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Friday, October 14, 2016

Hercules and the Temple of Torture - Part 3

Hercules and the Temple of Torture - Part 3
Based on an original story by dbeverly

Part Six – Climax

The priest left Hercules in the dungeon for several days as the serpents worked their tender mercies on the captive warrior, injecting his genitals again and again with their potent venom and causing his cock and balls to continue swelling to ever more grotesque dimensions. In the meantime, Hem Netjer made his final preparations for the ceremony that would guarantee his ultimate power and victory. 

Hem Netjer returned to the dungeon several days later, wanting to check in on his prized bull, who would now be ripe for his new master’s milking. The sight that met him stunned him into speechlessness. 

The mighty Greek had succeeded in tearing one massive iron chain from the ceiling and another from the floor in his titanic struggles before succumbing completely to the serpents’ venom. His spectacular, enormously muscular body hung by a single, massive leg, his free arm and leg twitching uselessly on the floor, his mind so delirious with sensation it could not comprehend that it was nearly free. 

The mighty warrior’s mammoth muscles twitched only slightly as the multiple serpents reared back and sunk their fangs into his captive meat for the thousandth time, once again crushing his manhood in their powerful jaws as they injected yet another batch of venom into the depth of his man meat. 

The monstrous genitals of the captive muscle hero were now so bloated and distended that they didn’t resemble anything even remotely human. The mighty cock of Hercules was now a tower of man flesh more than two feet long and nearly as thick as a man’s leg. The sheer weight and mass of the mighty phallus must have been phenomenal, yet the mighty sinews and muscles connecting that most magnificent of cocks to his body held that monster member proudly upright, defying gravity. The bloated and distended head at the end of that colossal shaft was so dark with engorged blood that it was almost purple, and it too had swollen to even greater dimensions and was now as big as a ripe melon. 

The mighty balls of Hercules had not gone unchanged, either, and had bloated and swelled to truly obscene size. His massive balls were now the size of extra-large gourds, so full of the demigod’s powerful male essence that they looked ready to burst at any moment. And in truth, they were on the razor’s edge of bursting asunder with the titanic store of sperm trapped inside of them. The gargantuan gonads were still stretched to their absolute limit, pulled to more than a foot from their straining crotch, and yet somehow they had endured, churning out ever greater quantities of his rich and thick spunk and increasing the already terrific pressures inside those glorious man orbs. 

The priest knew that if he waited much longer, he risked losing this ultimate paragon of man, for even the mighty bull balls of Hercules could only take so much strain and abuse. Truth be told, they had grown far larger than even Hem Netjer had thought possible. Even now, the mighty, massive orbs trembled with the early rumblings of their impending demise, threatening at almost any moment to rupture and spectacularly explode, painting all four walls of the dungeon with gallons of wasted sperm and chunks of ruined ball meat. The priest realized he couldn’t let that happen, and that he needed to begin his final spell right away. 

The priest spoke words to his pet serpents and they slowly recoiled and released their holds on the warrior’s immense, muscular body, all four slithering away into the shadows until needed again. Now that the full length of the young man’s mighty mule dick was revealed, Hem Netjer marveled at the bloated and swollen and rigid state of the frightfully engorged manhood. The huge shaft was visibly throbbing with exquisite pain and arousal, trapped within the rings that were now nearly invisible for they were so deeply embedded in his swollen man flesh. The massive shaft stood rock-hard and erect from his loins, every beat of his lion’s heart causing it to bulge and bounce uncontrollably. 

The priest more than half expected Hercules’ gargantuan balls to be permanently stretched by the ordeal, after being forcefully and brutally stretched more than a foot from his body for more than three full days. But to Hem Netjer’s impressed surprise, the big man’s mighty nuts contracted with the removal of each serpent coil until they were once again snug and tight at the end of the 6-inch steel coil. Their color also immediately improved, for they were no longer straining at the very end of their fleshy tethers, but they were still clearly heroically bloated with sperm and nearing a critical mass. 

Hem Netjer couldn’t tear his eyes away from the gloriously masculine and erotic sight of the half-bound warrior, and finally whispered to himself in awe, “You would make the greatest stud bull jealous with your magnificence, Hercules.”  

The priest clapped his hands, and three muscular and handsome Greek slaves entered the dungeon and lowered the mighty warrior completely to the floor, releasing his ankle from the single remaining chain. The priest no longer had any fear of this demigod, for his mind was so deeply lost in its turmoil of sensation that he was no longer even aware of his surroundings. The priest attached a chain to the ring piercing the muscle man’s massive cock head, and whispered more words of magic in the ear of the mighty Hercules. The catatonic muscle-beast merely moaned in response, but showed no other signs of comprehension.

“Stand, my powerful slave,” the priest commanded, savagely pulling on the chained member. Despite the force of his yank, the priest was surprised and impressed that the monstrously engorged organ barely gave an inch, remaining proudly and defiantly vertical. 

The mighty Hercules lumbered to his feet and stood before his new master, his massive muscles quivering, his freakishly bloated manhood bulging and flexing, his engorged balls hanging heavily and huge between his glistening, muscular thighs, churning relentlessly with their excessive fullness.

The three slaves placed a thick golden bar across the enthralled demigod’s massive back. They raised his enormous arms back and over the bar and chained his limbs in place, and all the while Hercules was completely unaware of what was being done to him. 

The Egyptian priest then led the son of Zeus through his temple by his very manhood, the Greek warrior following as docile as a lamb to slaughter, moaning occasionally as the pull on his cock stirred new sensations of arousal and pain in his already overwhelmed mind. All the enslaved young Greeks watched in helpless fascination, the sight of their hero being led before them in such a manner powerful enough to stir some emotion in their enchanted minds that they could not comprehend through the dense cloud of magic. But nearly all of the young men instantly grew rock hard at the intensely erotic and masculine sight of the massive chained hero and his gargantuan cock and balls. 

More slaves stepped forward to attach the gold bar to a set of chains, and connecting the unknowing demigod to the cart upon which sat the churning and bubbling urn that was the source of Hem Netjer’s magic, more than half filled with the countless loads of sperm stolen from the thousands of Greek slaves. 

Then, truly like the beast of burden he had become, Hercules pulled the great cart and urn through the temple, being led once more by his manhood and the chain in the dark priest’s hand. More emotions stirred through the slaves at the sight of the great Hercules being paraded in front of them in so humiliating a manner, the urn’s glow growing as the energy and the magic in the temple built as the essence of this magnificent Greek hero continued to build in his expanding loins. The combination of evil magic and god-like power was creating an ever mounting atmosphere of energy that all could feel. Hem Netjer could feel the intoxicating momentum of unbridled force building to a crescendo that would culminate in his ultimate victory over all the lands and peoples of Greece.

The evil priest positioned the great urn of power in the doorway of his mystical temple so that all his captive slaves could see the final subjugation and humiliation of the son of Zeus. Hem Netjer, drunk with power, gave his final orders. As all the slaves moved to the bottom of the steps outside the temple to witness the climax of their hero’s capture and total domination, the various chains and golden yoke were removed from the mighty Hercules. The awesome Greek warrior was completely docile, lost in a world of evil magic and unfathomable arousal, and near-vibrating with a raw energy that radiated from the very core of his being.

The dark priest spoke to his gods, and the mighty Hercules obediently raised his massively muscular arms as serpents of pure gold literally grew from the golden archway and coiled themselves tightly around the mighty forearms of the demigod. Lost in the agony and ecstasy of his torment, Hercules was unaware that his body was raised above the churning and bubbling urn of power; he never felt the additional pair of golden serpents reach out from the temple’s doorway and coil about his ankles; he never knew his thighs of oak were drawn wide, finishing the presentation of his glorious, muscular form to Hem Netger’s gods and all the servants below. 

Hercules was positioned over the bubbling, churning urn and then slowly lowered until his massive balls and engorged manhood hung over the edge of the huge cauldron, positioned perhaps a foot over the bubbling, gloopy contents. The mists grew and rose and coiled about Hercules’ massive form like a lover, encircling and caressing him, stroking him, pushing him closer and closer to a point that would send him into oblivion.

The priest drew the chain still connected to the cock ring imbedded in the swollen head of Hercules’ monstrous cock, and connected the other end of the chain to a large winch on the opposite side of the cauldron. A team of a dozen heavily muscled Greek slaves manned the winch and began to turn the huge crank. The fulcrum of the winch and the strength of a dozen men began to succeed where the priest had not, and the warrior’s mighty cock began to be drawn downward toward the cauldron. 

The humongous penis began to lower at first like a stiff lever, dropping from nearly vertical to an approximately 45 degree angle. From there, however, the rigid and obscenely bloated member put up greater resistance, and the dozen slaves had to strain with all of their might for any further gains. Hercules’ giant cock slowly continued to ratchet downward, but now the movement wasn’t coming from the base of his nighty truncheon, but along the very shaft itself. The mighty shaft began to bend, and a profound downward curve began to appear. 

Hercules bellowed in renewed agony at this latest torture being visited upon his manhood. His cries were so profound that they echoed across the valley like the rumble of thunder. Even Hem Netjer flinched in sympathetic pain at the sound of the warrior’s agonized cries. 

The mighty fuck stick continued to resist the efforts of the dozen slaves, and the mighty cock finally fought the slaves and their winch to a standstill. The priest was still not satisfied, and at an unspoken command, another dozen massively muscled men stepped forward to add their efforts to the task. 

The two dozen slaves grunted and pushed with all of their might, and at first nothing happened. But then, slowly, the champion’s turgid member continued its slow descent, bending even more dramatically. So profound was the curve in Hercules’ cock that it appeared in jeopardy of snapping in half, but still the cranking continued. 

Finally, when the gaping slit at the end of Hercules’ massive cock was pointed downward into the center of the cauldron, Hem Netjer commanded the slaves to cease and to lock the winch in place, securing the warrior’s cock in its tortured position. 

All was now in readiness. 

Hercules knew somehow deep down in his being that the overwhelming agony of denial was impossibly beginning to grow. Through the deep darkness of overwhelming sensation, the mighty Hercules felt an evil and relentless pressure building that was pushing even his mind and incredibly powerful body beyond their limits, over the edge of existence into an abyss that would swallow him whole and for all eternity.

Hem Netjer, powerful servant of powerful gods, stepped up behind the spellbound and helpless son of Zeus. He spoke the final words of magic to his gods, repeating them over and over as he stroked the smooth round globes of bronze-colored muscle that quivered and rippled at his touch, the evil priest’s own heavy shaft beginning to grow and harden. The intensity of his voice and the power of his words grew, and the hardness of his own spear and the lust of his madness grew tenfold. As he reach the point of frenzy, his hands squeezing and groping and bruising even the flesh of a demigod, Hem Netjer bellowed out his rage and triumph as he penetrated deeply into massive, muscular ass of the achingly beautiful demigod, releasing the spell that would make him immortal. Simultaneously, the mighty, booming voice of Hercules bellowed out his own rage and ultimate release.

Hercules, mighty son of Zeus, felt an explosion of unbelievable magnitude deep down in his body, dwarfing the eruption of any volcano, making the very heat of the sun itself seem chilled in comparison. With unimaginable release came more pain than any tortured soul in Hades could imagine. Mighty, magnificent muscles, imbued with the power of the gods, contorted into boulders of impenetrable hardness and pulled at his very limbs as if to tear them from his body. Fire spread through every sinew, every bone, every cell of his being, driving him beyond the brink madness. He endless agony, the unbelievable torment, carried Hercules into the abyss and consumed his very soul. He let go completely and slipped into a total and complete darkness that Hercules feared even Zeus could not penetrate.


In the darkness, a speck of light drew to it the consciousness that had been the mighty Hercules. There was no thought. There was no emotion. There was no memory. There was only being…existence…and the light grew brighter.

“Come my son,” a deep voice resonated in the being that floated in the dark, and that being instinctively moved forward. “Follow my voice, Hercules. Follow the light. Your time has not ended, for there is still much work to be done.”

The light brightened and the consciousness began to take on form and understanding. The journey was far but the end was within reach.


Part Seven – Conclusion

“So you remember nothing?” young Prince Iphytus asked, smiling down at the colossal and naked form of the mighty hero sprawled in the grass next to the river. Their powerful and naked bodies glistened in the sun from their recent rejuvenating swim. “Even after so many days?”

“I’ve told you, Iphytus,” rumbled Hercules. “The last I remember is a blurred image of you stepping through a passage guarded by great stone serpents, and feeling a great anger at what this so-called priest had done to you. Now…after all this time, why don’t you tell me what you remember? No one will tell me what happened after that, what happened to the priest, what happened to the temple, or how I came to wake up here, back in your father’s city.”

A slight cloud came over the face of the young prince, but then he looked into the eyes of his great hero, knowing he must tell the story or the demigod would never be satisfied.

“Okay, I’ll tell you what I remember. The priest’s spell over the strongest of us must have begun to weaken as he became so focused on you. Your strength of will and your father’s blood must have presented a challenge to Hem Netjer’s magic the likes of which he’d never encountered before.”

“Go on,” Hercules prodded.

“From what I can piece together from my memories, you were central to his final spell, but something went wrong. You were bound over a great urn filled with the stolen seed of countless Greek men, and this great cauldron seemed to be the source of his power. He spoke his dark words and then…”

“And then?”

“…and then all madness broke loose. You…you reacted much more powerfully than the priest expected. Your body…well, your body began to spasm and contort wildly. Your genitals, swollen to dimensions before undreamed of, began to jettison the most gargantuan load in the history of man, pumping great gouts of your male essence into the cauldron and increasing the priest’s powers with every blast and bolt of seed. You were literally pumping gallons of the stuff into the urn, and despite its great size, it was clear that you would have no problem filling the great vessel to the rim.” 

“The wicked and cruel priest, in the meantime, was riding you like a beast, plowing your insides with his own rampant cock, and it was clear that he was nearing his own climax and release. I believe that his own orgasm would have completed the spell, and sealed your doom and the doom of all Greece.” 

“But just before the priest could achieve his own release, your powerfully contorting thigh muscles caused the magical chains binding you to groan and stretch, allowing you to clench the great urn between your massive, columnar legs. With a final bellow of ultimate release, your legs jerked closed with such force that the great cauldron shattered in two. The untold gallons of bubbling sperm within the urn were suddenly released to spill in a great white waterfall down the temple steps, gushing like a great gloopy river.” 

“Hem Netjer screamed in rage, terror, and agony, stumbling back from your bound form as his spell was instantly ruined. It was then that I saw a terrible wound at the priest’s groin. The sheer power of your awesome muscles had cleanly castrated the wicked priest, your phenomenal ass clenching down so hard at the moment of your ultimate release that you pinched off Hem Netjer’s invading cock and crushed his balls to paste.” 

“The priest’s eyes were wide in shock and terror, and his hands flew to his groin in an effort to staunch the tremendous flow of blood. No doubt he would have quickly perished of shock and blood loss, had you not sped things along.” 

“With another mighty bellow, you pulled against your restrains with all of your awesome might, and the very temple walls themselves began to shudder and crack. Hem Netjer continued to stumble backward into his temple, clearly mortally terrified of his former prisoner. A tremendous crack could be heard, almost like a thunder clap, and you tore the supporting entry columns free from their bases. Hem Netjer looked up and had time to let out one final blood-curdling scream before the temple ceiling crashed on top of him, instantly slaying him and burying him under untold tons of rubble.” 

“Fortunately, in the priest’s arrogance and desire to humiliate and subjugate you in the most public fashion, he had ordered all of his slaves outside the temple and below the great platform to witness his ultimate conquest, and so none of us was injured in the final destruction.” 

Iphytus looked over at his incredibly handsome companion and smiled.

“Due to your tremendous bravery, strength, and sheer virility, Hercules, Hem Netjer and his evil gods will never darken our land again. When you destroyed his urn, you destroyed his power and his protection. The temple collapsing crushed him to death, and we later excavated into the temple ruins, recovered his shattered body, and burned it right then and there and scattered the ashes. Hem Netjer, servant of the gods, serves his gods in Hades now.”

Then an even stranger smile came to the face of Prince Iphytus as he looked down at the spectacular body of the most powerful, most muscular, most virile, most handsome being on the planet.

“What?” Hercules asked, wondering at the gleam in his friend’s eye.

“Oh, nothing,” Iphytus smiled, reaching out to grasp the large golden ring piercing the stallion’s cock and tugging it gently. “I was just admiring this piece of jewelry,” he grinned as the huge shaft grew hard and throbbing and as rigid as a tree in an instant, just as he knew it would. The mighty Hercules moaned in helpless arousal, his mighty sinews suddenly feeling heavy and helpless.

“What are you doing to me?” groaned Hercules, lust clouding his mind and draining his body of strength.

“Something that I’ve wanted to do for a very long time, my massively muscled friend.”


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  2. For some reason, he skipped Part 2 (was supposed to be posted last Friday, the 7th). I guess he hasn't noticed.

    1. Sorry guys! Just a little bug at my end. I made a last-minute edit to Part 2 a few weeks ago, and guess I forgot to officially save and publish it. Part 2 is up and running now.

      Hey, at least I now know you guys were paying attention! LOL!

  3. Oh I see. Seems like Part 2 was a good one as well judging by how Part 3 started.
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    1. Sorry about that Danny! LOL! Your blog host fell asleep at the wheel on that one. :)

  4. Thank you for getting things straightened out!! Now imagine, if you can, how my level of frustration built over the last 3 weeks, as I refused to begin reading your story until it was completely posted - oh, the agony!! LOL

    I've always had a weakness for stories involving mythical figures (Hercules, Tarzan) or super heroes (Superman, Batman), as they each played a role in my development from childhood, as I fantasized about doing to them what you (and others) write so well about. Keep it (and me) UP!! LOL

    1. Hi there Sean, and my apologies again for making you wait so long for the entire story. And I am impressed at your level of self restraint to be able to wait until all installments of a story have been posted before reading them!

      And I also have a MAJOR thing for super heroes and legendary figures. I grew up fantasizing about them as well, and love the idea that they can suffer far, far, FAR more abuse than a typical mortal man while still chugging out load after colossal load. :)

  5. I remember there are some fantastic installations by afterdark for this story.Do you still have them?Could you Please upload them.Thanks a lot.