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Friday, June 10, 2016

Cum Fantasy - Part 3

Cum Fantasy - Part 3
Based on an original story by an anonymous author


Cum Fantasy Part 3: The Water Polo Team

Our story continues: 


The local college water polo team was like any other Division I water polo program: basically, a mix of excellent athletes who chose the school for it's athletic scholarship programs, and other strong but perhaps less-than stellar swimmers just out to have fun and take a break from academia. This resulted in a healthy mix of body types on the team, from big ripped mega-hunks to lean and muscular swimmer types.

Jake's job with the water polo team was strictly as a volunteer. He enjoyed working with Phil, the head coach, who he'd met at a local gay bar years back and shared his swimming past. Phil was a short, stocky, and rather handsome guy that Jake had always found very sexy, but the two had never fooled around together. They each got a healthy kick out of the fact that many other gay men considered that they had "dream jobs" -- working a bunch of nearly naked 18- to 22-year-old bodies into extraordinary shape for eight months out of the year. Both men remained closeted to the team, fearing a loss of respect from the swimmers, who tended to be somewhat homophobic. Strange for a bunch of guys who spent a good deal of time together with next to nothing on, climbing over one another in the swimming pool for hours at a time, and showering with one another sometimes six days a week. 

Ah, yes, the showers. Always a strange place when the water polo team occupied them. After practice, they all marched into the open shower room (there were no dividing partition, just one rectangular room with 25 shower heads on three walls) and washed down their exhausted bodies, but always leaving on their suits. Occasionally, Jake and Phil would shower with the team after a practice to get the smell of the chlorine off their bodies that hung around the pool, but they were always naked. The guys tried to seem like they didn’t notice, but Jake had caught nearly all the boys checking out his huge cock and massive balls at one time or another. It seemed to make quite a few uncomfortable. 

Specifically, earlier this year, two freshmen, Martin and Jordan, always seemed to steal what they believed to be hidden glances at the coaches’ soaped up naked bodies. Jake caught each of them on separate occasions peering over and him and Phil from time to time. Once he even smiled back at Martin during one of these furtive staring sessions, which completely embarrassed the boy, so much so that he immediately left the shower area, blushing and immediately wrapping a towel around what appeared to be a growing erection. Speedo swimming suits never did leave much to the imagination. 

Jake had felt bad for these two boys, remembering how impossible it was to come out of the closet when he was a swimmer (he had waited until he was 24 and well out of college before he told anyone). They both looked the part, too. Slender, muscular, and fit with their hair cropped short and their body hair shaved. Though both young men tried to hide their male attraction, even others on the team had eventually begun to pick up on it, as Jake had overhead several of them recently asking each other whether they thought, "Those two freshmen were homos." 

Helping them come out of the closet was not really what spurred Jake’s interest in using the water polo team as his next test subjects for his new drug, but he secretly hoped this would edge those two out, and maybe a few others as well. At the very least, the experience should make the team a little more tolerant of homosexuality, since they would have now all experienced it first hand! Heck, if the component of the drug that stimulated homosexuality really worked (this didn't get much of a test in a bathhouse full of gay men), the team would have a new level of "appreciation" for gays and man-on-man sex! 

The only way he could devise to get the drug to the boys was to lace the team's supply of Gatorade right at the end of practice. He and Phil had long ago made it a requirement for everyone at the end of practice to rehydrate, as swimming takes just as much moisture and electrolytes from your body as any sport where you visibly sweat. Everyone took to the rule religiously at the end of every practice, and they always chugged a couple of cups of the stuff before heading to the showers. Phil and Jake usually joined them, just to make the point.

Jake chose a Friday afternoon practice to run his test. Rather than making pills, he'd measured out what appeared to be a heavy dose of the drug, but only because it was in powder form so that it would easily dissolve in any liquid. Jake figured that he could easily slip this into the Gatorade, which he made from a powder each practice and that was kept in a large vat at poolside. He figured all the boys would have a chance to make it to the showers before the effects would kick in, and at that point, their own thirst would be enough to get them to drink all the available water they'd need to keep the drug's potency going. 

Jake’s plan worked like a charm. 

Just before the end of the practice, while Phil was wrapping up the final cool down with the guys, Jake mixed his "special batch" of Gatorade. Twenty-two exhausted boys got out of the pool, grabbed cups, drank, and headed immediately for the showers. It was no accident that Jake had chosen Friday night to run his test, as nobody tended to linger around the gym and showers on Friday nights with all of the frat parties and other college events to go to. Many of the guys had steady girlfriends that they were eager to get to, and hopefully score with that evening. Jake and Phil grabbed cups of their own and drank some of the Gatorade, and then headed into the showers as well. Jake made sure he poured out any leftover drink down the drain before they left the pool area, for fear that someone might accidentally discover it or consume more than a single dose of the drug.

The shower routine started off just as it always did, but didn't take long to change...and change dramatically. All 22 guys were showering, all still wearing their black Speedo suits, none daring to take them off. Martin and Jordan had taken their usual spot in the corner, sort of out of the way of the bigger juniors and seniors, who were chatting it up about their plans for the weekend. As usual, the conversation was usually about sex.

"Dude, I can't wait to get out of here! I need to get myself laid like nobody’s business," yelled Chad, a 6’4” senior from Theta Kappa Delta fraternity. One of the captains of the team, Chad was every woman's and gay man's physical dream. A blond crew-cut Adonis with incredibly wide shoulders and huge pectorals gracing his mighty chest, tapering down to an 8-pack abdomen that ripped across a 32-inch waist. Though none of them would admit it, all the guys secretly wished they had his body. Chad didn't date anyone specifically, but never seemed to be out of a chance to get pussy, given his physique and the never-ending flow of drunk, loose sorority women who flowed through his frat house. Chad tended to be a bit of an arrogant asshole, and frequently picked on the freshmen, often singling out Martin and Jordan as "the team homos." Jake and Phil always told him to knock off the language, but never disciplined him beyond that for fear of exposing themselves.

"Man, I'll bet you just go home and spank it every night. All these stories are just trash!" jeered Tony, another senior and co-captain of the team. Chad and Tony frequently had this banter, and though great friends, seemed to always have a rivalry in and out of the pool. Tony was similarly built, with thick muscles in his shoulders, arms, chest, and legs and a very narrow and lean waist, only he was about 4 inches shorter and had dark, olive Italian skin covered with a light carpet of dark hair. At the end of the season when all the boys shaved down for the final meet, Tony always looked a bit naked without his soft coat of man-fur.

Ray and Carter broke into peals of laughter at this retort from Tony. Both were Juniors on the team, definitely primed to be captains in the fall. While Ray was a strong swimmer, also very well built and tall at 6" 2', Carter was definitely usually taking up the last position in races. Though wiry, muscular, and scrappy, Carter stood at only 5’5”. During the season, the kid played hard and gave it his all, and he was one of the strongest members of the team despite his shorter height. When he first joined the team two years ago, Carter was the weakest swimmer, but he stuck with the team and was always cheering everyone else on, and now he was poised to make co-captain.

"What the fuck are you laughing at, Chubs?" Chad hollered over at Carter, calling him by the nickname that he'd had since day one on the team. Carter had a huge bulge at the front of his Speedos, and when his fellow teammates had seen that bulge for the first time, they all assumed he was sporting a “chubby”. They quickly realized that Carter simply had a HUGE basket, even bigger than Chad’s famous bulge, but by then the nickname had stuck. Carter didn't seem to mind it, even joking about it from time to time. 

Chad said, "I don't see your little dick getting a lot of action! And for you information, Tony boy, I get a lot more play in a week than you're ass will see in a lifetime."

Brushing off the onslaught of insults, Tony simply retorted, "Yeah, I'll believe it when I see it."

"Yeah, me too!" chimed in Ray, along with a bunch of the other guys, some of whom had been dying to have a chance to put Chad in his place a bit, a little weary of his posturing, arrogance, and bullying.

Chad began to take this all a little more seriously, feeling the pressure of being ganged up on. He also started to feel a little feverish, and noticed his own big cock seemed to be getting hard. Fuck, he thought, all this chick talk's giving me a woody; I'd better cool it. "Yeah, I bet y'all are just jealous. Heck, I bet even some of you envy the chicks I sleep with...yeah, that's right. Maybe you two homos over there go home and jerk off thinking about me, huh?" Chad then immediately found himself thinking about that, and found the thought incredibly erotic and exciting. What the fuck is happening to me, he thought. I'm no homo, but damn the idea of those two jerking each other off is really hot...shit, what's going on?!

Meanwhile, Jordan and Martin were cowering in the corner, trying desperately to cover their own growing erections. Both had the same thought -- ‘Shit, he knows! And now the whole team is going to know! Here I am getting a hard on as he's asking me if I jerk off thinking about him!’ Because, of course, both boys had worked up their own sexual fantasies about Chad. 

Martin had developed an elaborate one where he was fucking Chad in the shower after practice one day after Jake kept them late. Unsuspecting that Jake was also gay, Martin also fantasized that Jake came in, discovered them, and stripped, jamming his huge cock deep into Chad's throat while Martin fucked his ass. 

Jordan had developed his own fantasy where Chad AND Tony both cornered him in the steam room at the gym and took turns fucking him in the face and ass, in the end spewing their pent up loads all over his body as he jerked himself off. Memories of these fantasies were now ALL Martin and Jordan could think about, and their cocks strained their Speedo's in response.

Martin, sensing that something fucked up was going on by his own mind beginning to reel with sexual desire, decided to be a bold for the first time. "Looks like you're getting turned on by that thought, Chad, judging from the rod you're sprouting in your suit there."

Chad blushed the deepest shade of red anyone had ever seen a guy turn. Jake was looking over the entire scene with great interest now, staring at all the boys in the shower stalls. As much as he was trying to control his own erection, it was quickly growing as well. He looked over at Phil, who seemed a little shocked at his own cock rising up on its own to its full 6 very thick inches. As Phil made attempts to cover it with his hands, he found his fingers wrapping around it instead and slowly beginning to pump. He too noticed now that all the boys in the shower had raging erections, and all seemed to be consciously or unconsciously rubbing them, all while quietly standing back witnessing the altercation between Chad and Martin. 

Chad started to stutter as he tried to come up with a come back, and all he could think about was fucking Martin, fucking Jordan, fucking any of the other boys in the shower. Heck, even Jake and Phil looked pretty hot right now, and DAMN, they were hard too! All the guys were blushing now as they realized they were all hard, but unable to make any attempts to hide their tented Speedos.

"Aww....f-f-f-fuck, what's going on?! I n-n-eed it bad, holy shit...!" Chad cried as he leaned against the shower wall and whipped down his suit, revealing a dripping, 12-inch whopper of a bull cock. ALL of the boys in the shower gasped at the sight of it, and were filled with their own lust watching Chad grab his meat and pound it up and down with unrivaled fury. 

Just as an army follows their leader, the rest of the team started removing their suits too, some not in enough time for what followed. One by one, all of them started to ejaculate gargantuan streamers of cum. 

Tony was actually first, having taken down his suit seconds after Chad revealed his mammoth rod. His more than respectable 9-inch Italian sausage sprang out and almost immediately began shooting cream straight across the shower, hitting Chad's well built chest, and then spraying over the teammates to his left and right. Chad almost immediately followed, his own cock spraying back across to Tony, sometimes hitting him directly in the crotch, soaking his thick black pubic fur with white sticky frat-boy jism, while at other points nailing him in the chest and abs. 

Ray, who was standing next to Tony, also got hit with Chad's load, but didn't seem to notice as he was preoccupied staring at the 5-foot arc of cum streaming from his own dick. He'd whipped out of his suit moments before, his mind filled with images of going down on any guy there. 

Carter was the slowest to react, and had not even gotten the chance to pull down his suit. Instead, he stared down in amazement at his extremely over packed Speedo that was now seeping incredible amounts of white cream out over the elastic and through the material. His suit, usually stretched close to its limits by his huge soft package, now ballooned out in further with cum and a still engorging monster cock. 

Seeing his friend’s distress, Ray felt an overwhelming need to help his short and beefy buddy. The taller man dropped to his knees while pulling the boy's cum- and cock-filled suit down over his large and muscular ass. A cascade of cum flowed out over Ray's hands and down his arms, as well as down Carter's thick legs, as his gargantuan erection sprang forward and slapped Ray in the face, shooting him point blank with a massive slug of cum in the process. 

The other guys could only stare in wonder at the magnificent cock that the short stud was sporting. Freed of the tight confines of the swimsuit, Carter’s mammoth cock was able to unfurl to its full, eye-popping, and mouthwatering 13 ½ awesome inches. The huge cock was as thick as a baseball bat, and nearly half as long. Carter had always been able to hide the true size of his huge cock, and despite not being ashamed of his height, always felt a bit self-conscious about his dick being too huge. He didn't seem to care now, though, nor did Ray who, seeing no other solution to stop getting hit in the face with Carter's cum, simply dove into his fat crotch and took as much of the shooting cock into his mouth as he could, which proved to be quite a lot!

Jake was watching all of this, dumbfounded and also lost in the realm of his own incredible orgasm, shooting his spunk five or six feet in the air to rain down on himself and Phil, who was standing next to him, doing the same thing. 

At the sight of Ray going down on Carter, Jake figured the show had started, and pulled Phil to the already cum soaked floor. "Fuck me," he commanded, and Phil needed no more encouragement. Propping Jake's legs up on his shoulders, he drove his thick 6 incher straight into Jake's twitching asshole. No need for lube when all the he needed was shooting out of his own cock at an alarming rate. He no longer questioned what was happening or why, all he needed now was cock, ass, anything related to sex and men. As he bent Jake further and further onto his back, Jake was able to better aim his own cock into his mouth, drinking up the precious fluid. 

Not that there was any shortage of cum or water in the place. All the showers were still on, and every boy in the place was shooting semen at a rate of at least a quart a minute. Throughout the massive orgy that had ensued, Jake looked down the shower room to see what he had long hoped to see --  young Martin and Jordan locked in a passionate kiss. Their own young cocks shot endlessly between their pressed bodies, coating their hairless chests with a slick coat of jism.

Jake had not anticipated the extended duration of the potency of the drug when mixed with Gatorade, along with the fact that the boys never left the showers and pretty much endlessly quenched their thirsts. For five hours straight, the scene continued with all the boys, Jake, and Phil, totally without any sense of time passing. All their focus was aimed at fucking and getting fucked. 

Over the course of the night, both Martin and Jordan got to live out their secret fantasies with Chad, Tony, and Jake. About 15 minutes into the cum-soaked orgy, Martin left Jordan and stumbled over to Chad, who was busy sucking on Jake's spurting rod. "Got any orifices open for a faggot like me?" he asked grinning from ear to ear. 

Chad sheepishly looked up, wiping the cum from his eyes that dripped out of his jism soaked crew cut hair, and simply gurgled, "Fuck my ass, stud!" before returning to slathering Jake's cock. 

Martin was the first to take the frat-boy's cherry, and Chad loved every moment of it. Martin slid his 7 inches all at once into the beautifully muscled asshole, and felt its tight warmth encase his spouting cock. He, Jake, and Chad stayed locked in this fuck for a good 10 minutes before Jordan came over, and grabbing Tony on the way, asked the two captains, "Which one of you wants my ass first?" 

Tony, who had been getting his own ass fucked by two other freshmen simultaneously while having his face pounded by Carter’s gargantuan spewing prong for what seemed like hours, was certainly ready to play top. Slipping to the floor with a splash into the inch-deep swill of cum and water mixed there, he pulled Jordan down with him and right onto his raging, shooting cock with a loud THUD. Chad pulled himself free from Jake and Martin, and forced as much of his 12-inch ejaculating rod into Jordan's mouth as would fit. Jordan soaked his fingers with his own come, as well as Chad's load spilling out of his mouth, and drove them deep into Chad's ass, only causing Chad to howl with pleasure and increase the power and volume of his cum stream.

By the time the drug wore off, 22 completely spent boys and two coaches all lay on their backs or leaned up against the walls of the shower room, sitting in five inches of their own warm spunk. The drains had finally backed up during the last hour, and there was a 6-inch ledge that normally kept the water in, which now served as a dam for what must have been nearly 1,000 gallons of cum that swirled around on the floor. Several of the boys continued to suck one another off, getting the final bits of fresh cream from each other's softening dicks, while others just lazily jerked the last spurts of cum out of their own dicks as their bodies occasionally convulsed with short jags of orgasmic pleasure. 

Martin and Jordan were passed out in the corner, Martin's now-flaccid dick firmly embedded in Jordan's still-convulsing ass. 

Chad was lying flat on his broad muscular back, slowly massaging the cum swirling all around him over his huge body, while Ray fed him the last bits of his cum standing over him, spilling spurt after spurt in his open mouth. 

Carter and Tony sat in another corner, having a small "cum battle", splashing each other with the deep accumulated load on the floor, occasionally stopping to jam their own fingers into each other’s cum filled asses to force any last remains of jism from their spent rods. 

Jake surveyed the scene as he and Phil slowly rubbed each other's now flaccid cocks, and thought how his latest test had gone far beyond his expectations. It would be interesting to see how the team reacted to one another in the days that followed, now that they had all had sex with one another. 

And he also wondered how much of the homosexual lusts brought on by the drug would be permanent. 

But what was even more on his mind was deciding on the next experiment he would perform. There seemed to be no end to the possibilities! As he hugged Phil’s hunky body tight to his own, Jake grinned broadly at the thought that Pfizer really never knew how close they had come to making a REALLY fantastic drug.


  1. very hot , please more, how react the boys? will they tie their captains and coaches and fuck them without drug? or will they find out about jakes experiment and castrate stomp crack his nuts? or will the captain say again something over the two homos and all boys will ruin his manhood?

    1. I'll let your imagination run wild, Michael, as I have no sequels planned for this series. Again, though, you're welcome to come up with a sequel of your own, and I'd love to read it!

      I wonder what would happen if you cracked and shattered a set of bloated bull nuts while they were under the influence of this drug. Would the mauled and broken nut meat continue to pump out slugs and slugs of man cream in an ever expanding puddle of raw baby batter? Could be a very hot image to create...just sayin... ;)