always agreed to hang out with him. But Nathan just couldn’t help feeling nervous and awkward around the big hunk, so he tried inviting Brad along to group events, like the Harvest Festival Jamboree from a few weeks ago, where the presence of other people took the pressure off of Nathan. He had a small circle of gay friends, and had included them on all of the social outings he’d done with Brad. The big jock stud either didn’t realize or didn’t care that Nathan’s friends were gay, and he was just as friendly and at ease with them as he was with everyone else in his life. Nathan’s friends in turn were utterly charmed by the big rugby player, and all expressed their envy of Nathan for having such a handsome, hunky, and friendly guy as his roommate. 

Nathan didn’t have the heart to tell them that rooming with Brad was an angst-ridden hell. He could barely sleep at night, filled with longing for his studly roommate who was so close yet so completely out of reach. He beat off almost constantly, his erotic fantasies fueled by the dozens of times he’d seen Brad walk around the flat in nothing more than a bath towel or underwear, his perfect body on unselfconscious display. Nathan had never actually seen Brad completely naked, but the thin cotton fabric of the young man’s underwear did nothing to disguise the gentle downward curve of a truly colossal limp cock, nor the twin, nearly spherical bulges of a gargantuan set of stud nuts. The young jock truly had it all, and Nathan longed with all of his being to be able to touch and fondle all of that masculine perfection. 

Their most recent group outing had been to the harvest festival. Most of Nathan’s friends had been busy that day, but his best friend David was more than eager to come along. 

David was definitely a studly lad in his own right, and Nathan had had a crush on him when they first met a couple of years ago, but that had since morphed into a close friendship. David was a rather short guy at only 5 feet, 5 inches tall, with dark brown hair, soulful brown eyes, and olive-colored skin from his Italian heritage. He had a very tight and compact frame that he had honed through years of gymnastics, and he packed an impressive 165 pounds of exceedingly lean muscle on his hunky little body. David also had the sort of exquisitely refined features that straddled the border between pretty and handsome, yet somehow managed to remain 100% male. As long as you didn’t mind short guys, David was one hell of a heart throb in his own right. 

In fact, Nathan had to admit that they had cut quite the eye-catching and handsome trio as they strolled through the harvest festival — Nathan with his long-limbed and lanky form, David with his short and compact stature, and Brad with his enormous frame and massive muscles. They turned a lot of heads that day, that’s for sure! 

Brad had met David several times in the past, and the two had developed an easy rapport that Nathan quickly envied. The two talked and laughed together with the sort of carefree spirit and casualness that Nathan longed to share with Brad, but didn’t know how to achieve. He would have been jealous of David’s easy friendship with Brad if he and David weren’t already best friends. As it was, Nathan just felt a sense of sadness and ennui at once again being the third wheel. 

But it was what happened starting that fateful evening that really started to piss Nathan off. 

The two roommates got ready for bed and told each other good night, with Brad taking his bottom bunk and Nathan climbing up to the top bunk. Nathan lay awake in bed staring at the ceiling, reflecting on the day and how much he enjoyed just being near Brad, even though the big guy seemed completely oblivious that Nathan had a mad crush on him. Nathan could hear Brad’s breathing become deeper and more regular as he drifted off to sleep, and he then did what he did on most nights, leaning over the side of his bunk and gazing down on his achingly handsome roommate. The moon had been near full that night, so Brad’s handsome features were beautifully limned in soft white light. Nathan longed to run his fingers over that unbelievably powerful jawline, to kiss those beautiful lips, to gaze lovingly into Brad’s gorgeous green eyes. 

While Nathan stared down at the object of his heart’s desire, Brad’s eyes began to move beneath his eyelids as he began to dream. And it must have been one hell of a dream, for as Nathan watched in open-mouthed wonder and lust, a very large tubular lump began to grow and swell beneath Brad’s sheets. Nathan had never once caught Brad in the nude, as the guy was modest almost to a fault, so he’d never seen the big man’s limp dick, let alone his raging boner. Finally, here was the perfect opportunity to catch Brad in a state of erect arousal! 

Nathan’s heart was nearly beating out of his chest as he watched that mighty slab of meat grow longer and longer and longer until it was nearly tapping against the underside of his hugely muscular pecs! The cock’s massive length was more than matched by its colossal girth, for it looked like someone had stacked two beer cans end-to-end and placed them under the thin sheets! 

For the next 10 minutes, a guilty but insanely aroused Nathan watched his roommate’s gargantuan cock pulse and bob beneath the thin cotton bedsheets, wanting more than anything else to throw back those covers, take that throbbing bull cock into his hungry hands, and stroke that great meaty beast to an epic climax. But Nathan knew that he couldn’t risk Brad waking up and catching him in the act, so he just watched and stared while his own cock leaked a river of precum into his own sheets. 

Brad started moaning and groaning in a most erotic fashion, slowly grinding and bucking his muscular hips in time to whatever was happening in his dream. His beautiful mouth parted open as his breathing became faster and more labored, and he began to mumble in his sleep. As he drew closer and closer to orgasm, Brad’s words started becoming clearer, and the erotic sex talk almost made Nathan spray his own load. Brad’s words to his imaginary lover were sexier than anything Nathan had ever heard in a porn video, and it was obvious that Brad was very, very powerfully aroused by whoever was occupying his imagination. 

As it became obvious that Brad was nearing the point of no return, his words became louder and more urgent. And that’s when the bombshell went off, for Brad starting calling out the name of his imaginary lover, over and over again, his deep baritone voice intimate and full of longing. 

And the name he called out over and over again was David. 

Nathan was so stunned by this revelation that his own impending orgasm was instantly paralyzed, even as Brad reached his own mark and started pumping out his own load beneath the sheets. Brad bucked and convulsed for more than a minute, and an impossibly huge wet stain began to spread across his abdomen from his crotch all the way to his chest, painting the thin bedsheet to his skin. The mighty cobblestones of his washboard abdomen came into sharp relief, as well as by far the largest, thickest, juiciest cock Nathan had ever seen! Brad’s powerfully pumping penis had to be at LEAST a foot long, perhaps even an inch or two longer than that, and was so unbelievably thick that Nathan knew he’d need BOTH of his hands just to hold it. The cum-soaked bed sheet also started to cling to a pair of bull balls that defied easy description, so unimaginably huge that Nathan at first couldn’t believe his eyes. Each titanic testicle looked to be larger than one of Brad’s own ham-hock fists, bigger than ripe grapefruits, the biggest nuts Nathan had ever seen on man or beast. 

As his mind tried to grapple with the fact that Brad had just had a sex dream about his own best friend David, the heady funk of his roommate’s massive load hit the sensory receptors in Nathan’s nose. The overwhelming aroma of pure male sex hit Nathan like a freight train, and his balls instantly contracted in their pouch and began pumping out the most violent and soul-shuddering load the young man had ever felt in his life. Nathan’s blue eyes crossed and his entire body convulsed as his untouched cock spewed rope after rope of cock snot into his bed, his balls pulsating so painfully hard that he feared they might actually implode. 

It was quite some time before Nathan came down off of his orgasmic high, and he continued to lay quietly in bed for a good while longer, listening to Brad’s breathing once again become heavy as he drifted off into a deep and untroubled sleep, blissfully unaware that his erotic dream and awe-inspiring nocturnal emission had just been witnessed by his own lust-starved roommate… 


The next morning, Nathan awoke to a sheepish-looking Brad striping his bed and filling up his laundry basket to take it down the hall. The heady male musk of sex still hung in the air, though not quite so strongly as before, for the young jock had sprayed an air freshener in an attempt to mask the smell. Brad blushed as he said good morning, not even making eye contact with his roommate, and then quickly left the room to head to the laundry facility at the end of the hall. 

Nathan just lay back in bed and remembered the events of the night before. He half thought he had imagined everything, that his big, handsome, straight-acting college jock of a roommate couldn’t POSSIBLY have been having a sex dream about his friend David. He also chalked it up to the stage of sexual uncertainty and experimentation that many young college-aged people supposedly went through, and Nathan tried not to read much into things. But then again, he’d never known Brad to date any girls, or even express an interest in women before, or anyone else for that matter. Brad’s sex life was a complete unknown to Nathan, but he could say for a fact that Brad had never brought anyone —man or woman — back to the dorm to have any kind of intimacy. So could it be that big, handsome Brad, the biggest, strongest, sexiest player on the university’s rugby team, was secretly gay…?! 

That next night, the two men once again went to bed at the same time, and Nathan stayed up to listen for Brad’s heavy breathing. Sure enough, not half an hour after they had turned off their lights, Brad was once again having a hot and heavy sex dream, which went on even longer than the previous night’s, and which once again ended with Brad calling out David’s name in longing and ecstasy! Brad’s bedsheets were once again flooded with an impossibly copious, messy, and smelly load, and Nathan bit his own pillow to stifle his groans as he shot his own load into his mattress. 

The third night resulted in more of the same, as did the fourth night. By the fifth night, a clearly embarrassed and troubled Brad had gone out and purchased several new sets of bedsheets, obviously getting frustrated with himself for having to launder his only set of bedsheets every single morning. 

Nathan, meanwhile, was driving himself almost crazy with lust. He couldn’t stop thinking about Brad all day, and every night he lost sleep waiting for the beefy young jock to once again have imaginary dream-world sex with the hot and hunky fireplug gymnast of his secret fantasies. Nathan couldn’t believe it — his outrageously handsome and studly jock roommate was indeed gay! Maybe he had a chance with Brad after all! 

But as five days became a full week, and one week became two, and then two weeks became three, it was increasingly, maddeningly clear to Nathan that Brad only had eyes for David. Just a couple of days ago, Nathan had finally revealed to his best friend that he was the subject of Brad’s nightly dreams and nocturnal emissions. David had been as shocked by the news as Nathan, perhaps even more so, for he was obviously powerfully turned on that such a stunning example of hyper masculine jock studliness had the hots for HIM. But David also knew very well how much of a crush Nathan had on his roommate, and like the good friend that he was, David consoled his buddy and tried to get him over his heart break. 

Last night proved to be too much for Nathan, however. After more than three weeks of nightly moaning and groaning, bucking and shooting, all while calling out David’s name, Nathan had had enough. His secret, ardent crush was turning into bitterness, and he felt he was being scorned by the object of his desire. Nathan started fantasizing about taking revenge on the handsome hunk, letting his mind wander to some cruel and brutal ways he could take down his roommate. And the more he fantasized, the more he wanted to act out on his ideas. And now, this morning, he had decided on a plan to punish his handsome roommate for unintentionally torturing him for all of these months. 


  1. Ooh! I remember this one.
    The details of crushed balls in split seconds in the end is pure sexual ecstasy. Can't wait for chapter 2

    1. Yay!! I'm glad you're excited about this new series! Yes, the original is an epic ball crushing fantasy, and I hope that I do the original justice by my adaptation and expansion.

  2. Wow! I'm excited to see what you'll do with this story!

    1. Thanks! I just hope that I do the original justice!