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Friday, October 7, 2016

Hercules and the Temple of Torture - Part 2

Hercules and the Temple of Torture - Part 2
Based on an original story by dbeverly

Part Four – Capture

Hercules hung over the bubbling cauldron helplessly, struggling now only on instinct as his mind became more and more clouded and unfocused. His awesome muscles pulled reflexively and in vain even as his mind wandered in a gray fog. A voice was raised and a strange tongue was spoken through the fog but it had no meaning to the vulnerable demigod. A strange sound like stone rubbing stone broke through the fog but only added to his confusion. 

Then PAIN!!! WHITE HOT SEARING PAIN exploded through the fog! 

Hercules opened his eyes to stare down into the deepest, blackest, and most evil eyes his mind could fathom, his clouded senses not yet comprehending what he saw, his weakened body now on fire. Just as pain started to clear his mind only slightly, a shadow appeared over him…two golden daggers hovered over his left shoulder only a moment before sinking deep into the massive muscles of his chest.

“AAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!” Hercules bellowed in rage and agony as another black eye from hell stared malevolently back at him, a second explosion of volcanic pain ripping through his entire chest.

His mind, reeling from the agony, cleared completely of the fog and Hercules in absolute hell looked down to see the two enormous golden serpents that had guarded the door, their mouths closed over his chest, their fangs sunk deep into his meaty flesh. The demigod panted and gasped for breath as their powerful jaws closed tighter on his body, crushing and squeezing him in their grasp, smaller teeth slicing into his massive back like daggers, fangs like large knives sinking deeply into the meaty slabs of mighty chest muscle. A groan escaped the huge man as the vines released their hold and his body, twice as heavy as the largest of mortal men, sagged in the grip of the serpents mouths, literally hanging from fangs embedded deeply in the meat of his massive chest and powerful back. 

Staring into those eyes as black as the deepest pits of hell, Hercules saw them turn the red of demon eyes and he cried out in an agony ten times worse than that he had just experienced. If the explosions of pain caused by the monstrous fangs sinking into his flesh were like volcanoes, the burning pain as these evil stone snakes injected their demonic venom into his body was like pure, super-heated lava coursing through him. Hercules’s vision narrowed to where he could only see those glowing red eyes as they pulsed with horrible power, his entire body now pulsing in rhythmic anguish. 

The poison did its work fast, and the demigod’s mighty body was soon hanging limply from the fangs of these evil creatures, all fight and strength drained. The glowing red eyes that were his entire world now slowly faded to black as the mighty Hercules sank into darkness.


“Wake up, Hercules,” a voice ordered through the darkness. “Wake up, son of Zeus, I command it.”

Hercules somehow recognized the gray fog that replaced the darkness, only this time it was accompanied by liquid fire burning through his strained muscles. Struggling to the surface of the fog, the demigod opened his eyes to see before him a strange man he did not know and yet knew he should. He pulled at his arms, which would not move at his command, and a powerful throbbing burned hotly through his body, distracting him and he groaned at the surge of pain, his muscles swelling to full contraction and quivering as spasm after spasm of torment rippled through them.

Gasping as the throbbing pain subsided only a little, Hercules looked up from where he knelt on the floor, memory of the stone snakes and anger surfacing simultaneously in his mind. Quickly, the mighty Greek assessed his situation and knew that he must control his anger to figure out his escape. 

The young demigod found that he was kneeling naked on the stone floor with his arms and feet chained behind him with heavy metal chains, each with enormous links more than 3 inches thick. Had he been his normal self, Hercules would have been able to easily break free of mere metal restraints, no matter how thick the chains that tried to bind him, but the fact that he could barely move -- let alone break free -- told him that he was still under the priest’s evil spell. But he also knew that it was only a matter of time before the blood of the gods cleansed his body of the evil venom still in his veins. For now, he knew that any movement or any straining of powerful muscle would set off another round of intense pain, so he held himself still.

“How do you know me, wizard?” growled Hercules between deep breaths.

“Ha! Ha! The arrogance of a god if not the powers…at least no longer the powers,” sneered the priest. “I know a great deal about you, demigod! I know that you were sent here to capture me and free my slaves, defeating my army before it is even formed. I know that you are stronger and more resistant to my magic than any mortal man could be. I know that by controlling either your mind or your strength or both that I control you, champion of Eurytus,” he spat. “For now, the venom of my serpents controls your strength because I want you all too aware of what is happening to you, you arrogant behemoth.”

“By the GODS…!” started Hercules, his anger getting the better of him.

“SILENCE!” the priest shouted, standing over Hercules who stared defiantly at his captor. “Your gods are PUNY compared to mine, Greek, and I will show you the folly of interfering in my plans!!! But then…” the priest said, his manner shifting completely from ranting to an all-too-sickening sweetness, “I would not have the means to fulfill my plans so soon had you not so boldly walked into my temple, my mighty warrior.”

“What do you babble about, priest?” Hercules prodded, not missing the flash of anger and madness that quickly hid again behind the eyes of a mortal man. “You’ve not reckoned with the son of Zeus before and you may not know as much about this Greek or his gods as you think.”

“Whether you are the son of Zeus or not, Hercules, you possess a strength like none other,” he answered, the false sweetness then changing to pure malevolence. “I will drain that which makes you the most powerful man in your land and combine it with my magic, which you’ve already seen is most formidable, to cast a spell of unheard of power over this kingdom. Once Greece is mine, you…or at least the shell of your most magnificent body…will lead my army of warriors, which will be immune to all magic but my own, into battle against my enemies and clear the way home for me. The enslaved young men of your country are no more than cattle for now, but when I’m through with them, they will be the most invincible army in the world, and you, their champion bull, will become their general in my war." 

"But the ceremony I have planned for you takes time to prepare, son of Zeus. So, while you are still a bull and not yet a general, you will pay for your insolence and arrogance in challenging me, and you will pay dearly.”

Then, with a wicked gleam in his piercing eyes, Hem Netjer spoke in the strange language Hercules had heard him use earlier, and it was as if the very blood in the massive body of Hercules began to boil…only this time, something even stranger started to happen. Gasping and panting through the pain of his huge muscles swelling and contracting as if possessed, which they were, Hercules leaned forward to see if what he felt could possibly be true. Groaning as his huge muscles were racked with spasms of agony yet again, the Greek hero stared past his sweat-drenched, heaving chest, barely noticing the pair of nearly healed puncture wounds over each large nipple.

“What madness is this, priest?” he growled as those very nipples grew hard and throbbed as if being suckled by the most talented of lovers, and his manhood impossibly began to rise and harden even as his mighty muscles cramped and bulged in pain, a different kind of fire coursing through his enormous male member. “What are you doing?” Hercules half growled/half gasped in pain and erotic pleasure of the most perverse kind.

“Rather than put a ring through the nose of that angelic face, my prized bull, I’m going to put a ring through that bull’s cock with which to lead you before your countrymen as the proud beast you are,” the priest grinned, producing from his tunic a gold ring fitting for the nose of a bull…a very large bull.

“GREAT ZEUS!” Hercules cried out as the touch of this fiend’s hands on his swelling and throbbing manhood sent the current of a thousand lightning bolts through him and to his very core. Never had his cock been so hard and so painfully swollen and so unbelievably sensitive. 

“NOOOOOOOOOO!” the great Hercules screamed in anguish as the golden ring was pressed into his flesh, which seemed to turn molten through this evil magic and literally melt around the vertical metal edge of the ring. Pulling at his chains, the intentional contraction of his great muscles triggered another, more devastating explosion of burning pain throughout his mighty frame, magnified even more by the sensitivity caused by the inflicted sexual arousal. 

Grunting and panting in conflicting agony and ecstasy, his mighty body experiencing sensations so extraordinary that his mind could barely process them, the demigod stared down in disbelief at the ring passing through the opening of his cock and out through the flesh at the bottom of its now fist-like head, the ring hooked on the finger of this ungodly creature that literally held the great Hercules by his very manhood. 

In the time it took Hercules to regain his senses, Hem Netjer had affixed the ring to a chain, and that chain, in turn, to an even greater ring in the floor. His colossal manhood, normally the length and girth of a mortal man’s forearm and standing at an upward angle from his body, was through this black magic larger still and as rigid as any tree. The pull of the chain and the ring now embedded in the super-sensitized flesh of his cock head forced that great member to point downward toward the stone floor, the constant pull against his body adding that much more to his great discomfort.

Glaring up at his captor, massive chest heaving, mighty muscles taught and painfully bulging, Hercules growled at the dark priest like the great beast into which this evil man was trying to turn him.

Hem Netjer laughed in his own arrogance, pleased that this huge warrior was proving so hard to break. Enthralled to his will, this magnificent Greek would become an even greater warrior than his own people already believed him to be.

“That should keep you entertained until I am ready for you, son of Zeus,” the priest said with distain. “And it is only a taste of what I have in store for your awesome body…and soul.”

With that, the priest left the demigod on his knees, cock-bound, chained, and unable to use his awesome might without triggering the evil venom still coursing through his veins. 

“Your control over me will not last forever, priest,” growled the mighty Hercules.

Part Five – Preparation

Hercules had no idea how long he had been down in this dungeon, chained by his wrists to the stone wall, and his perpetually semi-hard cock with the ring piercing its large head chained to the floor. The powerful Greek demigod had not been idle during his captivity. Though it took much longer than he had anticipated, attesting to the power of this Egyptian priest’s dark magic, he could feel the venom in his system gradually being expelled by the blood of Zeus and the effects on his powerful muscles lessening. He could also feel the arousal spell waning with relief…and to his surprise a strange sense of disappointment? The real question Hercules realized, shaking his head clear of all other thought, was if the blood of Zeus could purge his mighty body of the evil quickly enough? That, Hercules did not know.

Over time, the gut wrenching spasms of pain and the brutal contractions of his huge muscles were less easily triggered and slightly less devastating…but still, he could not exert enough force against his chains to free himself before the venom triggered another episode that left him helpless for an extended period of time. Weakness was not something to which the mighty demigod was accustomed. 

“At least I’m not still a buck in total rut,” he growled to himself, staring down at his traitorous and monstrous manhood and feeling every bit the ringed prized bull.

“That will change shortly, Greek,” Hem Netjer said from the doorway to the dungeon, smiling coldly at the mighty Hercules. 

Hercules immediately began to slowly increase the pressure on his chained wrists, wanting desperately to wrap the steel restraints around the priest’s neck and slowly pull them tight. Unfortunately for the bound champion, he strained his still poisoned muscles hard enough to trigger the venom in his body and, though not as strong as previous periods of severe pain, this one was still strong enough to debilitate him completely and prevent him from gaining his freedom just yet.

The priest just stood in the doorway, immensely enjoying the show being put on by this magnificent physical specimen’s over-muscled body. The sweat covered torso and limbs bulged and strained and pulsed greatly with burning agony, every massive sinew outlined in harsh relief, every vein throbbing with power, every movement causing the man’s entire immensely muscular body to ripple like liquid marble. 

“Enjoy the view while you can, wizard,” growled Hercules between gasps for breath, recovering slowly from the venom’s effect on his body. “It won’t be lasting much longer.”

“Of that I am well aware, son of a god,” the Egyptian said as he entered the dungeon with a covered tray. “In fact, the view will be changing quite significantly, though not as you would hope. I sensed you were regaining your strength and am amazed your body is already fighting off the power of the venom…but it lasted long enough for my purposes,” he grinned a humorless grin as he set the tray down on a stone pallet at the wall. “I also sensed the weakening of my spell to inflame your arousal, but most importantly, that you actually feel a sense of…loss?” he continued, his grin turning more sinister now. “Not to worry, my hyper-endowed Greek…the reprieve from your imposed sexual fire and your sense of its loss will both be short lived. In fact, you are about to experience a level of…inflammation…” he smiled, truly enjoying his power over such a magnificent specimen of masculinity, “…that will liken your waning experience to a simple ember or spark.” 

Hercules, remembering all too well the fire through his loins, flexed his agonized muscles involuntarily at the thought of those conflicting sensations being magnified as the priest threatened. He pulled again at his restraints with an effort just short of that which would trigger the venom remaining in his body, unwilling to submit to further abuse by this wicked creature…but it was still not enough to free him. 

“It’s time for your next torment, Hercules,” Hem Netjer said. “A torment that will punish your arrogance and prepare you for your destiny as my slave at the same time.”

Then he spoke more words in that foreign, evil tongue.

Suddenly, Hercules felt his mighty muscles flex as if with a mind of their own, harder than any effort he had put into them of his own will before. The poisonous venom exploded through his sinews, the contraction and pain as vicious as any episode so far. The giant Greek bellowed in agony as his own body, his own god-given muscles, turned on him yet again, contracting and contorting and bulging with all his power, tying him in knots of torment. He gasped for air, his mighty chest heaving, his awesome muscles bulging, his massive naked body streaming with sweat and the pain that only grew until his mind blurred to a seething cauldron of fire.

Through the haze of slowly subsiding pain, Hercules felt himself being manipulated and moved, yet he had no control, no strength, no sense of what was being done to him. His groans echoed from the dungeon walls, but Hercules himself could not hear them for the roar of fire that seared his mind. Compared to the periods of agony the demigod had already endured at the hands of the Egyptian priest, this one pushed even the mighty Hercules to his limits.

As the mighty muscle man slowly began to recover, he knew something was very different. There was a weakness in his limbs more debilitating yet than any episode of agony had left him up to this point. Worse still, his body was more exposed and vulnerable to this dark priest’s evil intentions. As he slowly regained his senses, Hercules found himself to be hanging from his ankles, massive chains drawing his huge legs wide and the weight of his giant’s body resting fully on his broad shoulders. More chains drew his awesome and yet useless arms out wide to his sides and he didn’t have the strength to lift the weight of those mighty limbs even slightly from the dungeon floor.

Suddenly a throb of severe intensity drew the demigod’s attention to his manhood. A groan of discomfort, of humiliation, of frustration -- and to his confusion, of intense pleasure -- escaped the helpless Hercules as he saw that his staff had regained its prior state of cruel arousal and then some, and had been adorned with more of the priest’s evil jewelry. The enormous shaft swayed heavily over the Greek’s inverted torso, more rigid and harder than Hercules would have believed possible, now the size of his own massive forearm. But this state of induced arousal was magnified by the addition of three large rings tightly encircling his mighty shaft at various locations down its colossal length, and a fourth encircling the thick base of his shaft and his heavily burdened ball sack. A coil of thick metal, resembling a stacked series of rings, was wrapped tightly about Hercules' bound scrotum, stretching the narrow neck of the giant's straining ballsac an extraordinary 6 inches -- perhaps even more -- from his crotch and making his enormous, cum-engorged balls bulge obscenely at the end of their sac. 

A fifth and sixth ring were then secured around each of his extremely huge balls, separating them from each other and his body and pulling them even farther from his sweaty, hairy crotch. The sight of the awesome stretch to his enormous bull testicles made the huge balls appear extraordinarily powerful and virile, and simultaneously completely and utterly vulnerable. 

To fuel his anger and his arousal, the original ring still pierced and hung heavy from the head of Hercules’ goliath cock shaft. The grotesquely swollen cock head was now as large as his own giant fist and visibly throbbed and pulsed as it swayed rhythmically over his head in time to his powerful heartbeat.

“What more perverse evil will this man do to me?” Hercules groaned in helplessness like none other experienced in his many adventures.

“That you are about to see, demigod,” Hem Netjer answered, moving to stand between the mighty Hercules’ extended and widespread legs. The evil priest paused to admire the incredibly dense and unutterably thick musculature of those two mighty legs, as well as the massive meat jutting proudly between them. Again, the priest began speaking in that foul language, and the handsome Greek felt another more vicious throb through his manhood that made him gasp and made his heart beat even faster.

He watched in amazement as his already colossal member swelled to new terrifying and exciting proportions, expanding with every powerful beat of his heart, pulsing with a mixture of god-like and venomous vitality that chilled him to his core. His mighty truncheon of a cock was already bigger than anything ever seen before on man or beast, and the priest’s foul magic was causing it to grow even larger still. 

Unfortunately for Hercules, the many gold rings, already achingly tight about thick and horribly distended shaft of his supremely meaty cock, did not grow with the man-meat they entrapped. Instead, those vile circles of metal seemed to almost shrink about the sensitized flesh, constricting his manhood even as it continued to swell and grow and pulse before his agony and lust filled eyes. Another groan of conflicted sensation and emotion escaped the huge and helpless Greek as the flesh of his manhood literally bulged from between the tightening rings, and the already oversized head of that massive organ expanded like a wine sack filled to bursting.

Hercules was panting heavily and his mind swirling in confusion. The throbbing ache of his massive tortured muscles, the humiliation of having all that made him a male being brutally and callously manipulated by such evil, and the frustration of his total helplessness were all at odds with the growing pleasure radiating from his bloated and bestially oversized groin that seemed to be increasing with every passing moment. Hercules stared up between his wide-stretched thighs toward the dark priest, unable to focus his mind and unable to take his eyes off the organ that pulsated and bulged and bounced above him.

“Let me clear up some of your confusion, mighty son of Zeus,” Hem Netjer smiled cruelly down at his totally vulnerable and mesmerized prize.

A chill of dread passed through Hercules even in his inflamed state of mind and body as the priest played absentmindedly with a viper the length of a mortal man’s height.

“The essence of manhood possessed by the remarkable young men of this land you call Greece carries with it an incredible potency that my gods crave. I therefore milk these many hundreds of captive young men as a farmer would milk a cow and surrender their milk to appease my gods, who in return grant more worldly power to me. You, Greek demigod, son of Zeus, mountain of muscle and masculinity, possess a potency and strength like none other, far surpassing even that of your powerful countrymen, and you will be forced to surrender your magnificent male essence to make me invincible. 

“However, unlike your countrymen,” continued Hem Netjer, smiling malevolently, “your demigod powers give you strength, stamina, and recuperative powers like no one else I’ve ever seen. I’m not one to waste such an opportunity, so I will use my magic to build in your mighty bull’s balls a quantity of your essence that will ensure the maximum potency of my final spell, and that will guarantee my dominance over this land. I will then drain you dry, mighty warrior, robbing you of your essence and your very soul to leave you a totally mindless hulk of muscle and might to do my bidding. 

“The magical golden rings of restraint that have been applied to your monstrous meat and gargantuan gonads prevent you from releasing even one drop of your precious essence until I give the command. Due to your super human virility, in a remarkably short time, so much sperm will have built in up your behemoth balls that they will literally be ready to explode, swollen to extreme, unheard of dimensions with too-long-held spunk. In fact, it is only because of your super human strength and stamina that I would even attempt such a spell, as any purely mortal man’s balls truly would explode under such extreme internal pressures. I am confident, however, that the bulky and incredibly dense meat of your boulder-sized balls will be durable and resilient enough to withstand pressures that would destroy any other man’s balls a thousand times over. At least, I hope that they can endure…” the evil priest said with a slight look of worry and doubt on his handsome and cruel features. 

“Anyway,” the priest continued, quickly regaining his condescending confidence, “that will be your pleasure and your punishment, Greek, for your arrogance in thinking you could capture me. That which makes you a supreme warrior and a paragon of masculinity will be the very thing that makes you my slave.”

“Never!!” growled Hercules.

“We shall see,” replied the priest as he lowered the large viper in his hands toward the exposed manhood of the mighty and totally helpless Hercules.

Hercules gasped in revulsion and twisted pleasure as the serpent slithered between his huge balls and onto his rock-hard and highly sensitive shaft, the traitorous man-meat bulging harder still at the unwelcome stimulation. The captive Greek groaned in dark pleasure as the evil creature coiled and recoiled itself about the awesome length of that throbbing piece of meat, the strong muscles of its undulating body squeezing and caressing and masturbating the already over-stimulated organ to new heights of sexual arousal. The strength of the reptilian beast was extraordinary, as the rhythmic squeezing of its coils crushed Hercules’ powerful shaft even harder than the constricting rings of gold, taking Hercules to even greater heights of pain and pleasure. 

Soon, only the massive head of Hercules’ great shaft was visible as the coiling creature flexed and writhed about its captured prey. The creature’s great fang-filled head was only slightly smaller than the huge pulsing ball of heated flesh upon which it rested, and its small, dark, slitted eyes stared down almost tauntingly at the helpless demigod.

As if the great Hercules had not been pushed to his limits already, the merciless Hem Netjer stood over the Greek’s defenseless body and released two more, only slightly smaller serpents onto the bulging manhood. Hercules groaned with new dread as each serpent coiled itself around the isolated sack between ring and the huge, manly ball held separate from its owner. His groans grew louder as the constricting bodies tightened and coiled and squeezed and tightened some more, pressing the oversized glands of his spectacular manhood even deeper into the ever-shrinking sacks of skin that contained them. His tortured testicles were stretched farther and farther and yet farther still from his groin as coil after thick coil was wrapped around the narrowing neck of scrotum. The vital cords and vessels that connected those twin mighty balls to his body were stretched to the breaking point, each massive orb now pulled to well over a foot from his body, and still more coils were added. Hercules was convinced that his mighty bull balls, the very seat of his awesome masculinity, were about to be torn from his body, but somehow his supremely mighty balls continued to endure even as they were stretched impossibly farther still. 

The inhuman pressure on those gigantic balls of supreme manhood turned into a burning, throbbing agony that only grew with each newly added coil of the powerful snakes. Amazingly, this intense ache only served to stimulate the bound champion’s awesome arousal even more, if that were possible, and his mind reeled at the conflicting emotions and sensations that would have driven any mortal man mad. 

The two snakes finally locked themselves into place, and the sight rising up before Hercules’ stunned and agony-filled eyes was truly unbelievable. His gigantic man orbs had been brutally and mercilessly pulled and stretched and squeezed to over an astounding distance from his body, far farther than any man’s balls had ever intended to be stretched. The sight was intensely powerful and surreal, and the mighty warrior’s huge cock throbbed in response. The muscle man’s huge gonads appeared even more massive and obscene than ever, stretched to the utter ends of their ball cords and threatening to tear and burst forth at any moment. The smooth skin of his scrotum was pulled to gossamer thinness, stretched incredibly tight over its burgeoning contents, and looking shiny and very fragile. The scrotal skin was so thin that every vein and bump and curve of Hercules’ super human testicles was clearly visible, and the mighty orbs could actually be seen to throb in agony. 

The big man’s mighty nuts were truly at the very end of their endurance. Just the merest squeeze from either snake would surely result in the rupturing of the mighty warrior’s titanic ball sacs, utterly destroying the greatest paragon of masculinity to ever walk the earth. But the snakes maintained their coils, holding Hercules on that razor’s edge of destruction, all for the pleasure and amusement of the cruel priest. 

Near delirious with physical and mental torments more extreme than any man had endured before, the dark and piercing eyes of the great Hercules grew wide with disbelief as this most evil of foes held still another serpent in his hands, this one the largest yet.

“What more…evil…madness…is this,” Hercules half gasped/half growled through the confusion of sensations overwhelming him, “What more…will you impose upon me…monster priest?”

“You will soon find out, my most prized pet,” grinned Hem Netjer.

The priest held the hissing serpent by its thick neck, its head as large as the priest’s hand, and the dark one whispered words of evil to the air above and then ran his other hand from head to tail of the creature. Through his swirling thoughts, Hercules was not sure if what he saw was real or not as the serpent changed from writhing mass to rigid spear. Disbelief turned quickly to near madness as the priest turned the spear-like serpent’s head downward and drove the creature into the great warrior’s exposed and defenseless nether regions, where no man and no thing had been before.

A howl of rage and violation and agony was heard throughout the evil temple and the entire valley as Hem Netjer took final and total control over this magnificent Greek demigod, raping the mighty Hercules with the serpent and with the magic of his gods. 

And the priest still had one final spell to cast before he left this magnificent creature to transform into the most potent source of power Hem Netjer had ever known.

Speaking again to his gods, asking them to bless the venom of his servants, the evil priest spoke the final spell and watched his pets do their own magic.

Hercules, his mind numb and his senses totally out of control, no longer knew what was real and what was not anymore. Something like a great fist moved inside his body, and he groaned with a pleasure and a fear like nothing he’d ever know as that fist pressed into some part of his body that was directly connected to the head of his already monstrous cock. The wide slit at the end of his horrifically bloated cock gaped wider still, as his swollen cock tried futilely to jettison the massive, aching load in his supremely overstretched bull balls. 

He then watched in a daze of torment and paralyzing sexual heat as three serpent heads rose in unison above the stretched, squeezed, and tortured parts of his manhood that were their captured prey, opening their mouths wide to reveal multiple rows of wicked, sharp fangs like slender daggers. His eyes grew wide and a silent scream of agony and pleasure and lust and terror was trapped in his body as four serpents simultaneously plunged their long, envenomed fangs deep into all that made this demigod a man. All sanity and sense was lost into the bottomless, swirling mists of ultimate pain and pleasure.

Hem Netjer smiled on as his pets bit deep into the muscle giant’s massive man parts, plunging their fangs to the hilt into the deepest meat of the young warrior’s mighty cock and balls. The three visible serpents injected their venom into the already bulging and inflamed balls and cock head of the mighty Hercules, while the fourth serpent added his venom to the already churning gland behind that manhood buried deep in the man’s guts. 

The massive organ and balls immediately swelled to new impossible proportions before the priest’s very eyes, the essence of this awesome creature’s very manhood and godhood building and growing and filling him to bursting. The great Hercules began to wish his genitals would simply burst before this spell was done, for at least then this ungodly pain would come to an end. 

The mighty snakes’ jaws remained clamped over their massive, meaty prizes for many long minutes, crushing the muscle man’s humongous man parts in their powerful jaws and injecting gush after gush of their powerful venom. Hercules finally found his voice, and bellowed in unimaginable agony as the deepest heart of his manhood was viciously and brutally violated.

The evil priest stared in awe and wonder at the incredibly powerful and erotic sight, and could only marvel at the tremendous, magnificent muscles of this extraordinary being, for even depleted as they were by dark magic, those great, massive sinews writhed and bulged and pulled at the chains which bound him in his agony until the very metal creaked under the strain. But the restraints held, and Hercules had no choice but to endure the unimaginable agony of having his manhood brutally impaled and forced to swell to critically oversized dimensions. 

Hercules began to despair that he would ever win his way free from the mighty and evil priest. 

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