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Friday, April 22, 2016

Saddle Castration - Part 1

I'm trying something new today. I'm simultaneously posting the first of two drawings today that accompanies this story. If you're interested in viewing my illustrations, then please check out my other blog at  :D

Saddle Castration
Based on an original story by an anonymous author 

A young man’s virility is put to the ultimate test while riding a specially designed mechanical bull. 


The muscular young fireman came to in a nearly pitch-black room, his thick wrists bound together above his head with some sort of heavy iron manacles that were attached by an even thicker metal chain to the stone wall at his back. Doug did not remember what had happened or how he had gotten here. He only remembered that he had been working late at the fire station, cleaning one of the trucks, when suddenly a damp cloth was placed over his mouth, and everything quickly went black. 

As he hung helpless in his restraints, Doug realized that he was naked except for his grease-stained jock strap. Despite his near nakedness, however, the room was so warm that Doug’s young and spectacularly muscular body was covered in a thin sheen of sweat. As his eyes adjusted to the dark, the dark-haired young hunk thought he could make out a faint light on the other side of the room, perhaps the faint outline of a door. He strained to see more, when suddenly the door flew open, letting light flood the room and temporarily blinding him. 

As Doug’s eyes slowly adjusted to the sudden light, he could see about half a dozen well-dressed men of various ages enter the room, all looking at him with cold and appraising eyes. Doug felt a thrill of terror, for these men all regarded him with a hungry and heartless stare, and he knew that none of these men were here to release him. 

Despite their cool demeanor, the men seemed extremely impressed by Doug, as well they might be, for Doug was what most people referred to as a ‘muscle god’. The young, 22-year-old fire fighter possessed both a phenomenal physique and incredible good looks, standing a full 6’5” tall in his socks and weighing a whopping 385 pounds of lean, bulging, rock hard muscle on a very large and very broad frame. Doug had been lifting some extreme weights since his early teens, and it showed in every inch of the amateur bodybuilder’s monstrously massive body. The handsome young stud was by far the largest man in the city’s entire fire department, and likely the largest muscle bull in the whole damn county! 

Doug’s behemoth physique was extraordinary for a man of any age, but was all the more impressive since Doug was barely into his 20’s – the handsome young kid was still growing, so who knew how massive he would become in 5 or 10 years?! More amazing still was the fact that the young buck had never once resorted to the use of steroids or other performance-enhancing drugs; his body was completely natural, the product of a lot of hard work and incredibly blessed genetics. Heck, once Doug had started lifting weights in junior high school, he couldn’t STOP his body from growing, stacking on at least a couple dozen pounds every year since he’d begun lifting weights. 

Doug’s awesome physique was both enormously muscular and perfectly proportioned, that rare combination that so many bodybuilders tried so hard to achieve, and with which Doug had been naturally gifted. The young stud was also blessed with a very high metabolism, and naturally hovered at around 4% body fat, making his already gigantic muscles look even bigger and ripped to shreds. Had Doug ever wished to enter a super heavyweight bodybuilding contest, there is no doubt that the hot young stud would have aced it. 

It was difficult to describe Doug’s physique, as you had to actually see it to get the full impact of his raw masculine beauty. The only way to describe him was body part by body part, and even that couldn’t do more than scratch the surface of the effect that all these pieces had when combined into his extraordinarily handsome whole. Starting from the top, Doug had a neck as thick as a bull’s, thick with corded muscles that flared out at the bottom to massive traps. His shoulders were a full three and a half feet wide and easily as large as cannon balls, and from these boulder shoulders hung immensely powerful arms that were over 26 ½ inches in circumference completely cold! Doug definitely had one of the largest set of muscular arms on the planet! And when fully pumped, Doug’s mind-blowingly awesome arms swelled to over 30 inches in size!! These were mammoth guns indeed! Doug’s forearms were bigger than some men’s legs, thick with corded muscle that flexed with his every movement. The mighty arms ended in massive hands, the kind that could easily palm a basketball…or crush a skull. 

Doug’s chest was simply magnificent, a monument to masculinity, the squared-off pecs awesomely broad and incredibly thick. The incredibly heavy and dense muscles jutted a full 8 inches out from his massive rib cage and were topped by two of the most succulent nipples any of the well-dressed men had ever seen. Doug’s awesome chest was covered in a thick but soft fur of dark brown hair that continued in a narrow dark trail down his perfect 8-pack of cobblestone abdominals and disappearing into the waistband of his bulging jock strap. And at a mere 32 inches, Doug’s muscular waist was incredibly narrow for anyone of his height, let alone for a young man with lats as wide as barn doors. In fact, Doug’s waspish waist was even more incredible in that it measured only one-third of his incredible, monumental, 96-inch chest measurement. Doug’s back was every bit as muscular as his front, with lats at least as thick as his chest, which tapered majestically down to his slender waist. 

Doug’s lower body was every bit a match for his upper physique, with bulging, muscular calves the shape of footballs, only bigger, and huge, tree trunk thighs that were thicker than the young man’s waist at over 40 inches each. These two pillars of bulging muscle led up to a tight and muscular ass out of legend, two big, perfect globes of male muscle. Even the baggiest of pants could not conceal Doug’s awesome ass. Doug’s thighs and calves were covered in a light dusting of the same dark hair that coated his chest, and this hair traveled in a thicker trail up the back of his thighs and into his tight, hot ass crack. 

In a word, Doug’s physique was phenomenal. Awe-inspiring. Perfect. 

And as if his physique wasn’t incredible enough, Doug was blessed with awesome good looks, the kind of ruggedly handsome face that people always associated with both firemen and super heroes, sculpted and angular and overwhelmingly masculine. Beneath a thick head of dark brown, wavy hair, Doug possessed a high forehead, dark and heavy brows, high prominent cheekbones, and a long straight nose over full, sensual lips, a powerful chin, and a heavy, strong jaw line. Doug’s facial hair was so heavy that within an hour or two of shaving, he looked like he had a five o’clock shadow. It was Doug’s eyes, however, that truly captivated his face, for they were the kind of deep, soulful blue that seemed to look straight into your heart. These gorgeous eyes were framed by very long and dark lashes, the kind of naturally thick eyelashes that women would kill for. 

Doug was truly an Adonis of a man, a muscle stud worthy of worship. But he had yet one more attribute that put him far above and beyond the common man, and it was for this attribute above all others that he had been selected and abducted for the evening’s entertainment. 

One of the men, a young and handsome blond stud named Michael, stepped forward and addressed the rest of the men. The young man looked like he belonged on a college campus with his perfect hair and elegant tuxedo, not down in some dark dungeon, but he seemed perfectly at ease. Michael told the rest of the gathered men that they were in for a treat tonight, explaining that he had managed to find the ultimate centerpiece for their amusement. He then explained how he had first learned about Doug the Fireman, seeing the handsome and hugely built young man interviewed on the evening news and acclaimed as a hero for saving three children from a raging fire. Michael said how he had been astounded by the young man’s beauty and charm, and by his awesome musculature. But knowing that the Club demanded more of the men selected for their special treatment, Michael knew that he had to find out more about this stud. So, Michael explained, he snuck into the firehouse one evening and watched as Doug took a shower. At that moment, Michael knew that he had found the perfect man for their monthly ceremony. 

With that, Michael turned to Doug, and all eyes became focused on Doug’s over packed jock strap. The thin cotton fabric strained almost comically, as if it was trying to contain far more than just a man’s cock and balls. In fact, so huge was the bulge in Doug’s crotch that some of the other men doubted that it was real, and one even stated that Michael must have stuffed the jock strap with half a dozen pairs of socks to create such a bulge. Doug knew better, of course -- he had to special order his jock straps through a mail-order catalogue in order to obtain underwear that could accommodate the great size of his mammoth endowment. 

Michael smirked at his disbelieving audience, and said that he, too, had originally believed that the great bulge in Doug’s briefs must be false, and that even when he saw Doug with his own eyes, he couldn’t believe at first that what he was seeing was true. But he then assured his now captive audience that the massive bulge in that jock strap was all man. Michael then produced a long, wicked knife, and reached out toward Doug’s crotch. The young fireman’s eyes widened in fear as Michael slid the blade beneath the waistband of his briefs just to the right of his crotch. Then with one swift motion, Michael cut the elastic band, letting the thin and dirty cotton fabric fall to the ground and revealing Doug’s massive crotch for the first time. 

The assembled men gasped in unison as Doug’s gargantuan cock and balls flopped out of the severed jock strap. Doug’s cock was by far the longest and heaviest cock they had ever seen, measuring a full 12 inches long completely soft, and thicker around than a beer can. The massive shaft was covered in a tracery of thick veins, and was topped by a massive cock head that, even in its flaccid state, was larger than the largest of plums, and was covered by a thick fold of foreskin. Even a horse would be jealous of Doug’s awesome cock, and Doug had long since learned to hide his cock from casual view, as it indeed elicited envy from many men, and lust in others. 

Doug’s gargantuan man meat arched majestically out over two behemoth testicles that defied belief. All the assembled men had heard the term ‘bull balls’ before, but did not actually believe that anyone could ever live up to that appellation. Now here, chained before them, was a man who put the balls of a prize stud bull to shame. Doug’s enormous testes were each the size of the largest of grapefruit, approaching hairy coconuts in size. Each massive orb was so dense and meaty that it weighed nearly 10 pounds, and was so large that Doug’s velvety scrotum bulged obscenely as it strained to contain its massive contents. The combined weight of those burgeoning bull nuts was extreme, and stretched Doug’s thick scrotum to such a degree that the huge balls naturally hung over 4 inches from his crotch. Such was the awesome size of his nuts and their incredible dangle that, even though his cock hung down well over 12 inches completely flaccid, the tip of Doug’s cock barely hung down further than his enormous bull balls. 

Michael reached out his hand and cupped it beneath one of Doug’s huge balls – cupping both nuts in one hand was impossible as just one massive testicle filled even Michael’s big hand to overflowing – and hefted the great, heavy orb for closer inspection. Several of the men were already clearly sporting erections in their tuxedo pants as they took a closer look at the gigantic teste, and they could actually see the vitality and power pulsing through the great orb. Upon closer inspection, they could see that the thick scrotum was not completely hairless as they had previously thought, but was actually coated in a thick down of short, dark, fine hairs, making the huge orbs appear so much like tremendously over-sized, fuzzy peaches. Michael then let the meaty nut drop, and the men watched the incredible bull nut fall heavily to the bottom of its scrotum, where it bounced and jostled against its massive twin, causing both massive orbs to swing ponderously between the young fireman’s columnar thighs. 

Michael then ordered that Doug be prepared for the ceremony, and four huge, identically-dressed burly men stepped into the room. While Michael and the other men departed, the four huge muscle men unchained Doug from the wall and, keeping his wrists manacled, led him by a chain under close guard out of the dungeon. Doug was led up a flight of steps into a hallway, and he immediately knew he was in a very large, very rich house. He was led through a series of beautifully appointed rooms until he finally reached a set of double doors. Beyond the doors, Doug could hear a great deal of conversation, as if many dozens of people were having a party on the other side. 

The guards opened the doors to a grand ballroom, and Doug saw nearly a hundred men turn to look at him. Doug was filled with a mixture of embarrassment at his nakedness, and fear as to what his fate would be. The men were all as refined and well dressed as the men Doug had seen downstairs, and none seemed shocked to see a large naked man enter the room. They were all surprised, however, as they quickly took in his great beauty, his incredible body, and his super-human endowment. The stunned and excited men parted before him, allowing Doug to see the large mechanical bull in the center of the room. 

The guards led Doug to the mechanical bull, where handsome young Michael waited for him. Michael again addressed the audience, telling them all what a special event they had planned tonight. Doug was hoisted up onto the back of the bull, and his manacled arms raised so that the chain could be hooked into a rotating eye socket hanging from the ceiling. Doug’s arms and torso were stretched out to great effect, making his rippling muscles bulge even larger, and his body glistened with a fresh sheen of sweat, a combination of the heat of the room and the young man’s fear of what would happen next. 

Doug noticed that there was a thick iron ring set into the saddle of the bull, just behind the saddle horn. He immediately knew that he was in deep trouble. 

Michael produced a coil of metal cable, nearly a quarter of an inch thick. The cable was supple, but extremely strong, and was commonly used to discretely hang huge museum pieces from ceilings. Michael reached up onto the bull, gently pushed Doug’s huge, floppy cock out of the way, and grasped the base of Doug’s gargantuan balls, pulling the great orbs to the bottom of their sac. He then looped a coil of the cable tightly around the top of Doug’s huge nuts and pulled it taut, causing Doug’s balls to bulge even more obscenely in their silky scrotum. Michael then continued to loop the cable around and around Doug’s tightly pulled scrotum, creating a coiled rope nearly two inches long with the neck of Doug’s ball sac tightly scrunched within. Michael then gave the cable a good hard tug, pulling Doug’s big bruisers to nearly 6 inches, and then tied the other end of the cable off on the heavy iron ring set below the saddle horn. Doug’s gigantic bull balls were now firmly secured to the mechanical bull, so tightly bound that there was no getting off the bull short of leaving his balls behind. 

Michael then addressed the crowd once again. 

“Welcome gentlemen. Tonight we have something extra special for your entertainment, as you can plainly see. This month’s sacrifice is among the most handsome, and certainly the most muscular men ever to grace this assembly, and I’m sure you’ll all agree with me that he is also by far the most well endowed. Tonight, our handsome young Doug here will face off against the mechanical bull. It will be the ultimate fight between the human bull and the mechanical bull. Of course, you and I both know that no man has successfully endured the bull and survived intact.” 

A low murmur of laughter echoed throughout the large room at this remark. 

“As you are all more than familiar, the bull works like this – the captive is placed on the bull, but is not allowed to hold on to the bull with anything but his legs. Of course, with massive, mighty thighs like these, Doug may be able to hang on for a long time. The only thing keeping the captive secured to the bull is the cable wound tightly around his testicles. The mechanical bull is then activated at its lowest level, gently bucking back and forth, gently pulling against the man’s nuts and then grinding them against his pelvis. As the power of the bull is slowly increased, it begins to buck faster and more fiercely, yanking at the captive’s balls and then crushing them against his crotch. The greater the man’s weight and the denser his musculature, the more forceful the impact of his nuts against his body. And our fireman here is by far the heaviest and most muscular captive we have had to date, so I think we can all look forward to some extremely brutal pummeling of Doug’s enormous nuts.” 

Again a low susurrus of laughter echoes throughout the hall. 

“The force and speed of the mechanical bull will inexorably increase, alternately yanking and crushing the young man’s balls ever more brutally, until eventually the young man’s balls are literally ripped from his body, freeing him from the bull. Before that happens, most men’s balls are bludgeoned and battered until they are reduced to a meaty pulp, ruptured and broken by the pummeling of the bull before they are ever ripped free. But who can forget Troy, our most famous captive to date, the young blond farm stud with the muscular physique and the lemon-sized gonads. Troy endured the bull for nearly half an hour, his balls bruised and swollen but otherwise still intact, and stretched to nearly 8 inches from his beautiful body. Troy made it farther than any other man before or since, reaching level 7 before his mighty ball cords could take no more, and his big balls were torn from his body.” 

“I believe that tonight’s captive will break all previous records, enduring the bull even longer than our dear Troy, and that he will reach level 8 or maybe even level 9. Of course, the bull has 12 levels…” 

At this point, the men in the room laughed and chuckled louder than before, knowing that no man, regardless of the size and power of his balls, could endure the bull at anything near its full operating speed. 

“If you all are ready, let us begin.” With that, Michael turned the dial on the controls to level 1. 

( be continued...)


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    1. I'm glad that you like this first chapter! I promise you that the action gets brutal and intense in the upcoming installments. :)

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    1. Thanks for the comment, Noah! :) And great as always to hear from you.