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Thursday, October 5, 2017

Quick update...

Hi there everyone!

So I've been having problems accessing my own blog for a couple of months now. Yes, even I have to click the box stating that I approve of adult content before I can access my own blog! LOL! But sometimes for a week or more at a time, I get caught in this loop where I click that box and get sent right back to that same page, and I can't get in. That doesn't happen to me on any other blog I visit, so I can't tell what gives. Anyway, tonight I changed the settings to remove that adult content filter. I didn't see any other way of making sure I could continue to access my own site. Hopefully that works. And hopefully the blog administrators don't suddenly delete my blog for violating adult content rules!  :/  But if I'm absent for an extended period of time again, it might just be because I can't get into my own site!

In happier news, the recent poll closed, and by a SIGNIFICANT margin, you guys want to see Brick Haus' behemoth bull balls get blown to smithereens! Bwahahahaaaaa!!! ;) I'm working on the final chapter as we speak, and I can't guarantee which ending you'll see -- heroic or tragic -- or perhaps BOTH endings! :D

Please bear with me, though. I was hoping to find time to write this week, and every day have been thwarted by work-related bullshit. This weekend isn't looking much better, and next weekend is even worse, but I WILL finish this saga, I promise!

Thank you guys for your continued viewership and support! I'd continue writing these stories for myself even if no one else liked them, but it means a lot to get feedback from you all.



  1. Do both endings , I rather see brick survive .

    1. Hi there Hayden, and thanks so much for posting a comment!

      You'll be happy to know that I DO indeed intend to write both endings. I'm nearly finished with the first version now, and then will start on the second. With so MANY votes cast, it would feel unfair to deprive either side of the ending they want. :)