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Friday, March 31, 2017

How to Break a Super Hero - Chapter 3

How to break a Super Hero
Chapter 3 - The Claw

Claw stepped forward to stand before the defiant - yet obviously terrified - young super hero, and stood with his upper claws resting on his hips as he drank in and admired the incredibly handsome and sexy sight of the massively muscled young bull stud. “This is gonna be FUN!” he exclaimed, to the laughter and delight of the audience. The assembled villains were all hungry to see this super stud suffer and suffer mightily.

Brick’s gigantic balls had had more than enough time to recover from the dozen or so hammer blows they’d suffered from the massive Behemoth, and now looked as pink and healthy and unharmed as when Doc Evil had first unveiled the super hero less than 30 minutes before. The huge cum tanks were hanging low and loose in their baggy scrotum, and with his mighty, muscular thighs spread open wide, there was nothing to get between Claw and the big meaty prizes swinging so huge and heavy beneath Brick’s 22.5-inch mega cock.

“Let’s start with some love taps!” Claw said, and then began using Brick’s huge hanging ballsac as a speed bag. All four of Claw’s big arms came into play, expertly hammering at the young man’s defenseless nutsac like it was a piƱata full of candy. Brick could only grunt and groan as blow after blow landed square in his bulging balls, causing them to jiggle and swing wildly between his legs. The force of the blows even made his towering column of a penis bob and sway in every direction.

But after five minutes or so, Claw was no closer to causing the young super hero to give up his heavy load, so the four-armed mutant stopped holding back and REALLY let Brick have it. Claw started throwing all of his considerable strength behind each claw-fisted blow, hoping to soften up the ridiculously huge and surprisingly solid bollocks and stir his burgeoning load to the boiling point. He even began hammering brutal upper cuts into the young man’s bouncing balls, all four fists slamming into his balls one after the other so fast the the huge nuggets barely had time to rebound from one punch before they were being clobbered by the next. The hammer blows into the bottom of Brick’s bulging ballsac were so brutal and so powerful that they sent shockwaves throughout his entire enormously muscular body, but the handsome hunk had no choice but to endure the epic clobbering of his bull bollocks, bellowing in futile anger and agony into his red ball gag.

Another five minutes into this abuse, Claw was rewarded when he saw a small trickle of clear precum begin to ooze out of Brick’s mammoth cock and drain down the clear plastic tubing. As the pummeling of the young lad’s mighty bollocks continued, that trickle of precum grew into a stream, and soon a steady river. Claw’s brutal attentions were starting to have their desired effects!

Claw doubled down on his punches and launched an assault on Brick’s balls that no man could possibly endure. He was pulling out all the stops, using every means at his disposal to try to destroy the hero. With four powerful arms, he was able to hammer and pound those screaming bollocks so furiously fast that the gigantic man globes were soon quivering like they were filled with jelly. Claw’s pincer hands were as solid as tempered steel, and the impacts on Brick’s balls were devastating. Yet the young man continued to endure, and the flow of slick lust honey from his heroically huge and rigid cock continued to increase.

Twenty minutes into the assault, Brick’s grunts and bellows of pain started turning into groans and moans of mounting pleasure. At the same time, the flow of precum from his quivering cock started to take on a slightly milky quality, and Claw knew that the big handsome lug was nearing the tipping point. The other students in the auditorium were loudly cheering, for they, too, could see that Claw was nearing his goal, and they were eager to see just how big this massive-balled muscle man could cum.

Claw suddenly ceased his hammering assault on Brick’s bright red and slightly swollen bollocks, watching the huge orbs as they wobbled and quieted down to a slow and ponderous swing between the young man’s quivering muscular thighs. He grinned and then exclaimed, “Time to break out the BIG guns!” Claw then opened all four sets of pincers wide. “Which one to start with? Let’s go with Lefty! That big bruiser is hangin’ just a little bit lower than his brother, so he makes an even better target.”

Chuckling at his own humor, Claw slowly extended one pincered arm, its claw one wide, and brought the claw up under the mammoth, sagging nard. Ever so slowly, he began to close his huge claw until the serrated edges began to press against the dense nut meat from both above and below.

And then Claw REALLY began to squeeze.

Brick bellowed in agony as the center of his massive bull nut was immediately crushed to less than half its usual width, caught in the nut-cracking grasp of the huge, jagged claw. His huge bull nut ballooned out to either side, the two halves bulging larger and larger as the closing claw threatened to bisect the huge bollock right down the middle. Brick’s cock gave a mighty lurch in response, and a small spurt of thick seed shot into the clear rubber tube. It was a paltry amount of cum, really, about as much as a typical mortal man could produce, and the assembled villains were tremendously disappointed at the sight. Another pulsating lurch followed, and then another, and another, each time spurting out just a small squirt of rather thin semen. What a shame — the stud had such phenomenally huge balls, one would have thought he’d have a similarly massive cum load, but apparently that wasn’t to be.

“Seriously dude?!” Claw exclaimed. “That’s it?! That’s all you’ve got?! You’ve got a set of unbelievably huge lug nuts that would make a Brahma bull jealous, and THAT’S as much as you cum!?!? I don’t care what the Doc says; these huge nuts of yours are almost worthless, and I don’t think you deserve ‘em. So great ready to kiss ol’ Lefty goodbye!”

Claw brought up two more of his pincers, set the open claws carefully over the two massive bubbles of tortured nut meat, and then closed both claws down with all of his might. Claw fully intended to shatter than goliath gonad with his huge pincers. Instead, his brutal action unleashed a torrent of sperm unlike anything anyone had ever seen.

Brick’s humongous left bollock was crimped to the brink of splitting in three separate places, causing the egg-shaped orb to distort hideously into shapes that no man’s ball was ever meant to endure. But the mighty bull ball refused to burst, and instead both massive nards began to visibly convulse and contract in their sac. Brick uttered a deafening bellow of agony and release as the first titanic bolt of spunk erupted from his pulsating dick.

Apparently those earlier short spurts of cum were just precursors to the veritable flood of sperm trapped inside the young man’s colossal cajones.

The first gigantic slug of cum was so thick and so copious that it filled the plastic tubing completely. The machine’s voracious suction quickly whisked that first blast into the waiting receptacle, the huge wad landing in the bottom of the container with a wet and gloopy SPLAT. None of the men in the room could believe the sheer VOLUME of that single enormous splurt of cum, for it contained more thick, chunky cum than any of them could produce in a WEEK of steady milking.

But as they were soon to learn, that was merely the beachhead of Brick’s colossal cumload.

A second mighty pulse of cum followed, and then a third, and then a fourth, all just as titanic and powerful as the first, steadily filling the bottom of the 5-liter canister. Everyone in the room, including Doc Evil himself, was completely awed by what they were seeing. Even Claw temporarily forgot what he was doing, watching mesmerized as pulse after pulse after huge, lush pulse of prime stud cream was pounding out of Brick’s behemoth of a cock, only to be sucked away into the waiting canister.

But by the 12th or 15th mammoth burst of spunk, Claw regained his wits and began to clamp down harder than ever with his three claws, trying to chop Brick’s straining left nut into four broken chunks. The handsome and heroically muscular hero threw back his head and bellowed even louder than ever, and the intensity of his orgasm actually increased, if that was even possible. Claw used his fourth arm to start punching and hammering at the straining bubbles of man meat bulging out to either side of his crunching claws. The brutal blows threatened to burst those screaming segments of nearly-quartered ball, but somehow Brick’s almighty man egg endured as his loins continued to pump out what had to be the greatest load in human history!

Brick’s orgasm raged onward with no end in sight. 20 wads became 30, and then 40, and then 50, never losing a fraction of their intensity or an ounce of their massive volume! It wasn’t until more than two minutes — and 80 magnificent cum wads — into his thunderous, earth-shattering orgasm that the time between blasts began to increase, and the volume of each blast start to diminish. Even then, it was a good minute or more later before the last chunky dregs of Brick’s unbelievably titanic load belched into the waiting suction tube.

There was near silence in the room for several long moments after that, broken only by the ragged breathing of the hunky hero as he struggled to recover from his epic release. Claw slowly released his death grip on Brick’s nearly busted left bollock, and watched in awe as the titanic teste quickly plumped back up to its full size and shape. Other than turning an angry shade of red, with bruising visible where each of the three claws had clamped down and nearly bisected the gigantic nut, the mammoth orb looked intact and unharmed. The young super hero clearly had a mighty set of stones indeed!

Claw looked at the clear plastic canister, and was even more stunned to see that it was more than four-fifths full! The mighty Brick Haus had just jettisoned just over four liters — that’s more than an entire GALLON!!! — of the thickest, chunkiest, gloopiest spunk he had ever seen! The kid was just UNREAL!

“Well, congratulations Claw!” Doc Evil said, the first to recover his voice and shake himself back to reality. “That’s an extraordinarily impressive volume to obtain, especially for Brick’s very first milking! You’ve done an excellent job and will get an A+ on this assignment!”

“But Doc,” Claw said, a wicked grin on his face, “I’m not done yet! I’ve only tortured ONE of Brick’s big balls. Ol’ Righty is still hangin’ there, nearly untouched and just aching for my strong embrace!”

Doc Evil chuckled and said, “You’re right, Claw, and my apologies! Please, by all means, proceed with his second ball. Though I’ll be surprised if you can get more than a few dribbles from his huge bollocks at this point. I can only imagine Brick’s huge balls must be pretty tapped out after an orgasm like that!”

“Oh, I dunno Doc,” Claw said, gently lifting up Brick’s relatively untouched right ball in one of his clawed hands. “These big beauties still feel mighty full. Heavy as fuck and just THROBBIN’ with juices! I’ll bet ol’ Brick here has plenty more to give us!”

So saying, Claw squeezed down with his pincered hand, brutally crushing the mammoth gland trapped in his serrated claw. Brick once again cried out in agony, his massive muscles flexing to even greater glory as he tried to endure the worst pain he’d ever felt in his life. Claw brought up two more pincers, placing them on either side of the lad’s nearly bisected nut, but before squeezing down, he placed his fourth claw around Brick’s massive cock shaft, right behind the swollen head. All at the same time, he squeezed down all four claws with all of the strength he could muster.

The result was epic. Brick threw back his head and brayed an inhuman cry of utter agony. Not only was his mighty right nut crushed to the brink of bursting, but his humongous cock shaft was partially crushed as well, making his huge, bulbous cock head swell to even more gigantic proportions. And as a second massive orgasm was instantly triggered in Brick’s aching loins, he quickly realized why Claw had clamped down on his mega schlong. With his thick cum tube — and hence the rubber suction tubing as well — completely clamped off, not a single drop of sperm could escape past the mutant’s clutching pincer.

Brick’s mammoth load began to back up in his internal plumbing, causing him even greater agony as his loins tried to accommodate the steadily growing volume of sperm that was pulsing to escape his body. The massive cum tube running along the underside of Brick’s magnificent horse cock began to swell and expand, growing thicker and wider than ever as it tried to contain both the invading suction tube AND the lad’s burgeoning cum load. And STILL Claw showed no sign of relenting, brutally crushing one of Brick’s beyond-massive balls while his mighty bull cock threatened to explode from the strain of his trapped mega load.

“Careful there, Claw,” Doc Evil admonished. “Brick’s huge cock looks like it’s nearing critical mass. I intend to milk a great deal more of the stud super sperm from his massive balls, and to do that, I need him to have a functioning penis.”

“Don’t worry there, Doc! I know what I’m doing,” the cocky Claw said, full of confidence. But the other villains in the audience feared that the mutant’s self-assuredness might be misplaced, for the underside of Brick’s cock had swollen to ridiculous proportions. His mammoth cum tube looked to be three or even FOUR times its original size, and was still growing! It almost looked like a second huge dick was forming on the underside of Brick’s mammoth schlong! How much more could his tortured cock take before its huge cum tube simply exploded?!?

Brick’s cries and grunts of pain were growing more urgent and desperate, for the young man could also tell that his internal plumbing was being redlined beyond all conceivable capacity. He had never needed to cum so badly in his whole life, and he feared that his entire crotch would burst before he got the chance.

At the last possible moment, Claw finally relented and released his crushing grip on Brick’s freakishly straining monster cock.

Instantly, the most colossal deluge of sperm imaginable began to thunder out of the young man’s  pulsating loins. Even the industrial strength suction machine was struggling to keep up with the unbelievable volume of spume that was rocketing out of Brick’s bloated cock. Instead of separate pulses of cum, the young hero’s smegma was blasting out in one continuous torrent, the extreme pressures built up inside his loins causing the sperm to burst out as if from a high powered fire hose.

Brick continued to bellow and roar in unimaginable agony, his entire body bucking and writhing against his immovable restraints. His massive cock was actually swelling even BIGGER with the young man’s desperate need to purge his loins, and it seemed at any moment, his massive schlong might split up the entire length, bursting in a spectacular explosion of beefy man flesh and sperm.

But somehow, miraculously, Brick’s genitals continued to endure!

It took more than half a minute before the constant deluge of sperm began to separate into separate salvos of cum. Brick’s horrifically bloated cock began to quickly deflate back to its normally prodigious size as it continued to pound out a load that looked like it was going to be just as massive as the first, if not bigger!

Sure enough, Brick’s second orgasm lasted even longer than his first, and in the end produced 4.25 liters of fresh stud jizz. Near the end of the young man’s mammoth load, Claw released two of his pincers from Brick’s tortured right nut, and instead placed them over the meaty nubs of the young man’s proud nipples and clamped down HARD. Brick screamed in renewed agony, his thick paps feeling like they were about to be snipped right off of his body. But the action succeeded in making the final five or six pulses of the young hero’s cum even more massive and lush than any that had come before.

Finally, Brick’s second orgasm was complete, and his behemoth balls temporarily depleted.

Claw used his huge pincer fists to land a few dozen more blows into the young man’s bruised and battered nuts, clobbering them with a violence that couldn’t be believed, and trying unsuccessfully to coax even more sperm out of the man’s battered cum tanks. The evil mutant landed one last blow, striking the huge sac of mangled nuts with all four claws at the same time, utterly crushing the massive orbs from four sides at once. Claw was certain that he had finally succeeded in shattering the young bull’s mighty nuts once and for all, but as he retracted his huge fists, he could only stare in amazement as both of Brick’s huge balls plumped right back up to their oblong, egg-like shapes. Both mighty nuts were glowing an angry red bordering on purple and felt like they had halfway been turned to mush, but they had survived intact.

Thunderous applause erupted from the other mutants lining the auditorium. Even more mutants had filed in during Claw’s abuse of Brick’s massive equipment, attracted by the bellows of agony and the raucous cheers of the rowdy crowd. The audience had already doubled in size, and more mutants were entering the room all the time. This was obviously going to be a lecture that would go down in legend, and everyone at the academy wanted to be present!

Doc Evil addressed the eager and excited crowd, saying, “I want each of you to get a chance to maul the spunk out of this super hero’s massive bull nuts. Sign up sheets are available here at the front of the class. Each slot starts at the top of the hour and lasts for 45 minutes. The last 15 minutes of each hour is allocated to allow Brick’s balls to heal the worst of the damage done to them, hopefully allowing them to be fresh and fully healed for the next student. I’m not sure if even HIS extraordinary recuperative powers will be able to keep up with the levels of abuse I’m anticipating from each of you, but we’ll see how it goes…”

“Young Brick is going to be milked 24/7, but the hours from 10 PM and 6 AM are blocked off to provide the stud some amount of rest before the next day’s tortures. These hours are STRICTLY prohibited for torture practice.”

Doc gave a hard and steady glare to the rowdy students, chastening some of them and quieting the room down.

“Awards will be given at the end of the young man’s marathon milking for the largest number of orgasms attained in 45 minutes, the greatest volume of sperm in a single orgasm, and the greatest volume of sperm produced in a 45-minute torture session. Good luck class, and remember, no permanent damage to our handsome guest!”

“At least not until I’ve drained him completely dry…”


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