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Friday, April 7, 2017

How to Break a Super Hero - Chapter 4

How to break a Super Hero
Chapter 4 - The Tortures Begin

So began the brutal and protracted raping of Brick Haus’ mighty loins. True to Doc Evil’s word, the handsome young super hero was milked of his supremely potent seed both day and night, his gargantuan 22.5-inch mega cock kept in a state of perpetual arousal and crowbar-like hardness and the Extraction Machine working its diabolical magic 24 hours a day.

The mighty and valiant young hero was subjected to unspeakably brutal tortures all day long, with 16 new academy students signed up each day to wreak unforgettable punishment upon Brick’s burly balls. The methods used to painfully extract the young man’s seed from his massive baby makers were as varied as they were brutal and cruel, and it was inevitable that at least half a dozen times a day, Brick’s incredibly tough and sturdy balls were taken right up to the very brink of destruction. But through a combination of the amazing skill of his torturers and the young man’s own seemingly limitless levels of stamina and endurance, the gorgeous young muscle bull managed to survive each day intact, if only just barely.

At night, the 485-pound muscle god was given a reprieve from the students’ brutal tortures, allowing him some level of rest and recuperation from the day’s agonizing abuses. But that didn’t mean that his limits weren’t still being pushed and tested. The Extraction Machine was set at a consistently low setting during the day, but at night, the dial was cranked to greater levels, dramatically increasing the power of the vacuum-like suction that was being exerted onto Brick’s belabored bollocks. Every night, the machine’s dial was increased just a little bit higher than the previous evening, slowly ramping up the levels of ball-tearing agony being placed on the young stud’s powerful balls. Nearly any other man’s - or mutant’s - bollocks would have quickly imploded under the extreme suctioning stress that Brick’s balls were subjected to each night, but those twin tanks of manhood proved time and again that they were as spectacularly tough as they were freakishly large.

At the end of each class day, a gloating Doc Evil tallied the volumes of prime stud spunk pulled from Brick’s colossal testicles by each student and was utterly amazed at the mind blowing quantities of rich, thick sperm that were being amassed in the steadily growing collection of plastic canisters. The handsome young muscle stud was a veritable GOD of sex, regularly producing an average of 200 liters of sperm per day, which was the equivalent of more than 50 GALLONS of thick nut sludge every single day!! The extraordinarily virile young stallion could fill a bathtub to overflowing with just two days of his supremely copious emissions, a feat that would take a normal man virtually his entire lifetime to achieve!

In truth, Doc had collected more than enough of Brick’s magnificent sperm from the very first canister that Claw had filled to satisfy all of his vile needs. Why, there was enough sperm cells in that one container alone to impregnate every human female on the planet a dozen times, conduct thousands of genetic experiments, and STILL have enough left over to fill a dozen wine glasses to the brim and toast the downfall of the heroically handsome and fantastically muscular young hero! So there really was no need to continue collecting the young man’s obscenely copious cum loads. But when the Doc saw just how phenomenally prodigious Brick’s sperm production truly was, and how excited his students and minions were to torture the hated and envied super hero, he decided to keep the extraction going for as long as the young muscle man could last. Besides, each torture was yet another test of the young man’s almighty manhood, and provided Doc with a wealth of data about Brick’s extraordinary abilities.

Also, Doc Evil figured the stud’s poor overworked balls would likely burn themselves out through overuse sooner or later, or that one of his student villains would get too carried away one day and mangle the young man’s magnificent balls into permanent uselessness. So he might was well just keep things going until the young uber hunk naturally met the end of his super human limits.

But Brick just kept beating the odds day after day, enduring unimaginable tortures and pumping out endless supplies of his gloopy man cream. Doc Evil began to wonder, with more than a little bit of awe, if the heroically powerful young hunk might actually survive the entire semester!


  1. Aww so short. i hope it will be longer and more cbt.

  2. So short. Wish it was longer. I was hoping for more cbt and extractions.

    1. Don't worry, there's still plenty more to cum! :)