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Friday, May 26, 2017

How to Break A Super Hero - Chapter 5F

Thanks for your patience, guys!

My computer continues to limp along, so I was finally able to complete the next chapter in Brick Haus' torture saga. I sure do hope you enjoy it! I was inspired by input from several of you, so thank you again to everyone who has sent me story ideas. I plan on returning to the main story line in next week's Chapter 6, but I also remain open to creating more subchapters of Chapter 5 if you have additional story ideas and requests. Brick does have some brutally tough balls, after all, so they deserve to be used and abused in every way possible! :)

Now please sit back and enjoy a visit from a professor emeritus -- the Nymph! :D


How to break a Super Hero
Chapter 5F - Varied Tortures

The Nymph

As Doc Evil had suspected, the day following the tragic deaths of the Turner Triplets saw the most unspeakably brutal tortures yet unleashed upon Brick Haus’ gigantic, defenseless bollocks. The student villains were out for blood, and they took out every ounce of their anger and aggression upon Brick’s monumentally oversized sperm tanks. More than a dozen times that day alone, Doc Evil came very close to intervening during these tortures, for his students were showing no restraint in their assaults on Brick’s huge nuts, pushing them further than they’d ever been pushed before. The Doc lost count of the number of times he thought for certain that the handsome young super heroes’ behemoth bollocks would simply HAVE to rupture under the inhuman strain, but somehow they doggedly continued to endure, pumping out more and more of their signature colossal cum loads. 

In fact, Brick’s balls were now enduring tortures that Doc Evil was convinced would have shattered the mammoth orbs just a few short months ago. A number of weeks earlier, he had begun to suspect that the young muscle bull’s gigantic balls might have been toughening up even more under all of the relentless abuse, growing stronger and harder than ever with each passing day. The computer readouts and laboratory results now conclusively confirmed that the Doc’s suspicions were indeed correct — just as weight training built bigger and stronger muscles, the brutal torture of Brick’s bull nuts was making them grow bigger and stronger as well! The handsome lad’s colossal cajones had been damn nigh indestructible at the start of the semester, and they were even MORE buff, burly, and hardy now! 

What’s more, the sperm-producing capabilities of those two magnificent man nuts had been steadily increasing as well, no doubt in response to the near constant draining they had been suffering for months on end. Doc Evil supposed that this physiological response stood to reason — if you work out a body part long enough, then it eventually becomes even stronger, faster, and more efficient at its job. So while each 45-minute torture session at the beginning of the semester might net approximately one gallon of Brick’s mighty stud splooge, it was now not uncommon for the hunky hero to pump out a gallon or more of pure sperm during EACH orgasmic release! And with an average of three or four such monumental releases per session (and sometimes even twice that many), Doc Evil’s recently expanded cryogenic chamber was filling up fast with hundreds and hundreds of canisters filled to the top with Brick’s priceless and supremely powerful jizz. 

It was because of Brick Haus’ ever-accelerating sperm production — and the fact that Brick’s epic cum load at the end of his session with the ill-fated Turner Triplets had overwhelmed and actually shattered the previous collection system — that Doc Evil had extensively modified the sperm extraction machine before the morning’s first session. The new machine was more than twice as large as the previous model, and possessed exponentially greater suction power. Doc Evil had no doubt that the highest settings on the new devise would suck even the toughest of gonads inside out, Brick’s behemoth beauties included, so he was careful to use only the lower settings during the day and no more than a moderate setting at night. And instead of just one 5-liter collection canister, this latest model possessed eight such canisters, allowing Brick’s lush and copious loads to pour into the next canister in line once the first was filled. Everything about the newest extraction machine was heavy duty and reinforced, including the clear suction tube itself, which was even thicker and hardier than the previous tube. Forcing the even thicker tube down Brick’s gaping urethra had been a challenge, of course, but the lad’s never-ending flow of slick precum helped sluice the way, and the Doc was able to snake the new tube all the way down to the very base of Brick’s sexual magnificently oversized plumbing once more. 

The long day was proving to be the greatest test yet of young Brick’s almighty strength and super human resilience, with dozens of tortures inflicted on the handsome stud’s huge nuts that were as clever and devious as they were unspeakably cruel. The gorgeous muscle beast endured it all, however, defying the students’ most violent and brutal attempts to put a permanent end to the handsome stud’s legendary manhood. The villains were no longer even pretending to pay lip service to Doc Evil’s admonition to not destroy or permanently harm Brick’s genitals — they were actively and blatantly defying their instructor, doing everything just shy of actually slicing those humongous bollocks from Brick’s body in an attempt to ruin him forever. The fact that Brick’s mammoth man nuts continued to survive and endure was the greatest testament yet to their extraordinary strength and power. 

It wasn’t until the class day was starting to come to a close that Doc Evil began to relax just a little bit and start allowing himself to believe that big Brick might actually endure the day intact. Only one more session remained, and the villain in question, a diminutive and meek young man known simply as the Mouse, wasn’t known for his cruelty or brutality. Doc was starting to suspect that Brick was going to get off easy on his final torture session of the day. That was when the double doors at the back of the auditorium suddenly flew open, dramatically revealing a heavily veiled female silhouette in the doorway. 

A collective gasp went up from the packed crowd of students, for everyone instantly recognized the tantalizingly lush female figure and her trademark veil. This was no mere student — this was one of the most powerful super villains in the world! This was the Nymph! 

The Nymph was a very mysterious and solitary being, an ageless mutant who had been born unknown millennia ago somewhere halfway around the world to a civilization long lost to the sands of time. Even the super genius Doc Evil had never been able to fathom her true motivations and loyalties, and he had always been very careful and circumspect in his dealings with the extremely powerful immortal. Her unexpected arrival during his class was beyond surprising — it was unprecedented! 

The Nymph had uncontested mastery over the powers of lust and sex. Her body was absolute feminine perfection, and her face was so achingly beautiful that she could stop a man’s heart just with her eyes if she so desired, killing him through an overload of pure lust. She therefore kept her dangerously beautiful face veiled at all times, lest she accidentally leave a trail of orgasmic death in her wake. Her scent was what pheromones were made of, and her very touch could bring both exquisite agony and the unparalleled pleasure of release. She was sex and beauty and lust incarnate, and her own voracious sexual appetites were said to know no bounds. 

Every male member in the large room instantly grew rock hard at the mere sight of her veiled face and voluptuous form, barely cloaked by layers and layers of nearly transparent and gossamer silks, and the students began to tremble in both lust and fear. The Nymph began to slowly stride forward and descend the stairs toward the auditorium floor, her figure impossibly stately and regal, her step slow and precise and measured. The Mouse quickly scuttled away from the bound super heroes’ side, wordlessly acquiescing his slot in the torture rotation for the enigmatic and stunningly beautiful woman. 

All eyes were riveted upon her, especially Brick’s own beautiful cornflower blue orbs. In fact, she hadn’t made it halfway down the steps before Brick began to grunt and helplessly buck against his restraints, and his mammoth 22.5-inch cannon of a cock began to spew out a massive, utterly hands free orgasm! Never before had the class witnessed the handsome young muscle giant release his load without his outrageously muscular body even being touched, and the sight was unbelievably masculine and powerful, a perfect counterpoint to the Nymph’s own impossible feminine beauty. The Nymph didn’t break her stride in the slightest at the sight of the young super heroes’ colossal seminal release, almost as if she expected such spermatic fanfare whenever she walked into a room. 

Brick kept on grunting out his mega load long after the Nymph reached the auditorium floor. Unlike the hungry, lust-crazed stares of the other males (and more than a few of the females) crowding the packed auditorium, Brick was gazing at the Nymph’s perfect form with what looked like love and adoration in his impossibly blue eyes. There was a desperate need and yearning in the young muscle man’s innocent eyes that would have melted the hardest mortal heart, but which failed to move the Nymph in the slightest. She struck an arrogant, regal stance in front of the hunky hero as he pumped out the remainder of his hands free mega load, and Doc Evil watched in amazement as Brick’s supremely thick and chunky spunk filled the first collection container to the brim and began to splat heavily into the second container. It had been less than 10 minutes since the end of Brick’s previous torture session, less than 10 minutes since his mighty sperm tanks had been drained dry by the latest brutal torture, and yet here he was pumping out one of his largest loads ever, all without even being touched! Why, Brick was approaching the record-breaking spunk volume of his previous day’s session with the late Turner Triplets, and all with less than 10 minutes to recharge his ballast tanks!! Doc Evil knew that this incredible achievement was as much a testament to the Nymph’s incomparable beauty and mighty powers of arousal as they were to Brick’s own equally herculean virility. 

When the final thick slugs of Brick’s gigantic load joined their brethren in the second collection tank, leaving the devastatingly handsome young muscle bull panting heavily for breath, the Nymph finally addressed the bound muscle hunk, with a voice so rich and melodious that several of the men in the room instantly started pumping their own villainous loads into their pants. 

“The mighty Brick Haus! We finally meet in person! I see that the extraordinary tales of your masculine beauty and muscular form are not exaggerated. Such strength! Such stamina! Such virility!! I’ve never before seen your like, not in all of my thousands of years of existence. Even I would be sorely challenged to accommodate such a monstrously enormous phallus inside of me! You would have made a most agreeable lover, if only circumstances had been different…” 

“Instead, you’ve killed my latest playthings, and that makes me very put out. Very put out indeed. You see, the trio of young men that you called the ‘Turner Triplets’ were my latest lovers, and I had not yet tired of their company. Yes, they were young and foolish, but they could service my many needs all night long, and they amused and entertained me greatly. And now you’ve stolen them from me! You therefore deserve to be severely punished.” 

The Nymph began to unravel the many gossamer silks that clad her gorgeous figure, slowly disrobing before the entire rapt audience, but keeping her eyes and her sole attention on the almost unbearably handsome muscle stud bound helplessly before her. As more and more of her perfect form came into view, Brick’s gigantic cock began to lurch and pulse once more, hitting a SECOND hands free orgasm mere seconds after the finish of the previous epic load! But even Brick’s mighty sperm tanks couldn’t recharge THAT quickly, and only a thin and runny gruel of milky white fluids seeped out of his utterly rigid and desperately flexing bull penis. It was still a mighty volume of spunk compared to any other mortal, to be sure, but paltry in comparison to his previous colossal cum load. 

Soon, the Nymph was completely naked, save for the gossamer veil still covering her beautiful face. The computer monitors showed that Brick’s powerful heart was beating furiously fast, almost like he was sprinting, and every readout indicated that the young man was as aroused as any red-blooded lad in his sexual prime could be. Even from his position behind the computer monitors, Doc Evil could see that the Nymph’s body was truly female perfection, from her slender and elegant neck to her perfectly-formed, mounded breasts to her taut waist and shapely hips to her long and beautiful legs to her utterly beautiful feet. The only sight that the mad genius had seen before in his life that remotely approached the Nymph’s devastating beauty was Brick Haus himself, so seeing the two of them together at the same time almost made even Doc Evil swoon with pure lust. 

“I can see that my womanly form is having a powerful effect on you, my handsome and randy young man,” the Nymph cooed with a hint of a smile, stepping forward until the colossal shaft of Brick’s shuddering and quaking horse cock was just inches away from nestling in the deep, deep cleavage between her perfect breasts. “That’s good, as I intend to use your own lust against you. I am not going to beat or stretch or crush those humongous balls of yours. In fact, I’m not going to abuse them at all! You are going to do that yourself, my excessively virile muscle boy!” 

“But first, I need to make sure that you do not ejaculate again unless and until I allow it.” So saying, the Nymph reached forward with one delicate and immaculately formed hand to grip the base of Brick’s stupendously thick monster cock. Her dainty hand looked positively tiny compared to the young man’s prehistoric phallus, especially since her slender fingers could wrap no further than a third of a way around the mighty circumference of Brick’s towering cock. But only the lightest of touches was required for what the Nymph intended to do. She poured an element of her mutant powers into the base of Brick’s cock, flooding his loins with her mystic energy. Brick could feel the very center of his manhood seize up deep inside, locking down tight as the Nymph’s powers clamped down on the young man’s mighty ejaculatory muscles. Whereas the Turner Triplets had resorted to chemical compounds to delay and stave off the mighty heroes’ colossal ejaculation, compounds that Brick’s body was able to process and overcome in an astoundingly short period of time, the Nymph was using her own mutant powers to clamp off Brick’s vast cum supply. Even Brick’s enormous muscular might couldn’t overcome the Nymph’s unparalleled powers, so this time, there was no way that the massive muscle man was going to be able to cum unless the Nymph willed it. 

Brick’s second hands-free orgasm lurched to a sudden and painful halt at the Nymph’s delicate touch, and it felt like a donkey had just kicked the handsome stud right in his massive nuts. Brick’s humongous bull cock kept right on quivering and pulsing in the throes of his spontaneous orgasm, but the flow of his spectacularly copious seminal fluids was now completely choked off. Not a single drop of sperm could now escape the young heroes’ oversized loins. 

“Yes, that’s it,” the Nymph said, her fingers still wrapped around the thick, columnar base of Brick’s mighty man tool, enjoying the grunts and deep groans of pain that started to come from the bound muscle stud’s massive chest. “The muscles of your loins are indeed as strong and powerful as the rest of your spectacular body, but they are no match for my powers. You shall no longer achieve release until I will it. No matter how hard your massive cock pulses, no matter how painfully your bollocks contract, no matter how desperate you are for release, your seed shall remain utterly trapped in your balls.” 

“And considering how fast your amazing bollocks produce their copious seed, well, that could get very painful and very dangerous VERY quickly…” 

The Nymph finally released Brick’s painfully engorged cock, which looked to be even bigger than ever before. The massive veins snaking up and down its monumental length looked angry and bloated, ready to burst right out of the skin at any moment. The entire mammoth tool turned several shades darker as it swelled with more blood than ever before. 

The beautiful mutant then took both of her elegant hands and used them to gently cup the undersides of Brick’s titanic testicles. The Nymph’s delicate hands were once again dwarfed by the sheer colossal size of the young man’s herculean gonads, the coconut-sized orbs filling her palms to well beyond overflowing. The angelic-looking woman then began to pour her diabolical mutant powers right into Brick’s huge and heavy testes. 

Nothing seemed to happen at first. A look of pained ecstasy washed over Brick’s outrageously handsome features as his eyes hungrily soaked in the sight of the beautiful goddess gently cupping his pride and joy, his mighty man orbs, the seat of his unequalled masculinity. But then a look of worry came into Brick’s blue, blue eyes, followed by clear evidence of a building, growing agony. The Nymph’s touch was forcing Brick’s behemoth balls to produce sperm at an even more fantastically accelerated rate than ever, and the young man could actually feel his nuts begin to grow heavier and heavier with his supremely potent sperm. 

Doc Evil’s eyebrows shot up in surprise as he realized what the evil villainess was doing. She clearly intended to torture Brick with his own spectacular, super human virility, making his massive bull nuts churn out spunk faster than they ever had before, and at the same time trapping all of that mighty seed in his huge sperm tanks. Doc couldn’t help but admire the elegant simplicity of the Nymph’s chosen form of torture, even as he realized that this torture represented the most dangerous and deadly threat yet to the young super heroes’ long-suffering nuts. 

It was only a matter of minutes before Brick’s already massive balls began to swell even larger in size. The huge, cantaloupe-sized orbs were starting to visibly swell with ripe stud cum, forcing the extremely tough and fibrous outer walls of those two oblong spheres to bulge and stretch as the volume of fluids inside his huge seed pods continued to inexorably grow. Doc Evil had seen Brick’s burly balls bloat with spunk before, but it had always just been a relatively minor swelling, adding perhaps 10-15% to the overall mass of the young man’s already herculean nuts. An awe-inspiring sight, to be sure, but not outside the scope of reason. And even then, such swelling was indicative of truly awesome internal pressures inside the young stud’s testicular tissues, for his nuts were capable of containing and storing astoundingly huge volumes of dense and highly pressurized spunk inside those supremely toughened walls. 

The testicular swelling that Doc Evil was witnessing now, however, left all previous ball bloating far, far behind. 

Brick began to bellow in agony, the handsome super hunk thrashing in his restraints as his behemoth balls began to bloat to never before seen dimensions. It seemed only a matter of minutes before those colossal orbs had doubled in size, swelling to the size of extra large bowling balls, and just kept right on growing. 

Doc Evil’s eyes kept darting back and forth between the shocking and erotic scene in front of him and the continuous data feed coming from his various testing equipment. His eyes nearly bugged out of his head when he saw the data regarding Brick’s sperm production rate, as it was literally off the charts! The Nymph’s almighty powers of lust and sex were forcing Brick’s awesome virility to go into hyper drive, and his titanic testes were now manufacturing their precious sperm at a rate hundreds of times faster than before. The huge orbs were actually starting to heat up under the strain, and the Doc realized that Brick’s sperm-producing tissues were now under the very real threat of burning out under their sustained and grossly accelerated spunk production! 

But that wasn’t the greatest threat currently facing Brick’s big balls. The more pressing and urgent issue was that all of that fresh, raw, chunky sperm was choking the stud’s very nuts, and forcing them to expand far larger than even this super heroes’ bollocks were ever meant to be. Young Brick’s massive, mighty balls were now churning out an hour’s worth of cum every minute, a mind-blowing production rate that threatened to burst Brick’s big balls wide open! 

The Nymph continued to relentlessly and mercilessly pour her unbridled erotic energy into Brick’s bloating balls, making them grow to ever more monstrous and obscene dimensions. The huge orbs were now losing their natural oblong shapes, growing more and more spherical as they swelled to an insane size. 

The muscle man’s bollocks had soon TRIPLED in size, resembling a pair of world globes that you might see on a high school professor’s desk, covered in thick tortured veins like some sort of rugged relief map. The handsome hunk was now bellowing in continuous, gut-wrenching pain as his straining balls valiantly struggled to contain the unimaginably vast quantities of spunk now trapped inside their thick walls, but even their great strength was being redlined at this point. Brick’s balls were now even larger than during the previous day’s torments, when Scott and Hank Turner had crawled inside of those mighty orbs and begun to expand to their full human size! And STILL their swelling continued! 

Doc Evil didn’t dare interfere with the Nymph, for he feared her wrath and doubted that even the combined might of all of the other villains in the room would be enough to defeat such a powerful and immortal mutant. Instead, he could only watch in resigned acceptance as the mighty villainess pushed Brick Haus’ titanic testicles past all possible endurance. It was clear that she meant to cause Brick’s huge balls to literally explode under their own internal pressures, using his own phenomenal virility to permanently defeat and unman the super stud as vengeance for the tragic deaths of her most recent lovers. And Doc Evil could only sit back and helplessly watch. 

The computer readouts gave Doc Evil a continuous update of the ferocious pressures building in Brick’s balls, as well as the status of the mighty balls themselves. The most concerning figures involved the structural integrity of the thick ball walls that had now expanded to a truly colossal size, and yet somehow continued to contain the vast reservoir of spunk and thick, tortured, bloated ball meat. That structural integrity was shown as a percentage that steadily ticked downward with every passing minute — 40%…35%…28%…21%…15%… The Doc knew that those fantastically tough walls could fail at any moment, spelling an immediate and catastrophic end to Brick’s beleaguered balls. Yet they somehow continued to endure. 

At a structural integrity of just 12%, Brick’s balls had actually QUADRUPLED in mass, reaching the staggering size of a pair of overinflated beach balls! Both obscenely bloated bollocks were now perfectly round spheres, and his scrotum was stretched so thin that every detail of those two magnificent bull nuts was now clearly visible through the gossamer thin skin. Enormous, blood-swollen veins snaked all over the outrageously overgrown surfaces of both balls, and the very graininess of the walls themselves could be clearly seen. The sight wasn’t remotely human, and even Doc Evil’s wicked and jaded mind was sickened by the obscene, monstrous size of Brick’s bloated and bulging nuts. 

But at this point, Brick’s balls simply refused to grow any larger, despite the Nymph’s continued stimulation of his sperm making tissues to keep pumping out even more of his powerful seed. The young heroes’ almighty man nuts had reached the absolute maximum size they could attain, and quite simply could not expand any larger without exploding. Instead, the continued production of stud sperm just kept on increasing the internal pressures inside both of the handsome muscle man’s screaming nuts, hurtling them closer and closer to the breaking point. 

Their structural integrity dropped to 10%, and just kept on dropping. 8%. Then 6%. Then 5%. Tiny hairline fractures are forming on the surface of Brick’s nuts, and slowly spread as the pressures continued to build. 4%. 3%. The fractures and microscopic cracks continued to grow and spread as the stud’s thick ball walls began to finally fail under the unimaginably insane and painful pressure! They simply couldn’t take any more! 2%! 1%!! Brick’s behemoth beachball-sized bollocks were now completely covered in invisible cracks and threatened to explode at any moment! It seemed utterly impossible that the mighty muscle lad could have endured for so long already, but he was clearly now careening toward the very end of even his fabled endurance! Those gorgeous and supremely powerful bollocks were about to dramatically and catastrophically explode, ending Brick’s magnificent manhood forever! Doc Evil was certain that the young man would paint even the very back walls of the huge auditorium with his broken ball matter and enormous slugs of his cum, so fantastic were the pressures that had now built up inside his bloated mega nuts!! 


At the last moment, the Nymph removed her delicate hands from the surface of Brick’s hideously swollen nuts, stopping just shy of making them explode. Nevertheless, the heroically straining bollocks threatened to burst at any moment, struggling valiantly to contain an impossibly vast supply of spunk that was several orders of magnitude greater than anything they were ever meant to carry. Doc Evil knew that even a mild blow would now be all it would take to finish the job and shatter those most magnificent of man eggs. Why, even a half-hearted punch from little Mouse, still cowering timidly in a corner, would be more than enough to burst those huge balls asunder! 

The entire auditorium watched in silent, rapt attention to see what the Nymph would do next. 

The gorgeous woman reached forward with both hands and cradled Brick’s bloated, purple-mottled cock head in her palms. The young man’s swollen glans was as big as one of his own mighty fists, so the Nymph couldn’t completely encompass its heavy mass, even using both of her hands, but she only needed to touch the mighty member to achieve her goal. 

Using her mutant powers once more, the Nymph began pouring even more erotic energy into Brick’s already terminally hard monster cock. The young man bellowed in a hoarse baritone as awesome levels of lust and primal need tore through his loins, focusing on his gigantic horse cock. And as the audience watched in amazement, Brick’s 22.5-inch masterpiece of manhood began to grow! 

Brick’s dense penile tissues were already as bloated and engorged with blood as was humanly possible, but now they were swelling even larger, going beyond what was even SUPER humanly possible! As Doc Evil and his students watched in disbelief, Brick’s cock added another half inch to its length, then another, and another, reaching a full TWO FEET in length! Its record-shattering girth continued to grow and mount as well, the thick veins running up and down the colossal length of that shaft bloating as thick as a man’s finger! And STILL Brick’s behemoth stud cock grew, reaching 24.5 inches, then 25, then 25.5! The Nymph was expertly tormenting every aspect of Brick Haus’ fabled manhood, and the Doc couldn’t believe that even THIS super stud could have endured so much! 

Finally, at an utterly impossible 26.5 inches, Brick’s mammoth whale cock refused to bloat any further. It was now so thick, so massive, so unbelievably heavy that it had begun to droop under its own weight. Instead of jutting proudly heavenward, Brick’s almighty phallus had steadily fallen until it was now just 20 or 30 degrees above the horizontal. Even Brick’s extraordinarily strong and tough groin muscles were straining to keep such a heavy and massive beast of a cock aloft! 

“Doc Evil,” the Nymph said in a deceptively soft purr, never taking her eyes off of Brick’s writhing form. “You might want to get more of your collection containers ready. This is about to get very, very…messy.”

She then addressed her groaning and desperately bucking captive again. “Your manhood is now mine to destroy, Brick Haus. I must admit that I am deeply impressed, though; I never would have thought that even YOU could have endured so very much, or that your mighty male genitals could have grown to such prodigious size! But the time has finally come for you to pay for the lovers that you’ve stolen from me. Prepare to face the greatest and most terrible orgasm of your young life.” 

With those simple words, the Nymph causally removed her final veil, revealing her unnatural, super human beauty to the captive young Brick. 

Brick’s beautiful blue eyes flew open wide as he drank in the sight of the Nymph’s extraordinary beauty, and his powerful heart actually skipped a beat. But rather than slaying the achingly handsome young man, the Nymph’s beauty hurtled the young muscle man over the edge, driving him nearly insane with pure lust. The heroic super stud was reduced to little more than a rutting, slavering muscle beast, his only conscious thoughts focused on his unbelievably desperate need to cum. His insanely bloated balls actually lurched in their overstretched sac, kicking into even higher gear. The added sperm production was going to make his terminally bloated balls burst at any moment! 

And that’s when the Nymph touched one delicate fingertip to the bloated, swollen, dark purple head of Brick’s nearly ruptured cock. 

The Nymph’s touch instantly released the vise-like clamp over Brick’s ejaculatory muscles, and the most enormous gush of cum imaginable began to fill the rubber tube connected to the young man’s distended bull cock. Brick uttered his most deafening, thunderous bellow yet, a guttural cry of both agony and release, his guts clenching down so hard that he wouldn’t have been the least bit surprised to see his own intestines pulsing out of his body into the waiting suction machine. But instead, the most unimaginable flood of thick, clotted spunk began to pump out of his straining body in an unending, pulsating stream. It looked like he was peeing cum, only with a stream nearly as thick as a man’s wrist and with the power of a fire hose. Such was the pressure of the cum trying to force its way out of Brick’s bloated cock that the fantastic volume of his splooge threatened to finish the job that the Nymph had started, and split the young man’s very cock in half! 

The first collection canister was filled to the brim in mere seconds, as was the second and the third, before Doc Evil’s shouted orders forced his assistants to jump into action. The scrambling lackeys were able to start inserting fresh canisters into the machine just as the 8th jug was about to overflow. Filled canisters were taken out of the machine as soon as they were filled and quickly replaced with empty ones, for it was quickly clear that Brick’s utterly sperm-bloated balls contained a LOT more than just 8 canisters’ worth of spunk! 

A smirk twisted the corner of the Nymph’s gorgeous mouth before her trademark veil fell back into place. She gathered up her silks with practiced ease, covering her achingly perfect form once more, and then addressed Brick one last time. “If you should survive your current captivity, my handsome young friend, then please come find me again. I invite you to share some time with me at my home. I believe we would both find the experience most…agreeable.” 

With that, the Nymph turned on her perfect heel and began her stately climb up the auditorium steps. Brick could only grunt and groan in response as his body tried to desperately purge his loins of their critically massive cargo. All eyes followed her regal form as she exited the room, and it was only once the double doors closed shut behind her that attention was again focused on the magnificently muscular super stud writhing desperately on the display table, pumping out a lifetime’s worth of hero splooge. 

The flow of white hot spunk from Brick’s hyper bloated cock continued with the same insane volume and intensity with which it started, gushing out gallon after gallon after gallon of his precious male juices. And STILL the swelling in his hideously bloated bollocks didn’t decrease in the slightest. The pressure inside of Brick’s straining balls was still critically and dangerously high, and the mighty contractions in his powerful loins threatened to tip the scales and cause the redlined balls to finally burst. But somehow they doggedly held, as minute after minute went by and the almighty deluge of sperm didn’t slacken in the slightest. 

It was ten full minutes into Brick’s monstrously oversized spew that the readouts on Doc Evil’s computer terminals began to change, and the structural integrity of the heroes’ humongous balls began to slowly recover. At about that same time, the beachball-sized bollocks finally started to shrink in size, ever so slowly inching back from the brink of destruction. The microscopic fractures and dangerous cracks in the outer walls of those two colossal globes were starting to heal, leaving behind not a single trace of how close Brick’s mighty balls had come to obliteration. 

Still, Doc didn’t breathe a sigh of relief until another ten minutes had gone by and Brick’s balls had shrunk down to ‘only’ three times their normal size. At this point, the structural integrity of the young muscle man’s melon-sized balls was back to 100%, and the evil scientist and mutant knew that the handsome young hero was finally out of the woods. 

The remainder of the outrageously long and copious orgasm was the stuff of legend, firmly enshrining Brick’s place as the most virile super stud of all time. The unbroken deluge of pure sperm lasted for more than half an hour before finally breaking into individual salvos of spunk. The volume and intensity of Brick’s orgasm barely decreased, however, and still more and more of his supremely potent jizz blasted out into the waiting suction machine. It took nearly a full HOUR before Brick’s cock and balls had shrunk down to something resembling their previous normal size, though both appeared slightly larger than before. Doc Evil consulted his diagnostic programs, and was startled to discover that Brick’s sex organs were indeed bigger than before! His mammoth bull cock now measured 23.5 inches, having gained a full inch in length, as well as a fair amount of girth, from the brutal workout they’d just received. Brick’s balls had sustained an even MORE impressive growth, for their hulking mass had increased by over 25%!! Doc’s computers confirmed that this size increase wasn’t just the result of swelling caused by excessive sperm storage — this was actual new ball meat!! Brick’s behemoth balls had added a quarter to their already enormous size in less than an hour, all as the result of being forced to produce sperm at an insanely accelerated rate!! 

After more than an hour, Brick’s monstrous load was just about at an end, with just a thick slurry of chunky goo burping out of his cock in pulsing waves. He seemed finally and truly spent, but Doc Evil wanted to be sure, so he cranked up the suction machine half a dozen notches, using the highest setting yet on the heaving and nearly exhausted bull nuts. A fresh bellow of agony was torn from Brick’s mighty lungs as it felt like his huge nuts would be sucked inside out from the brutal pressure. Instead, a thick gush of fresh spunk erupted from his quivering cock into the waiting suction tube, followed by another and another and another! Apparently there was still quite a considerable amount of sperm stored in Brick’s worn out boulder balls, and Doc Evil intended to squeeze every last drop out of them! 

The lush pulses of spunk lasted another minute or two before rapidly diminishing once again. Finally, just a thin, runny drool of cloudy fluid was dribbling out of Brick’s well-used bull cock. Doc slowly cranked up the awesome suction power of the diabolical machine, further redlining Brick’s mighty balls and threatening to tear them apart from the inside. The young man’s colossal bollocks were hugging his muscular crotch so tightly at this point that it looked like they’d be sucked into his pelvic cavity at any moment…and that was just what was about to happen! A few shuddering pulses of watery cum lashed out into the waiting suction tube, but then no more spunk came forth. Brick’s titanic cum tanks were well and truly spent, emptied down to the final dregs, perhaps for the very first time in the young man’s life. 

And STILL Doc Evil cranked up the suction machine! Brick was bellowing in a continuous thundering roar as his magnificent bull balls visibly quivered in their tight sac! The suction forces being exerted on both rock solid lumps of man meat had long since exceeded critical levels, and it was clear that at any moment, Brick’s beefy balls would simply implode and get sucked out into the greedy machine! And STILL Doc Evil didn’t let up! Had Brick’s balls survived the greatest torture of their existence, swelling to four times their original size under the Nymph’s diabolical caress, only to be sucked inside out and reduced to so much shattered ball meat, floating in a suction canister along with the final powerful seed from his mighty loins!?! 

After yet another five minutes of pure nut-shattering agony, Doc Evil finally relented and turned off the suction machine. Brick immediately slumped in his restraints, his massively flexing muscles suddenly slackening in exhaustion. His equally exhausted bull bollocks unlocked themselves from the base of the young man’s gigantic cock and plummeted heavily to the bottom of their sac, hanging extraordinarily low at over 8 inches from his crotch. Brick’s almighty balls had narrowly escaped destruction again, not once, but TWICE — first surviving expanding to four times their normal size under the Nymph’s mystical, virility-enhancing powers, and second enduring immense suction forces that very nearly pulled those titanic testicles inside out! The young lad was simply INCREDIBLE!! 

The entire audience was silent for several long moments, and then spontaneously erupted into thunderous applause. Every last villain in the room was awed and profoundly impressed by the spectacle they had just witnessed, and though the majority of the accolades were for the Nymph and Doc Evil for their expert torture of the handsome young muscle buck, all of the students had to grudgingly admit that they were equally impressed and amazed by Brick’s super human endurance and godlike virility. 

Doc Evil tallied the final seminal output from the titanically muscular super hero, and was flabbergasted by the results. Young Brick Haus had completely filled a total of 512 canisters with his herculean stud load, for a staggering total of just over 676 GALLONS of pure stud splooge!!! That was enough curd-like sperm to fill a large hot tub to nearly overflowing!!! Doc Evil found that his mouth was actually agape as he read the final results, and he had to consciously close his mouth before any of his students noticed. Brick had produced more cum in one hour than he usually pumped out over the course of an entire WEEK of steady torture and milking! Even the cruel and jaded Doc had to admit that he was deeply impressed. 

It became an unspoken agreement that day that the Nymph was the uncontested winner of the unofficial competition to see who could make young Brick Haus cum the most in one torture session, and that her record would never be topped. They also agreed that the day’s tortures were ample punishment for the slaying of the Turner Triplets, and in the days and weeks that followed, the villains returned to trying to inflict maximum pain and agony on the mighty young muscle stud, and didn’t actively seek to destroy his mammoth bull balls. Well, at least not too much…


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    1. I'm thrilled that you enjoyed it! I've been getting worried that I might be getting way too silly in the extremes of punishment being inflicted on Brick's nigh-indestructible nuts, but as long as you're still enjoying it, then we'll keep this ball rolling.

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      And I'm SO glad that you enjoyed this chapter, Noah! You think Brick's balls can bloat even BIGGER than they got in this chapter, though? Damn!! That's gonna be EPIC! And I do actually have an idea that might result in Brick's balls swelling to an even greater size. I won't give any hints away now, but it's an idea I am planning on using for the finale.

      AND I haven't decided yet if Brick's spectacular balls live or die. In fact, I'm thinking about starting a poll to solicit my readers' opinions. Heck, since I haven't written the final chapters yet, maybe I can place Brick's ultimate fate in YOUR tender hands! Whaddya say? :D

  3. Wow! Extremely well written, and very hot!

    1. Thanks so much for your comment! I really appreciate it! I cranked this chapter out relatively quickly (computer problems notwithstanding) and didn't use any other source material for inspiration or adaptation -- in other words, this chapter was 100% my baby. So I get nervous that I won't be creative enough on my own, or write well enough to keep my reader's attention. So I am even more thrilled than ever to get your praise for this chapter - thank you!

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