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Thursday, May 10, 2018

Rugby Balls - Original Version

Rugby Balls

The energy on the pitch was tangible.

The away team was neck and neck against the home side as the rugby guys played the ball one way and then the other, moving from one side to the other over and over again - the teams seemed pretty evenly matched.

Things seemed okay as the away team took possession, Tom Collins getting the ball into his massive spade like hands; gripped tight running towards the oppositions back line.

Collins is a massive man, huge build - must be well over six feet in height, massive size fourteen feet, unstoppable it seems, he filled his shorts tightly but there wasn't an ounce of fat on the man - you could see the muscle fibres rise and fall in the mans thighs as he turned with the ball.

He turned with the ball and smacked right into another man - a pure fluke or carelessness, who knows as confusion reigned for a moment.

The referee didn't like it and red carded Collins off for recklessness as his 'victim' lay flat on the floor - breathing, you could see the steam coming out his mouth, but flattened by the big man. It must have been like being hit by a wall - a twenty one stone wall at that. (294 pounds)

With the look of the devil on his face Collins walked away towards the tunnel, fuming, angry for his moment of carelessness - being sent off and leaving the guys one man down during the deciding moments of the second half.

As he walked towards the tunnel the cold air made his shaven head steam as the heat poured out of the man during his controlled rage and frustration of being sent off.

He slapped hands with the Coach as he entered the tunnel and headed for the away team dressing room.

He took a left turn into the changing rooms and noticed there wasn't anyone else around -he looked to his right and walked over to the washbasins behind the wall, alongside them was a urinal trough - he needed to pee.

He walked over, breathing deep and stood in front of the trough.  He tugged his shorts, un-knotted the cord and loosened the waistband and tugged it down with his left thumb.  He pulled his tucked in shirt out from within his shorts and lifted it tucking it under his chin, exposing his solid stomach muscles.

He tugged the shorts down further as his right hand disappeared inside his shorts and hooked his cock out from the safety of his jockstrap – the elastic stretched as his cock flopped out over the waistband of his shorts.

Collins is a big man.  Huge build. Legs like an Oak tree and hands and arms to match.

Incredibly fit for his age he works out daily and it shows as he looked down his washboard stomach muscles, looking down to his cock which now hung over the shorts aiming at the metal piss trough.

His right thumb and forefinger tugged at his foreskin which he rolled right back to avoid spraying everywhere - as he tugged his skin back it exposed his damp red shaft and cockhead which was a wide squareish shaped piece of meat. As he tugged the skin back his cock swelled slightly and he started spraying piss into the trough.

He had drunk a fair few litres of water on the pitch and it was all coming out - it looked like he had a full tank, his cock swelled a little more as he sprayed out his load into the trough.

His hands were pretty big, like spades, thick sausage like fingers and squareish fingernails - he held his cock in his right hand and it filled his hand just nicely.

He stepped off one foot onto the other and his cock swung from one side to the other his piss making a different tone as it hit a different part of the metal.

It was quite a site, a big man exposing himself, locked in a long piss and unable to do much else - the sight of Collins at the trough was something that held the eyes of the young lad from the under 21's squad who was also responsible for getting the towels and kit bags ready for the players at the end of the match.

The lad stood quietly watching as Collins sprayed a wide stream of steaming hot piss into the trough.

Collins neared the end of his nature call and relaxed returning to stand on two feet standing straight - he tugged his foreskin back aggressively which seemed to make his cockhead swell real big, like a ripe tomato.  He had sweat loads on the pitch and you could see the moisture on his shaft behind his cockhead, the veins glistened in the light.

The lad responsible for the kit took short and moved towards Collins at this point, joining him at the trough - Collins flinched as he hadn't noticed the lads presence but he made room at the trough.

As the lad sorted himself out to pee, he looked downwards and sideward at Collin's half mast stiff cock.

Standing much taller than the lad Collins continued to 'exercise' his cock and as he did it thickened and darkened in colour.

Collins looked down at the lad who didn't return the look as he was busy with the view he had.  Collins turned slightly to point towards the lad, showing his thickening cock.

I'd say he was about seven, maybe eight inches in length, uncut of course but thick - wide with it down the shaft and ending in this squared off cockhead.  You could say his shaft was cucumber thick, like a youngsters arm and with a few reddish pubic hairs on the underside.

Skinned right back the head was profiled like a helmet and a few drips of piss fell off the end - the young lad was transfixed.

Collin's shirt was stuck to his body, tight to his skin with sweat, he hadn't bothered taking it off yet so you can imagine the smell of warm sweat and pee filled the air around the trough.

The young lad stepped nearer and looking up as if for approval reached out towards Collin's swelling meat - the lads hands were considerably smaller than Collin's of course but he cupped his hand under Collin's meat and held it in his hand as if supporting it. He gently tugged the foreskin which he could bring forward and would cover Collin's huge cockhead, even while hard.

Collin's looked around and realised that someone might walk in at any moment - he signalled towards the cubicles and the lad went in and Collins followed and locked the door.

In the enclosed space, the lad faced what was really one of his rugby heroes, but in a state he never really thought he would ever have seen. The lad sat on the toilet and Collin's positioned himself, feet apart, in front of the lad.

Collin's reached both arms out and held himself between the walls of the cubicle as the lad reached forward and tugged his shorts down a few inches. He couldn't have lifted them as Collin's erection was so thick and strong he would never have got it past the waistband of the shorts.

The lad leaned forward slightly licking his lips as he mouthed his way towards Collin's cockhead.

The lad reached out and gripped the base of Collin's shaft tight causing the big man to wince a little and look down - the effect of this was to make the big man pulse his cock and it swelled several times, the grip holding in the pressure of the blood filled erection.

The lad licked his lips once again as Collins inched forward, his massive thighs now very near the lad who took his left hand and gripped around Collin's left thigh - he couldn't get his arm all the way round - the big man was like a tree in terms of leg girth, but it did steady him against the players body.

Using his right hand the lad ran his hand up and down the length of the big mans tool, rolling the skin forwards and then backwards until at one point, Collin's cockhead had swollen so much he couldn't get the skin to roll over it and it stayed in place behind the engorged cockhead.

The massive cockhead swelled to a smooth skin shine and it reflected the over head light as the big mans blood flow pulsed into his erection.

The lads hands were too small to reach round the big mans girth but he had a grip and wasn't letting go.

The lad bought his left hand back into play to grip the big mans cockshaft base again causing another spasm and swelling - he repeated this and Collin's responded each time only this time a bead of precum appeared on the end of the big mans tool.

The lad saw this and with a finger rubbed the drop into and over his cockhead creating a glistening look - as the lad returned to clench Collin's shaft again another flow of precum appeared falling in strings onto the lads trackie bottoms.  There was enough precum to lube the lads hands - which he did and then ran his lubed hand right down the length of the big mans cock - Collin's flinched as he did this but also jerked forward as if to fuck the air in front of him, pushing his swollen cockhead into the face of the lad hitting his cheek.

The lad repeated this a few times as Collin's developed a rhythm as the strings of drops of precum appeared over and over again.

He'd tugged the big mans shorts down and could see his balls - huge the balls that were  considerable in size and he could see them spasm upwards towards Collin's shaft and then see them fall again with each movement up and down his shaft.

The lad held grip of Collin's tool and noted the latticework of blue veins roped around his swollen cock, the veins stood up on end as if for better grip - following the line of the veins back the lad could see a huge artery serving blood to the big mans erection, this trailed back into the man's pubes which were reddish in appearance.

Gripping Collin's thick tool again the lad moved forwards and wrapped his lips around the mans swollen cockhead, sliding very very slowly until it filled his mouth - Collin's gasped and looked upwards, eyes closed.  The lad had the big mans cockhead in his mouth and could feel the stream of precum on his tongue.  It tasted sweet and was body-hot - an amazing experience.

Collin's jerked forward in response to his cockhead bumping off the lads teeth, he tried sending his cockhead down the back of the lads throat but the lad gagged as it was way too wide for him to deal with.

Collin's moved his hands from the walls and gently gripped the back of the lads head as he gently pushed and pulled his tool around in the lads mouth.

The lad looked downwards and could see the big mans balls rising more meaning he wasn't far from ejaculating, he also noted the extra width to the big mans shaft which was as thick as the lads own wrist, the prominent vein like a wire running on the top of the shaft.

The lad reached out sending his hand into Collin's shorts, reaching to massage his balls gently, he ran his hand round the back of the scrotum and could fee the big mans heat in his legs. He cupped Collin's balls gently as they both lifted in response to the touch.

He returned to gripping the base of the mans shaft as he moved back withdrawing Collin's tool from his mouth.

He lifted the thick meat upwards and could see underneath it the thick laced veins and a massive wide cockhead beautifully shaped like a helmet and with a long slit in the end - this explained why Collin's was spraying piss everywhere earlier as he pee'd.

The lad tongued the big mans undershaft and watched in close up as Collin's dick pulsed and swelled big time - a huge clear bead of precum appeared and this time, flowed down the head and the lad tongued it off wetting his lips with it.  Collin's jerked slightly again because of the touch. 

The lad watched as Collin's used his right hand to skin his shaft forward and then back several times as the lad continued to grip the big mans cockshaft - it was a deep red colour engorged and packed with pressured blood and was huge.

Collin's wanted to cum and continued handling himself right up close to the lad who watched, fixed in amazement.

The lad watched as Collin's thigh muscles twitched more and more as it did when he was piling into a woman he was fucking - twenty one stone of man bearing down on someone, quite an amazing thought as he legs twitched and his balls lifted up tight against his body.

Collin's started breathing deep but quiet, enormous self control was taking place here but the lad knew what was going to happen and couldn't move as the tower of a man started to writhe and judder as he wanked himself in front of the lads face.

Steadying himself, Collins took his left arm and stretched out in front of him gripping the wall as he leaned over the lad.  The lad braced himself as Collins juddered over and over again; his thigh muscles twitched and his stomach muscles stiffened as he wanked slowly but gripping tight.

Collin's looked down at the lad letting out a quiet grunt causing the lad to look up as Collin's jacked himself further, the lad looked down to see a string of semen fire out of Collin's massive cockhead - the white goo hit the lad under his chin as another pulse of cum was ejected and hit him in the same spot, closely followed by another and then another until the lad looked in close up as Collin's cockhead spewed a final stream of semen which dangled off his cockhead and swung in the air.  The lad leaned forward and tongued the string of cum off the big mans cock and swallowed it shaking his head as he dealt with it's bitter taste.

The lad leaned back and relaxed as Collins took both hands and pulled the lads head and face into his sweaty stomach and gently buried his face in his stomach hair.  The lad looked down his stomach at the big mans cock that was slowly returning to a reasonable size and colour.

The lad took his right hand and cupped Collin's cock and balls in his right hand and threw his left arm around the big man giving a reassuring hug - they stayed like that for a few seconds, seconds that seemed an age.

Collins stood back slightly and signalled to the lad to keep still as the big man rolled his foreskin forwards and gripped his half master shaft and sent a jet of piss down into the toilet pan between the lads thighs.

The lad sat there, fixed as Collin's semen drips gently dripped down into his shirt which thankfully was black. He could feel them move slowly and took his hand and rubbed them into his top.

Collin's finished peeing and shook his tool free of drips and looked down at the lad with a knowing grin - the lad looked as Collin's stood there, cock still hanging out his shorts but returning to a flaccid state again.

The lad leaned forward and pulled the big mans shorts back up to cover him over, as he did the big mans cock flipped upwards and then disappeared into the shorts.

Collins placed a big hand on the lads head and patted him twice as if saying thanks without actually saying anything at all.

Collins stood straight and turned gently and opened the cubicle door, walked out and headed for the changing room area.

The lad waited a few seconds and walked out taking the opposite route to fetch the kit bag which he later took into the changing area where a totally naked Collins was now sitting.

Not a word was said but the lad turned at one point and looked at Collins who winked once and looked down as he peeled his rugby socks off.

The lad knew that there were various initiation ceremonies in rugby but this one wasn't one that he'd heard of before - he admired the big man and wanted to see the man pleased following the anger of his sending off – he did so and ended up seeing a very different set of rugby balls.

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