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Thursday, November 17, 2016

Blog being hammered by spam...

Hi there everyone!

As sadly happens so often, someone has decided to crap all over my blog by hitting me with spam. I'm getting about a dozen "comments" a day from a spammer, and while I can delete each comment one by one, I cannot block the spammer. Hopefully this spam storm will blow over soon, but if not, then I may have to consider abandoning this blog.

It royally sucks when one person decides to ruin something fun for everyone else, doesn't it?

Anyway, if my blog suddenly disappears in the weeks ahead, then it's because I got tired of dealing with spam. I just wanted to let you all know ahead of time, in case it comes to that.



  1. That sucks. It sounds like a lot of (needless) work... But please don't delete your blog! Your work is awesome, and I'd hate so see you gone!

    I get spam comments on my blog now and then, but they're usually recognized as spam by the blogger software. I'll have a look at my spam settings and see if I can come up with something to help you. Why don't you send me an email (

    1. Thanks Alex, and I'll be sending you an email momentarily...

    2. Hi again Alex! Tried sending an email to the address you left in your comment, and it got sent back to me with an error message "A message that you sent could not be delivered to one or more of its recipients. This is a permanent error."

    3. Hmm.Strange. I just sent myself a test mail and it worked. Use instead. Sorry for the inconvenience!

  2. Sorry to hear about all the extra work. I know how much you love this site, and how hard you've worked on it, and you have done an extraordinary job. I selfishly hope this blog never dies. But I really do hope it never dies simple because all the work and time you've put into it. You're a really great writer and have earned the right to have your work displayed. As always, Thanks for all you do :)

  3. Oh really sorry to hear that....
    The blog site can't block spam or spammers IP Adress? If you close this site please tell us different blog place or email me. I really fond of your site and stories.
    Thank you. BBcrusher,

  4. Hi there
    Huge fan of this blog, great stories mate.
    Sad to hear about this spammer, would be a great shame if you couldn't publish your work anymore.
    Good Luck mate

  5. That sucks, love your blog. Whoever is spamming, CUT IT OUT!

  6. Please don't abandon this blog.....I just love it.....hopefully whatever weirdo is spamming you will just tire of it eventually......what you do is certainly appropriated by me and many others I'm sure...

  7. Hopefully Alex can help you filter out the crap, as I would hate to see you give up your blog because of an idiot. That's exactly what the idiot wants, so please don't capitulate - too many of us struggle to find material of this ilk, and you offer us such an abundance of riches, I can't fathom losing your blog. So, please, in this era of renewed assault on individual rights and freedoms, never surrender!

  8. Yeah, please don't let the spamming destroy a thing of beauty.

  9. Thanks so much for this outpouring of support, everyone! I'm honored and touched by your kind words, and am still fighting the good fight.

    I awoke to another 18 spam messages from someone who's name is simply "Blogger", and so far I haven't found a way to block him or her entirely. So I'm just deleting the spam messages as quickly as they get posted. Hopefully I'll find a more long-term solution for this problem, or better yet, "Blogger" will up and quit! :)

  10. Have you considered getting a Tumblr?