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Monday, April 10, 2017

How to Break a Super Hero - Chapter 5A

How to break a Super Hero
Chapter 5A - Varied Tortures

It would take multiple volumes to recount all of the varied, imaginative, and hideous brutal abuses that Brick was forced to endure during his extended captivity, for every depraved and wicked mutant at the academy was given his or her chance to beat and abuse the young man’s melon-sized bollocks every way that they saw fit. No two tortures were quite the same, and it was amazing how creative the students became in the way that they punched, pummeled, kicked, kneed, elbowed, squeezed, crushed, flattened, pulled, yanked, tugged, and all but burst and ripped apart the young stud’s titanic testes. Only a few examples are recounted here to provide some idea of the variety of tortures unleashed on the hunk’s humongous jewels.

Knuckles and Pile Driver

Knuckles and Pile Driver signed up together on the very first day, and got Doc Evil’s permission to work together, pooling their 90 combined minutes of torture time into a tag-team event. Knuckles selected Brick’s behemoth right ball, while Pile Driver was given free and unfettered access to the equally mammoth left ball, and the two mutants had a competition to see which one of them could cause the handsome stud the most pain and crush the most juice from his huge berries.

Given their mutant talents, it was no surprise that both men selected blunt force trauma as their favored approach, and they each beat, hammered, and clobbered their respective bollock until it was nearly reduced to a soupy mass of broken nut guts. Both wicked mutants gave it their all and went for broke, churning out extremely impressive volumes of sperm from the young muscle giant, but in the end it was Pile Driver who won their personal bet.

For his finale, he hit upon the idea of sandwiching Brick’s already heavily battered left nut between both of his piston-like fists, and then switching his pile driving powers to their maximum setting. The two massive metal fists collided with each other so fast and so furiously hard that they were but a blur, and the goliath nard caught between them was forced to absorb every ounce of each devastating blow. The pancaked teste was squashed horribly flat, with perhaps only an inch and a half of brutally compressed nut meat keeping the two piston faces from touching. The poor gonad wasn’t given a chance to plump back up to its normal size, for the blows were just raining down too fast.

It looked certain that Brick’s behemoth ball would either shake apart from the violent vibration of the blows, or simply burst under the unrelenting and merciless assault. But in the end, Brick jettisoned his single largest load of the day, pumping out a phenomenal 4.75 liters of thick and clotted goo, and securing bragging rights for Pile Driver for the rest of the week.

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