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Wednesday, October 18, 2017

How to Break a Super Hero - FINAL CHAPTER

Hi there everyone!

I am utterly amazed at the number of votes that were cast in my recent poll, and I'm so glad that so many of you wanted a voice in the final fate of Brick's behemoth and bountiful bull balls. The voting was neck-and-neck for weeks, but in the end, those who wanted to see Brick's balls die in a blaze of glory won the day by a significant margin -- 394 votes for death vs. 343 votes for survival.

So for those of you who wanted to see Brick's big balls die a spectacular death, please enjoy the story below. :)

However, for those of you who wanted Brick to live and fight and cum again another day, don't despair. I just now finished writing an alternative ending to the Brick Haus saga, and it will post next week. I figure I owed you guys for taking the time and effort to vote!

Now, without further ado, please enjoy Brick Haus' final chapter...


How to break a Super Hero
Chapter 13 — Armageddon and Aftermath — Tragic Version

“WHAT?!?!” shouted nearly a dozen a voices at once, starting off a cacophony of arguing voices. 

“LISTEN TO ME!!” Brick bellowed, instantly silencing his concerned friends. “My dear friends, trust me, it’s the only way. Doc Evil and his minions have been torturing and beating my balls for more than nine months now, and my huge nuts have grown immeasurably stronger and more resilient as a result. I doubt that my burly balls would be strong enough to contain such a blast even at full health, let alone in their current wrecked and sorry state, but it’s the only hope we have. Quickly! We’re running out of time, and I need you to trust me!” 

After a few moments of stunned silence, the tall, winged form of Golden Eagle stepped forward and warmly clasped Brick’s shackled hand. “Well there you go again, you big lug,” Golden Eagle said affectionately, smiling down at his friend. “Playing the hero and offering to make the ultimate sacrifice. Well come on, you heard the man! We don’t have much time.” 

A lithe and lanky form reluctantly stepped forward, a handsome young blond man of average height and muscular if slender build who couldn’t have been any older than Brick himself. The young lad had a look of pure anguish on his handsome face, as if he was facing the worst choice of his life. The bound and naked hero smiled sadly and said, “Ah, my dear friend Phaser. I know that this is perhaps going to be hardest on you, but you need to do this for me. It’s the only chance that you all have of surviving these next few minutes, let alone saving the innocent people of New York.” 

“B-but Brick,” stammered the slender young lad. “Your huge balls will be immolated in the blast! You’ll DIE!!” 

“I know,” Brick said softly in response. “But what choice do we have? Besides, I think my big balls are just about finished anyway.” A wry smile turned up the corners of Brick’s utterly kissable lips. “At least this way, they get to go out in a blast of glory, and their sacrifice might actually mean something.” 

Phaser then began to sob, falling to his knees next to Brick’s bound and immobile form and clutching his shackled right hand. “But you don’t understand! I- I’ve never told you, because you’re so handsome and so famous, and I know you could never feel the same way for me. And I was always too scared that you’d hate me. But I- I… I love you!!” 

Brick gently gripped Phaser’s hands in his much larger one and smiled sadly but kindly at his friend. “I know, Phaser. I’ve known for a long time, and it’s never changed how much I’ve cared about you. I wanted to give you time to decide whether or not you wanted to tell me. I’m only sorry that I couldn’t give you those same feelings in return. But I want you to know that you are one of my closest, dearest, and most trusted friends. If that wasn’t the case, then I wouldn’t be able to lay this terrible request on you. But you must do this for me, Phaser. Please?” 

Phaser clutched Brick’s hand like a lifeline, tears streaming down his boyish cheeks, and finally nodded his head in the affirmative. “Yes,” his voice cracked, and then he spoke again in a firmer and steadier voice. “Yes, Brick, I will do this for you. You are the bravest man I know, and if we all are fated to die here anyway, then I want you to know that there is nowhere else I’d rather be than here at your side.” 

Brick fought back tears of his own as he gave Phaser’s hands one last squeeze, and then released him so that he could perform his task. Phaser walked over to the pedestal and, taking a steadying breath, placed his hands on either side of the deceptively innocuous-looking device. The bomb was surprisingly light, weighing only about 30 pounds, but Phaser carried it with exaggerated care as he lifted it off of its cradle and walked the dozen or so steps back to Brick’s side. He then focused his concentration on his hands and the bomb carried between them, and as the other super heroes watched, Phaser’s hands began to shimmer and turn nearly invisible, right along with the bomb itself. The young man’s eyes took on a bright, golden glow as well, the pupils and irises disappearing into the glowing light as he exerted his mutant power to phase his hands and the bomb into a temporary side dimension. 

The other heroes gathered around Brick’s side in a show of solidarity and support. Phaser slowly bent forward, bringing his deadly package closer and closer to Brick’s enormous, swollen, and deeply bruised bollocks. The muscular hero braced for renewed agony as the shimmering mirage of the bomb touched and then began to sick down inside of his huge balls, but there was surprisingly no pain at all, just an odd and not altogether unpleasant tingling sensation. 

Brick’s beefy balls were now so unbelievably rotund and enormous that they completely swallowed up both the bomb and Phaser’s out-of-phase hands with room to spare. Phaser’s Adam’s apple bobbed visibly in his throat as his hands passed through all of that dense and incredibly beefy testicular tissue, and part of him couldn’t help but mourn the fact that the first — and likely last — time he would ever be able to touch his stunningly gorgeous friend in this intimate manner would be to implant a nuclear bomb inside of his magnificent nuts. 

Phaser began to withdraw his hands, his eyes still glowing with a golden light. Even though his hands were nearly invisible, it was clear that they had left their deadly package behind. Phaser’s eyes slowly dimmed and returned to normal, just as his hands resumed their solid form and visibility. All eyes, however, were on Brick’s huge, sagging, and thoroughly wrecked bull nuts. 

Brick gritted his teeth and groaned in fresh pain as his huge bollocks began to grow and expand even larger still, the thick nut meat being displaced by the big bomb as it phased back into reality. Any other man’s balls, no matter how huge, would have been quickly torn apart by having such a large foreign object phased into reality inside of them, but Brick’s behemoth bollocks had proven time and time again that they were made from far sterner stuff than those of mortal, or even mutant, men, and they endured even this latest insult largely intact. The gigantic orbs swelled half again as large as they were before as the deadly bomb wedged itself deep in the very heart of Brick’s big balls, achieving even more insanely oversized dimensions, but the testes themselves endured. 

The handsome super hero took several long, steadying breaths as he adjusted to the terrific pain of having the large bomb buried deep inside his nut guts. He finally opened his stunning blue eyes and smiled weakly but warmly at the friends and companions surrounding him, taking strength from their loyalty and comradeship. 

“How much time is left?” Brick asked in an amazingly calm and steady voice. 

“Just under one minute,” Aurora replied, violet eyes shimmering with unshed tears. She grasped Brick’s bound left hand, while Phaser grabbed his right. Brick smiled at them both, his handsome face even more radiant than ever as he looked upon his closest friends with his heart full of love. The remaining companions gathered closer around, each placing their hand on some part of Brick’s exposed body — his muscular shin, his gargantuan thigh, the mighty swell of an enormous pectoral, the corrugated washboard of his abdomen, the swollen and muscular boulder of a shoulder — and with words unspoken, shared their great love and respect for one another. None of them would try to flee, none would seek to secure their own safety over that of their comrades. All would choose to stay by Brick’s side to the bitter end. 

Ten seconds. 











It was nearly impossible to describe the awesome scale of the planet-rending inferno that exploded inside of Brick’s mammoth bull nuts. Various video cameras throughout the auditorium caught the resulting cataclysm in epic slow motion, transmitting their images almost instantaneously to a large screen inside of Doc Evil and Behemoth’s escape rocket as it hurtled toward safety. The two villains watched with expectant glee as they played the scene at a vastly slowed down rate, so that they could savor every last millisecond of Brick’s bollocks’ spectacular destruction. 

A red, hellish glow appeared to ignite inside of the two spheres of deeply bruised nut meat, a dark red glow that grew larger and brighter, slowly expanding to engulf the entirety of both massive balls. As this light grew to a brighter cherry red, Brick’s two balls slowly began to expand, their thick and fibrous outer walls being pushed outward from all directions with the unimaginable incendiary force of the bomb’s explosion. The young hero’s magnificent bull balls, which had already swollen to nearly the size of a pair of basketballs from months of forced growth and the most recent hours of nut-shattering abuse, steadily swelled larger and larger and larger still, soon doubling their size and showing no signs of stopping. 

As Brick’s bollocks continued to inexorably swell, the fiery glow within the stud’s expanding nuts took on a brighter and brighter glow, the red slowly fading to be replaced by a golden-white light of pure fiery destruction. The blazing, white-hot inferno of the thermonuclear explosion made Brick’s huge nuts balloon to impossible dimensions as they swelled to three times their normal size, then FOUR TIMES, and kept right on expanding! Even Behemoth’s deep-set eyes, glued to the large screen in the escape rocket, grew wide as Brick’s ferociously tough bull nuts bloated even larger than they had during their brush with destruction under the Nymph’s deadly attentions…and continued to grow!! 

By the time Brick’s balls had grown to FIVE TIMES their original size, looking like a pair of blazingly incandescent, overinflated beach balls, the interiors of the young man’s exploding nuts were glowing with the fire and fury of a pair of miniature suns. Brick’s hideously overinflated scrotum began to tear in dozens of places, the incredibly supple and pliable skin pushed beyond even its extraordinary ability to stretch and expand. The shiny, grayish-white walls of the young hero’s two massive gonads became visible in dozens of places as his scrotum threatened to shred altogether and spill out his two rapidly swelling bollocks. Those thick and insanely tough outer walls, already horribly weakened by Behemoth’s ungentle attentions and cracked in dozens of places, were pushed far beyond any conceivable limits as they struggled to contain the epic blast. Those tiny hairline cracks had grown and expanded into crevasses and canyons, clearly visible through the expanding gaps and tears in Brick’s insanely overstretched scrotum and looking like jagged rivers of white-hot molten lava. At any instant, those cracked and damaged walls would fail, unleashing a mountain-leveling explosion onto all of metropolitan New York! 

All of these changes happened in a mere fraction of a second. But as Doc Evil and Behemoth watched in utter shock and surprise, the roiling inferno inside of Brick’s gargantuan bollocks slowly started to diminish. His ridiculously, obscenely bloated balls began to shrink once more, and the blinding glow of radioactive fury began to fade from golden white to cherry red, and eventually to the dark red of a glowing ember before extinguishing altogether. All of this occurred in just a handful of seconds, but to Brick, the bomb’s detonation must have felt like an eternity. 

Against all possible odds, Brick’s almighty man nuts had contained the thermonuclear blast, saving the lives of his super hero friends and sparing the entire city of New York!!! But at what cost? 

As both heroes and villains watched in undisguised awe, an utterly exhausted and spent Brick Haus sagged against his restraints. A few wisps of sickly, yellowish-green smoke issued from the gaping piss slit of his monstrous cock, the only visible evidence that a nuclear bomb had just exploded inside of his herculean stud balls. And then Brick’s magnificent bull cock, that monument to manhood which had finally reached the record-shattering length of 24 mind-blowing inches, that titanic torpedo of man meat that had remained rock solid and diamond hard for almost the entirety of his nine-month captivity, began to slowly wilt. The colossal whale cock resembled a deflating dirigible as it began to lose its steely hardness and gut-busting size, slowly shrinking and collapsing. It was a tragic and terrible sight, for Brick’s behemoth boner was dying, never to rise again. 

Brick’s gigantic cock fell with stately and ponderous slowness, collapsing bit by bit as it steadily lost inches in both length and girth. It took nearly a full minute for the hunky hero’s last and final boner to die, ultimately draping itself gently over the remains of his gargantuan balls, resembling a flag draped over a coffin. Yet even in its fully flaccid state, Brick’s cock was magnificent, a beefy, puffy, distended tube of succulent man flesh that still measured at least 16 inches in length, perhaps even more. At the beginning of his captivity, Brick’s flaccid mule dick had measured an awesome 12 inches in length, but all of the villains’ cruel attentions had made the hero’s mighty member grow as well, adding at least 4 or 5 inches to even its limp state. But not that that mattered anymore… 

A sob escaped Phaser’s lips at he gazed upon the ruin of the most magnificent and spectacular manhood to ever grace man or mutant. He reached out with one quivering hand to cup the underside of Brick’s mammoth right bollock and found the orb to be unnaturally hot from the explosion’s aftermath. He lifted up his second hand to cup that gargantuan ball, gently cradling his friend’s humongous orb in his hands. Phaser didn’t know what to expect — would Brick’s mighty bollock be liquified? Would it be carbonized, reduced to a burnt out husk that crumbled to ash at the merest touch? The slender young super hero definitely did NOT expect Brick’s huge nut to still be so astoundingly HEAVY, and for a few fleeting moments, the great heat and weight of the colossal cajone made Phaser think that the titanic testicle might somehow still be alive! 

But even as Phaser tenderly cradled that giant nard in his hands, he both felt and heard the tortured and heavily damaged outer wall of that massive nut begin to crack. The sharp crackling sounds sounded almost like gun blasts, or the cracking of a sheet of ice on a river during an early spring thaw. Phaser’s eyes shot open wide with shock and horror as the humongous bollock shook and quivered in his hands…and then began to crumble!  

“NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!” Phaser screamed in horror as the insanely tough and powerful walls of that titanic testicle finally gave up the fight and disintegrated. A gigantic gush of scrambled ball guts washed over the young man’s hands, pouring out of the dozens of tears in the stud’s tattered scrotum like some sort of hideous, fleshy sieve. Chunks of meat, stringy tendrils of testicular flesh, and clotted globs of cooked and ruined raw sperm gushed forth in a deluge of shattered manhood. Steam poured off of the chunky, liquified nut guts as they poured wetly and loudly onto the auditorium floor, scalding Phaser’s cradling hands, but the young man was too distraught and horrified to notice, so focused was he on the slagged and shattered ball of his best friend pouring through his fingers. 

Gasps and sobs could be heard escaping from the lips of the other super heroes as they stood in mute witness over the death of Brick Haus’ extraordinary manhood. Their mighty friend had been indestructible, and thus their shock was profound was they watched his herculean right nut disintegrate into an enormous, steaming pile of radioactive slag on the floor. 

Moments after the death of its brother, Brick’s mammoth left nut, hanging low and heavy in its tattered sac, began to crack as well. Visible cracks and fissures spread all across the vast expanse of the super stud’s last remaining bollock, growing and spreading with frightening speed. The mighty gonad quivered for a few final moments…and then exploded in one titanic burst. Brick’s ruined sac tore wide open, dumping the entirety of the muscle stud’s shattered left nut onto the uncaring floor in one huge, cataclysmic SPLAT!!! of destroyed nut guts. 

A sobbing Phaser fell to the floor, and as his knees plunged into the squishy mess of Brick’s pulped nuts, they made a sound like a Wellington boot squelching into two feet of thick mud. The other super heroes gathered around their fallen comrade and hung their heads in mourning as well, for Brick Haus, the mightiest super hero who had ever lived, had been finally and permanently defeated. 

A nearly unconscious Brick lifted up his breathtakingly handsome head, his beautiful blue eyes held open by sheer willpower alone, and croaked out in a deep and husky voice, “New York…safe?”

Aurora, still clutching one of Brick’s massive, meaty hands, choked back her tears and said, “Yes, Brick! You saved New York City and half of the Eastern Seaboard!”

A wan, exhausted smile spread across Brick’s beautiful lips as he said, “Good. Glad…to have been…of service.”

The fallen muscle man then mustered the remainder of his strength and addressed his friends. “Doc Evil… has harvested… untold gallons… of my super sperm… He’s… going to use it… to increase the powers… of all of his mutant followers… Already did it… to Behemoth… Also going to use it… to father a new generation… of super mutants. You must… STOP him!” 

“We will, Brick!” said Golden Eagle. “We promise you that we will foil his plans!” 

“Fear… you’re already… too late, my friend… What you must do… is collect… all of my sperm… in this room…” Brick weakly nodded his handsome head toward the final fruits of his awesome genetic legacy, festooned all over the vast auditorium. “Try to duplicate Doc Evil’s experiments… Use my seed… to increase your own powers… Perhaps father… a new generation… of super mutants… as well… It is… our only hope…” 

Brick’s beautiful blue eyes fluttered closed and his head slumped against his chest, the effort of speaking exhausting his final reserves of strength. 

“Brick!! Brick!!” shouted a distraught and sobbing Phaser. “Don’t go!! We need you!! I need you!!!” 

The magnificent, gorgeous, castrated hero lifted his head with the greatest of effort, slowly opening his eyes to look first at Phaser and then at the rest of his friends, and a slow, gentle smile spread across his heart-rendingly handsome face. “I love you all… and I will miss you… Remember me fondly… and never give up… in the fight… against… evil…” 

With that, Brick’s blue eyes closed for a final time. His mighty heart gave a few more slow, powerful, ponderous beats…and then was still. 

The deathly stunned silence that followed seemed to last an eternity, but eventually the other super heroes shook off their deep sadness and went to work, gathering up the gallons upon gallons of prime hero spunk spewed all across the room. It took several hours to collect these last vestiges of Brick’s once unparalleled virility, but once they were done, they had an enormous collection of hyper virile stud seed to take back to their headquarters for study and experimentation. 

Young Phaser was unable to help in this process, for he was utterly paralyzed with despair, huge sobs racking his lithe young body as he clutched desperately to Brick’s limp hand. Once the deceased hero’s sperm had been collected and the other heroes were ready to leave, they gently pulled Phaser away from Brick’s body. They would come back for Brick’s mighty and magnificent form in a short while, but knew that they had to rush his seed back to their laboratory right away. They gently led an emotionally wrecked Phaser from the room and started the sad journey back home. 


A short time after the super heroes left the scene of Brick’s greatest sacrifice, another figure appeared at the top of the auditorium steps. The mysterious figure was concealed by gossamer thin silks from head to toe, obscuring her features but hinting at the extraordinarily beautiful and curvaceous form barely hidden beneath the flimsy garments. 

The tall, feminine form slowly descended the steps, her movements as graceful and stately as a dream. She came to stand before the still and lifeless form of the fallen super hero, and she gazed upon his stunningly handsome and overwhelmingly masculine form for a long while. No one could say for sure what thoughts were passing through the mysterious woman’s head, but one could almost detect a hint of sadness and regret in the cast of her shoulders as she gazed upon the ruin of the most magnificent male that had ever lived. 

Her attention finally turned to the huge slag heap of cooling nut meat lying in a big mound on the floor, the utterly wrecked and ruined remains of Brick’s once-proud bollocks. Her eldritch powers searched through that pile of shredded flesh, cooked meat, and clotted and congealed sperm for some tiny spark of life, and she soon began to despair of finding anything. But just before she was about to give up, she caught something, the tiniest flicker of life, a tiny speck of vibrant vitality. Using the vast powers of her mind, the cloaked figure parted the muck of ruined nut flesh and levitated a single sperm cell out of the quagmire. 

This lone sperm cell was the sole survivor of the apocalyptic thermonuclear explosion that had obliterated Brick’s almighty man nuts, and slain the billions upon billions of other stupendously powerful sperm cells that had been swimming around in the vast bulk of the hero’s twin cum tanks. This single cell was the mightiest and hardiest sperm cell of them all, the most powerful sperm cell ever produced by Brick’s magnificent loins, even more powerful than the final loads hammered out of the young man’s big and bountiful balls by Behemoth earlier that same day. 

In short, it was the most perfect and powerful sperm cell ever conceived, full of almost inconceivably mighty and extraordinary genetic potential. 

One corner of the mysterious woman’s half-concealed mouth turned upward in a sardonic grin — she had found what she was searching for. The tiny, nearly invisible sperm cell levitated toward the waiting woman, who parted her silks to reveal the most shapely set of feminine legs imaginable, as well as the treasure trove of her own magnificent sex. Her nether lips parted to accept the tiny spark of life into her own loins, a spark that traveled deep into her womb to plant itself firmly into an awaiting egg. 

The woman’s smile grew larger still as she felt that tiny spark of life quicken, Brick’s final and most magnificent sperm cell impregnating her equally magnificent egg, and conceiving a new life in her belly. The very first child that the immortal mutant had chosen to conceive in her countless millennia of life. 

A boy child who stood to inherit the extraordinary gifts of both of its mighty parents. 

But would this child grow up to be a beacon of goodness, or an instrument of evil. Only time would tell…


  1. Wow what an awesome ending...exactly what I’d hoped for....when I read the part about his scrotum splitting open and his liquified nuts spilling out onto the floor I shot a massive made one man very happy...thank you

    1. YAY!!!! Thanks for the message, Ian, as that makes me very happy! I don't often destroy the mighty hunks I create in my stories, but big Brick was just BEGGING to have his burly, monstrous balls blown apart and utterly annihilated. :)

      Then again, I happen to be quite partial to this handsome young muscle beast, so I've also created a second version where he survives intact and stronger than ever. That version will be posting in just a few days...

  2. I almost dare not even imagine what their son will be like :P Surely a single glance from him would bring anyone to their knees!

    1. Yes, he will no doubt be a veritable GOD of lust, sex, and masculine beauty! But will he end up using his astounding powers for good or for evil...? ;)

    2. So many possibilities...Brick's rematch...and perhaps meeting his son :P