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Thursday, October 12, 2017

How to Break a Super Hero - Chapter 12

Hello there gang!

This is actually the penultimate chapter in the Brick Haus saga -- one more chapter will follow after this weekend. Well, truth be told, TWO versions of the final chapter will be posted next week. Due to the sheer VOLUME of votes on my recent poll, it didn't feel right to not give you guys BOTH of the endings that you've been wanting to read. One ending is already finished and ready to publish (I just finished it this morning), while the other version still needs to be written.

In the meantime, please enjoy this chapter...and what might be Brick's final moments as an intact male! :D


How to break a Super Hero
Chapter 12 — Rescue?

Brick felt his massive balls compacting into even thinner patties of tortured nut meat, and he knew that the ignominious end to his mighty manhood had finally come. His massive bollocks were already collapsing under the hideous pressure, the thick shells of his massive man eggs already cracked and broken in hundreds of places, the incredibly dense meat rending and tearing under the godawful strain. His magnificent balls, the source of his legendary strength and manliness, were nearly dead already — they just didn’t know it yet. 

Suddenly, a klaxon began to sound in the big auditorium, a clarion call of alarm that could be heard echoing elsewhere throughout the big university complex. The piercingly loud alarm caused the crowd of villains to jump up in confusion and fear, and even Behemoth was stunned into momentary immobility, his palms still pressed a fraction of an inch away from each other and compressing the young hero’s flattened balls with unspeakable force. But the titanic brute quickly shook off his surprise, locking eyes with the frightened and confused Brick as an evil smile played across his ruggedly handsome features. Behemoth flexed his gargantuan guns one last time and prepared to slam his palms together, forever ending Brick’s future as an intact male. 

Suddenly Doc Evil’s loud voice cut through the chaos and commotion as he shouted, “Calm down, everyone! We’ve all prepared for this eventuality, as we knew our university could be discovered at any time. That’s why I’ve drilled our escape plan into you so many times. Could someone please shut off that blasted alarm! Thank you. Now everyone please gather your belongings and calmly exit the back of the auditorium in an orderly fashion. The escape rockets are located in the hangar beneath the building. Head there immediately! Everyone needs to vacate the university within the next 10 minutes, and we can regroup at our predetermined rendezvous locations. Understood? Good! Let’s move people!” 

The command issued, the student villains quickly gathered their books and bags and started rapidly filing out the back doors. The sound of other students, faculty, and employees hurrying in the hallways could be heard over the low roar inside the classroom. Within just a couple of minutes, the entire auditorium was virtually empty. Empty, that is, except for Doc Evil, Behemoth, and the captive Brick Haus. 

Doc Evil stepped over to the towering mountain that was Behemoth and said, “My sensors show that the rest of the League of Super Heroes has arrived. I don’t know how, but they’ve somehow found this hidden redoubt, and their timing is highly annoying. But no matter. We’ve gotten all that we needed from our handsome young hero here, and once we’ve regrouped at our new location, we’ll be more powerful than ever!” 

“What do you mean?!” barked Behemoth in his extraordinarily deep voice, anger clear on his ruggedly and exaggeratedly handsome features. “All of those canisters of Brick’s super spunk — they’re here in cryo storage in the basement vaults! If we flee now, then we’re leaving it all behind!” 

“Fear not, my massive young friend,” Doc Evil calmly replied with a knowing smile on his face. “I’m always prepared for any eventuality. I have been secretly shipping entire truckloads of Brick’s powerful seed to my hidden mountain laboratory almost since the school year began. All of that vast supply of the stud’s hero spunk — save for what you’ve collected in these additional 16 canisters, and the ridiculous amount of spunk that this mutant of pure sex has spewed all over my lovely auditorium — is already safely tucked away. We have everything we need to create a new master race of super mutants!” 

“But what about HIM?” Behemoth asked, gesturing at the bound and captive super hero, the young man who’s balls were still being squashed nearly as flat as pancakes in the giant’s massive hands. “I can’t risk having him produce even one more load of his mighty bull sperm. His balls MUST die! I’m gonna end this little stud’s family tree right here and now!!” The humongous mutant once again flexed his gargantuan arms in preparation for pulverizing Brick’s trapped testicles into useless mush. 

“Wait, wait, wait, my impatient friend!” Doc Evil replied with a wicked smile. “I agree with you! Brick Haus must not be allowed to remain alive, or at least not with his prize-winning bull balls intact. That’s why I’ve set a little trap for our hero’s friends. But it’s a trap that requires Brick remain alive and whole, at least for the moment. He’s the bait I’m using for my trap, and if he’s not around to be rescued, then the trap is ruined.” 

“And what of all of this spilled seed? There’s HUNDREDS of gallons of the sticky, gloopy stuff painting the whole back end of this auditorium! How do we make sure that the stud’s chunky goo doesn’t fall into someone else’s hands?!” 

“Trust me, Behemoth; I’ve got that covered as well.”

Doc Evil ushered Behemoth off to the side, forcing the giant to release Brick’s utterly mauled and mangled bollocks in the process. The basketball-sized spheres of ball meat fell heavily to the table with a wet and beefy SMACK!, the massive nuts quivering like they were filled with jellied goo… which was very nearly the case! Amazingly, however, despite the unbelievably heavy damage they’d just suffered, both mighty nuggets of man flesh were still separate and whole, though judging by their gelatinous quivering and overall battered appearance, it was clear that their continued survival had been a very close call indeed. 

The evil doctor then stood before the captive Brick Haus and locked eyes with the terrified but defiant young man, smiling condescendingly down at the unspeakably handsome lad. “I’m afraid this is where we part ways, my gorgeous super hero. I have no further use for you, and your friends will be here in just a few minutes, so I must take my leave. But I don’t want to leave you completely alone…” 

Doc Evil pushed a red button on a remote control device he fished out of one of his pockets, and the large desk in the center of the auditorium floor split down the middle and began to pull apart, revealing a trap door in the floor. Gallons and gallons of thick and gloopy nut butter began to wetly pour into the hidden vault below, even as a tall metal platform began to rise out of the floor. Atop the platform was an odd device made of metal and glass and wires, a complex-looking and roughly cylindrical contraption that measured perhaps a foot long by six inches in diameter. Brick’s beautiful blue eyes flew open wide when he realized that the device actually was. 

“Ah yes, I see that you recognize my little toy here. It is indeed a thermonuclear bomb, though one that is many orders of magnitude more powerful than anything yet developed by any of the world’s super powers. This little baby could flatten everything within a 50-mile radius, and create a cloud of radiation that would blanket an even more vast swath of land for decades to come.” 

“You probably don’t realize this, seeing as though you haven’t been outside of this auditorium and adjacent laboratory in more than nine months, by this university for the gifted is hidden in plain sight, right in the middle of New York City! There are therefore more than 20 million people within the immediate blast radius of this bomb, and many millions more across the East Coast who would be in the path of the subsequent deadly radiation cloud. I wanted you to know that, in these last few minutes you have left to your life. Millions of innocent lives are about to be snuffed out in a fiery hell of devastation, as well as the lives of you and the other members of your precious League of Super Heroes.” 

With that, Doc Evil pressed a second red button, and a digital display suddenly lit up on the device and started counting down from 15 minutes. 

“Goodbye, Brick Haus. It has been a distinct pleasure to witness you being brought so low. Behemoth, please gather those canisters — we must be going.” 

Doc Evil turned and started to head toward the auditorium steps, but Behemoth did not immediately make a move to follow him. Instead, he loomed over Brick once more, sneered down at the defeated hero, and said, “Here’s something to remember me by, stud!” 

Behemoth then cocked back his gargantuan right arm, made an enormous fist, and sent his titanic cannon of an arm careening downward directly into Brick’s swollen and unprotected balls. For the first time ever, the colossal muscle beast held nothing back, using every ounce of his freakishly super human strength to clobber and utterly squash the young man’s already deeply wounded and horribly battered bollocks. The devastating force behind that single blow was unlike anything that Brick had experienced before, and the entire building shook on its foundations as the shockwaves from the annihilating punch reverberated through the very bedrock beneath the floor. 

The effect on the handsome young muscle stud was immediate and spectacular. Brick’s entire, beyond-massively-muscular body tensed like it was just one gigantic muscle, and his powerful jaw dropped open in a silent scream of unimaginable agony. His titanic testicles were instantly crushed so flat that they seemed to disappear entirely beneath the massive club of Behemoth’s fist. Doc Evil thought at first that the gigantic mutant had finally obliterated Brick’s beautiful nuts with this final punch, and he feared that Behemoth had ruined the evil scientist’s plans to trap and slay the entire League of Super Heroes. The evil professor then suddenly realized with a start that Brick’s enormous testicles were indeed still present, but had simply been imbedded INTO the metal slab below! The force of Behemoth’s monumental punch had been so great that it had actually buried the young man’s tortured nuts several INCHES into the steel block! The theoretically unbreakable and indestructible alloy had actually bent and twisted and distorted under the tremendous blow, creating a shallow cavity that now cradled the remains of Brick’s crushed and pulverized nuts!  

Behemoth wasn’t nearly done with Brick’s shattered nuts, however. The massive brute began to twist his enormous fist into the squishy flattened mass of the young stud’s wrecked balls. Behemoth really ground his knuckles into all of that dense nut meat, twisting his huge fist like he was crushing an oversized bug beneath beneath a heavy heel. And judging from the wet and sickening scrunching and squelching sounds coming from those tortured and distorted bull nuts, the giant mutant was clearly succeeding. 

Brick finally found his voice, and the staggeringly handsome young muscle man began to screech in animal agony. His magnificent young body began to thrash against his restraints like he was having the most violent of convulsions, and Doc Evil was utterly shocked to see the thick metal encasing the young man’s wrists and ankles actually twist and distort slightly with the extraordinary strength of the super hero’s bloated muscles. The evil scientist realized that he needed to redefine words like ‘unbreakable’ and ‘impervious’, now that mutants as powerful as Behemoth and Brick Haus walked the earth. 

As Behemoth continued to steadily grind Brick’s big, bountiful balls into paste, the young man’s magnificent mega schlong hit orgasm one final time. Ferociously powerful contractions rocked the gigantic cock, making the proud organ swell and bloat with each massive pulse. The big piss slit at the tip of the young man’s fist-sized glans gaped open, ready to unleash a massive pulse of sperm…only nothing came out! No lush pulse of thick and chunky jizz jetted out under super human force! Not even a single diluted trickle of milky white fluids oozed forth! Brick’s formerly hyper virile balls were totally bone dry, utterly emptied by the recent attentions they’d received from Behemoth’s crushing hands, every last sperm literally squeezed right out of them. And now, judging from the even louder and ever more disturbing crunching and cracking and popping sounds issuing from beneath Behemoth’s grinding fist, it appeared that those magnificent gonads were being ground into permanent sterility as well!! 

“Behemoth!!” Doc Evil shouted, clearly annoyed with the massive mutant. “We have no time for these games! We must leave RIGHT NOW!!” 

“Oh, all right,” muttered the colossal muscle beast. He then leaned forward, bringing himself nearly face to face with the sobbing and babbling young muscle bull, and in the process forcing more and more of his titanic weight onto the huge fist buried deep into the very heart of Brick’s broken balls. “So long, little dude! It would have been great fun to feel your huge balls burst in my hands like a pair of grapes, but I guess that’s not meant to be. Instead, I’ll have to settle for grinding them into little chunks beneath this fist. Thank you again for the pleasure of mangling your nuts for nine months, and for the gifts of your super mutant strength, power, and virility. I’m only sorry that I can’t stay to watch you die!” 

With that, Behemoth pushed himself upright and drew his fist out of the young man’s pulped balls. Brick’s huge nuts remained disturbingly flat, only very slowly plumping back to something vaguely approaching their normal size and shape. There were still two distinct shapes encased within the lad’s massive, bruised, and abraded scrotum, but they no longer resembled the oblong spheres of muscular power and might that they had been even a short hour before. Behemoth sneered down at Brick’s wrecked and ruined manhood, then turned on his heel and began to gather up the waiting canisters of the hero’s pilfered fluids. Behemoth clutched the eight loose canisters under one massive arm, then used his free hand to lift the ENTIRE suction device, with the remaining eight canisters still attached, under his other arm. The massive piece of equipment must have weighed close to a ton, but Behemoth clutched it to his side like he was holding nothing heavier than a big football. 

An exasperated Doc Evil rolled his eyes and began working his way quickly up the auditorium steps, the massive form of Behemoth right on his heels. Neither of them so much as looked back as they exited the room, not sparing even a parting glance at the gorgeous young super hero who remained bound to the metal slab. The two villains instead hurried toward one of the escape jets that would whisk them off to safety, already forgetting the handsome hero and thinking only of their next evil and nefarious plans. 

Brick was left utterly alone in the big, cavernous room, with the only sound being his own shuddering breathing and choked back sobs of anguish. The pain in his ruptured balls was a fiery hell, and his nuts throbbed so hard in inhuman agony that he would have sworn that they must have been visibly pulsating in time to his thundering heartbeat. His massive nuts had continued to plump back up even after the villains had left the room, and were now almost back to their egg-like shapes. But the young super hero could tell that the nuts themselves were so heavily damaged and battered that even HIS mighty powers of healing might not be enough to restore them to full health. Behemoth’s final act of hatred and contempt may have finally unmanned the handsome stud, and he could only sob silently as the fantastic sense of loss he now felt. 

Perversely, Brick’s bloated bull cock remained as hard as ever, as if to mock the young man’s extraordinary loss. If anything, the monumental column of impossibly thick man meat looked even bigger than ever! A quiet corner of the young man’s pain-wracked mind found it ironic that his colossal cock had once again broken all previous records for length and girth, only there was no one here to measure it before it was consumed in a massive inferno of destruction. 

Brick gazed at the thermonuclear bomb resting so innocuously on the nearby metal pedestal, and wished there was some way he could warn the unsuspecting citizens in the surrounding city, some way to save them from their impending doom. His life as an alpha male muscle bull might be over, but he still wished desperately that he could save the lives of the millions of people currently standing within the detonation zone of the bomb. 

After a seeming eternity of quiet, lonely anguish, Brick could hear other voices in the hallways outside, familiar voices calling out his name. He shouted in return, “I’m in here!!”, and felt a momentary sense of joy and relief as he saw more than a dozen of his closest friends and allies pour into the auditorium. But that joy was fleeting as he realized what dire danger they were all facing. 

The look of surprise and horror on their collective faces spoke volumes, and Brick didn’t need to look down at his own heavily mangled cock and ruined bollocks to know the source of their shock and terror. Aurora was the first to find her voice and speak, saying, “Brick, we’ve been so worried about you all of these months! We’ve been searching desperately for you all this time, but couldn’t located a single clue to where you’d been taken. It wasn’t until we got an anonymous tip today, from someone claiming to be ‘The Mouse’, that we finally knew where to go. We all flew here as quickly as we could!” 

“Thank you,” replied a weary and careworn Brick. “But unfortunately there’s no time for reunions or celebrations. The device sitting on that pedestal over there is a massive thermonuclear bomb, and it’s set to go off in less than 5 minutes. I’ve used my x-ray vision on the bomb, and I can tell you that there’s no way of tampering with or defusing the device without setting it off early. There’s also no time to warn the city above, and not even time for all of you to evacuate. Doc Evil has sprung his vile trap, and now you’re all destined to die here with me.” 

A look of worry and fear passed over the eyes of all of the brave super heroes present, but Brick continued. “We only have one chance, one hope of saving the lives of countless millions of unsuspecting, innocent people.” 

“Phaser,” Brick said, locking eyes with a handsome and slender young lad. “I need you to use your mutant ability to phase items in and out of reality, and I need you to phase that thermonuclear bomb.” 

“Into my nuts.”


  1. I wish Brick's nuts would absorb the energy of the bomb and become the most powerful hero of all times.

    1. Get out of my head, David!!! LOL! The "happy ending" version may indeed play off that very idea. :)

  2. That last line is super cheesy and PERFECTLY fitting for this whole extraordinary superhero saga.

    1. LOL - glad that you liked that touch. I rather imagined a dramatic swell of music at that moment, and Brick and the other super heroes all snapping their gaze toward the camera at the same moment. :D